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Now that’s what I call exercise Thinking of cancelling your gym membership now that the ‘recession’ provides the perfect excuse? We all know how boring exercise can be and as 2009 is all about using your imagination we’ve sussed out some calorie busting alternatives to get the ball rolling.

Running in high heels

Ironing Apparently extreme ironing is the latest danger sport whereby you head to a crazy location i.e. a cliff top with your ironing board and press your shirts. Extreme it may be but it seems like a lot of effort if a little crazy when you can burn hundreds of calories just doing a mountain of laundry in your own home. For those who are ironing pros you could easily cash in on your skills while toning up.



A WEEKEND AT THE MILL TIMES HOTEL IN WESTPORT Yes has a fabulous weekend at the newly renovated Mill Times Hotel. The hotel boasts the stunning Temptations Restaurant and Uncle Sams Bar. Every Sunday evening enjoy dancing from 9 pm at the hotel with the renowned Vinnie Mongan and his show band “Restless’. For further information please visit rt or call 098 29200. To win, answer the following question: What Showband plays at The Mill Hotel in Westport every Sunday night? Send your entries to with Westport in the subject line, or post to Westport Competition, EBS, Marketing Department, 2 Burlington Road, Dublin 4. Closing date for entries March 31st 2009. Editor’s decision is final. Prize includes two nights bed & breakfast for two people, with one evening meal. Excludes bank holidays and all festive periods, and is subject to availability.


Think walking in heels on a night out is a challenge, well think again as the new trend is working out in your stilettos. Heel-a-thons, as they are better known, are quickly gaining pace in America, Russia, Germany, Australia and England. This is definitely a sport with a lot of pain but a huge amount of gain as competitors can expect to win thousands in prizes in some countries.

Science shows you don’t have to fork out on gym memberships, personal trainers and exercise DVDs when you can burn calories while you sleep. The average adult burns nearly 100 calories an hour simply by catching some Zs. It’s a win-win situation people so stop counting those calories and start counting sheep.

Playing computer games As ways have evolved over time to encourage kids to eat carrots the Nintendo Wii fit is now the equivalent to lure adults into exercising. The craze originally started with arcade computer games like Dance Dance Revolution where players

have to move their feet according to corresponding arrows and colours on the screen. Now with this indoor fat burning alternative you can go snowboarding, cross country running or have a game of tennis from the comfort of your own home.

SET DANCING For many generations Irish people have been doing this cardio workout and while it may look like just a bunch of people lepping around a pub, there is some technique involved. Forget your step aerobics, set dancing is the way forward. If anything you will have a great evening out and it should evoke some happy memories of summers spent in the Gaeltacht.

HULA HOOPING If new fandangled exercise methods are not your thing why not go old school with a hula hoop? Not alone will you gain street cred but you can burn roughly 200 calories in 30 minutes with this low intensity workout.

Bowling Fred Flintstone and Homer Simpson may not be the poster boys of athletic fitness but bowling really is a novel way to get in some exercise. As well as being a social activity this is a fun way to build muscle strength and tone up. Just imagine how great you will look with all that lunging and weight lifting.

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