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Sign-On Jobs Officially fficially Launches Featuring Employment Opportunities with Guaranteed Sign-On On Bonuses

25 25, 2011 – Startup company Sign Sign-On Jobs SEATTLE, WA, Oct. ( has officially launched their job board website that specifically targets jobs with sign-on bonuses for new hires. The he niche job board wants to give job seekers the benefit in knowing every application submitted through comes with a guaranteed sign sign-on on bonus. The site is currently in Beta and is gaining momentum with sign-ups every day. onuses are no longer just for elite executives; they are used to obtain top Sign-On Bonuses talent in their respective industries. According to Reviving and Inspiring the Workforce: 2011 Compensation Trends Survey, nearly two two-thirds irds (63%) of organizations report using hiring bonuses and 41% use or expect to implement a retention bonus. Sign-On On Jobs has taken grasp of that hiring concept and brought it entirely to one job board,, Founder & CEO, Michael Vo’s article article, A Letter From the Founder, on Sign-On Job's blog states, “We e are not trying to reinvent the wheel and change the way the Industry does business. We are simply playing off of a bargaining tool that the Industry has been utilizing for decades.” Vo continues to write,, “We are confident that Sign-On On Jobs will make the Industry more competitive around attracting and retaining some of the best talent in th the market today.” Sign-On Jobs currently has job postings in the industries of Accounting and Finance, Biotech, Healthcare, Information Technology (IT), Nursing, Sales and Marketing, and Transportation. Job seekers have a friendlier user experience with less emphasis on excess miniscule details and more time to search and apply to qualified jobs. The design and functionality of focuses on simpler search options. Unlike larger one one-size-fits-all job boards, Sign-On On Jobs’ Job Seekers will not have overwhelming job offers that are perceived as scams or work work-fromhome affiliate jobs. When asked about the salary range for job listings on, Micha Michael Vo states, “There isn’t a target range for salaries on SOJ. Our main focus are on jobs offering a guaranteed signing bonus.” Professionals from various salary ranges are

able to sign up to the site and search for jobs with sign-on bonuses in their respective fields. For more information








Contact: Michael Vo Social Media:

--Log on for Signing bonus, sign-on bonus jobs, find jobs, job seekers or post jobs in USA


Sign-On Jobs Officially Launches Featuring Employment Opportunities with Guaranteed Sign-On Bonuses  

Startup company Sign-On Jobs ( has officially launched their job board website that specifically targets jobs with sig...

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