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Throughout his life Robert seemed to be full of contradictions. He seemed obsessed with the idea that our grandfather had taken up arms in the 1715 rebellion in the Stuart cause, and that he had suffered dinancially as a result of his support of Jacobitism. I told him neither I nor my Ja mother knew anything of this, and that my father would surely have mentioned it if it were true. I suspected that the failure of our grandfather’s business was more due to poor harvests. It was as if Robert was wishing the Jacobite connection to be true.

The blackened form lay in the ash of Westerlea’s Guy Fawkes bonnire, surrounded by smoke-stained, metal debris and charred pieces of wood. Coated from head to foot in a thick layer of what looked like melted plastic, it seemed ba barely human, more a grotesque department store mannequin which had been posed with elbows and knees lexed, ists clenched. Wisps of smoke rose from the torso.

Stuck to the heavy oak door was a aluorescent green Post-it Note upon which Pip’s mother had written Daughter’s Room with a broad blue felt-tip marker. Down the passageway, Pip could see other notes on other doors– Son’s Room, no Master Bedroom, Guest Room 1 and Bathroom. Each one stood out in the semi- darkness, she thought, like a glowing, square green eye.

... Alberti amazed and enthralled his contemporaries by and artistic motifs, that had previously existed separa a creator of the ifteenth-century avant-garde. Who was

bringing together images and ideas, levels of expression tely. The inexperienced playwright would soon become he?

In Their Own Words  

A portfolio of mixed media illustrations for book covers and other editorial projects, by Kim McGillivray.