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Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies courses provide a broad program of study to help you learn more about yourself, your cultural heritage and human societies. By focusing on such essential skills as communication and critical thinking, and on an understanding of ethics, culture, society, and the global economy, we prepare students in all majors for their roles as leaders of their professions and their communities.

Kettering University

Liberal Studies




Career and life are not separate experiences and Kettering University demonstrates this through its curriculum. We do not sideline the non-technical courses by allowing students to “get them out of the way” early. Kettering’s Liberal Studies program is designed specifically for Kettering’s unique professional program.

Students must take eight liberal studies courses (32 credits). Four are broad, introductory courses and are taken in the first two years of college. These courses cover communication, economics, humanities, and social sciences.

Kettering is best known for our outstanding professional programs providing deep understanding of specialized fields. This outstanding education includes broad exposure to other fields as well. A broad education enriches personal lives and provides a foundation for socially responsible citizenship. Department of Liberal Studies faculty members are dedicated to providing this broad education. Kettering’s Liberal Studies courses emphasize critical thinking, effective communication and the examination of ethical issues. They help students to sharpen their abilities to reason well and to act effectively and responsibly. Our

The remaining four courses are taken in the junior or senior years. Students take a communication class designed to develop advanced professional and technical communication skills. They choose an upper division humanities elective and an upper division social science elective.

program is not merely a collection of courses; it is structured to allow each course to build on preceding ones and for students to study the humanities and social sciences throughout their years here. These courses remind students of the legitimacy of criticism, the usefulness of the scientific method in identifying organizational problems and solutions, the lessons in character and morality from literature, and more. For more information, please contact the Department of Liberal Studies at 800-955-4464 ext. 7827 or visit

Finally, students take “Senior Seminar: Leadership, Ethics and Contemporary Issues.” This highly demanding course requires the skills developed through the rigorous reading, discussion, and writing assignments of prior courses. It promotes understanding of ethical issues in a contemporary setting, current ethical issues in corporate leadership, and the social contexts of leadership and ethical problems.

Liberal Studies at Kettering University  

Flyer describing the Liberal Studies minor at Kettering University.

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