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Biotechnology. Bioengineering. Pharmaceutical Research. DNA Research. Biochemistry. The medical field is becoming more and more technical - and needs innovative students who can understand emerging technologies and procedures. That’s right— Kettering does pre-med for the real world. Small classes, state-of-the-art facilities, co-op that starts in your first year—it’s no surprise that our pre-med students are the ones medical schools want most.

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The Co-op Experience At Kettering, you can take advantage of the co-op experience. You are given an opportunity to learn both in the classroom and in the real world, which translates into an added value when applying to medical school.

Labs and Equipment Kettering’s state-of-the-art labs includes surgery simulation suites, a cold room for protein isolation and manipulation, human cadavers, and biotechnical equipment for DNA research. In fact, we feel that Pre-Med at Kettering is one of the best programs in the country!

At Kettering, we believe that it’s all about options and increasing your opportunities to be successful. Your engineering, science or business degree can be taken to the next level with our Pre-Med Course of Study. All of our degrees will provide you with the core knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in any field, such as: analytical thought, research skills, time management and communication. Upon graduation you will not only have a degree in an in-demand field, but you will also have the necessary coursework to apply to the medical school of your choice.

Great Faculty Interaction Our program goes beyond coursework. We will help you study for the MCAT, obtain volunteering and shadowing opportunities, and assemble your application portfolio. The individual attention and mentoring that you’ll receive will help you get accepted in the best medical schools in the country.

The Pre-Med Course of Study is just the thing for students who are considering medical school, a job in the growing Biotechnical industry, or continuing their education in graduate school. Pre-Med at Kettering isn’t just coursework. Our program helps students fine meaningful outreach opportunities that make all of the difference when applying to medical schools.

Medicine is increasingly technical More and more, doctors are viewing the human body as a machine, with similar structures and parts. Technology also plays an important role in modern medicine, So it makes sense that students with strong technical backgrounds would have a leg up in medical school.

MEDICAL STUDENTS WHO CAN UNDERSTAND TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES: TWO REASONS WHY IT’S A GOOD THING Reason 1: Making technological decisions that change lives isn’t always black-and-white. You need to be able to think critically, read carefully, and ask hard questions. That’s why Kettering asks you to take courses designed to sharpen your thinking, including business and technical communications.

Reason 2: The human body is a machine, and requires doctors that understand new technologies. Areas such as bioengineering are looking at ways that machinery and biology and biochemistry can mesh to create new solutions to old problems.


THE KETTERING DIFFERENCE: WE GET TO THE GOOD STUFF NOW We know who you are. You’re interested in pre-med because you want to solve problems— ASAP. At other places, you might have to wait two or three years before you get to perform simulated surgery or work with cadavers. Not here.

From the first week, you’ll be learning from our world-class faculty (that’s faculty, not teaching assistants), and testing your skills in our labs. There’s no other place where you’ll get this type of experience so early.

Two of Kettering’s degree programs, Biochemistry and Chemistry, already include the specific courses required for entrance into most medical schools.

1 year of General Chemistry: CHEM-135/136 or CHEM-137/138, CHEM-237/238

If you choose one of our other degree programs, you can obtain the required courses by taking the Biochemistry minor and a year of Biology to obtain the most common Medical School prerequisites which are:

1 year of Biology: BIOL-141/142, BIOL-241/242

1 year of Organic Chemistry: CHEM-345/346, CHEM-347/348

½ year of Biochemistry: CHEM351/352

YOUR CAPSTONE—THE KETTERING THESIS Every Kettering senior writes a thesis. The topic: a specific problem that’s challenging to your co-op employer. Kettering math students have analyzed the pricing of car warranties, researched the way doctors diagnose breathing disorders, figured out new ways for insurance companies to adjust the Consumer Price Index.

Whatever the problem, you’ll do extensive research, and you’ll use the skills and knowledge you’ve gained over three years here. The thesis underscores your indispensability to your co-op employer. It will also represent a significant academic achievement. In fact, the thesis requires precisely the type of complex analysis that you’ll encounter if you go on to grad school in math, engineering, economics, or medicine.

Contact Information Office of Admissions Kettering University 1700 W. University Ave. Flint, MI 48504

My first work assignment gave me the opportunity to design and make a new set of surgical instruments. KARSTEN GAMBLE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING/BIOENGINERING CO-OP AT BIOMET SPORTS MEDICINE

Toll-Free: (800) 955-4464, ext. 7865 Phone: (810) 762-7865 Fax: (810) 762-9807

TAKE THIS JOB AND LOVE IT: THE KETTERING CO-OP PROGRAM There’s simply no substitute for game-time experience. That’s why Kettering gets you into co-op sooner than any other college or university. From as early as your first year, you’ll work as a paid professional for one of our partner companies. (We have more than 700 of them, including some of the biggest, best known, and most respected companies in the world.) By the time you graduate, you’ll have as much as two-and-a-half years of on-the-job experience on your résumé.

That will put you far ahead of graduates from other schools who didn’t start co-oping until their junior year. It’s worth repeating: You’ll be a paid professional, not an unpaid intern. And the money is yours to keep. Some Kettering students have earned as much as $65,000 at their co-ops. By the way, your co-op experience is rewarding to someone else, too: us. We’re constantly reshaping our curriculum and facilities based on what you tell us about your real-world working experiences.

EXAMPLES OF CO-OP EMPLOYERS Beaumont Hospitals Medrad Spectranetics Biomet ATEK Medical Manufacturing Stryker Corp. Orchid Orthopedic Solutions Cardiovascular Systems Inc. Becton Dickinson Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. Symmetry Medical Zimmer Henry Ford Health Systems

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