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There are two (2) main categories of sailors that the Foundation supports. The first is the young sailor (17 and under) who has shown great promise at the youth instructional or interscholastic level. The second is the adult sailor (18 and above) who has excelled at the collegiate, national, and/or international levels. For both of these categories, coaching, travel, and equipment expenses often prevent promising sailors from reaching the next level of success nationally or internationally. The Foundation intends to provide necessary finding, coaching and/or equipment to qualified individuals who would otherwise not reach their full potential without such assistance.

Name: __________________________________________

Age: ___________

Address: ________________________________________

Email: __________________________

Telephone: ______________________________________

Amount Requested: ______________

Check payable to: ________________________________ Purpose:

What are your long-term sailing goals?

Current sailing experience (use additional paper if needed):


Name & Relationship: Address:

You will be required to submit a written report to CISF once you have been awarded funds. This report shall include receipts to show where money was spent as well as a regatta report if applicable. As a recipient of CISF funds you will also be required to participate in the annual fundraiser event. How did you hear about the Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation?

Fax completed application to (212) 249-0029 or email to For questions & more information contact Hannah M. Swett (401) 0122 / (212) 772-7550 or John Quinn (401) 423-0738

CISF Application  

Application for grant from Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation

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