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Strategizing Opponents in Texas Hold’em

Imagine just for one second what the pros like Phil Ivey must be thinking when they are looking across the poker holdem table at their opponents. Yes, the situation is just a tad unique, considering the blinds at this point are probably in excess of a hundred grand. None the less, the common point to remember is Ivey just isn’t staring blankly thinking about what’s for dinner; he is reading his opponent and determining what type of player he or she is. The pros generally put players into four categories – they are the Tight Passive, The Loose Passive, The Loose Aggressive and the Tight Aggressive. All are unique and odds are you will be playing against one or possibly all in your next free-roll. Distinguishing between these players is in fact a challenge and requires patience and some good old fashioned guts to figure out. This is why if you’re a new fish, it’s imperative to play for free first to gain some practice in common strategies. The Tight Passive One of the easiest players to go up against, the Tight Passive prefers to ‘limp-in’ or ‘call’. It’s very rare for this player to make a raise but when he/she does, you will know for a fact they have a good (possibly winning) hand. The Loose Passive This poker holdem player loves to play and you will see him or her enter many hands – this is why they are referred to as loose. Keep in mind this player barely raises and barely bets. The Loose Passive prefers to ‘check’ or ‘call’. You can expect this player to be in every hand but it’s safe to assume the cards are junk. However, it can become complicated simply because they can get lucky catching you off guard. The Loose Aggressive Lovingly referred to as the maniac, this holdem player is truly special and incredibly entertaining. He or she knows no bounds and hasn’t seen two cards they don’t like. You can expect this player to bet, raise and re-raise on a constant basis. It’s not hard to find them at the table, a good rule of thumb to remember is their entry play – they love going all in. The maniac can be very difficult to play against because of their constant bullying and hyper aggressive play. One tip is to wait until you have a winning hand and let him bet his chips away. Then wave bye -bye to the Maniac. The Tight Aggressive The tight aggressive player stands at the top of the poker food chain – a Great White Shark. He plays few hands, but when he does enter a pot, he comes out with all guns blazing. He picks his moments and his timed aggression, combined with superior hand selection, make him a formidable opponent. Play carefully against

this one because he also mixes up his play and usually represents a more experienced poker player. If you want to be the next Phil Ivey or a poker holdem/Texas holdem pro in general, then it’s suggested you make the Tight Aggressive your number one goal. Remember to practice strategy, have patience and most importantly play for free. If you want more advice on some good strategizing tips – check out this site there is plenty of information for new fish to get you started.

Categorizing Your Opponents in Texas Hold’em  

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