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India FACT SHEET How many Indians in this class: 19 What language(s) do they speak? Indian Currency: Indian Rupee What can they do well? Math, Table Tennis & Cricket What can’t they do? Write papers and cases Whice places should you visit in India: New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Kerela What food is delicious?: The entire Indian Cuisine is famous How much for beer?: INR 30-35 Funny Fact: India has the largest number of English speaking population in the world. And they drive without side mirrors! One sentence everyone should know: Chak de India 73

Nationality: Indian Birthday: September 11 Likes: Food Dislikes: Sweets Favorite Professor: Bob Eskew In 10 years, I will be: very famous

Rizwan Ahmed My first interaction with Riz was in Module 1 when we were team members. He is kind of introvert when it comes to presenting himself in front of others. His life is full of experiences that one can learn a lot from and I personally believe that he can fulfill his dreams. He is a nice person and sometimes people misunderstand this. He is never upset about what others might think about him as his intentions are to be helpful to others. I wish him good luck in his future work and life. - Vikas

My uncanny childhood desire to be in Germany got fulfilled when I got an admission offer for MBA from GISMA Business School in Hannover. My eleven months’ stay in GISMA were filled with amazing learning experiences and fondling memories. GISMA, being a small place, provided ample opportunities to make me feel like at home as if we belonged to one family that provided an ambiance of intellectual stimulation and built a social networking which, I believe, will continue for the rest of our lives.


Nationality: Indian Birthday: July 4 Likes: Blue ocean Dislikes: Very short days Favorite Professor: Darren Meister In 10 years, I will be: very successful and happy

Aamna Bhatia

Aamna …. One of the most genuine persons I have met! And of course, no-one in the class would deny that she is the fastest transformation of the class, though I am the one who has seen it happen very closely and it’s just unbelievable! I have thoroughly enjoyed this one year living with her. The most I enjoyed were our long long long discussions. Wasn’t most of it philosophy? ;-).. BTW, I would have never opened myself to so many different varieties of foods without you dear.. Alright, so let me try to describe her even more..Aamna is a complete foodie.. She almost literally lives for it ;-) Aamna can get extremely excited about really small lil things and I truly adore her for that.. That brings out a lovely child in her! She is very very thorough in any task that she picks up. Oh yeah, but she is kinda absent minded too. Still isn’t that a quality of an artist who she definitely is! And yeah how can I forget.. a great swimmer and my swimming instructor as well.. Thanks sweetie for all the patience that you have been showing Bestest wishes forever! Love, Pallavi

“Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may diet” GISMA MBA made me challenge myself more and more as a result of which I learnt how to balance fun with work. The multicultural environment at GISMA provided me with an opportunity to learn so much about different cultures. This exciting one year at GISMA has given me so many memories which I would cherish forever.


Nationality: Indian Birthday: August 11 Likes: Science Fiction Dislikes: Disco Favorite Professor: Jeffrey Reuer In 10 years, I will be: a better dancer

Shashank Chandra “Never Fear. Dr. Shashank is here. “ When Dr. Shashank broke the scene on 11th August 1979, the world was bestowed with a quiet but revolutionary human being. Shashank loves to get to the depth of things - cases, analyses, current issues and affairs… his concentration is characterized by the distinct way in which he begins his delivery: Concentrated gaze at the lecturer, fist held close to the mouth, hand moves forward slowly while unfurling index finger and thumb, followed by that unchanging lead up line “I think that … ” Shashank gets so engrossed in his work, that he often burns up the lunch that’s left cooking on the stove. He enjoys the simple pleasures of life; whether he is walking to school, taking a trip down NP supermarket to grab some milk (or mostly his staple eggs and potatoes), or heading down town for a beer, you will often spot Shashank marching enthusiastically towards his destination with distinct determination. Shashank has been a strong pillar among all his friends, and if you dig deeper, indeed, a great conversationalist. A simple person, excellent at his work, is sure to do many great things for himself and his country – that’s what I will remember him for! - Manav Krishan

“Enough with the thinking. Now its time to act” The eleven months have gone in a blink of an eye. Great program, great country and great class mates. I will cherish the GISMA experiance always.


Nationality: Indian Birthday: May 30 Likes: Travelling Dislikes: Waiting for the buses and trams in Hannover Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will be: a millionaire

Leenata Gadhave

It is hard to describe Leenata in a short para .. ya but the yearbook constraints make me go through this. Leenata is a lady whom I can listen to for hours not getting bored. She flavors her talk with maturity, emotions, reality, faith and trust. For others who do not know Leenata personally, might feel she is very blunt and arrogant when she talks or makes remarks, but then there is a beautiful side to her personality that I or her close friends can describe. She compresses her experience with her emotions and plays it professionally in business world and sensitively in personal life. When it comes to trust … Me I trust her. She is very emotional and cares a lot about her friends. I can’t summarize about Leenata, so this is just a sprinkle of thought that I have to write for her. - Aravind Upadhaya

Life is Beautiful…!!! Here we complete the journey we started together… All the common bonds we shared and all the same things we did, have been unique in all aspects… Every bit is worth cherishing…!!! Wish you all my very best for your future personal and professional endeavors’…!!! God bless you!


Nationality: Indian Birthday: May 23 Likes: Cooking Dislikes: Untruthfulness Favorite Professor: Charlene Sullivan In 10 years, I will be: trying to learn more new things

Pallavi Pallavi Galgali Galgali

Charming, Practical, Helpful, Intelligent… are words that can be used to describe Pallavi. Working with her in teams has always been informative and fun. I always had the confidence that any unfinished work sent at night will be completed by her in the early hours of the morning. This brings me to an interesting analogy – between birds and Pallavi. There are two striking similarities between the two. For one, she gets up with them (at 5am!!) and she eats no more than they would (that’s hardly an exaggeration). Pallavi likes to share her views on a variety of topics from Indian culture to foreign languages, but she would always be open to refine her ideas. The only thing you could not make her believe is that long earrings look good on her!!. I could always count on Pallavi for an honest feedback. The best part of knowing her is the ease with which I can share my thoughts with her without being misunderstood. Wish you the very best in life PALlavi!! - Ritika

“If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it” For my best friend, Pallavi How lucky am I!!! I could work with Pallavi in the beginning of my MBA life. I have never thought that I will work with Indian friends someday and even build up a good friendship with her. I would like to let everyone remember Pallavi. She is the one, who has big shining eyes and the warmest smile. She is the one, who always give me a hand when I feel struggle. She is the one, who knows my preference and picked the best Sari for me. She is the one, who I start knowing how friendly and intelligent that Indian is. She is the one, who join my first Chicago trip in the US and taste fantastic cheese cake together. We have so much fun there. She is Pallavi. She is the one; I would like her to write my bio and to be my best friend forever and ever. -Sandy Lin (Chia-Ling Lin) I just don’t realize how these 11 months flew by! I don’t think I have had such a steep learning curve in so short time span before. The experience was just amazing. Thanks a bunch to everyone around who made this stay an absolute unique experience! Wishing GISMA gang all the successes in future..


Nationality: Indian Birthday: November 8 Likes: Sleeping Dislikes: Studying Favorite Professor: David Lehman In 10 years, I will be: retired

Unnat Unnat Gupta Gupta If you ask me to name a person, who happens to be always right, even when he is wrong, I would immediately say Unnati. I figured this out in Module 1, when we were placed in the same team. Ever since then, we deliberately worked on multiple teams together, which even extended beyond academic environment. Unnati and I have made an excellent foosball and ping pong team that successfully lost most of the games, but equally successfully had a lot of fun. In Module 1, Tess and I instantly felt the happy and warm personality of Unnati, and accordingly modified his name, the fact that some guys were uncomfortable with and perhaps “jealous”. Unnati has the most contagious and genuine smile on his face and is always ready to go out and have fun. Unnati is confident, energetic and motivated person, who will undoubtedly succeed in the future as a most loved boss/manager. He is always willing to help, patient and kind. He is hard working and extremely intelligent, which is why he is always RIGHT. All in all, I am fortunate to find a great friend with a big heart, who can never say no to a favor, fun neighbor, who always knocks on door to chat in the hallway, dedicated team member, who would stay up with me till 1 am to finish the team paper, and favorite “athletic” partner in foosball and ping pong, who would never get mad at me for missing shots, all in one person, Unnati. - Malika

“I was born intelligent, education ruined me” My experience at GISMA: I can’t believe that 10 months have passed since I landed in Hannover. Today, when I am retrospecting about my time at GISMA, I don’t know where the shy, little guy travelling out of India for the first time, having lots of apprehensions about his survival in Germany, has disappeared. My life my neighbors: One of the best things to happen to me in Germany, a chance to have 5 wonderful guys and 2 very beautiful women as neighbors. The time I spent with them on those wonderful dinners and playing cards (I lost all the games of Hearts by winning lots of hearts ;-) ) was awesome. Guys and girls I am gonna miss u. My teams: During these 5 modules I got a chance to work with some wonderful people as part of a team. The experience of working with so many different people with so different outlook about life was the most enriching experience. Specially, my module 4 team (Malika, Tess, Wendy, Miranda and Johannes) was the ideal team anyone can imagine to work with. Thank u guys for all those soccer, fuss ball and ping-pong tournaments and all those gorgeous parties at GISMA and the clubs in Hannover. When I came to GISMA, I had lots of doubts on my decision to join GISMA. But today, with full confidence, I can say: “I made one of the best decisions of my life by joining GISMA”. 79

Nationality: Indian Birthday: September 21 Likes: Playing Pingi Pongi Dislikes: Staying in my room: #446 Favorite Professor: George Racette In 10 years, I will be: CEO,”Twists & Turns”

Abhishek Kaushish

Pingi Pongi. Pingi Pongi?? Sources have revealed that his “bottle-on-the-head-dance”, and other beer influenced antics, have evoked quite some envy from such luminaries as Mr. Bean. But our Abhishek’s rustic jokes, stories, and unique observations have proven quite popular, especially amongst those close to him at GISMA. However, it is not only what he says in his jokes and stories that make them quite amusing, but also how he expresses them with his crazy gestures, vocal tones, worldly analogies, and uncanny sense of timing that makes them come alive. It is as if you are watching them on TV or witnessing these anecdotes firsthand. I remember when the three of us (the 3rd being Shashank) were stuck freezing our asses off on a cold, un-heated railway platform, in the dead of winter, in the middle of bloody nowhere (Flensburg, northern Germany). Only Abhishek’s jokes, and the occasional cuppa from a vending machine kept us alive. I kid you not – it was freakin cold. I’m sure many are with me when I say that his quiet, approachable, and unassuming nature has a rare and universal appeal. But having known him for a while, I suspect that he’s a ladies’ man, though he is shy of expressing it overtly. It will take a while to bring it out of him, along with a few more parties, women, and yes – a few more beers. It has been a great pleasure for me to know this man. Simple, honest, and at times just pure unadulterated craziness!! Wish you all the best, mate. Together like a double headed eagle, one day we will rule the world! - Manav & Anand

“The lean machine, once started keep going” Gisma was the best time I have ever had in my life so far. During this period I rediscovered myself and came to know that I have a good sense of humor. Will surely miss all the fun I had during my team meetings, festival celebrations (especially Diwali, Thanksgiving, and Chinese New Year celebrations), cake days, soccer and of course module end parties. Thanks to everyone for making this year so exciting. Best of luck guys for the future and hope to see you sometime in the future. To my family: I would like to thank my mom and my brothers for all the support and guidance they have given me throughout this year. 80

Nationality: Indian Birthday: March 22 Likes: Long days Dislikes: Being Late Favorite Professor: Bob Eskew In 10 years, I will be: very RICH & married at least once

Mohmmed Rizwan

“Stop fighting!” and “Stop arguing!” are two common phrases that are heard when Riz and I are around each other. But what people don’t realize is that we are merely playing and showing our love for one another. Hahaha… RIGHT… What can I write about Riz to not sound cheesy? We met through foosball (when I had carry the team), were on a team for 2 consecutive modules (where Riz likes to think he did all the work), soaked up Grecian sun (where I tanned and he turned black), and like to argue and fight a lot like children (where I always win). Greece would not have been the same without our dirt bike race through Naxos’ narrow country road with Ivonne hanging onto Riz’s neck for dear life (where I won). Just a precious moment! But this doesn’t say much about Rizwan “Mama” Maniar. He is an extremely helpful, energetic, kind, and stylish (so some think) individual. His passion for school (sometimes), life, and adventure will definitely take him places in life. His love, compassion, and “big heart” towards friends make him a friend for life. But his love for money and being rich will push him beyond the levels of Bill Gates one day. His honestly and directness are rare and valuable traits, but he needs to work on his “soft touch” towards the ladies. I’ll definitely miss our bike rides to the Maschsee, feeding greedy ducks, beating you up, you thinking everything came from India, and making fun of your long eyelashes. GISMA is definitely an experience of a lifetime but would have been so much more boring if you were not there to make fun of me!. - Kim Top ten things I will always remember from the GISMA Class of 2009 10) The absolutely unpredictable Hannover weather coupled with the beautiful spring. 9) GISMA professors, especially Professor Eskew, Professor Tang and Professor Kfuri 8) The CRAZY Amsterdam night, namely called “The Mary Jane Effect” 7) The South Germany trip and the Neuschwanstein “Disney” Castle. 6) Wild module end parties and crazy night club outings. 5) Podbi (323 & 390) dinner parties and the hookah after. 4) The Greece trip and the bike race through the narrow Naxos country roads where Kim thinks she won. 3) The German “Danke”, the Spanish “Hola”, the Chinese “Ni Hao”, the American “Wassup” and the Russian “Normalno.” 2) The German discipline, the Latin friendliness, the Chinese modesty, the American manners, and the Russian accent. 1) All the wonderful GISMANIACS.

“There is always a better way of doing things.” Even though he looks innocent and quiet, Riz has a strong spirit and a character that I have never see in other people. He is a balanced person with a good heart, responsible, and a really hard worker. He is always passionate about what he does and he is very self-confident. He is a very trustworthy friend that makes me laugh and is always very considerate… he is an excellent travel companion. Thanks for sharing fun moments with all of us! - Ivonne 81

Nationality: Indian Birthday: May 17 Likes: Music (techno) Dislikes: Eating inside the classroom Favorite Professor: Nicolas Kfuri In 10 years, I wil be: a professor

Suneet Pahwa

After I decided that I was going to join GISMA Suneet was the first guy who I sought help from. He helped me with all the complicated formalities which I had to complete in order to get my German visa. Then I actually met him on the first party we had before starting with GISMA. He tends to talk less but whenever he talks it is always sensible talk. He also appears to be introvert at times but once you get to know him better it is really easy to get along with him. He is always passionate about courses related to marketing and branding. He himself has a lot of fashion sense and style. It also amazes me the way he molded himself for a rigorous regime of gym every day towards the later part of the course. I also respect him for the love he has for his girlfriend and how carefully he has handled that relationship over last eight years. Wish you all the luck and success in your life! - Ravikiran Whenever I think of Suneet I remember him at the first party that we had in GISMA. He was sharing smiley faces with everybody. Even though I did not know him that well until the end of module 4, I am happy that I did, as I would have missed out on a very sincere and impressive young man. What impressed me most about him were his love for his future to be wife and his will to have a healthier life (gym). Unlike other guys he loves fashion and especially UCB and last but not least he loves LOUD music. - Malina

Things may seem tough sometimes, but if you believe in yourself, you can have success….only if you believe.

“Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?” 82

Nationality: Indian Birthday: November 17 Likes: Trekking Dislikes: Gisma Tea Favorite Professor: Jen Tang In 10 years, I will be: the owner of Big Restaurant in India

Yogesh Yogesh Meshram Meshram Yogesh, in addition to being a good friend is my professor of India delicacy, who taught me cooking. Yogesh is highly determined hardworking who strives to be the best. Never deterred by the enviornment, he always does what he feels is right concerning about others. The biggest sacrifice he made is of nonvegetarian food as I am vegetarian.

His life in Gisma was filled with joy especially because of “SWEETY – The lady of his dreams”. He experienced different love which I was not able to figure out till the end. He is a very considerate person always ready to help others. I remember he taught finance to his team. His innovative ideas are mind boggling. İ wish him all he best for future. - Ashit When I came to GISMA I was bit apprehensive. I had never been in a group with such diversity in culture, backgrounds and work experience. The first month was combination of low self-confidence and nervousness but the Black and White Party was the ice breaker for me. GISMA stood by its vision to provide truly global experience. The one thing which I gained most from this program is “how to win friends”. I made life-long friends at GISMA. I am truly in debt of GISMA for giving me the best friends for life. Anytime, you travel to India, just remember that there is someone who is ready to host the party for you. You are not miles away from me but a mail away from me.

“A leader is a dealer in hope.”

- Napoleon Bonaparte Some are destined to succeed, but you are determined to succeed...That’s how I can best describe you Yogi...! Hey Yogi, I feel extremely sad, that in spite of having a strong desire to date some of the beautiful girls, you couldn’t, because of two spying eyes around you always...guess whose??? :) I am happy I got to know you Yogi and could laugh heartily on your jokes, but more than that I am happy to know you as a strong individual, so genuine, true, sportive that I could easily befriend with you. I see you as a very simple, man next door but blessed with a huge unique potential...A potential to display loads of aptly timed humour and absolute presence of mind when you make your funny statements... Your hard work (guys, you will find him online at the oddest hour of night)...finally starred you in the Dean’s list...multiple times... Creative in Photoshop arts and best known for the funniest quotes on GoogleTalk and Skype, Yogi is very rooted to his family; we can see him ironing his clothes neatly, remembering that his mother loves to wear tidy, ironed clothes. Yogi, I wish you all the best for your future endeavours and wish you a successful entrepreneurship career to start your own “Chai ki Tapari” and meet all of us as the owner of the best hotels in India and globally... Be the same you are...You are at your best!!! - Leenata! 83

Nationality: Indian Birthday: October 14 Likes: Music Dislikes: Arrogance Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will be: happy and successful

Ravikiran Mahabal

I first laid eyes on Ravi on the first day of the first module – the day when we were supposed to meet within the teams that GISMA assigned us. At the very beginning I found him distant and very serious, without much sense of humor and always preoccupied with his studies. But as the time passed and we chose to work together in the same team for all 5 modules I got to know another side of him. I got to know a sensitive and affectionate person, always ready to help and sharing smiles early in the morning when everybody else wished they were in any other place but GISMA. Behind the person that knows all imaginable and unimaginable formulas by heart and can do whatever calculus in his head hides a very funny, open-minded, out-going guy that is very fond of table tennis, cricket, Indian food, and walks to remember. Last but not least, I always admired his devoutness to perfection and thoughtful nature...that he always attributed to the fact that he is a Libra … and his ambition of learning new languages and new cultures. I am sure that GISMA would have not been the same without him! Ravi, you taught me that memories and true friendship indeed last forever. - Malina

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. One, who looks outside, dreams; one who looks inside, awakens!” - Carl Jung It will be an understatement to say that I enjoyed and learned a lot from the one year I spent in GISMA. I will always remember every bit of time in GISMA and these will be my fondest memories. During this year, I think there have been many more positive changes in my personality and hardly any negatives attached. This is another aspect which I was looking forward to when I decided to join MBA School and I am happy that I was able to manage it. I am thankful to all my team members throughout the course, all the professors and GISMA staff for making this learning experience enjoyable and valuable.


Nationality: Indian Birthday: June 6 Likes: Vacations Dislikes: Bad weather Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will be: banking Swiss

“Forget success, keep achieving…”

Rohit Patel Almost a year now and he still surprises me with the things he does! A jack-o’-all, constantly moody, intuitive, stubbornly convincing, a child at heart, treads his own path, leaves his own mark and gets where he aims unhindered. He can induce friends into an interesting discussion, speak continuously for a long time (nascent signs of a budding Indian politician, maybe.. God save the political parties though, they’re gonna have a hell of a time watchin over him) and all of a sudden, do/say something hilarious and ignite roars of laughter. A truly madly deeply Bangalorean, I would say. He also happens to be Dr. Vijay Mallya’s most valuable costumer (hic!!) .. People, if you don’t know Mallya, it’s high time you learn about him.. This business tycoon is worth many a HBS case! I can go on, but this is as short as I am able to summarize him in words. Cheers to our friendship! - Pavan I really enjoyed this GISMA family and the little intangible assets I have acquired from each one us is priceless. World class professors, international atmosphere and studying across Europe and the States are sheer exhilaration. I believe in future one of the best ways to stay in contact will be by- appearing regularly in business magazines and newspapers, my fingers are crossed for all of us! Everybody looks brave holding a machine gun, so do we with our GISMA branded gun. I wish all the very best to all of you in achieving your goals with this new gun, success will be eventually praised by others. Life will be what happens while we will be busy firing this gun, make sure we enjoy it. Whenever you are in India, you know you have a permanent friend there. ...Keep firing

Rohit always gave me the impression he is older than he actually is. I guess it’s called maturity, or maybe it’s the fact that he’s the only guy whose criticism really gets to me. He is always very professional when in class or working on assignments, and treats everything as if it were part of a real job requirement. That’s a pretty rare quality among our class. The harder part is to convince him he is doing something wrong. Beyond that, I am also really impressed with his people-managing skills. While some seek the comfort of the same team-mates every module, Rohit relishes the opportunity to deal with difficult people. There also is the other side of Rohit- jovial and relaxed, he cracks jokes and pokes fun at everything. That’s when you almost wish you hadn’t been his friend, because you’ll definitely be on the receiving end of some well-placed ironies. With such human qualities, success is just around the corner for Rohit. And in case things don’t work out, a contingency plan is already in place. If you ever end up in Bangalore, you’ll probably know about it. - Mircea 85

Nationality: Indian Birthday: November 15 Likes: Traveling Dislikes: Hannover’s weather Favorite Professor: George Racette In 10 years, I will be: an entrepreneur

Pavan Ranganatha

I met Pavan for the first time in Bangalore just before GISMA’s start, and after a couple of rounds of beers I was sure he will be a good company to me in my 100-different beer goal in Germany, sure he is. It’s a great pleasure to know this very composed man who cannot trade anything for his sleep! I have learned a valuable less of fixing a bad day with a nap. Probably I have never seen him worried about anything so far, always maintains his positive attitude. Attitudes are contagious, it is worth catching from him. Folks, in case you happen to implement a IT system giving you a hard time, he is the one to contact. Take my word for it, I saw him doing MIS cases which were child’s play for him. Europe is no more a foreign land for this guy who loves to travel, I am sure the corners of Europe left for him will be covered soon after the fifth module. After numerous business startup plans discussions among us, I hope in future something gets materialized in our much loved city ‘Bangalore’ before our hair turns grey. -Rohit

“Walk on. Rock on.”

My time at GISMA has been an exciting rollercoaster journey that has contributed considerably to my knowledge and skills that I believe will be useful sometime in future. The school has truly lived by its name for providing quality education and a closely knit, diverse study environment. Apart from all the business concepts and techniques that we have learnt all the while, my greatest and invaluable asset that I have gained during this period is a circle of friends who have become an integral part of my life now. Friends, none of us know where we will land up in the months or years to come, but let’s pledge to keep in touch and if you ever come to India and specifically to Bangalore region, know that there’s a friend whom you might bump into. Thanks for everything! 86

Nationality: Indian Birthday: January 31 Likes: Reading mystery novels Dislikes: Tardiness Favorite Professor: George Racette In 10 years, I will be: Happier :)

Ritika Rashmi I met Ritika on the first outdoor forum day! My impression about her on that day somehow was that she was a reserved or kinda shy person. But as I started knowing her more and more could see it turning out to be so very wrong! Ritika is a fantastic brain along with extreme clarity of thoughts which she manages to express as much precise as one can get! She is the one with whom I enjoyed working with the most here at GISMA. I always wondered how we used to be likeminded on so many matters... Not sure how many people here know Maggie Noodles from India! But Ritika is probably the largest fan of Maggie noodles in the world :-) And I also know the secret formula behind her slim figure, that is, she just hates chocolates, ice crèmes, cakes … :-) In short, I find a very reliable friend in this simple & sincere gal! Wishing you all successes dearie!!! Loads of love, Pallavi

“And miles to go before I sleep...”

- Robert Frost

I had joined GISMA to be part of an ‘international MBA program’, but reflecting on the past ten months I realize that those three words don’t even capture a quarter of my experience here. The diversity at GISMA with respect to cultures, languages, food, and work ethics has made this experience truly unique. Working on the different teams has enriched my understanding of human behavior helping me learn how to deal with people. Last but not the least; it has given me a tolerance – an acceptance of different viewpoints – a virtue I will treasure throughout my life. My experience at GISMA would not have been possible without my husband, who was there beside me through all the highs and the lows, sharing the pleasure and the pain, striving every moment to help me get closer to my dream. Thanks to everyone at GISMA for contributing in your own special way…


Nationality: Indian Birthday: May 7 Likes: Music Dislikes: Eeeh... Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will be: Shiva Sethuraman

Shiva Sethuraman

Shiva, despite introducing himself as the god of destruction during orientation, has actually turned out to be quite peaceful and malleable. How else would he be able to survive his living arrangement? His unique style of participating in class will probably be remembered by all: letting his watch slide to the end of his wrist, he leans forward with his chair and then raises an issue that couldn’t have crossed anybody else’s mind. And “per se” is definitely part of the question. Luckily, most of our professors were well prepared to deal with such questions. And how can one forget the Aldi shopping cart filled with empty beer bottles, stationed in his room for a few months? When it was finally returned, there was a feeling of emptiness and unnatural tidiness to the room. Luckily the pfand money helped us buy more beer to douse our sorrows. Despite being a convinced smoker, albeit he had his moments of denial, Shiva displays impressive athletic abilities. He is able to overtake any defender that stands in his way on the football pitch. He also takes badminton to a new level, at least for those of us who don’t consider it a sport. After one hour of playing he looks like he just got out of the sauna. But you don’t want to be on his table tennis team. He may get overly excited when going for a shot that he may hit you. Best of luck, Shiva and keep following Manchester United!

- Mircea

“Ahh. Just 3 assignments due tomorrow! Dude! Studio 6?”

GISMA was as challenging as I had initially expected it to be. On my flight to Germany, I was wondering if it was the right decision. On hindsight, it couldn’t have been better. I made great friends, partied as if there was no tomorrow and yeah. sometimes we had to work too. Koryun’s endless thirst for Vodka and ehh.... whatever.... certainly kept things moving on at a fast pace. And people, keep in touch! We might need each other tomorrow.! And thanks to everyone for being at GISMA. It wouldn’t have been the same if even one of you had been missing. Cheers! 88

Nationality: Indian Birthday: January 5 Likes: Poetry Dislikes: Public displays of emotions to gain sympathy Favorite Professor: Bob Eskew In 10 years, I will be: CEO of my own $100 million company

Vikas Singla Vikas Singla

Vikas is one of my best friends in GISMA. I seldom see a man of so many talents like him. He is good in Table football, Ping pong, billiards, etc, not mentioning his excellent academic performance. I am amazed by his vigorousness. He is ready for any competition anytime. He loves victory, meanwhile he likes sharing his knowledge and experience. I believe lots of people benefit from his generosity and cheerfulness. He is the person who wants to be successful. Nevertheless the result is not important for him. He enjoys the process of hardworking, struggling, convincing, and even fighting. He prefers responsibility more than leadership, because his wish to help others is much stronger than being control. I enjoyed the time in GISMA with him, in class and out of class. After MBA, I believe he will find his best place and practice his talents very soon. - Yisha

“Be Positive, It’s in my Blood baby!!!”

GISMA is like a second home and we have a big family here with members from 20 different countries. As in a family you have lots of enjoyable moments and some fighting (to spice things up), I have witnessed a slow shift from individual identity to groups. It’s good to have different opinions and there is a fine line of understanding in between. All the module starting and ending parties, tournaments we organized, Cake day, Birthday and festival celebrations, Dean’s list certificates, and project and team meetings were fun and a big learning curve for me. I have made some really good friends here in GISMA and will continue to be in touch with them. 89

Japan FACT SHEET How many Japanese in this class: 1 What language(s) do they speak? Japanese Currency: Yen What can they do well? Cheerleading What can’t they do? Not get into a traffic jam Whice places should you visit in Japan: Kamakura, Kyoto, nara, Hokkaido, Shibuya, Harajuku (in Tokyo) What food is delicious?: Ramen (Japanese noodle soup) How much for beer?: Bottled thea is 120 Yen = 1 USD (I don’t drink beer in Japan) Funny Fact: Monekys in Japan are known to eat Korean spicy pickled cabbage called “kimchi” One sentence everyone should know: okawari (second serving) - you need to say this if you cisit my folks 90

Nationality: Japanese Birthday: October 16 Likes: Stroll on a sunny day Dislikes: Stinging Jellyfish Favorite Professor: Jeffrey Reuer In 10 years, I will be living anywhere in the world, working to protect natural resources

TomokoTamagawa TomokoTamagawa

If you ever needed to brighten up your day, all you had to do was go talk to Tomoko. Her personality is as colorful as her wardrobe and even if something bad had happened to her that day, like her train breaking down, she always had a positive view on things and could quickly laugh them off. She’s really embraced the opportunities being at GISMA has presented us. She traveled to the U.S. for a Krannert exchange in Module 3, and has explored Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt, Egypt, Finland and Estonia! She’s embraced the different cultures we have combined here and even helped make Thanksgiving dinner! Every time I talked with her I was always surprised by everything she was planning or had going on, and impressed with her clear openness to new experiences. She was one of the first people I remember meeting in the Rotunde when she stopped in front of my seat and said she just wanted to get to know me. If I had to describe Tomoko in a few words I would characterize her as friendly, helpful, enthusiastic, and quirky in a great way! Danke, dass Du das bist, was DU bist!!! Ich hoffe, dass DU nicht vergisst, dass das, was DU bist, was ganz Besonderes ist!! - Marcia

“Work hard, play harder, and no matter what you do, make it fun” I tried to write something witty and thoughtful, but you all know me. It’s difficult to believe that this year is coming to an end. Perhaps that is why writing about “the past year” is so tough. Well, buggers! Yet, I can be sure that I’ve gained so much this year (and no, not just the weight). Most importantly, I met people who are bottomlessly sweet, intelligent, pure, strong, kind…. I would be ashamed to ever lose contact with those wonderful individuals. Also, the experience of being under pressure and juggling the equation of max Fun and max “Business Stuff” has been challenging, but once I saw that it is possible, the world seemed like a glitter sparkly awesome place. My frequent travels were my source of inspiration and energy, and I am so glad that I’ve pushed myself to see MORE. This all would not have been possible without the support of tons of people. I really am a product of fortunate circumstances, and now I need to work on taking more initiative on my own to achieve something meaningful. See you all again along our life-long journeys… 91

Korea FACT SHEET How many Koreans in this class: 1 What language(s) do they speak? Korean Currency: Korean Won What can they do well? Singing Karaoke! What can’t they do? Nothing Whice places should you visit in Korea: KangNam Districht in Seaoul, Jeju Island, DMZ What food is delicious?: Bulgogi (seasoned beef), Kimchi (Korean traditional salad), Sushi How much for beer?: 640 ml = 1500 KrW in Supermarket, around 3000 KrW in restaurant (I don’t drink beer in Japan) Funny Fact: 1/4 th of the people live in Seoul. One sentence everyone should know: Go-Mab-Seup-Ni-Da = Thanks or 92

Nationality: Korean Birthday: June 18 Likes: Cooking Dislikes: Taking the subway during the rush hour in Seoul Favorite Professor: Nicolas Kfuri In 10 years, I will be: older, but wiser

Jun Yoo Yoo Jun

GISMA was the most challenging time ever I had. Sweet and bitter like German winter and summer, GISMA offered me one aspect of a real life and a business world, in which I learnt friendship and trust are the main assets and drivers for success. Without this friendship and trust I will never complete successfully my MBA. Thanks for all your help and being there for each other.

“Nur das Denken, das wir leben, hat einen Wert.” Herman Hesse – Demian To my Korean brother Jun, The first day of school I approached you while you were talking on your cell-phone. I stood next to you, smiling, waiting patiently for you to finish your conversation. You must have thought “who is this crazy guy standing next to me?” and “why is he smiling at me?”. As soon as you hung up, I introduced myself, and we had our first conversation, in Korean. This year Jun, was truly a milestone in your life. How amazing it must feel to be a father. Our class had the privilege of experiencing with you what must have been the biggest change in your life. I am happy we had the chance to share, and support you through this great achievement. Whatever career you decide to pursue, there is no doubt that in your career as a father, you will always succeed. Thank you for the wonderful Korean dinners we had, for taking me to church and even to the Circus, you will always be a true friend in my heart. - Rene

Jun-The Father. A great guy with very sharp intellect who always keeps few jokes ready to make people laugh. He is very humble. Once cooked a wonderfully delicious vegetarian lunch for me with his wife but kept saying that he could have cooked it better. What amazes me about him is how he manages to finish all the assignments and able to help his team mates with Shin-min (his few months old daughter) crying all night. He has great taste in music. I will not forget the Jazz night which I attended with him. - Shashank 93

Mexico FACT SHEET How many Mexicans in this class: 3 What language(s) do they speak? Spanish Currency: Peso What can they do well? Drink & Cook What can’t they do? We can multitask and can do EVERYTHING Whice places should you visit in Mexico:: Monterrey, Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Zacatecas, Playa del Carmen What food is delicious?: Pozole (Mexican spicy soup popular for recovery after a looong party and hangover :) How much for beer?: 7 pesos, around 0.4 euros Funny Fact: One sentence everyone should know: Volare Ohhh Ohhh Cantare Ohhhohoho 94

Nationality: Mexican Birthday: February 26 Likes: Travelling Dislikes: Cold weather Favorite Professor: Jeffrey Reuer In 10 years, I will be: celebrating GISMA’s 20th aniversary

Eugenio Aldape Eugenio Aldape If you see the whitest teeth shining in front you, that’s Eugenio using his warmest smile saying hello to you. With his charming Latin power and unique Mexican humor, it is so easy for Eugenio to cheer up people in any kind of occasions such as parties, foosball and ping pong games, or even classes. He is also a very warm and easy going person, getting along with him is the most comfortable thing ever. Eugenio’s philosophy is “having fun” no matter of doing anything. Such a positive thinking person and that’s why everybody likes him so much! . - Miranda

“Very good, Very good, Perfect, Very good” If you see a smiling, humorous, clever and energetic Mexican, then this is 100% Eugenio. It is a great experience for me both to find a chance to work with you and to spend some great time with you, Eugenio. Be sure that if I and Elif have some time in future we will come to Mexico to eat Salsa with Tacos like you did. I hope you will reach all your aims in the future and our friendship will last forever.” - Sinan Thanks everybody for making this experience unforgettable. Having such an international group just made the experience much more interesting and enjoyable. Take care and best of luck in your future plans. When I first met Eugenio, he was just a boy who didn’t know how to cook or do laundry. He was living off of sandwiches and running out of clean underwear fast. I decided to teach him how to use the washing machine and show him how to make chicken salad. He’ll never give me credit for it, though. In exchange, Eugenio helped me practice my Spanish. Our daily lessons consisted of two parts: how to hit on girls, and curse words. He came up with a few words of his own to mean “best friend”, including “nerdy pants” and “typical gringa”. It was in this secret language that he reminded me many times a day that I was his best friend in the whole world. All joking aside, Eugenio is probably one of the coolest people I’ve had the privilege to know... he has a very familiar humor and sincerity about him that any person would be blessed to find in new friends in a foreign place. Congrats, señor. - Robin


Nationality: Mexican Birthday: October 26 Likes: Guitar Dislikes: Sea food Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will be: playing with my kids

Tadeo Garza

It was 26th of October 1981 in Monterrey, Mexico that a boy with the longest name on Earth was born. That’s right: Rodolfo Tadeo Garza Salinas...also known as “Tidio.” During his childhood he enjoyed very much team sports such as futbol. Also, due to his outgoing personality, he was very much liked and was selected as leader of his Boy Scouts group. All these experiences shaped his personality so that he became one of the most dynamic, friendly and giving persons that I have ever met. Tadeo is an outstanding friend, always willing to help no matter the circumstances. During my stay at GISMA, he became one of my best friends. He is a very motivated person that transmits his positive spirit and energy. He loves playing his guitar, and making parties special events. Some people in GISMA know a funny story that “someone” once asked: If Tadeo were music, what type of music would he be? We certainly laughed about the question, but I can tell for certain that if Tadeo were a book, he would be a Best-Seller. Thanks, Tadeo, for your unconditional friendship! Here I quote some other guys that think the same as I do!! - Ivonne

Whether meeting the King of Hannover or introducing me to the “The Family”, Tadeo has always instilled in me a keen sense of friendship and pride in knowing such a truly honorable man - Kris

“Tadeo is among the top three of all the GISMA Mexicans, a fantastic singer and songwriter, very funny, the smart co-founder of the Happy-Team, dedicated and appreciated team-member, but most importantly: a wonderful friend!” - Jessica

“My best Dutch friend” that was what he was always saying to me. And I was like, you only know one fricking Dutch guy, so what kind of lousy compliment is that!! But then in Leipzig it happened, after singing the great Volare song...he said to me my best GISMA friend or something like that, cause I cannot really remember because I was drunk. Tadeo probably doesnt remember it either because he was just as drunk as me, still when I think about it, it was a great moment, although I know he is just after my sister to get a European passport ;) Tadeo you are great and my best mexican friend! - Klaas

When I realized that I would travel to Germany for a second stay, I thought that nothing of interest would happen. In fact, I had a really detailed plan of how things would happen and how this year would conclude with the perfectly happy ending, though I suspected that I would not care that much for the people. I was wrong. I finished GISMA without my planned happy ending, job, girl, or the Dean’s List Award, but none of that is important now, because I met the most amazing people in my life, and my history with you guys has not ended, it is just beginning. Thank you for that guys…

“Latin lover, guitar player, and an incredible chef seek a European Passport… I mean a nice girl that…” 96

Nationality: Mexican Birthday: April 23 Likes: Travelling Dislikes: Hannover weather Favorite Professor: Jen Tang In 10 years, I will be: a successful entrepreneur

Ivonne Labadie

A French-Mexican born in Mexico City on April 23, 1974, and adopted by Monterrey city since 1993, Ivonne Labadie is probably the person with the most credibility and the most patience in GISMA Business School history. Unsurprisingly, Ivonne graduated with Honors in Industrial Engineering at ITESM Campus Monterrey, the best University in Latin American, and started her professional career at GE Lighting. A self-declared cat lover, Ivonne is also a family-oriented person with bulletproof values and integrity. Ever responsible and wise, our only Black Belt earned the respect of the entire MBA Class and the admiration of the Mexican, Indian, and Armenian Mafias. The five-time winner of the coveted Dean’s List Award enjoys preparing desserts, dancing to all styles of Latin music (everything from Shakira to Salsa), and sending people to sleep with the fishes. Even though she possesses internal and external beauty, and has earned the admiration of people from all five continents, Ms. Labadie is a great friend with easy going personality to which anyone can relate. Her only weak point appears to be related to the color yellow; nevertheless, when she exploits her “Latin Power” she is unstoppable. Although Ivonne´s short-term goals are still uncertain, I am confident that she will succeed in anything she pursues. After all, she is a person with a golden heart and an unbreakable spirit, a hero between us - Tadeo

“Don’t cry because its over, Smile because it happened!” ....Dr. Seuss I want to thank everyone that was part of Gisma and part of my life during these 12 months in Germany. I came here with a sole purpose in my mind: to become a better business person and to improve my financial skills. I have to say that I did improve a little on my financial skills =), but I never expected to enrich my life with so many valuable friends that I found here at school. It is hard to mention each one of you, but I have to say that you all showed me the value of friendship, happiness, sharing, keeping optimism despite tough times, the value of sharing dreams and beliefs – all of that is much more meaningful than a Balance Sheet. And if you ever go to Mexico, please remember that you have a friend of the Mafia there =)!!! 97

Nepal FACT SHEET How many Nepali in this class: 2 What language(s) do they speak? Nepali Currency: Nepali rupees What can they do well? Carry your weenie ass to Everest / make momos (special dumplings) What can’t they do? Follow rules Whice places should you visit in Nepal: Kathmandu, Pokahara, Chitwan & Bandipur What food is delicious?: Momos & more How much for beer?: 50-75 Nepali rupees Funny Fact: There was never Yeti One sentence everyone should know: Resham firiri Resham firirir (just a song) 98

Nationality: Nepali Birthday: November 26 Likes: Good food & company Dislikes: Rudeness & Ignorance Favorite Professor: Jeffrey Reuer In 10 years, I will be: making a huge Impact (dont know yet what kind!)

“Simply Sube”

Sube Basnet

S: smart, salient, stylish, sweet, strong, sophisticated, super U: unique, unusual, ultimate B: bold, brilliant, benign, brave E: eager, excited, earthly, emotional, exceptional, energetic, excellent, extraordinary There are many more words in the alphabet that could describe this special woman, but not enough space to write them all. I’m very thankful for having met such a great person in this program, one of those you don’t meet very often in your life. It has been quite a ride in the past year, group work, late night study sessions, projects, exams and so on. Sube has made all that much easier to deal with and MUCH more fun. Thanks for bearing with me through all these math-related subjects (sorry Bob and Jen!) and the support. Friends are those that make you grow and surely Sube did. I’ve learned a lot from her, had my first real culture-shock (yes, eating with hands was new to me and sorry for the irritated stare), and she has been the first Nepali girl I met. I loved staying over at your place, late night talks, going out having a blast dancing and the fact that you didn’t mind me wandering around in my sleep. As much as I’m grateful having a friend like her, I could not name a single person who doesn’t like her. She has been a cheerful and helping person to everyone at GISMA and surely has enriched not only my life but that of everyone knowing her. I’m absolutely certain that she will continue her path with the same happiness and confidence she has so far and will be an enrichment to anyone she meets. Thanks for sharing this year with me, it has been an adventurous, exciting and never-ever forgetting ride with you! Oh, and I WILL show up in Nepal, count on it! Uncountable and Amazing! One of the best decisions of my life to come to Germany and do this program. It has surprassed my expectations to the nth power! Yes, there has been a lot of work and we all know it, but the amazing people I had the luck to share this experience has made it so much more special and I hope to see you again at some point in time of life. Some of the memories on the top of my head. I know there will be tons, that I wish I added here. - Hanging out with Jess “by now anyone would know we are twins!” - Having Robin around for the first two modules. - Koryun’s toast/ “Fantastish” ring tone/cat story..... - Late night (1 am) ping pong matches with the consulting group will be always missed - Beating Vikas in ping pong. Good team work Shiva - Working with Marcia and esp being around her/hand bells experience! - Shiva’s cooked food. Yummy. - Feeling like a celebrity with Kim around taking pictures. (Thanks for making the memories tangible.) - Singing in the bus with Tadeo. “ Wonderwall being the favorite!” 99

Nationality: Nepali Birthday: December 23 Likes: GISMA Cake days Dislikes: 9 am classes Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will be: visting 10 more countries than now

Sushil KC

I still remember Dr. Schoorman saying during the orientation week “ we will make you work to the level you have never worked before” and he was right. I have crossed my personal limit while at GISMA. But you know what? Despite those workloads and time pressure, I loved my time at GISMA!! Isnt that strange, someone makes you work so hard and you still love it? Well those days will never come back again. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to see the same set of people under the same roof again in your life. So we have no other option than to love those memories that we had at GISMA. I spend one module at Purdue and it helped me to compare the bond between the students and professor at GISMA and Purdue. We have not only made friends for life but also mentors for life who would make a difference in each of our lives. I hope the professors also feel privileged to have been associated with GISMA. Ours was the biggest MBA class in GISMA as well in Germany but at the same time small enough to know each and every student at a great depth. I will for sure miss the time I spent at GISMA and hope to share the memories with t of you in the future, through email, calls and personal meetings. When there is a will, there is a way. Keep in touch!!

He is my brother. Before GISMA I can’t image that I will make friends from Nepal. Sushil is my teammate in module one. When I saw him, I thought that he is a Japanese. (Even now he still makes fun at my wrong first-sight) He is younger but more abroad experienced than me. So he behaves that he knows almost everything and likes telling me what to do or not to do. Sometimes it bothers me, because I don’t know what and when I can give him back. One of the most fun time in GISMA is sitting with him and he always amazes me that he could raise his hand to ask questions while we just finish our small chat one second ago. I am glad that I meet someone who takes care of me like real family in GISMA. - Shinmei

“Success comes to those who strive for it”


Netherlands FACT SHEET How many Dutch in this class: 1 What language(s) do they speak? Dutch Currency: Euro What can they do well? Riding bicycles, playing beautiful soccer What can’t they do? Winning with soccer Whice places should you visit in The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Zeeland, Utrecht, Maastricht, Scheveningen What food is delicious?: Mayonaise, Cheese, Vla, Boerenkool, Kroketje How much for beer?: o.8 euro’s (store), 2.5 euro (bar) Funny Fact: The orange color comes from former king who lived in an area named orange and that’s why his last name was now orange, or Willem from Orange. One sentence everyone should know: Achterom kijken is een koe in de kont kijken 101

Nationality: Dutch Birthday: August 10, 1983 Likes: Food (Carrot Cake made by Kali) Dislikes: Team members that don’t bring candy to meetings Favorite Professor: Lynda Thomas In 10 years, I will be: the best DJ in the World

Klaas-Jan Klaas-Jan Meijer Meijer

“My name is Klaas – the Dutch” this was the first introduction line from Klaas at Gisma orientation. The line depicts his pride for his country and his sense of humour. Klaas was my teammate in the first module. We clicked together instantly. I am telling you have to expect the unexpected from this guy. He always makes some funny comments. His comments seems funny at the shallow but deep inside those comments have lot of sense in it. Though he always hated the finance and quant his marketing skills are excellent. I can vouch for his marketing skills as I was his marketing intern under his leadership. His marketing ideas are full of creativity and strategy. I warn people not to interfere in his marketing proposals, he can be very angry on you if you do so. During the first end of module party he also taught me Dutch dance. I would ask all the guys deprived of girlfriends to contact Klaas to learn strategies and tricks. He taught me many but I could not implement any. In all this time with Klaas at Gisma was fun. I cannot explain him anymore as explain about his intangible assets. I seem to lack words for his qualities. If you want to really know about Klaas you have to spend some time with him. I wish that he keep the his sense of humour lifelong and make people laugh around him. I wish him all the best for his future. Klaas, if you happen to visit India, remember that there is friend of yours who is waiting for you.” - Yogesh

“Looking behind is looking a cow in the ass” I had to pay Yogesh a lot of money to come up with the stuff above. But I got more than what I paid for. Anyway, GISMA was a great experience, both educational and social. On educational part I will remember the energy that Nicolas has when he is teaching Marketing, the electric screwdrivers that Bob mentioned, the pains I got from Quantitative methods, the dry German humor of Ralph during Micro”fun with derivatives” Economics and the sarcasm of Lynda during Strategic Cost Management. Especially when she told us she met Michael Porter and basically she said he was full of himself, but with more sublte words. On the social side I will remember the Mexican Mafia. I still wake up in the middle of the night fearing that Yvonne will kill me or that Tadeo secretly married my sister. Drinking with Manav was also pretty memorable. If there is one guy that is more full of shit than me it’s Manav! Steve and belly dancers was also a great combination! The meetings with Chris and Yogesh, the Leipzig tournament..there is too much too mention. Take care everybody!


Pakistan FACT SHEET How many Pakistani in this class: 1 What language(s) do they speak? Urdu Currency: Pak Rupee What can they do well? Cricket, Cooking! What can’t they do? Football Whice places should you visit in Pakistan: Lahore, Karachi and Shogran What food is delicious?: Patakha kukar (nathiya gali), Food Street and Cookos (Iahore Namkeen tikka, Chicken karhai How much for beer?: 1 euro Funny Fact: Current President is known as Mr. 10% One sentence everyone should know: Aslamualikumkijken


Nationality: Pakistani Birthday: May 29 Likes: Cooking Dislikes: Cleaning Favorite Professor: Nicolus Kfuri In 10 years, I will be: a successful businessman hiring GISMA MBA’s

Bilal Bhatti Bilali…..The Kitchen King Bilal is a fun loving guy who does a very good job balancing fun with work. He has always been enthusiastic about making the best out of our MBA experience. He is helpful, and a person who loves to share his knowledge. Bilal was our second fi-

nance or accounts professor! He is the undisputed GISMA foosball champ and I had a great time playing the tournament with him. After meeting Bilal, I can proudly say that women are not the only shopaholics on this earth since he was such a regular customer of the ZARA men’s collection. I wonder how could he could take out time for poker and mingle with selected girls, and still be on the dean’s honor list!! As a roommate he is always supporting and helpful. We occasionally threw taunts at each other but never had a fight. There was a time when my apartment was the cleanest and tidiest apartment. It was the time before he became my roommate. He does most of the cooking and I do most of the cleaning (Which explains a lot). You made me realize why the dishwasher was invented. He is also a great cook who loves to experiment with his cooking. He always brought interesting stuff to school in his lunch box. All in all, you were an asset to GISMA MBA 2009! Wish you success all your life. It was fun living with you….. - Aamna and Rizwan

“Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it“ I still remember when I first met everyone in Johannes’ apartment .The very first Podbi 323 party....The room was filled with new faces, different from what I was accustomed to see back in Pakistan. But never did I get a feeling that these people were strangers or cold-hearted. Neither did I imagine that these entire strangers were going to turn into my best friends in just a few months!! There is no doubt that GISMA is the most international, fast paced and fun packed MBA out there. What I gained from this program is far more than I expected…. I’ll never forget how everyone displayed such thoughtful consideration for each other …. I would like to thank all my colleagues who made GISMA a wonderful experience. It was amazing how Ross and ashit would always send out tips and cheat sheets to the whole class while Rizwan could never say no to anyone for study related or dinner party hospitality (which then I had to cook for). I will always remember the fun tournaments, module end parties; the wonderful dinner’s and trips during the module breaks!! To top it all we had excellent teachers who would always go that extra mile to see us succeed!! In the end I would like to thank my parents who made it possible for me to attend GISMA!! They were always there to support and guide me, without them I never would have made it to GISMA. Thank you for believing in me!!


Paraguay FACT SHEET How many Paraguayans in this class: 1 :) What language(s) do they speak? Spansish & Guarani Currency: Guarani What can they do well? Prepare the best BBQ ever and the most refreshing Terere, play soccer What can’t they do? Being on time, saying I don’t know,(they will always think of something) drinking warm beer Whice places should you visit in Paraguay: Asuncion’s historical city center, San Bernardino’s Lake, The Jesuit Ruins, Chaco Paraguayo, Itaipu Dam, Laguna Blanca, Ciudad del Este, Iguazu Waterfalls What food is delicious?: Asasito, Chipa Guazu, Sopa Paraguaya, Soyo, Mbeje, Bori-bori, Chipa How much for beer?: 0.7 euro = 1l. Beer Funny Fact: In Paraguay there are 6 million people and 11 million cows One sentence everyone should know: Rohayhu Paraguay! 105

Nationality: Paraguayan Birthday: November 5 Likes: Paraguay Dislikes: Never-ending rainy days Favorite Professor: Nicolas Kfuri In 10 years, I will be: enjoying the sun in Paraguay

Carina Rieder

Carina has hairy arms. That’s pretty much all the bad things I can say about her. This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to write during GISMA, as there is no way to express what I think and feel about such an amazing person, in such a limited amount of space. I still remember meeting Carina on the first day of school. Ivonne: *tap tap* on Carina’s shoulder. “Eres de Paraguay?” This tall, blonde, and beautiful girl turns around to shyly answer “si” and then turns right around to wait for the bathroom. Our next fateful meeting was when I had just signed up for Facebook and began added people from GISMA as friends. I added “Pinkie” to my friend list and she accepted in less than 2 minutes. Then I was duped when she messaged me, “And yea, I think it’s “necessary” to go out…” Who would have known that making Carina go out would be like pulling teeth! We’ve travelled to more than 10 cities in Europe, I’ve fed her more than a dozen times (you don’t eat!), snowboarded the Alps, danced and karaoke-ed for 6+ hours straight, road tripped through Germany, kidnapped people, had multiple heart-to-hearts, sprinted to the bus/tram stop countless times, taken hundreds of photos together, and created a million more memories that are forever embedded in my heart. Pinkie is my savior and anchor during my time here at GISMA. Her calm and collected nature always helped keep me grounded when I would go crazy with school and life. Her big googlie honey-brown-sometimes hazel eyes and gorgeous smile always brightened my day. She may seem extremely shy and soft-toned to people here, but when she’s on the phone with her family, she is an earful! “Hola mami!” She’s extremely intelligent, hard-working, super multi-lingual, loves pink, helpful, friendly, loving, honest, and beautiful both inside and out. There is no way to thoroughly end this but I will say, “I will miss you the most of all but you already knew that! I am not sure where we’ll be or what we’ll be doing in the future, but I can already see our kids growing up and playing with each other even if we are on different continents. (my “fulanito” will speak Spanish, German, Italian, and Guarani while yours will speak English, Vietnamese, and Chinese). GO PARAGUAY! BESOS! (I think her hairy arms are cute on her, which means she has no faults!) - Kim

“I only try to to dance better than myself.” - M. Baryshnikov There are not enough words to describe this past year at GISMA and how wonderful it was to have the chance to experience it with such amazing people; but if you lived through this, you know exactly what I mean. I want to thank each one of you for all the great things you’ve brought into my life. I want to say THANK YOU, with all my heart, to my family and Guillermo for believing in me, supporting me and for making me feel at home even if we were thousands of miles apart (I wouldn’t have survived without you!). Special thanks to Kim, Flora, Sinan, Elif, Eugenio, Johannes, Ivonne, Riz & Meghann for being my family away from home this entire year.


Romania FACT SHEET How many Romanians in this class: 3 What language(s) do they speak? Romanian (descends from Latin) Currency: RON (leu = lion) What can they do well? gymnastics (Nadia Comaneci was 1st to get a 10) What can’t they do? give an even numbers of flowers to a lady (it always has to be an odd number) Whice places should you visit in Romania : Transylvania (Sibiu, Braslov, Sighisoara) the Brand & Peles Castle, the Moldavian Monasteries, the Danube Delta, Mamaia What food is delicious?: Sarmale (cabage rolls) Papansasi, Lots of stews, soup and pies How much for beer?: 4 RON (1 euro) Funny Fact: check out the Happy Cemetary of Sapanta, the only happy Cemetery in the world One sentence everyone should know: Esti un vampir (are you a vampire) 107

Nationality: Romanian Birthday: March 3rd Likes: Fireplaces in winter Dislikes: Cold things Favorite Professor: Jeff Reuer In 10 years, I will be: Queen

Andreea Duru Andreea Duru by René & Adam Romanian princess Andreea Duru is both sweet and smart. She arrived at GISMA with a cautious demeanor and a suitcase full of leggings. Her mysterious aura and delicate personality intrigued us all. Already well acquainted with the GISMA culture and surrounding Hannover, she helped her classmates settle into their new school and city. Always eager to plan trips, Andreea has led her classmates to several of happy Hannover’s most famous festivals (including ones that didn’t exist). Perhaps the most remarkable trait of Andreea is her unique language skills. Stronger than those of any of her classmates, Andreea speaks, reads and writes in 5 languages. Often seen helping native English speakers with grammar difficulties, there’s no doubt this talent is also a passion. Now for Andreea’s favorite strategy tool, the SWOT analysis: Andreea’s Strengths: Sweet, no allergies, polyglot, strong class participation, leggings (color variety) Andreea’s Weaknesses: “Doesn’t like cold things,” sinks like a stone, can’t ride a bike, forgets to turn the oven off Andreea’s Opportunities: To look ‘sublime’ under any occasion, PhD linguistics Andreea’s Threats: Sorana Cirstea

“Artists can paint the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid.” - Jules Feiffer I would like to thank my parents, for all the support they have given me throughout this year and always. To Goran, for being more than I could ever ask for in a boyfriend. I feel like the luckiest and happiest person in the world to have you beside me! To the GISMA staff and professors – thank you for leading us through this incredible challenge. To all my classmates - you’ve all demonstrated hard work, diligence and excellence. And being around those things has been motivating, inspiring, transforming and, in the same time, a lot of fun. Thank you for a truly wonderful and fantastic year! Best of luck to each of you and I’ll look forward to seeing you again at GISMA or somewhere new. 108

Nationality: Romanian Birthday: March 5 Likes: Thinking Dislikes: Short days Favorite Professor: George Racette In 10 years, I will be: looking forward to new challenges

Mircea Hepes Hepes Mircea

Some random Harvard study suggested that people who express their emotions ended up higher in the career graph. Mircea took the research too seriously. This and his love for Man U’s attacking mid-fielder, Anderson, I believe would be the two primary factors defining him twenty years down the line. So if you meet an intelligent guy who is shouting at the top of his voice at a clueless guy and is wearing a Manchester United stole with a suit on a hot summer day, convey my regards to him; he would be my friend Mircea Hepes. Mircea has the perfect ingredients to have a successful career; inherently intelligent and tuned to work hard, he is one person you should stay in touch after business school. Apart from his hairstyle which somehow attracts women (my ego argues that they just notice it because it is weird), there is little that sets him apart from his peers, apart from the number of female fans he has, an unfortunate irony in a world where the sex ratio does not hold a rosy picture for guys. He’s a good dancer, is intelligent, almost single and will be rich. So all the ladies out there, grab him! A guy who you can confide in and be rest assured that your secrets will no more be your own! And yes, if you’re too lazy to work get him on your team. He’ll gladly do all the work for you. - Shiva

“Wise is the gent

counting every moment spent” i.e. “Don’t waste my time” My main regret about Gisma is that I couldn’t make people understand that I’m not always angry, but just an intense person. That’s why I came here in the first place, because 11 months is just enough to not become complacent. Oh, and I also came here so I could get a job, but that’s not gone terribly well so far. Thanks to all former team-mates for putting up with me, everyone who has ever cooked food for me, everyone who has shared good times with me, everyone who has appreciated me, everyone who has ever criticized me.

The trouble with the world is that the average is cocksure and the intelligent people like Mircea have complaints. I love his complaints especially when they come in a mimicry form. Unfortunately, very few people know about the mimicry skills of Mircea which can roll you on the floor. Most of the GISMA folks will remember him as an intelligent guy but I prefer the adjective ‘courageous’ over it! He has got a clear thinking way which he freely displays, clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence. I am amazed with his hard working capacity. He has got a deadly combination of good qualities which surely will help in his career ahead. I wish I could bet on your success. I will always remember the jokes cracked and time spent before & after the beers. Wish you all the best, mate. - Rohit


Nationality: Romanian Birthday: October 20 Likes: Shopping Dislikes: Self-centered people Favorite Professor: Prof. Schoorman In 10 years, I will be: a successful professional, a perfect mother and a great wife ;)

Malina Vasile

I never met any other Romanian before I met her on my very first day at GISMA. And as I started to get to know her, a whole new world started to unfold in front of me. Although she was one of the youngest students in the class, her level of maturity, eagerness to help others, and caring nature stumped me on many occasions. I remember when she used to bring “Words of the day” so that other students could learn new German words and when she gave rides to the people living in Kleefeld. These are just a few examples of her helping and caring nature. When it came to studies, she demonstrated the same highest level of devotion, be it in team meetings or while completing assignments. I was fortunate enough to have her in my team throughout all five modules. She has tremendous enthusiasm for learning and exploring new things. She participated in every possible “Study abroad” program, making her the only student to do that. To describe her as an impeccable beauty with an innocent smile, a cheerful personality and a great convincing ability would hardly do her justice. I can’t imagine closing this bio without mentioning her passion for clothes and fashion brands (she absolutely enjoys shopping) and her love for harmonious surroundings. I know true friendship will weather the tests of time and distance… - Ravikiran

“Life is what passes by, when we are too busy making plans. So stop planning and start living!” I remember the first day in GISMA as if it was yesterday… I cannot believe that it is already over. During the orientation session, sitting in the second row in the Rotunda, next to Tomoko and to Anand, I was looking forward to meet everybody and to give my best during the program. I was curious and thrilled. Now that the program came to the end I can only say it was a great year, and this mainly because of the wonderful people I was surrounded by. At the same time the fact that I could take the exchange programs to Purdue, Madrid and Bangalore helped me form a deeper view of what we understand under the word “world”. I think the special people, knowledgeable professors and the international experiences make GISMA a unique program. I am proud and happy to have been part of the GISMA experience! 110

Singapore FACT SHEET How many Singaporeans in this class: well none, but because Manav wanted to have his own country he forced the yearbook team to put him under Singapore. What language(s) do they speak? English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and...SINGLISH! Currency: Singapore dollar. 1 euro = 2.02 SGD What can they do well? Dance and “RElax Lah” What can’t they do? Rebel against authority Whice places should you visit in Singapore : New Asia Bar, Sentosa, beach bars like Cafe Del Mar, Singapore Zoo What food is delicious?: Nasi Lemak, Mi Goreng, Laksa, Black Pepper Crab, Chili Crab, BBQ Stingray How much for beer?: TIGER BEER, 1 big bottle = 2.2 euro Funny Fact: Singapore Zoo is most famous for an orang-utan called Ah Meng (god bless his soul) who attracted huge crowds of very old drunkards who came to see him mastrubate in public (they came there to drink and laugh at him). The male to female rate is reverse more women to every man!! Still population growth is further comments ;) One sentence everyone should know: Must be careful lah, uncle Lee watching you know 111

Nationality: Indian Birthday: November 26 Likes: Jack the Rippers Dislikes: Karma Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will be: circling the moon on my bicycle

Manav Krishan

“Today is perfect for Sailing!” You know him. When I first met him I was taken aback by this fellow with skin as white as an Idaho picket fence and talked in a Desi accent. Was he taking the piss out of me? Then he started speaking fluent Hindi. Why is he going to such lengths to pretend to be Indian? Turns out he is in fact Indian. What can I say about Manav Krishan? He is a born leader who has yet to have followers. If you look past the fact that he complains about things and seems to be tired he is quite full of life. He is quite the handyman as he has a toolbox with all kinds of tools that each have their own specific narrowly-defined functionalities. His imitation of Scott Stapp’s singing would fool even the band members in Creed. Talk to him about sailing and he will go on and on about masts, the wind, logistics, etc and you get the impression that he knows more about it than the average skipper. Talk to him about anything and he will give you the straight dope, no beating around the bush. This cat keeps it real. Thanks to him for: all the Tea parties we had @ his room, and many broken things like cups, bikes, etc. that have been salvaged. Overall, he is a great person to have as a friend and his presence was dearly missed when he went to Krannert for the third module. It is no coincidence that morale went up when he returned. With his tenacity and determination there’s no doubt that Manav will be immensely successful in any endeavor he chooses. Cheers mate… Good Luck! - Anand Basawapatna & Abhishek Kaushish

“Nooo... !!!!”


Taiwan FACT SHEET How many Taiwanese in this class: 5 What language(s) do they speak? Taiwanese / Mandarin / Hakka / Indigenous Currency: New Taiwan Dollar What can they do well? Design and produce electronic goods What can’t they do? Nothing Whice places should you visit in Taiwan : TTaipei 101, Sun Moon Lake, Mt. A-Li, night markets What food is delicious?: Bubble Tea, Stinking Tofu How much for beer?: o.75 dollar Funny Fact: Look at your iPod or Laptop now! It’s probably designed and / or produced in Taiwan One sentence everyone should know: Ni how 113

Nationality: Taiwanese Birthday: April 18 Likes: Spending time with good friends Dislikes: Things out of my control Favorite Professor: Jen Tang In 10 years, I will be: living my dream life

Ai-Lin Ai-Lin Chang Chang Ailin was one of the two GISMA girls I met my first day in Germany. On that day, I never thought that we would become such close friends in just few months. It was the first module’s team work that sowed the seeds of our friendship which only strengthened during our South Germany trip. I was shocked by the fact that Ailin was so organized and fun to be with because she is so quiet and shy in school. She is smart, energetic and trustworthy. Like most Gismaniacs, she loves Indian food but with less spices. Like most girls, she loves shopping and would spend any amount of money on things she likes, even though she complains she is poor. I will never forget when she bought 3 mugs with weird looking handles for 30 euros each! She is also very attentive and caring towards her friends. Thanks again for the scarf and hand gloves without which I would have froze to death in winter. She is one of the Taiwanese who is not afraid to speak in class but I wonder if professors ever understood her. I can clearly see her growing in confidence while talking in class and while presenting. I am confident that her openness and confidence would help her achieve whatever she yearns for..... Don’t forget that you promised to attend my wedding in India as I promise to visit you in Taiwan (which is not a country)! I wish you all the success in your life. Thanks for everything - Rizwan


Nationality: Taiwanese Birthday: March 6 Likes: Singing Dislikes: Exams Favorite Professor: Jeffrey Reuer In 10 years, I will be: travelling the world

Miranda Miranda Huang Huang

Just less than a year ago, I was still debating whether or not to enroll into GISMA class of 2009. However, now I am so confident and delighted to say that I do not regret making this decision at all. I appreciate all my GISMA friends for bringing me tons of incredible memories, which are going to be borne in my heart forever and turned to be my everlasting power and energy for the future life. I love you GISMANIACS, sincerely!!

“Don‘t hurry. Don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit. So don’t forget to stop and smell the roses” Before coming to GISMA I had the stereotype of Asians being shy introverted people, but my perception was soon to be changed after I met Chiung Ya Huang aka. Miranda. Teasing people and making funny jokes is always part of a typical conversation with Miranda, for sure she will get you laughing in a matter of seconds and you will never get bored talking to her. She always has the exact set of words to cheer you up, no matter what the situation is; losing 6 - 0 in your first game in Leipzig, doing bad in an exam, or anything else, Miranda’s special talent will make you smile or laugh. She also has a professional side, after being with her 4 modules in the same section I could see she’s a tremendously hardworking person. She’s also a person who’s definitely not afraid of setting challenging goals and the best part of it is that she finds the way to reach them. Travelling with her was always an exciting experience, trips to Amsterdam and Greece left a full list of adventures and innumerable crazy memories that will never be erased. Finally I have to say that Miranda has a secret ability that nobody knows, not even the rest of little Taiwan, and that is her cooking skills, just give Miranda a piece of meat and different spices and sauces, and in a couple of minutes you will be enjoying the most delicious dinner you’ve tried in a looooooong time (Definitely Jamie Oliver would be so jealous of her). - Eugenio I could not have imagined a better person to share an apartment with this past year. My dearest roommate and sweetie has made my experience in GISMA truly unforgettable. As we shared our wonderful apartment, I could not have asked for a more harmonious relationship. Miranda was my family here in Hannover. I am fortunate to say that I really learned a lot from Miranda in all aspects of its meaning. Not only she is a strikingly beautiful woman, but she is also extremely intelligent, motivated, genuine, fun and outgoing person with the biggest heart and best sense of humor. I will miss every single little thing that we did around our little home, like cooking, laughing and complaining/comforting each other. I will forever cherish our memories together. Thank you for being such an amazing friend! - Malika 115

Nationality: Taiwanese Birthday: January 4 Likes: Dogs Dislikes: Bugs Favorite Professor: Jen Tang In 10 years, I will have: a happy family

Sandy Sandy Lin Lin

Sandy… all time bubbly gal whose sheer presence makes one energetic! In my opinion, she is one of the most enthusiastic persons of our class. Along with being part of all the fun with full excitement, she loves to capture all those memorable moments in her camera constantly. When I and Sandy worked together in first module, I got to see an extremely hardworking side of hers. I could see how difficult maths was for her; however she would never leave the matter till she digests it. Hats off to you Sandy for your spirit and hard work! Going forward, I completely relished all the time we spent together during this one year of GISMA… be it team works or Krannert stay or Chicago trip, you are always fun to be with sweety! what I like more about her? Mmmmmm.. her laptop ;-) I am in love with laptop..Its sooo cute and handy. Jokes apart, I love her dress sense a lot.. She has a great collection! And of course be it Chinese attire or Sari, Sandy, you just rock . What’s better way to conclude this bio than the slogan you made us remember by heart @ Krannert : “Taiwan Bang!”. Loads of love.. will surely miss u. - Pallavi What can I say that hasn’t already been said about you? You’re a cute, funny, bright, and sweet person that everyone loves to be around. You’re one of the hardest working students at GISMA but you still manage to find time to attend every function. This PowerPoint guru has a sense of style and the ability to light up any room with her presence. It’s impossible for me to think of you without smiling; you’re truly a remarkable person. What’s more, you have arguably the best quote from our class. “Hi, my name is Sandy and I…” Needless to say, I’ll miss you dearly. I’m sure my life will be a little emptier without you in it. Thanks for everything, you’re the best. Cheers, - Steve

“All grown-ups were once children. But few of them remember it.” - Le Petit Prince


Nationality: Taiwanese Birthday: Febuary 10 Likes: Thinking Dislikes: To participate for participatation in class Favorite Professor: Jen Tang In 10 years, I will have: travelled all the countries representing GISMA ‘09

Shinmei Liu

Such a quiet and shy girl! If you think that’s Shin Mei, then I would say you don’t know the real her. The real Shin Mei is a passionate and funny girl. Talking to her is definitely the best way to wipe out your bad mood. She is also a very good listener. Whenever you have something bothering you, (the more secret the better..haha) just look for her help, tell her and I believe you will get back some really nerdy constructive suggestions. The last but not the least, being a versatile girl, she is actually very famous BLOGGER in Taiwan. You want her blog link? Sorry, you have to pay me first cause I am her agent now! - Miranda I had the opportunity to know Shinmei better as she was in our group during the first module. Having lived away from home country for several years already, I could realize that it won’t be easy for her in the first few weeks. I had the same feeling when I came to Germany in 2004. Leaving all your friends and family back home and suddenly adapting in a totally new environment is not an easy job. But as weeks passed by I came to know more and more about her. Our team member, Shinmei, Jun, Andrea, Matthew, Ritika and myself were often under time pressure to finish our group assignment, but at the same time, we managed to know more about each other’s personal life. We used to spend hours just talking about each other. By the end of 1st module, all of us were happy with our group’s performance and at the same time found caring friends. As time passed by, we became good friends and even within a short period of time, I was able to know more about her. Although I spent only 3 modules with her in GISMA, she still thinks that I know more about her than any other student in GISMA. So it’s possible to develop good friendship even in a short period of time. Although people might think that she is a quiet type of person but if you are close with her, you can realize that she can talk more than any other person that you know of. I am sure Shinmei has made many good friends in GISMA and it will be a pain to depart from these friends once GISMA will be over. I am happy that I have found a friend with whom I can talk, laugh and spend time with. Keep in touch!! - Sushil

“If you find me dreaming, don’t wake me up”


Nationality: Taiwanese Birthday: August,20 Likes: Chocolate Dislikes: Unorganized Favorite Professor: Jen Tang In 10 years, I will be: looking the same and as energetic as a 26-year old

Joanne Joanne Wang Wang

One year in GISMA is like a sweet dream, wonderful friends, substantial courses and beautiful Europe. Although the dream is going to awake, our friendship will continue, what I learned will be benefit to the future and I will definitely come to Europe again.

“Just do it, as long as you are happy!” Hsi-Shien Wang, better known as “Joanne,” was born on August 20 of 1983, in Taiwan. Joanne always enjoyed working with numbers and that moved her to achieve a bachelor in accounting. She is also a very well organized person, which might be related to her background as finance auditor. Joanne is a very considerate friend; she is very helpful and patient. She appears to be very quiet and shy, but in reality she is very playful and friendly. I like talking with her, because she provides a feeling of tranquility and confidence. Thanks for your friendship! - Ivonne What can a brother say about his young sister, cute, naive, naughty…?But in the negotiation game, how could I feel a bit tension when I was sitting in front of you as a subordinate? Below it is what I wrote for you: Joanne, single (till Jun 6,2009 when I wrote this. Right?), the most graceful girl, I promise, among the girls I have ever met in my life! In my eyes, you are always so relaxed. I have never seen you in a hurry, but you completed everything timely and successfully. Magic! Joanne, my lovely sister, I will never forget the day when you said you love me at my birthday party and I believe you definitely will say the same to another guy in the near future. Hope to see the guy very soon. Hope to attend your wedding very soon!!! - Daniel 118

Tajikistan FACT SHEET How many Tajikistani in this class: Only ONE! What language(s) do they speak? Tajik - dialect of Fars/Persian Currency: Somoni What can they do well? Design and produce electronic goods What can’t they do? We cannot sing. We have very bad pop music. Whice places should you visit in Tajikistan : Dushanbe - the capital city and Pamir Mountains. What food is delicious?: Plov, Mantu, Sambusa, Mastova. How much for beer?: 1 euro Funny Fact: We drink hot green tea when it’s 50 degrees Celcius in shade in the summer. One sentence everyone should know: Hush omaded honai mo! (means welcome to our home)


Nationality: Tajik Birthday: January 7 Likes: Sunshine Dislikes: Sound of ambulance sirens Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will be: a successful manager in GazpromNeft, with a family and 2 kids

Malika Kamilova

I was lucky enough to be placed on a team with Malika in the very first module. When the Dean instructed us on a simple get-to-know-you exercise, I wondered what Malika and I might have in common – as she passionately argued for children’s rights, I alternately pleaded for the elderly. Yet, in looking back now, that might have been the only thing we’ve disagreed on all year long. We have chosen to be on a team together every subsequent module, with the joke being that we merely like working with someone who reminds each one of our own perspective and working style. But… here is where I will set the record straight… Malika is the “It” girl of the class, and honestly, I’m just happy to be a friend at her side. On a superficial level, Malika is strikingly beautiful, and cute, and HOTT, all in one. On a more serious note, she is the person everyone wants to know and spend time with because she is extremely intelligent and worldly, sweet and compassionate, funny and energetic, helpful and trustworthy, and humble and classy. As is obvious, I could continue for a while or give the other students in our class room for input, but I would hate to go over this word limit and not have Malika here as my editing and word-cutting buddy. So, in closing, thank you Malika for making my experience here at GISMA so wonderful just by being you! - Tess

“Striving for excellence and looking great doing it!” I remember the first day of orientation when we entered GISMA and were full of joy because we all knew that we had a great year ahead of us. Now I realize that all the expectations and goals that I had for this program were exceeded beyond my imagination. ~My roommate: Miranda! Thank you for being such an amazing friend, roommate, teammate and just a great person with a big heart and a beautiful smile! ~My neighbors: Rizwan, Bilali, Johannes, Robert, Unnati and Ravi! Thank you for all the wonderful dinners, regular random and weird conversations in the hallway, teaching me how to ride a bike in the hallway, playing cards till 2 a.m. and many, many other memories that we had shared throughout this year. ~My consulting project team: Sube, Koryun, Mircea, Abhi, Jun, Philipp and, of course, Professor Kfuri! This is probably the craziest yet most hardworking team I had ever worked with! I will miss those nights when we worked till 1 a.m. and played ping pong, Abhi’s hidden sense of humor, Jun’s mid-term presentation, Mircea’s speeches on how to do things right and, of course, Koryun’s genuine attempts to calm us down before the presentation, suggesting us various presentation techniques (remember, Sube? Hop, Hop, Hop!!!) I would like to thank my parents and Djordje for making this whole experience possible! Thank you for all the support, love and care! I will never forget GISMA 2009! 120

Turkey FACT SHEET How many Turkish in this class: 2 What language(s) do they speak? Turkish, English, German and Spanish Currency: Turkish Lira What can they do well? Cook What can’t they do? Not being Turkish Whice places should you visit in Turkey: Dushanbe - the capital city and Pamir Mountains. What food is delicious?: Rice and red meat dishes, and lahmacun How much for beer?: 1 euro Funny Fact: We forget! One sentence everyone should know: Ne mutlu Turkum diyene! (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) 121

Nationality: Turkish Birthday: April 5 Likes: Anything positive Dislikes: Anything negative Favorite Professor: George Racette In 10 years, I will be: a Geeky business professor :))

Elif Elif Ketencioglu Ketencioglu

My Precious Wife, I really need thousands of pages to write about you and to describe how important you are for me. You have been the most powerful support and the most important instructor to help me during this 10 months in Gisma. You were definitely my catalyst to have a good understanding of most of the lessons. You are the best and the patient instructor to a stubborn student like me. I have been feeling your strong support from the beginning of Gisma. If I am considered to be a successful student in Gisma, that is definitely firstly because of you my “Puf”. In each and Every day you have raised like Sun for me and helped me not to lose my motivation and remind me my real aims. Without you, I might have been in a trouble but as a manager I gave the most appropriate decision to marry you:). Thank you for everything! Thank you for your smiling face for each and every day. Thank you for being a great wife and life buddy to me. Thank you Elifcim. - .Seni Seviyorum (SINAN) Elif has so many things that make her unique. Her big eyes and even bigger smile, the ability to cook the most delicious dishes, a distinctive way of speaking her mind always confident and polite, the ability of being so sweet and strong at the same time, intelligence way beyond average, and above all, a huge huge heart, that shows in everything she does... My dear Elif, thanks for being there always with a big hug and the kindest words. Thanks for all the wonderful dinners and even lunch, for all your help in strategy, operations, economics and just life. You and Sinan are a great team, and you know you’re the closest to family for me here. I will always have both of you in my heart, and we’ll always be in touch… And remember that I’ll be waiting for you in Paraguay!. - Carina

“I think I’ve discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it” I am happy and lucky to be a part of GISMA and I would like to thank everyone who turned this academic year into a memorable experience. 122

Nationality: Turkish Birthday: April 19 Likes: Holidays Dislikes: Job searching Favorite Professor: George Racette In 10 years, I will be: the president of Beşiktaş :)

Sinan Sinan Ketencioglu Ketencioglu There are no exact words for me to explain how much I love you and how happy you make me. Every day is a blessing with you. I know I would be lost without your support and love. You have been my husband, my brother and my friend. Each year we add to our relationship makes me understand how much I need you and how much I love you more. I am exactly where I want to be: right beside you… With your strong personality and sincerity I believe that there is nothing you cannot do. Even though you seem to have a hard shell on the outside, I know how thoughtful and warm you heart is. There are several years ahead of us to share this life and make best out of it! Seni çok seviyorum! - Elif

“Sinan, a man of values & ethics is the first thing that comes to my mind. He stongly beleives & practices humanity & considers equality & love as the basis of a peaceful life. The best part about him is his generosity & determination to be the change. Love for the motherland & urge to make it a better place is a point of convergence of our thought. I wish you all the best for your future endevours & have a bright & successful life.” It was really great working with both of you! - Ashit Sinan is one of the coolest guys in GISMA, and I can say without a doubt that I have a great friend in him. He was always open to explain to you anything about any course in GISMA especially if it had something to do with numbers. Finally, but definitely not least important, he recruited me to be a fan of the best Turkish soccer team of all times BESİKTAS “THE BLACK EAGLES”… KARAKARTAL, Besiktas Sampiyon!!! - Eugenio I was lucky to have Sinan on my team for the first 4 modules, and in my section from the first day to the last one. I can’t remember one single morning that didn’t start with a big smile and the question: How are you Carina? He might seem serious most of the times, but he’s actually always making jokes, especially to Flora!:) Sinan, thanks for being always a true friend, from the very beginning! Thanks for just everything you’ve done for me! I will miss you and we’ll always be close. I’ll see you soon in Paraguay again! :) - Carina 1. Behind every successful man, there is a successful and pretty woman. 2. If you are not a Beşiktaş fan, then it means you have not been living the joy of life so far. 2008-2009 Champion BEŞİKTAŞ 3. Thank you to each and every Gisma 2009 Graduates for this great experience. I spent really fun and informative times with all of you guys. Thank you for being part of this excellent experience.

“Live Honestly and Ethically, Die with Integrity”


United States of America FACT SHEET How many Americans in this class: 16 -1 (Ricardo) -1 (Robyn) + 0.5 (Tomoko) = 14.5 What language(s) do they speak? English Currency: US Dollar What can they do well? Making carrot cakes, soft skills, Correct grammar for classmates (as GISMA) OR play professional golf (as a country) What can’t they do? Play soccer, derivatives, quant Whice places should you visit in The US: Grand Canyon, California Beaches, New York City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Francisco What food is delicious?: Hamburger, , Chicken Fried Steak, How much for beer?: $4 for a bottle at a bar, $10 for a 6-pack Funny Fact: Only in America do they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering. One sentence everyone should know: That’s the American dream right there, right? 124

Nationality: American Birthday: February 13 Likes: Travelling Dislikes: Phonies Favorite Professor: Brad Alge In 10 years, I will be: on a Boat

Anand Basawapatna Basawapatna Anand

“How’s it hangin brosef ? !!!” When it comes down to it, there’s really no one who’s become so much of an enjoyable part of our daily life here at GISMA than Anand Basawapatna. Over time we have realized that this dude’s a walking encyclopedia. Forget freakin’ Google, he even corrects Indians with crazy facts and figures about India, much to their astonishment. A little eccentric (come on now, a little more than just a little ;-) ) but a very kind and warm-hearted bloke. Always eager for a friendly beer and chat with the boys, and (ahem) girls, and hang out even if he doesn’t understand squat about the Hindi we keep rattling on with (Sorry Anand!) He has been getting free Hindi lessons though, and has picked up quite a fair bit! Seemingly quiet, but once he starts talking its hard getting him to stop - he knows, he knows. Has lots of thoughts and ideas and is willing to share them. Over the course of the year, we’ve had the opportunity to work with him in various teams and can honestly say that his enthusiasm was the glue that held these teams together. He is always ready to help and constantly seeks out opportunities to contribute. All in all, he is fun to be around, and is blessed with an abundance of common sense, insights, and a really, really unique (albeit slightly ribald) sense of humor! Go Anand!! - Shashank Chandra & Manav Krishan

“Unless you are willing to have a go, fail miservably, and have another go, success won’t happen” - Phillip Adams Well it’s hard to believe that the year has come to an end. It was a wonderful one with lots of events, impromptu get-togethers, team-building exercises, as well as projects, & exams, etc. I would like to thank all my classmates for making my experience at GISMA a fun and enjoyable one. This level of camaraderie will be dearly missed. I would also like to thank all the professors at GISMA. Thanks to you all, I have come out of GISMA with a greater wealth of knowledge and insights. Overall, I feel that I am a much richer person (not yet materially ) for this education and experience. I would also like to thank my family & friends Stateside (& elsewhere) for cheering me on and for keeping me up to date on the comings and goings back home.


Nationality: American Birthday: March 30 Likes: Learning new international recipes Dislikes: Finding dirty socks on the floor Favorite Professor: George Racette In 10 years, I will be: Johannes’ assistant coach for the Gisma soccer team

Wendy Bingham Wendy Bingham

Fellow Gisma 09ers: We made it! Thank you for all your thoughtfulness, humor and friendship, because of you all I have learned as much outside the classroom as I have inside. For example: how to make dumplings, the importance of cricket and Tata, the secrets behind the Mexican mafia, many new German ideaRs, how to make a Thanksgiving feast in Germany, how crazy the Dutch really are, the Taiwanese are brutally honesty (good and bad), eight girls from China, Paraguay, Germany, Romania, and the US may not always win in soccer, but they will definitely have fun trying …and many more life lessons that I will never forget. To Stevie and Regen: Thank you for all your patience and support through this program. You were both a refreshing distraction from my hectic schedule. Thank you also for believing in me!

“You can’t hit the ball without swinging the bat meat” (I heard this quote so many times this year; it’s from one of Steve’s video games which he played while I studied - for 11 months) There are a very few things that I could explicitly mention about Wendy without sounding too cliché. She’s a great person, an amazing athlete, very smart and someone who would go beyond her means to ensure that her team is moving in the right direction. I was in a team with her on two occasions and things couldn’t have been better. Everything was taken care of; our individual responsibilities, the schedule, pending assignments, presentations; MBA suddenly seemed much easier. During our consulting project, our clients changed their requirements at the very last minute and it seemed rather impossible to accommodate their requirements this late in the project cycle. However, we shifted gears, Wendy worked incessantly for 3 consecutive days and we surpassed the expectations of our clients. The unmatched combination of a great team player and her baking skills certainly made her one of the most sought after people during the team formation exercises. I was lucky to be scouted by her for two teams; regular cake treats and academic brilliance were certain to follow. She is someone who looks very tough on the exterior but once you are in her good books, you can be rest assured that you have a very good friend. If you want to see what she truly stands for, you should watch her playing soccer. She can dribble past any defender and score at will. The fact that she played for the men’s team in a competitive event speaks volumes of her confidence and her abilities. Not very surprisingly, she scored even for the guys’ team. Wendy, I hope we stay in touch after school and whenever you come to Delhi, call me. You have in me a perennial Indian guide. - Shiva


Nationality: American Birthday: May 8 Likes: Success Dislikes: Dead ends Favorite Professor: George Racette In 10 years, I will be: enjoying life

Kristopher Brown Kristopher Brown Born on May 8th of 1979, in United States of America, Mr. Kristopher Brown is without any doubt one of the most impressive and astonishing students in the history of GISMA Business School. During his youth, Kristopher serviced for two years in the Air Force. During this time - we don’t know exactly how – he discovered his real love of Accounting. Although an Accountant by profession, Kris is everything but a “numbers” guy. Despite his accountant profile, Mr. Brown is one of the most passionate, sincere, and friendly guys that I have ever met in my life. Our only male New Yorker possesses some kind of magic in his personality that charms everyone, from women, men, children, grandparents, Italians, Germans, Mexicans... the list goes on. A really good friend who is always taking care of the people he likes and loves, and even though sometimes it looks like he is not there, the reality is that he is taking care of you in a way that you don’t notice. Mr. Brown is a great supporter, he never hesitates to sacrifice himself to help you. A really intelligent and intuitive guy, he already has the answer before you ask the question. He is a great advisor, too. Kris is the kind of guy who is smart enough to take care of his life and the people he loves; the rest are just superficial things. I am so glad to have met him, because of what I have learned from him. And believe or not, I knew since the first time I met him that I would have a big, American brother for the rest of my days. - Tadeo


Nationality: American Birthday: April 16 Likes: Sunshine Dislikes: None Favorite Professor: George Racett In 10 years, I will be: 10 years older, but just as happy and still pursuing my dreams

“Do what you love, and love what you do”

Tess Coverman

Module 1: Tess and Malika are placed in the same section, same team. Module 2: Tess and Malika are placed in the same section and choose to work on the same team. Module 3: Module 2 story repeats. Module 4: Module 3 story repeats. Module 5: Record set. Five modules together! Happy and proud!!! It seems like yesterday, when we first met, were put in the same team and assigned to our first assignment during the orientation. Five modules have passed so fast, yet I remember hundreds of assignments, projects, presentations, papers and team meetings that we had worked on together. Apart from school, I cherish the memories of our gym workouts, long nights of dancing and few but precious hours of shopping together. Tess is a strong individual, who knows what she wants and can take a strong stance on what she believes in. She is extremely intelligent and dedicated to her team. Tess is self-motivated and hardworking. She is beautiful and has an excellent sense of what constitutes “well-dressed.” She is always fair and considerate, kind and sensitive, friendly and open. But my favorite characteristic of Tess is her witty and smart sense of humor and contagious laugh that I will miss dearly! I couldn’t have imagined a better teammate, classmate and more importantly, a dear friend, to go through this challenging and demanding program. - Malika

Attending GISMA and earning my MBA has been an amazing and rewarding experience. Aside from thanking the school personnel, my classmates, and my teammates (especially my five-module-long favorite Malika), there are some people from my personal life I’d like to mention. First and foremost, I was only able to afford this opportunity through the hard work, foresight, and generosity of my grandmother, Inge Michaels. She bravely immigrated to the US and with time, independently became a successful businesswoman and mother. It is in her memory that I worked hard to achieve good grades and will continue to soar towards my goals in life. Secondly, I would like to acknowledge the ever-present support of my parents, each of whom has been there as my emotional backbone and personal cheerleader. In addition, my sister Anya was always just a chat or a phone call away when I needed to vent, or laugh, or just talk about going to the gym and planning haircuts. Lastly, I think I would have been very lonely in Germany if I didn’t have so many friends from back home keeping me updated through facebook, emails, and cards. I must say – I feel very loved and blessed! 128

Nationality: American Birthday: May 14 Likes: Golf Dislikes: Forum days Favorite Professor: Anulark Naber In 10 years, I will be: retired with 3 kids

Michael Michael Glynn Glynn

Michael Glynn came to GISMA with 3 things on his mind, Golf, Sarcasm and Texas. A naturally talented athlete, Michael’s dreams of being a caddy on the PGA tour for Canadian golf champion Mike Weir was placed in front of everything else. Under rain or shine, throughout the school year Michael persistently took the long journey to reach Hannover’s only golf course in order to achieve his goals. However, being deeply religious and faithful to his Hannover church, there wasn’t a Sunday morning he’d replace Singing in Choir for golf. A keen business sense accompanied by an extraordinary imagination, Michael could always find a listener to hear his random entrepreneurial ideas. Nominated for best Comedian, Michael’s quick-witted Americanstyled humor kept us entertained through GISMA’s hardest of times. Although he was rarely seen out late socializing at GISMA venues, he found a wonderful replacement, his lovely wife. As the GISMA class remembers Michael, they will also miss the one closest to him. Meghann truly made a lasting impression on everyone she met throughout the GISMA year. Her comforting warmth and genuine personality can only be remembered with a smile. Although she claimed not to experience the same level of humor from her husband that the entire class enjoyed over the year, she did offer a variety of insights into Michael’s personal life. May the two of you live happily ever after, and remember us as we remember you, with love and warmth. - Rene

“Don’t mess with Texas” When I was deciding which MBA program would be the best fit for me I narrowed it down to the three most important criterions. I wanted a good value for the money, an opportunity to work with students from 20 plus countries, and the best prospects for an international career. Looking back over the last year I have to say one for three is not too bad. I may be in debt with no job, but at least I have great friends all over the world. Thanks for all the memories and good times. I hope to see y’all in Texas! 129

Nationality: American Birthday: November 15 Likes: Frieda Dislikes: Alkoholfrei Bier Favorite Professor: Michael Höeck In 10 years, I will be: still your best friend

I’m from the beach!

Robert Goker

#5 on the field, #1 in your hearts Born and raised on the beaches of Southern California, Robert came to GISMA with a glowing tan and a dream of being VP for Rolls Royce. Known for his nonsholant style, Robert puts all his energy into staying relaxed. According to Prof. Lehman (aka The Dude) he did a pretty good job with that. An athlete at heart (Soccer-Pro), Robert could be found escaping the harsh extremities of Germany’s cold winter stretching and hanging out in the sauna’s of local health clubs. When eating out with his peers, Robert’s native Turkish tongue proved to be quite helpful when ordering Döners at Buchholz and MC D’s. At home, however, he strictly followed his “waffles-with-peanut-butter-and-jam” diet. His enriching stories about TJ provided even further entertainment. Potential backup plans for the current job crisis include “portrait artist for GISMA professors” and “sexy lifeguard on Californian beaches”, but he’s still holding out for that VP position… All n All, Robert contributed a great deal to the GISMA community through his amicable sarcasm and approachable demeanor. He helped prepare and eventually lead the GISMA class through the triumphant soccer tournament in Leipzig. Although he suffered minor injuries on the field, he recovered quickly at the local hospital in the arms of an angel. - Rene and Johannes

As many of you have learned, I originated from the beach. My long standing tradition of making sure I remain calm under all settings has been tested here at GISMA as the program has pushed me into new environments my body, spirit, and mind have never encountered before. Successfully, I progressed through the hard nature of the course, including living outside of my native city of San Diego for the first time. I can only attribute this passion and desire of achievement which has been instilled in me from my parents and very close friends. My parents pounded repeatedly into my sister and me the importance of working hard in life and the rewards one experiences, and through my progress in life I cannot thank them enough for the opportunities they have provided me with. I see in their eyes their proud nature of watching their children grow into successful human beings, and one day wish to experience their joy. I have managed to their graces the ability to play football in now 8 countries and will continue to increase this number as a goal I have set for myself. A good friend of mine said surround yourself around those who you want to be like, those who carry the same goals and desires you have, and you will achieve your goals much further than you ever anticipated. I mention this because being at GISMA and surrounded by all the creative minds has pushed me in achieving my goals to an extent I never dreamt of, and so for this I thank each and every one of the students and faculty members. 130

Nationality: American Birthday: March 27 Likes: Beaches Dislikes: Bad weather Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will be: doing whatever I want

Kim Kim Hoang Hoang

“Do you have food? Cause I have some if you need it”, “Ok, here’s the plan…”, “We have a surprise bday to organize!”, “The weather in California is SO much better” and OF COURSE, “Pictureeee..!” are phrases you hear from Kim more often than normal… Always planning something, from helping with the soccer tournament to organizing this entire yearbook; caring for anyone who needed something, from food (she saved me and many others from starvation many times) to the perfect birthday present; fixing all kinds of stuff, from bikes to computers; always finding (or trying to find) the MOST EFFICIENT WAY of doing something, from the fastest way to go to school to the best way of organizing her pictures, she’s just the best friend I could’ve asked for to tackle this amazing year here at GISMA. Extremely energetic and professional multi-tasker, excellent cook and event planner, professional-photographer-to-be, with a sharp sense of smell (and capability to also “sense things”), endless source of gum, complete germ-freak, always prepared for anything, all-kinds-of-sports-lover, claims to be shy but I’m pretty sure she just doesn’t know what that word means… Always with a big smile, strong opinions (it’s either black or white), super friendly and caring, but always ready to kick some booty in soccer, badminton, ping-pong (you name it, she kicks ass)… Kim is all this and so much more, and that makes her one-of-a- kind… More than anything, she’s an incredible friend and support, in good times and bad. We’ve shared so much this year from the very beginning. I think we’ve actually spent 90% of the time together… I won’t ever forget our (pretend) Quant & Accounting study sessions ‘till midnight at GISMA surrounded by to-go food, chips, erdnuss, and candy, gym sessions with specific goals in mind, walks to Edeka and coming back with bags filled with more stuff that we can carry, making us complain the entire way home, but then doing it again week after week. Bike rides, road trips, ski-trips (ok, snowboarding), “How-to-use-chopsticks” lessons, many dumpling-making sessions, and sooo much more. ThienKim, you are more than a friend… you know you are my (Vietnamese/Chinese/Californian) sister… Thank you for everything you’ve taught me without even knowing it, for everything you’ve shared with me, for a true friendship that will be with me always… I will miss you, punk! But I’ll definitely come to California to determine how perfect the weather really is… So just wait for me! - Carina

“The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift” This year was definately a rollercoaster ride that was a ride of a lifetime. I’ve made lifelong friends across the globe in which I will make a definite point to visit after GISMA. Even through the ups and downs, I never regretted my decision in coming here because of the wonderful people. Thanks to my family for supporting me in all my crazy life choices. To my Paraguayan Pinkie, Chinese Sunflower, Turkish Sweethearts, Mexican Mafia Leader, Indian Operations Genius, and American Gym Buddy, I hope you know how special you are to me and that you have definately impacted my life. To everyone else, thank you for making this experience truly amazing! Tschuss!!! 131

Nationality: American Birthday: August 9 Likes: Early mornings Dislikes: Stats Favorite Professor: Bob Eskew In 10 years, I will be: having fun

Wesley Wesley Kading Kading

Kali: “When I first met Wes, we didn’t get along at all. GISMA assigned us to the same team for Module 1, and right from the beginning, our personalities and backgrounds clashed. Despite the fact that we seemingly had nothing in common and we bickered constantly (he was like the annoying little brother I never had), we ended up working together through four modules. And somewhere along the way, a funny thing happened: somehow we managed to find common ground, developed a mutual respect for each other, and ended up becoming friends.” Malina: “The first thing I noticed about him was his pretty blue eyes. I wondered who this guy was, and did he really think so much of himself? I will always remember him explaining certain aspects of his personality with his ethnic background: ‘I’m emotional because I’m Italian, I’m strong because I’m Russian.’ He’s speaking German, Rumanian, Chinese – he’s really interested in different cultures.” As the year progressed, we began to see beyond who we thought Wes was – a cocky young guy who knew it all – and got to know the real person: the guy who writes songs and isn’t afraid to act silly, the guy who needs a hug sometimes, the guy who seems not to care but whose feelings get hurt just like everyone else’s. The guy who during our consulting project earned the trust and respect of the owner of the business – a successful entrepreneur at least 30 years his senior and patiently walked him through a new sales process. Because if Wes is anything, he’s a born salesperson. He represents both what the world loves most about America and what it loves to hate. When you have a strong personality like his, not everybody ‘gets’ you. But that’s ok, because the people who end up coming into your life and staying there are the ones who do. When you went to Purdue for the last module, GISMA just didn’t seem the same without you. Something was missing. Something more than the nasty smell of the peanut butter and hardboiled eggs you were always eating in class, or the sight of you sleeping during a lecture, or hearing you talk about working out for 4 hours every day (your love of the gym is legendary). What was missing was your energy, your curiosity, your presence, your unique ‘Wes-ness.’ Maybe not everyone understood you, but you can be sure that nobody from the Class of 2009 will ever forget you.

While at GISMA I learned three important lessons. First, the LION is within. Second, we are all leaders and we are all leading all of the time. And third, you can do anything as long as you believe.

“Ad Maior” 132

Nationality: American Birthday: August 11 Likes: American sports Dislikes: Working past 18:00 Favorite Professor: Michael Hoeck In 10 years, I will be: no longer an MBA without experience

Matthew Kesti

Growing up in Sacramento, California I worked as a shift manager at a classic hamburger restaurant during high school. In exchange for the promise of education benefits and a substantial signing bonus I enlisted in the U.S. Army. After basic training I was sent to Schweinfurt, Germany where I quickly deployed as part of a peacekeeping force destined for Kosovo. Six months later I returned to Bayern where I met Marzena Kocurek of Nurnberg. We married in the summer of 2003 and prepared to relocate to the United States, but the Iraq War intervened. Under “stop-loss” orders I entered Iraq in March 2004 to conduct route clearance patrols, convoy security missions, raids, and quick reaction force duties. Despite several instances of enemy engagement my platoon was lucky to have suffered no casualties. During my deployment I had applied to and been accepted by California State University, Sacramento. My moved to my hometown and for three hot, traffic-filled, and expensive years I studied International Relations. Mariusz was born after the second year and Marzena and I began to realize that it wasn’t Germany we had wanted to leave, but rather only the Army. We decided we’d like to relocate between continents every 3-5 years. Having done quite well on the GMAT, I was accepted to GISMA despite having never acquired any professional experience whatsoever. I knew that lacking German language skills, professional experience, or a prior business related education I would have to work extra hard in order to achieve our objective of remaining in Germany. Those of you who have worked with me know that I was a demanding and often stubborn teammate. Juggling my desire to achieve outstanding grades, the intensive workload, and an all too frequently neglected family, I often sacrificed personal relationships in exchange for immediate academic results. Those I did not work with I hardly knew. We may have had the occasional conversation in class, but I never took the time to socialize. Marzena and I tried a few times to bring Mariusz to class functions, but he was always intimidated by the crowd at grew impatient to leave. After a while we recognized that such activity was futile and stopped attending. I suppose I could have come around by myself every now and then, but with a neglected wife and child at home, it was hardly an option. Part of me wished I had lived in the student housing and had gotten to know each of you on a deeper level. Yet I recognized early on that given my age, goals, and responsibilities I could not relate to the lifestyle that so many of you led. Naturally that resulted in a certain distance and hesitancy to associate. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked with each of you and hope that you can understand where my priorities laid. It was a year that I doubt I’ll ever forget and I wish you all great success. 133

Nationality: American Birthday: November 3 Likes: Scarves Dislikes: Peas Favorite Professor: Nicolas Kfuri In 10 years, I will be: like Angelina Jolie in a power suit and matching pumps.

Robin Robin Mangaser Mangaser

Although I can only boast of a few months’ memories at GISMA, I can only look fondly back at them. Amidst the hard work, the class was the most interesting and diverse group of characters I’ve ever had the honor of working with. My freshest memory is the most recent of them all-- the days that followed the discovery of my tumor that would bring me back home to the states for surgery and chemotherapy. Being in a foreign country away from my family, the news was that much harder to take. Though, I was blessed to have made some great relationships to get me through the transition. Sube bounced around between doctors with me as the news became apparent that I would be having a major life change. Within 48 hours I would be on a plane home, but not before a few of the Podbi residents (plus Jessi) came to help me pack up my room (and take my groceries off my hands). Sharing a bottle of wine, we watched Russell Peters’ comedy standup and shared a few laughs, and for a few moments I was able to forget why I was packing. I’ve kept up with the class’ happenings, jealously stalking all your posted pictures online and partying with you in spirit. Congratulations, everyone!

The first day of orientation, as I was getting ready to go to school, a pretty girl approached me and that’s how I found my neighbor, one of the strongest and coolest girls I have met. The time we’ve been together, I learned about her love for dancing, learning Spanish. I know I missed out on the hip hop dancer that I would have become hanging out with her. We created a “nerds” corner busy checking the important sites during school and break. Lucky to have met this wonderful girl with amazing perseverance and joy in life! In her own subtle way she will achieve anything she wants in life.. - Sube Getting to know Robin is something I’m really thankful for although it was only for a short time. There are many things that I will always appreciate. I’m glad I got to work with her in a team and hang out with her in our free time. Dedicated worker (who would wax her legs in order to stay awake to study for an accounting exam!), funny as hell, excellent sushi maker, weird addiction to toe pictures, with the biggest collection of scarves I have ever seen. And sooo stylish! Wish you could have stayed for the whole year, girl, you were always in our hearts and thoughts and so proud that you kicked some sickness’s a**! We know you can achieve anything you want and we can’t wait to see you get it done :) - Jessi Ms. Mangaser can be described as one of the most funny, relaxed and friendly people I’ve ever met, a “Típica” Filipina!! She helped me have a really smooth transition during the first months showing me how to cook easy, yet nutritious, dinners. I enjoyed all those non-sense conversations we had like the “Darkies” thing, especially when she used her Spanish blended with Filipino/English. She was also the president of the Nerdy Corner Gang, job which she performed to perfection. Robin I’m so happy that everything went as expected, I’m impressed by your strength and optimism, definitely something to admire.. - Eugenio 134

Nationality: American Birthday: August 12 Likes: Cars Dislikes: German store hours Favorite Professor: Joe Nellis In 10 years, I will have: my own business

Adam Olsh Perhaps the only student unaffected by the recession, Adam Olsh came to GISMA as a professional online poker player with a pocket full of winnings. Although he resided in the slums of Podbi 390, his living conditions were quite different from the rest of us. Decorated with a wide assortment of the latest electronics & gadgets, Adam took pride in and rarely left the comforts of his home. Always looking for ways to get things done with minimal effort, Adam further secured his contained lifestyle by hiring a personal assistant to manage the chores of his kingdom. Repeatedly seen sanitizing his hands with tiny bottles of Purell, there’s no one you’d feel more safe shaking hands with. Eagerly eavesdropping on random conversations, Adam would patiently wait for facts to challenge that would give him the opportunity to pull out his fancy iPhone and search Wikipedia for the true answer. The truth is, however, that Adam himself is a minor version of Wikipedia. Acquired from an acute mind and his diligent online media readings, Adam has a gift of storing a wide assortment of knowledge. Whether it’d be a progressive career with online gambling, or a PhD in genetics, Adam will sure carve a successful path for himself. - Rene

“Ambitious, but rubbish.”- Jeremy Clarkson Thank you to all of my team members, and everyone who facilitated my learning experience at GISMA. Special thanks to my good friends Andreea, Rene and Goran. 135

Nationality: American Birthday: February 11 Likes: Constructive criticism Dislikes: Productive procrastination Favorite Professor: Huseyin Gulen In 10 years, I will be: a CFO

Stephen Petty Stephen Petty For my best friend, Steve When people keep asking my number 1 ranking for man in GISMA, I always say “definitely, Steve!!” without any hesitation. It’s Steve. He is a gentleman, humorous, Intelligent, mature, humble, and…..I cannot list all the good things you have. I know you don’t like to show off although you really can. Steve is destined to be a leader... He always encourages me and gives me lots of motivation when I lack confidence in myself. “Sandy, you really did a good job!” Steve and I worked in the same team for more than 4 months. Every time that different opinions or arguments arose in our team, he would be the one to take responsibility and conciliate. Working with Steve is fun, easy, and also a learning experience. How lucky was I to work on the same team with you!! Steve is destined to be my best friend… He always listens patiently when others are talking, especially to me, a foreign friend. He always gives me lots of help when I need it. He tried his best to help me repair my broken bike although he had a presentation on the next day. He invited me to his wedding, to attend the biggest event in his life. Steve, how can I forget you after we graduate? So, Steve I know you already have a best Taiwanese friend in the US. May I still be your best Taiwanese “female” friend in the world? Haha…..Just kidding! I know I already am, right? Yours, - Sandy Lin (Chia-Ling Lin)

“He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees” My time at GISMA was almost exactly what I estimated at the outset. It provided me the academic credential I expected but was a much more hectic, challenging, exciting, and fulfilling experience than I originally anticipated. I couldn’t have asked for a more comprehensive and culturally diverse MBA experience. The quality of my classmates made my experience even more enjoyable. Whether it was almost indecipherable, long, drawn out, circular reference, pointless questions or redundant and irrelevant stories about past employers, we all endured, laughed with, and learned from one another throughout the program. In hindsight, I wouldn’t change anything because, after we’re all finished with the program, we will remember peccadilloes not perfection. Thanks for all the unforgettable memories, affable laughs, and great stories. “The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection. Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.” Ben Okri 136

- Benjamin Franklin

Nationality: American Birthday: Everyday! Likes: Dj-ing Dislikes: Political Injustice Favorite Professor: Bob Eskew In 10 years, I will be: following through with my dream of being a professor

Ricardo Suarez

Ricardo Suarez was born in Caracas, Venezuela and lived in the US since he was 8 years old. He is passionate about music and enjoys making his own creations…Hope you continue with this hobbie and share some of your DJ abilities with us again. Since he arrived at Gisma Ricardo demonstrated his friendly personality offering support to all gisma students. He is a very good listener and an easy going person. He likes travelling and he is a very good tourist guide!!! =) I have no doubt he will be very successful in his new challenges because he is a very organized and determined person. He is very patient and above all a very good friend. Please keep in touch!!!! - Ivonne During my brief time at GISMA, my passion for education was reignited. I think that teamwork was what I will draw out the most of the GISMA program. With overwhelming tasks to accomplish, somehow through group work we made it through each project. “Teamwork makes for dreamwork.” Exposed to a diverse set of fellow students, GISMA provided the springboard from which I decided to apply to PhD programs in Political Science. I finally chose UC Davis, and I look forward to reaching my long-time goal of becoming a university professor. I thank GISMA for the re-awakening of my interest in academia and at the time of my departure, the profound support my fellow students showed me.

Ricardo was the 3rd or 4th (I met Ivonne and Ricardo at the same time!) person I meant from GISMA when I first arrived. One of the most distinctive things that first caught my attention about him was his contagious laugh. You couldn’t help but to start chuckling. For the short time he was here, he was one of the most patient, kind, and well travelled person I got to know. He had a knack for languages as he was learning German and Chinese at the same time! Also, he must have been the only GISMA student to have two laptops, one for his mad DJing skills and the other for school work. What was special about the DJing laptop is that he would never connect it to the internet for fear that hackers might steal his awesome mixes. I don’t blame him cause his work is truly booty-shaking and available for sale! I think it took a lot of strength and courage for Ricardo to make the decision to leave GISMA. I’m glad he finally found (or reignited) his passion for education and is pursuing it whole-heartedly. Those close to him know that this new road fits his personality perfectly. I’m also glad that it’s at UCD… in California baby! It’s only 2 hours from me so I’m sure I’ll be seeing him soon. - Kim 137

Nationality: American Birthday: May 2 Likes: Carrot Cake Dislikes: Hannover weather Favorite Professor: Most In 10 years, I will be: Ooohhh, let’s not go there!

Kali Webb

One could argue that our beloved Kali is the bravest among us all: she left behind her cosmopolitan lifestyle for a consolidated year of agonizingly math-based schoolwork and nightmares of Shadow IT people. Thank goodness that our tattooed punk rock chick with “Christmas hair” leapt into the tumultuous waters of higher education to share her sage wisdom and real-life perspectives. Though Kali attended GISMA for her own academic fortitude, she educated us in the spiritual sense – through her warmth, perspective, and honesty. A delightful juxtaposition of opposites, Kali uses her self-confident, edgy, and vivacious exterior to offset her compassionate, sympathetic, and trustworthy core. Her accessibility is unmatched – Kali is the person that anyone, of any age or nationality, can approach comfortably for unbiased advice. Her non-judgmental “been there, done that” attitude buoyed our spirits during times of distress. She also enhanced our lives with various other endearing and unique attributes: her fashion sense, witty humor, fear of numbers, and willingness to try anything – including futbol – once. Also, who can forget her horse head shirt, distinctive cackle, celebrated dance moves, her surprised face during the announcement of her Dean’s List Honor, or the anticipation of her famous carrot cake? Just don’t ask her to read a map. . . Thank you, Kali, for all that you have given to us. xoxo - Sarah

“I’ve got TATTOOS older than some of you people!” It was the longest year, it was the shortest year. When I look at the calendar, I’m amazed that we managed to cram so much into these 11 months, and that it seemed to go by so fast. Yet last August seems so long ago, almost like another lifetime. People on the ‘outside’ thought we were insane for trying to do so much in such a short time, and I questioned my own sanity many times. Who did I think I was, going back to school at my age in a foreign country where I don’t even speak the language? It’s a long way from New York City to Hannover; an even longer way from my previous life to this. I’d like to say I always met the challenge admirably, with an unwavering strength of character, but that would be a complete lie. The end of module 3 found me in my shower crying for an hour. But then the water turned cold and I got out because I had to; we still had 2 modules left! It helped knowing that at some point during these 11 months, many of us went through the same thing. It helped having friends and dinners and events and nights out that lasted into the next morning. And somehow we all survived. For the rest of my days here on this planet, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, whenever I hear the Green Day song, ‘Time of Your Life,’ I will think of this place called GISMA and the people I met here – the crazy, wonderful, funny, insane, amazingly diverse class of 2009 – and the longest/shortest year of my life. 138

Nationality: American Birthday: March 10 Likes: Piers Dislikes: Disorganization Favorite Professor: too difficult to choose... In 10 years, I will be: on a boat

Sarah Williams

“Vamos a la playa..!” There’s so much more to you than meets the eye. Beneath that cute perky exterior lies a sharp, witty and occasionally sarcastic mind, a fiercely independent spirit and a sense of optimism and positivity that is absolutely contagious. You never let yourself get bogged down in the negative, no matter how bad the situation seems, and you elevate everyone around you as well. You don’t really even have to say anything, your presence is enough. You always see how things could be, how they should be, in your mind how they will be. You reach out to people through small gestures – an offer of gummi bears, a clip on YouTube – and they are drawn in. How could they not be? I will always remember those late-night talks in my room, you sitting on my dirty carpet, drinking wine and laughing until we cried. And the cute ER doctor who joked with us and probably still remembers those crazy American girls. You and I writing papers together, tweaking them to death until we finally had to agree that it was good enough and that nobody was going to make any more corrections! You accidentally pouring sugar on your French fries in Leipzig (“That’s not salt?”), and making the whole restaurant full of us laugh in unison. Because that’s the wonderful gift that you have – unifying people who might not get to know each other otherwise. You took someone who was so different from everyone else, who was sure she would never fit in and would spend the next year alone and struggling, and made sure that she belonged. When I came to GISMA, I really hoped I’d be able to make a friend. One true, real friend. Well, that friend turned out to be you. And I just want to say thanks. -Kali


Nationality: American Birthday: November 2, 1982 Likes: Chocolate Dislikes: Carbonated Beverages Favorite Professor: Darren Meister In 10 years, I will be: looking for something new to do

Marcia Ziemer

Often sporting a crisp shirt or a cuddly purple pullover, Marcia lights up everyone’s mood with her warm personality. A native of Des Moines, Iowa, but not off a farm, Marcia displays a peculiar mix of saying what she means, being soft spoken, and never losing her calm. She brings musical background, having played the piano, clarinet and hand-bells. She’s also directed a church hand-bell choir, which we all could imagine was a perfect role for the ever-so-encouraging Marcia. As one might guess, Marcia likes to tackle challenges, and the GISMA year offered tons of opportunities to try out something new. Marcia worked with most everyone as a teammate, since she intentionally chose to change the composition of her team from module to module. It was important for Marcia to take full advantage of the international student body, and she’s done it very well. Marcia also challenged herself and the Hannover-gloom by riding her way to school every day. She’s a real hail-and-sunshine-bicyclist! During this year, she also visited eight new countries, including Belgium, where she fell in love with the tasty waffles. Speaking of food, Marcia loves to bake, and eat peanut butter, pizza, and sauerkraut, just not together ! After GISMA, we could be sure that Marcia will find more exciting challenges, and continue to touch other people’s lives as the warm leader that she is. - Tomoko

“Never memorize what you can look up in a book” - Albert Einstein What an unbelievable year this has been! I discovered that while I may be able to live without TV or a kitchen full of gadgets, I cannot live without Skippy peanut butter. I found new foods to love, a broader appreciation of different cultures and realized the wonderful usefulness of Skype. I’ve been to 8 new countries and learned enough German to generally survive. But the close-knit community we’ve created has been amazing! The friendships and memories I’ve made will stick with me the rest of my life and I can’t wait to watch how we spread back out over the world and continue our journeys. Thank you to each of you for making this year the unique and wonderful experience it was; I sincerely hope our paths will cross again in the future. Thank you to everyone I had the opportunity to work with; I really appreciated the diversity you each brought to my life. I’d like to thank my family for supporting me throughout my life and especially this year. But most of all, I want to thank my husband for encouraging my dreams and being a part of this experience through all the ups and downs. I couldn’t have done it without you and I wish you all the best for what is to come. 140

The Faculty L

ots have we learned from the great faculty at GISMA. If we can still all remember it is a whole other thing.. Here you can read about what we remember of the professors, as they each have such individual teaching styles and personalities, and what we remember from their classes. We put some quotes in there from some of the students and of course everything is meant with a smile, so to the professors who read it don’t be disappointed :)



What we remember from:

Bad accounting =

The course: “Electric Screwdrivers” “Variances” “A=L+E”

Good accounting =

The professor: “Two words, Tony Soprano” Financial / Managerial Accounting


Kfuri Marketing Management I + II

What we remember from: The course: “Regression does not always work” “Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. The best chocolate promotion” The professor: “Focus!” “Taking his coat off after class starts” “Has a fore hand Nadal dreams off”





What we remember from: The course: “so far so good” “Sure sure sure” “Population consist of all elements of interest” “Hypothesis testing, Decision trees and Stats Tools” The professor: “a highly energetic soft spoken man”

Quantitive Methods I+II



What we remember from: The course: “Hans and Renate” Coconuts and Fish” “Derivative” The professor: “Na” “His very dry humor” “Very smart guy”

Micro economics


What we remember from: The course: “The half monk half warrior approach when working with Indians in the Indian market”


The professor: “one of the best faculty we have at GISMA”

Global Strat / Entrepreneurship

What we remember from:


Lehman Organizational Change 142

The course: “Change your world whatever it takes, Do it!” The professor: “Smiling face” “Needs to practise his table tennis skills”




What we remember from: The course: “The role plays were always quite out of the wordly” The professor: “I will always remember how he showed his positive energy by gesturing upwards”

Managerial Communication



What we remember from: The course: “DCF, depreciation, assets, liabilities” The professor: “very nice professor that joined some of our parties”

Finance I


Kearney Consultancy Supervisor

What we remember from: The course: “He will teach OB next year, but he was a very helpful advisor for the Talanx consultancy project” The professor: “quite, observative, at first glance, but sharp as a knife when needed”

What we remember from:



The course: “Hedge funds and Options” The professor: “Very helpfull professor”

Finance II 143


What we remember from:

Remco v/d

The course: “SWOT, VRIO & Five Forces” “His slides were nice and green”


The professor: “His perfect imitation of Anand”

Strategy I


What we remember from: The course: “Agreement will never occur when there is a negative settlement range:”


The professor: “ He laughs at his own jokes, even when nobody is laughing :)”

Dean / Negotiations


Meister Management Information Systems

What we remember from: The course: “Strategy, Structure, Systems” The professor: “likes gadgets” “Even if his subject was boring this professor really made it entertaining and fun even if I don’t like it”

What we remember from:


Fisher Business Law 144

The course: “Never read the contract, just sign it” “Everything depends on the sovereign” The professor: “He looks like actor Richard Dreyfuss” “Strange fetish for overhead projectors and coke zero”




What we remember from: The course: “Instead of solving a case, we had to write one!” The professor: “Has a nice British accent”

International Marketing



What we remember from: The course: WIP = flow rate* flow time The professor: “ Very nice professor with a nice sense of humor”

Operations I


Reuer Strategy II

What we remember from: The course: “Game Theory and Creating Value” The professor: “His willingness to help students, for example he helped students on a consultancy project that he wasn’t advized for”

What we remember from:


The course: “Lots and lots of cases”


The professor: “the smartest professor out there”

Advanced Finance 145




What we remember from: The course: “ Fortunatly not a lot of numbers””Michael Porter is full of himself” The professor: “ great professor with a nice sense of humor”

Strategic Cost Management



What we remember from: The course: “He brought ice-cream to class” “winners of contest got free dinners” “Interesting class” The professor: “He is very flexible” “Very funny guy”




What we remember from: The course: “The Bayern Munchen merger..or was it Bayer Roche?” The professor: “Very experienced in corporate cultures and with a very british accent”

Corporate Culture

What we remember from:


Nellis Macro Economics 146

The course: “One of the most exciting and fun elective” “Something with a chain gun putting in front of the Dutch guy” The professor: :Outgoing and fun, the first professor to let Unnat sing one tone lower”


What we remember from:



The course: “Everybody yelling at each other during the Beer game” The professor: “She and Jen Tang make a nice quant couple”

Operations Management II

What we remember from:



The course: 43,200 seconds of Beta, Covariance, CAPM, CML, CAL, SML, Regression Analysis, and: E(rp), wi = {[E(ri) – rf]σj2 – [E(rj) – rf]cov(rirj)}/{[E(ri) – rf] σj2 + [E(rj) – rf] σi2 – [E(ri) – rf + E(rj) – rf]cov(rirj)}

The professor: “Guesst star appearance at CNBC money”

Portfolio Management

What we remember from:


The course: “Creating future proof factories”

Wiendahl How to design a factory



The professor: “Extremely experienced and always ready to answer our questions”

What we remember from: The course: “CWhere do you rather be than right here right now” The professor: “He likes baseball”

Organizational Behavior 147


What we remember from:


Klaffke Developing Leadership

The course: “Insight on the behaviors and methodologies of successful leaders” The professor: “Interactive and conversed with the students.””Encouraged a lot of class participation”

Project Management

Mitchel Springer

“Mountain Dew of course with ice”

Brand Management

Jim Oakley

“Good branding is targeting the Hip and Hop people”

Merger & Alliances

Charlene Sullivan

“M&A is like getting married, you first date for a while and then you close the deal”


The Administration Anette Tronnier Managing Director

Gundula Grosse Finance Director

Monika Baer Director Admission and Quality assurance

Susanne Klingebiel Press Relation Manager

Dr. Annegret Zurawski Academic Director

Anne-Catherine Fortmann Director Company Services

Karsten Dreier Webmaster

Inga Kwapniewska Secretary



Christof Brandt IT-Manager

Claudia Duval Alumni & Career Services

Katharina Klinge Recruitment Manager

Tina Koller Accountant

Johanna Schรถne Program Manager

Sandra Burba Event / Facility Manager

Juliane Bock Assistant Managing Director

Beatrice Roesler Career Services

Svenja Heinke Recruitment Assistant


The Jelly Beans Editor-in-Chief: Kim Hoang Executive Designers: Kim Hoang, Klaas-Jan Meijer Profile Designers: Carina Rieder, Rizwan Maniar, Ashit Doshi

There are too many to mention, but

THANK YOU to everyone who helped write articles!











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