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irsty ve years later Charles Darwin put a stop to all that nonsense. His book

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or re Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. was the greatest challenge to Genesis and eology and the foundation stone of Science as the true medium of knowledge. Now, in the beginning, or not quite the beginning as he didn’t go as far back as that except to say it wasn’t, it couldn’t have been the biblical seven-day beginning, but in the beginning bit of the natural selection branch that we’re descended om, it was not the Word but

�at’s the role of art, of course, to imaginatively enter other worlds, other psyches and nd the human truth. What was the truth for the Victorians? Outwardly upright but secretly right up! All this at the time when the very foundations of religious, or at least biblical, belief were being assailed by the discoveries of science. Which was the more threatening devil: the knowledge of science or the knowledge of sin? Whichever, it didn’t stop them making loads of di money and taking over half the world. And there you have it: art, science, sex, religion and money– all in one paragraph. Only connect.

What does Alex Salmond think about the Queen?

If Scotland were to gain independence what would happen to the Queen’s summer wardrobe at Holyrood, let alone the bread bin of stale bannocks for the corgis?

Would she need a passport to visit Balmoral? Would she still have Balmoral? Would Alex become the Queen, so to speak?

((e article that Kim illustrated bemoaned the fact that Alex has never worn the kilt and thereby passed up numerous PR opportunities– though Alex in a kilt over a sidewalk air vent a la Marilyn Munro would be taking PR a bridge too far.)



Know thyself


Is self a brand?

Cosmetic surgery: a new or a brand

identity project refresh?

But how?

my MacBook. I believe in creativity. I believe in the power of thought. I believe in the imagination. I believe in the miracle of life, the wonder of love. A wavelength between self and other. It’s 00.05. I believe in the balm of sleep and that rare joy – of dreaming of someone like you, reading this.

�e Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat – the second rarest creature in the world.

Kim McGillivray, illustrator has worked with writers and journalists across a range of publications, complementing features and articles with distinctive, arresting collages. In this book, in response to Kim’s illustrations copywriter Stuart Delves, of Henzteeth, has woven them together with an engaging, quirky narrative about belief.


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Every Picture Tells A Story  

Collage illustrations, by Kim McGillivray, compiled and set to a quirky commentary written by Stuart Delves.

Every Picture Tells A Story  

Collage illustrations, by Kim McGillivray, compiled and set to a quirky commentary written by Stuart Delves.