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Kettering University annual report

Financial Activities and Fund Raising Eorts Year Ending June 30, 2008

FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION FINANCIAL REPORT By Susan Bolt Vice President for Administration and Finance




Cash and cash equivalents Investments Restricted cash Investments held in trust Accounts receivable – Net Promises to give – Net Contribution receivable-Under splitinterest agreement Land, buildings, and equipment-Net of accumulated depreciation Prepaid expenses and other assets


Total Assets


11,187,752 $ 65,008,182 1,836,975 3,776,201 3,468,132 1,530,645

9,550,661 69,398,374 1,836,975 4,174,759 2,729,566 27,149



76,961,009 1,391,108

79,603,956 1,556,196



LIABILITIES Accounts payable Accrued expenses Deferred income Annuity liability Notes and land contracts payable Bonds payable Asset retirement obligation


2,983,655 $ 1,196,469 1,564,049 403,512 519,319 25,434,854 830,022

2,852,762 902,902 1,664,133 387,786 610,028 25,956,107 776,663



Undesignated, academic, and other programs Plant Designated -Quasi-endowment Total unrestricted

14,058,952 54,823,623 20,725,711 89,608,286

10,405,116 57,193,240 29,782,112 97,380,468

Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

3,613,709 39,390,051

2,754,937 36,190,928





Total Liabilities

NET ASSETS Unrestricted:

Total Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets

“Thank you for the Ralph K. and Sharon M. Hillquist Endowed Scholarship. Your scholarship could not have come at a better time. I was very worried about finances for this coming term and spent many hours looking for monetary solutions. When I heard that I received this scholarship I called my mother right away and she said, ‘someone must be looking out for you, Erika.’ Again, thank you.” ~ Erika Perkola





55,868,467 $ (13,417,105) (855,668) 41,595,694

56,139,467 (12,223,037) (811,465) 43,104,965

1,190697 1,692,216 2,980,322 4,712,064 9,906 (8,855,007) 3,146,604 (183,024) (9,270) 604,891 2,149,236 49,034,329

1,308,028 1,631,377 1,982,945 4,121,845 57,316 7,596,610 3,073,779 (189,360) (13,564) 532,469 658,609 63,865,019

21,586,447 5,166,235 5,384,209 5,777,559 13,257,244 2,499,207 53,670,901 3,135,610

23,083,089 2,919,273 5,627,706 6,764,075 13,342,995 2,570,880 54,308,018 2,933,924

Total Expenses



(Decrease)/Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets



3,008,008 (2,149,236) 858,772

1,215,749 (658,609) 557,140

3,199,123 (3,714,287) 136,326,333

748,222 7,928,439 128,397,894

Tuition and fees Scholarship allowance Special programs allowance Tuition and Fees - Net of allowances Contributions Grants and contracts Corporate professional development and research Investment income Net realized gain (loss) on investments and cash equivalents Net unrealized gain on investments and cash equivalents Auxiliary service Resident advisor allowance Room scholarship allowance Other income Net assets released from restrictions Total Revenue and Gains


EXPENSES Education and general: Instruction Research Academic support Student services Institutional services Scholarships Total Education and general Auxilary Services

Changes in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Contributions Net assets released from restrictions Increase (Decrease) in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Increase in Permanently Restricted Net Assets – Contributions (Decrease)/Increase in Net Assets Net Assets – Beginning of year

Net Assets – End of year

$132,612,046 $136,326,333


CASH FLOW FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES (Decrease)Increase in net assets Adjustments to reconcile (decrease)increase in net assets to net cash from operating activities: Restricted investment trust activity Depreciation and accretion expense Loss on disposal of assets Contributions permanently restricted and for purchases of fixed assets Gain (loss) on sale of investments Unrealized loss (gain) on investments Cumulative effect of change in method of accounting for asset retirement obligations of long-lived assets

2008 $


(3,714,287) $


200,775 4,455,242 160,659 (2,268,409) (9,906) 8,855,007

197,698 5,120,724 203,328 (829,917) (57,316) (7,596,610)



(738,566) (1,503,496) 215,156 165,088 130,893 293,567 (100,084) 15,726 6,157,365

(809,757) 67,518 (51,791) 97,582 132,009 (10,359) (323,770) 31,740 4,753,822

(1,919,595) 1,415,138 (5,471,489) (5,975,946)

(3,020,319) 2,559,539 (3,376,876) (3,837,656)

2,268,409 (200,775) (521,253) (90,709) 1,455,672

829,917 (197,698) (506,253) 33,600 159,566

Net Increase in Cash and Cash Equivalents Cash and Cash Equivalents-Beginning of year Cash and Cash Equivalents-End of year

1,637,091 9,550,661 $11,187,752

1,075,732 8,474,929 $9,550,661

Supplemental Cash Flow Information-Cash paid for interest



Changes in operating assets and liabilities: Accounts receivable Promises to give Contribution receivable Prepaid expenses and other assets Accounts payable Accrued expenses Deferred income Annuity liability Net cash provided by operating activities Cash Flows from Investing Activities Purchases of fixed assets Proceeds from sales and maturities of investments- Net Purchase of investments Net cash used in investing activities Cash Flows from Financing Activities Proceeds from contributions permanently restricted and for purchases of fixed assets Restricted investment trust activity Payments on bonds payable and bond premium Payment on notes and land contract payable Net Cash provided by financing activities


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GIFTS BY INDIVIDUALS $10 million $8 million $6 million $4 million $2 million $0 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

ENDOWMENT MARKET VALUES Fiscal Years ending June 30 $70 million


$50 million

$16 million

$40 million

$12 million

$30 million

$8 million

$20 million

$4 million

$10 million

$0 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

$60 million

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Endowment Plant

Restricted Current Unrestricted Current

UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT cooperative partners, it has added Bio-Engineering, Aerospace, Pre-Med and Pre-Law minors, a Chemical Engineering major, and a bachelor of science in Business Administration (BSBA). During the past year, exciting happenings and changes have been taking place on campus. Kettering hosted the King of Sweden to collaborate on a biogas fuel project to convert waste to fuel; began the process to change from the WAG to 4.0 GPA system; broke ground to build the new science and technology incubator; joined with the local community to celebrate General Motors’ 100th Birthday; crafted a new mission and vision statement for the University; recruited and enrolled students from China; and is more collaborative in the local community and region than it has been in years.

INVESTMENT By Dennis Washington Vice President, University Advancement In the recent presidential election, change was the key buzz word. Change was discussed in reference to the economy, the withdrawal of troops in Iraq and given the chasm of uncertainty in the United States, it was the mantra for bold, strategic and effective leadership. At the same time, we face a major global economic crisis with financial markets in turmoil. In the United States, home foreclosures are at record levels. Layoffs, business closures and bankruptcies are occurring with alarming frequencies. With wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, violence is a constant companion. Perhaps Charles Dickens was correct in his assessment that “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” With these things in mind, there has never been a more critical period to donate to Kettering University. For the first time in approximately four years, Kettering University has increased its incoming freshman class by fourteen percent. As Kettering remains committed to looking towards the future and the needs of its

Charles Kettering once said that “the world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” Kettering University is in a strong position to serve as the premier institution of higher learning in training tomorrow’s leaders today, because it has been willing to look to the future and make the changes necessary to improve in all areas. To continue this progress, the institution asks all of its alumni, friends and corporate partners to begin or continue to support the institution through donations, recruitment efforts, serving as co-op employers and volunteering in various capacities. Given the challenges in the economy, we need all of our alumni, friends and corporate donors to continue their support. A donation or investment in Kettering University provides short-term and long-term return on investment. In the short term, one receives a tax deduction and a feeling that you are helping educate the future leaders of the world. In the long term, our alumni are more likely to rise to executive levels and have a greater impact on their organizations philanthropic decisions. We issue a call for all alumni and friends to give to Kettering because progress is what we seek. Answering our call to support is what will make this change possible.

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS THE HERITAGE CIRCLE Kettering University established the Heritage Circle in 1995 to honor alumni and friends who have arranged deferred gifts to the University through a will, trust, gift annuity, IRA, retirement plan, pooled income fund or insurance policy during their lives or through their estates. Marjorie and Donald Adcock ’49 Bette and Harold Andersen ’40 Marcus B. Andrews ’36 Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ansted Joseph A. Antku Jr. ’75 Raymond Baber Jr. ’50 Jonnie M. and Andrew C. Bailey ’43 Lillian A. and Richard C. Balmer ’36 John M. Barclay Jr. ’50 Col. S.J. Barefoot ’38 Oda Mae and Conrad F. Bennett ’47 David E. Bennett ’71 Donald C. and Mary Ann Beran Lynda and Joe Bianco ’58 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Biske ’67 Elizabeth and Walter D. Bodary ’47 Mr. Lawrence H. Boyd ’45 Ronald K. Boyer ’59 Joyce and Nick Bozich ’67 Richard J. Bremer ’72 Caroline and Richard “Buzz” Brescoll ’64 Barbara L. and Rodney D. Briggs James A. Brisko ’66 Nancy and Bill Brockman ’56 Michael Burt ’73 Mr. and Mrs. Dwight D. Carlson ’67 Beth and Art Carr ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Chema ’61 James H. Childress ’65 William K. Clupper ’68 Jeanne and Loris Conrad ’40 Paul F. Conte ’48 Louis A. Corsiglia ’55 Kay and Gary Cowger ’70 Jonathan R. Crane ‘72 Nellie and Ralph Cross ’30 Morris V. Dadd ’50 Michael W. Davis’69 Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Dietz ’65 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Donohoe ‘53 Darlene M. and Alfred M. Downum ’49

Col. John A. Faiola, U.S.A. Ret. Mary Louise and Glen R. Fitzgerald ’38 Patricia E. Forshee Robert W. Foster ’56 Mr. and Mrs. George S. Freeman ’49 Francis R. Frost ’32 Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Garwood ’69 Gayle C. and Lloyd E. Gomez ’54 Marc and Tonya D. Goodier ’80 ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Grant ’44 Dolores and Don Griffin ’56 Patricia Groeneveld ’80 Winifred K. and Harry D. Hall ’42 Janet D. and Kenneth W. Hall ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Hanna ’77 Dr. and Mrs. Edward N. Harris Jean Higgins Ralph K. ’59 and Sharon Hillquist Donald A. Hines ‘29 Darlene V. Novak and David J. Hogan ‘74 Regina and David S. Hoyte ’71 William K. ’66 and Rita Jackson Dawn and Robert L. Janda ’58 James C. Jewell ’72 Gary D. Johnson ’67 James E. ’48 and Edna Johnson Stephen G. Johnson ‘69 Mr. and Mrs. Russell Jorgenson ’49 Robert P. Kilian ’40 Dale ’68 and Elizabeth Kluska Charles and Virginia Knutson James B. ’84 and Lenore W. Kolhoff ’84 Sandra and Eugene Kratt ‘57 Gilbert ’44 and Marie Lahr David A. ’65 and Deloryes C. Langdon Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Lange ‘44 Roger E. Lachele ’75 James D. Lesch ’68 Richard ’57 and Eunice Light Jack ’59 and Faye Lutz Mr. Kai “Ray” Fai Lum ’78

E. Roland Maki ’60 F. Jane and Mitchell M. Marchi ’61 Ferne and John Marek Mr. and Mrs. Walter Marr III Robert W. Martin ’57 Thomas O. Mathues ‘44 Dr. Hans A. ’38 and Gertrude Matthias Gerald W. McArthur ’53 Dr. and Mrs. F. James McDonald ’44 Dr. and Mrs. Warren J. McEleney ’44 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen McEwen ’54 Liliane J. and Richard F. McGill ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. McKinley Leonard A. and Zelpha E. McKinnon Rev. Georgeann and Joseph Medved ’69 Joseph P. Miles ’48 James L. Miller ’55 Doris and Frank Mitchell ’37 Bonnie J. Moore Jane and Sam Moore ’30 Gary T. Moore ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Moore II Phillip R. Motz ‘69 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Murphy ’80 Ron Nichols ’60 Robert ’30 and Florence Nulty Bert T. Olson ’38 William E. Oram ’54 Patricia and Armen Oumedian ’49 Robert E. Parrett ’37 Ms. Carol A. Patterson Fallis J.D. Charles E. and LaRue Pemberton Sandy and Ernie Platfoot ’50 Charles W. Postlewate ’64 Barbara and Ralph Rays ’50 Barbara and Carl E. Rehm ’56 Robert ’60 and Claire Reiss Judy and Warren Rider ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Riopelle ’37 Margaret and Edward Rofe ’41 Carol S. & Walter M. Rosebrough Jr. ’77

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Cinda and Ronald L. Roudebush ’70 Edwin F. Ruessman ’42 Wilmer G. Sable ’48 Charles L. Sargent ‘59 Fred ’70 and Rebecca Schaafsma Nancy and Elmer J. Scheutzow ‘49 Walter E. Schilling ’67 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson R. Sharp ’66 Jeanne and Jesse Skimin ’40 Joseph D. Smith ‘77 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Smith ’62 Robert N. ’49 and Beth Smith Robert W. Smith ’37 David F. Snyder ’50 Virginia M. and Robert E. Spencer Dan ’64 and Beth Stainforth Jack D. Steele ‘70 Karl ’69 and Diane Steinmann John E. Storer Jr. ’32 Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Story ’55 James A. Stumph ’59 Marian and Dr. Richard L. Terrell Robert M. Tuck ’44 Clayton L. ’47 and Margaret Turner Mr. and Mrs. Ernest O. Vahala ’54 WHMJ van der Horst ‘59 Mary and Richard Veazey ’48 Hal Q. Verrell ‘76 Mrs. Jana M. Wacker Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Walker ’54 Charles ’56 and Susan Wallace Jack ’42 and Maxine Walter Richard Warmbold Robert P. ’61 and Sally S. Werenski Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Willis ’39 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wilson Jr. ’49 Elaine M. and W. Patrick Winton ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Wisner Brenda M. and Danny D.Wombold ’74 Harold Wright ’43 Anne Zaragoza ’74

HERITAGE CIRCLE DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORS Jack Stock Executive Director of Individual Giving Sue Weiss Director of Gift and Estate Planing

THE PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL Established in 1983, The President’s Council, named in honor of the presidents who have led the University, recognizes individuals who have given or pledged $10,000 or more to Kettering University.

Stanley R. Liberty Level

William B. Cottingham Level

Gifts that exceed $3 million

Gifts that exceed $100,000

Robert C. Kagle ‘78 Dr. Virginia W. Kettering Dr. & Mrs. Dane A. Miller ‘69

Suzanne & Raymond Baber Jr. ‘50 Oda Mae & Conrad Bennett ’47 Ronald K. Boyer ’59 Barbara L. & Rodney D. Briggs II Kay & Gary Cowger ’70 Ralph ’30 & Nellie Cross Morris V. Dadd ’50 Juanita & Mike Eagle ’70 Col. John A. Faiola, U.S.A. Ret. Jill Faleris Mr. & Mrs. Karl R. Fledderjohn ’57 Janette M. & Robert J. Grant ’49 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Grimaldi ’52 Ralph K. ’59 & Sharon Hillquist Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence C. Hoagland ’53 Dr. & Mrs. E. D. Hougen Dr. & Mrs. James E.A. John Steven E. Johnson ’81 Al & Barbara Koegel

James E.A. John Level Gifts that exceed $1 million Dr. & Mrs. Milford Barron ’37 Dr. & Mrs. Edward N. Harris Dr. Zelpha E. & Leonard A. McKinnon Dr. & Mrs. Omer E. Miller ’39 Bob ‘64 & Marcy Oswald Marissa ’83 & Eric Peterson Drs. Robert ’60 & Claire Reiss Frances Willson Thompson Dr. & Mrs. Martin D. Walker ’54

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Harry W. Lange ’75 Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael (Mike) Losh ’70 Mr. & Mrs. V. Jay Martin ’48 Mr. & Mrs. Warner G. (Buck) Martin ‘55 Dr. Hans A. ‘38 & Gertrude Matthias Dr. John H. McConnell Dr. & Mrs. F. James McDonald ’44 Dr. & Mrs. Stephen McEwen ’54 Dr. Ruth R. Mott Phillip R. Motz ’69 Mr. & Mrs. E. Michael Mutchler ’57 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Nasi ’64 William E. Oram ’54 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Perna Jr. ’60 Dan ’49 & Doris Powell Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Qualman ’37 Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Sargent ’59 John ’32 & Barbara Storer Marian & Dr. Richard L. Terrell Dr. & Mrs. Frederick G. Wacker Jr. ’44 Charles ‘56 & Susan Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Curtis S. Wozniak ’78 Doris & Vic Zink

Dr. & Mrs. Warren J. McEleney ’44 Joseph Miles ’48 Louis ’33 & Florence Millon Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Moore II Harding Mott Gus C. Nick ’44 Bert T. Olson ‘38 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pekarek ’52 Charles E. & LaRue Pemberton Karilyn M. ’83 & Michael K. Perry ‘83 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Plaskett ‘66 Barbara & Ralph J. Rays ’50 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sargent Nelson ’66 & Sharon Sharp Dr. & Mrs. Albert J. Sobey ‘45 Joseph D. ’68 & Doris Spielman Martha & Gabriel Stahl ’69 Dr. Jack & Mrs. “Diddy” Thompson Ann K. & James W. Throop ’58 Frank A. Tomchak ’48 Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Tuck Jr. ’44 John Urquhart M.D. Cliff ’56 & Elsie Vaughan Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Willis ’39

Harold P. “Dusty” Rodes Level Gifts that exceed $50,000

Guy R. Cowing Level

Lillian A. & Richard C. Balmer ‘36 Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Battenberg III ’66 Jane E. Boon ‘90 Robert W. Booth ’66 Paul J. Chiapparone Troy A. Clarke ‘78 Mary & Jerry Collins ‘67 William R. ’60 & Gloria J. Denton Connie & E.M “Pete” Estes ’38 Robert ’89 & Susan Evangelista Mary Louise & Glen R. Fitzgerald ’38 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Hoehn ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Barthold H. Hoemann ‘61 David S. Hoyte ’71 & Regina Greenwood Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Hughes Jr. ’71 Janice & Kurt Joerger ’86 Parker Little ’41 Harry A. Lomasom II Mr. & Mrs. Ned S. McClurg ’68

Gifts that exceed $25,000 Donald W. Ableson ’59 Dr. & Mrs. Donald J. Almquist ’55 Daniel T. ’78 & Kathryn Boughton Astbury ’80 Professor G. Reginald Bell Michael J. ’75 & Vicki D. Burns Dr. William B. & G. Dawn Cottingham Bruce D. Coventry ‘75 John E. Dick Jr. ’61 Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Donnelly ’66 Burton E. Eno ‘58 Francis Frost ’32 Marc & Tonya D. Goodier ‘80 Lucien Govaerts ’67 Al ’57 & Carla Grava Allen J. Green ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Harris Ralph J. Harting Jr. ’67

Ross ’54 & Ruth Haun Mr. & Mrs. Allan J. Heffron ’61 David C. & Doris Hill Mr. & Mrs. David J. Hogan ’74 Drs. Ronald ’58 & Grace Hutchinson Edna & James E. Johnson ‘48 Albert ’61 & Mary Jordan Charles F. Kettering III Mr. & Mrs. Ludvik F. Koci ’58 Mr. & Mrs. Rudy A. Kraft ’56 Roger Lachele ’75 Jim ’68 & Dorothy Lesch Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Loeding ’58 Raymond L. Logue ’39 Robert K. ’30 & E. Martelle MacGregor Patricia H. & William P. MacKinnon Frank E. Macher ‘62 Robert W. Martin ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Mathues ’44 Frank ’37 & Joan Mitchell Barbara J. Monie Sam ’30 & Jane Moore Stephen W. ‘69 & Bonnie J. Moore Dean ’73 & Mary Munger Carol M. Neithercut David J. Neithercut Mark E. Neithercut Peter D. Neithercut Patricia & Armen Oumedian ‘49 Steven ’71 & Donna Pettiford Mr. & Mrs. Hildebrand Piuni Joe C. Ponce ’78 Roger ’55 & Dorcas Regelbrugge Judy & Warren Rider ’44 Dr. & Mrs. Harold P. Rodes Cinda & Ronald L. Roudebush ’70 Fred ’70 & Rebecca Schaafsma Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Schaefer ’68 Chuck Schaffer David Schlotterbeck ’70 John ’73 & Nancy Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Smith ’62 Mark Stevens ’88 Frank Stronach Louis E. Toole ’57 Carl ’58 & Heidi Varblow

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Pamela J. & Jerry R. Wallace ’80 Jack ’42 & Maxine Walter Paul E. & N. Sue Weiss Robert P. Werenski ’61 Mr. & Mrs. James K. West ’75 James R. Wiemels ’69 Edward L. Wristen ’75 Dr. Eugene G. Wuller Frank ’50 & Joyce Young Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Zimmerman ’56

Albert “Major” Sobey Level Gifts or pledges that exceed $10,000 Winston ’61 & Joan Adams Bette & Harold Andersen ’40 Sandra ’98 & Tim Andrews ’93 Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Ansted Mr. & Mrs. James A. Armstrong ’64 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Atkinson ‘60 Marilyn & Jim Ault ’57 Laura & Jerry Austin William R. Baierl ’57 Charles R. Baker ‘82 Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Balmer Vincent C. ’64 & Marilyn Bandurski Don ’77 & Karen Barefoot Col. & Mrs. Selwyn J. Barefoot ’38 Mary T. Barra ’85 Daniel J. Bartz ’02 Paul D. Basar ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Benson ’57 Mr. & Mrs. Walt Berger Joan D. & John A. Betti Joe ’58 & Lynda Bianco Mr. & Mrs. James S. Bickel ’59 Kirsten St. Croix Billhardt ’96 Sabin D. Blake ’99 W. Thomas Blakeslee ‘73 John M. Blinke David H. ’72 & Deborah A. Boerger C. Richard & Susan Bolt Germante M. Boncaldo ’90 Walter G. Borst ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boruff ’67 Lawrence H. Boyd ’45 Dr. & Mrs. Rodney L. Boyes ’58

Helen & Bob Burger ’46 Ronald F. ’59 & Margaret J. Buck Michael Burt ’73 Jane A. Calkins ’81 Mr. & Mrs. David D. Campbell ’52 Pauline & Herman M. Canner ’39 Dwight D. Carlson ’67 James F. Causley Stephen Cerri ’57 Jonathan R. Chase ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Chema ’61 Raymond Chess ‘80 Mr. Yong Wook Chung ‘00 Russell M. Clark ’77 Paul ’92 & Stacy Cloutier Mr. & Mrs. R.W. Cochran Steven G. Collins ’77 Robert J. Cook ’44 Benjamin J. Coon ’00 Samuel J. Cooper ‘07 Cynthia M. Cprek ‘80 Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Cumbo ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Alexander A. Cunningham ’51 Thomas ’70 & Susan Davis Thomas E. Dawkins ’50 Glen ’87 & Darlene Stoddard Deane ’88 Kathryn A. Deane ‘78 Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Deane Drs. Helen & Patrick Deese Robert C. ’66 & Maria Degeneff Neil DeKoker ‘67 Darryl J. DeLeonardis ’70 James DeLuca ’84 John E. Dempsey ’64 Leslie A. DesJardins ’83 Richard E. DeVaughn ’77 Franklin Dichoza ’99 John ’33 & Florence Doerfner Mr. & Mrs. John G. Doerr ’78 David J. & Mary C. Doherty Scott ’79 & Susan Donegan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Donnan ’69 George E. Downing ’61 Matthew J. Drane ’99 Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. DuCharme ’57 Phillip C. Dutcher ’74

Raymond C. Dymale ’70 Gary R. Edwards ‘74 Wallace W. Edwards ’44 George R. Elges ’50 Cletus R. & Gloria Eli Carolyn & Daniel Evans Jr. Beatrice M. & Frank D. Faga ’49 Michael ’61 & Charlene Farella Gregory M. Feld ‘94 Paul Feles ’49 Charles E. Fisher ’58 William A. Fleury ’67 Jerry ’64 & Jeanne Fluegge Ermal C. Fraze ‘39 John ’68 & Elizabeth Gable Dominick V. Gagliardi ’49 Eric Gandhi ’99 Stacy D. Gardner ‘07 Mr. & Mrs. Victor E. George Mr. & Mrs. James C. Gibson ’59 Joseph E. Godfrey Carol VanDeVoort Goodman ’79 John P. Gorys ’49 Jon Goulden ’81 & Kwok Lau ‘81 Ari Greenwald ‘07 Bradford C. Grems ’00 Dolores & Don Griffin ’56 Mark ’76 & Bridget Griffin ’80 Patricia L. Groeneveld ’80 Rodney J. ’67 & Judith Groleau Jana Groom-Waters ’83 William E. Hahn ’57 Tony & Kathleen E. Hain Cathleen E. Hale ’83 Harry D. ’42 & Winfred K. Hall James ’76 & Brenda Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Hancock ’73 Robert H. Harder ’66 Jack ’60 & Janet Hartzell Jerry ’67 & Lynn Harvey Christine Mebus Hassett ’71 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hayes ’44 Norman J. Henke ’40 Rose A. Herrmann ‘78 Jill Gosma Hersberger ’78 Ryan Hervey ‘06

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Willard C. Hess ’30 Sheri E. Hickok ’00 Jean Higgins Matthew L. Hilgendorf ‘06 Benjamin J. Hoffman ’98 Mike ’74 & Cindy Hottinger Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Hudson Dr. & Mrs. James F. Huffman Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Hurd ’56 Shanika D. Hurst ’01 Jay & Marcia White Iole ’81 Marvin L. Isles ’69 Orestes Iung MD Cheryl L. Jennings ‘81 Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Jesmore ’51 Axel ’58 & Eunice Johnson Gerald Johnson ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Jerald L. Johnson ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Johnson ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Wilson E. Jones ‘72 Sharon & Jerry Kania ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Karrer ’51 Susan S. ’80 & Joseph R. Katona ’78 Suzanne L. M. Kayser ‘05 Howard H. Kehrl John M. Key ’44 Alfred E. Klein J. J. Knable ’64 Howard V. Knicely Philip W. Knisely ’77 Sue & Harold Knisley ’41 Jonathan D. Kowalski ‘07 Curt Kulczycki ’97 Sue & Joe Kushuba ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert M. Lahr ’44 Michael Lashbrook ’98 R. Kenneth ’65 & Carolyn Ledford Sharon S. & Lloyd J. Lee ’57 Timothy E. Lee ’74 Dr. & Mrs. Stan R. Liberty Kathleen A. Ligocki Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Lingg ’49 David P. Litzenberger ’53 Thomas K. Lockwood ‘72 Jesse Lopez John & Alice Lorenz

Rodger ’55 & Nancy Lovrenich James T. Luxon Margaret & John Mahoney ’55 Mr. & Mrs. Alex C. Mair ’43 F. Jane & Mitchell M. Marchi ’61 Ronald G. Marcum ‘70 Ferne Marek Mr. & Mrs. Gerald C. Marnell Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Martel ’44 Roger ’60 & Glenda Masch Tom Mase David ’58 & Cheryne McBride Michael R. McGarry ’77 James P. McGrath P.E. Marci L. McGuire ’96 Duane & Joyce McKeachie Kenneth D. McKibben ‘57 Dennis C. McNamara Joseph B. Medved ’69 Barbara L. & Gerald T. Meier ’61 John ’00 & Nicole Melton ’02 Eric ’57 & Susanne Middlestat Norman G. Miller ‘56 Dr. Clarice K. W. Morris Edward Morse Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Morse Jr. C. Roger ’58 & Laura L. Murray Michelle Niese ‘05 Edward J. Neithercut John E. Nemazi ’75 Harris Ng ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Nichols ’74 Robert L. ’30 & Florence Nulty Dan ’69 & Angela Olive Russell G. Oltman ’75 Theodore G. Ostapchuk ’55 Stefan ’00 & Nicole Osterbur ’01 Lori A. Ostrander ’79 Robert M. Ottolini ’78 Shana Paciocco ‘08 Lawrence A. Parks ’65 Robert C. Parcell ’84 Jim Parshall ’88 Carol A. Patterson Fallis J.D. Stanley ’95 & Ani Patterson ’97

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Pearson ’50 Paul ’50 & Eve Pender James Perry Francis J. Petro ’62 Debra Z. Piper ‘82 Paul D. Plotkowski Daniel H. Polett Wray G. Pomeroy ’60 David & Betty Poock John ’75 & Linda Rahie Drs. Robert & Margaret Reilly T. Michael Riggs ’77 A. Barclay Robertson ’50 James R. Robinson ’66 Margaret & Edward Rofe ’41 Ben Rohrs ‘01 Walter M. Rosebrough ’77 Michelle Ross ‘06 William D. Route ’43 Edwin F. Ruessman ’42 Ghassan M. Saab Louis (Buzz) Sands IV Joe ’77 & Sherrie Sawyer Michael G. Scarlatelli ’76 Walter E. Schilling ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Schmidt ’54 Debra Schnettler ’00 Marguerite & Gus Scussel ’49 Darryl & Nancy Sczepanski Don ’73 & Carol Sepeta Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Serra Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Sheehan Jr. ’61 Matthew K. Singer ’01 Slaven Sljivar ‘96 B. T. Smith Jr. ’56 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Smith ’77 Susan Kay Smith Dr. & Mrs. Albert J. Sobey ’45 Steven Sordahl ’98 Robert L. Sovis ‘56 Brian Charles Spear ’02 Janet & Brad Spiegel ’86 Andrew Brian Spooner ’02 Dan ’64 & Beth Stainforth John Staluppi Mrs. Lance Stefanyk ’78

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Eugene W. Stefanyshyn ’81 Alan ’67 & Eunice Steffe David J. Stenson ’86 Karen L. Stewart ’70 Jody Sautter Stidham ’98 Ken ’73 & Shirley Stoddard Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Streng ’61 Benjamin R. Sweeney Jr. ’49 James F. Tadra ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Jan E. Tannehill ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Taubitz ’70 Richard B. Taylor ‘73 Raymond J. Tessier ‘73 Edward Thai ‘03 Randy J. Thayer ’78 Robert Thomson ’02 Reinhold M. Tischler ’65 William H. Todd Jr. ’58 Paul Tosch ’62 Jodi Trombley ‘05 James C. Tudor II ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Ernest O. Vahala ’54 James VanBelle ’74 Michael W. (Mike) Van Slyke ‘70 Mr. & Mrs. John D. Vicary ’44 Lee A. Visci ‘82 Donald Walkowicz ’65 Thomas F. Wallace ’71 Paul F. Walters ’66 Jane L. Warner Kenneth L. Way William D. Webster Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Weeks Douglas K. Weiland ’73 Ann Marie Weitzel ’99 & Braden Robison ‘99 James A. Welch ‘78 James O. Westby ’66 Steven A. Wetmore ’76 Dr. & Mrs. William S. White Barbara L. ’74 & David R. Whittaker ’74 Scott A. Whybrew ’83 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wilson Jr. ’49 Rick J. Winkley ’77 Kenneth W. Woodfield ’49 Col. & Mrs. Ralph R. Woodiwiss ’40

Dale H. Youngpeter ’74 Qasar Younis ’04 Lawrence B. Zahner Jr. ’79 & Tamera Tibbits Zahner ’85 Alice & Tom Zimmer ’53

PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORS Jack Stock Executive Director of Individual Giving Bonnie McArthur Senior Advancement Officer

“Thank you for choosing me as a recipient of the Connie John Memorial Scholarship. I deeply appreciate your support for Kettering students such as myself. Attending this school has been one of the best decisions I have made and I am proud to share a part in the GMI heritage.” ~Simon Murphy

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS ALUMNI GIVING The following lists alumni who contributed $100 or more to support a variety of institutional needs. The percentage represents the percentage of alumni from that class who supported Kettering at any level betwenn July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

1929 Donations: Class 100% Class Amount $2,000 Don Hines

1932 Donations: Class 20% Class Amount $64,759.79 John Storer

1936 Donations: Class 50% Class Amount $79,444.44 Richard C. Balmer Robert W. Engle

1938 Donations: Class 14% Class Amount $500 Earle W. VanDyke

1939 Donations: Class 29% Class Amount $5016.50 Fred H. Cowin Raymond Lewis Logue Franklyn W. Phillips Thomas W. Raleigh Charles E. Willis Walter R. Zojac

1940 Donations: Class 12% Class Amount $950 Loris H. Conrad Robert P. Kilian Jesse E. Skimin

1941 Donations: Class 24% Class Amount $2150 Richard W. Boos Ross W. Earnes Richard S. Forkner Nathan E. Koch William J. Richards James M. Ryan

1942 Donations: Class 16% Class Amount $400 Everet G. Ballentine Robert D. Falk

Donald P. McNelly Edwin F. Ruessman

1943 Donations: Class 23% Class Amount $1300 Andrew C. Bailey Henry B. Brawner Fred G. Heiderer Charles B. McConica Vincent L. Morrow Linwood J. Talsma

1944 Donations: Class 25% Class Amount $2850 Wallace W. Edwards Robert J. Hall John M. Key William H. Kreipke Eric W. Lange Warren J. McEleney Milton Simpson Richard E. Tate John D. Vicary

1945 Donations: Class 63% Class Amount $600 Robert Hartzell Elmer J. Mieskowski

1946 Donations: Class 37% Class Amount $975 T. Harding Cambray Frank P. Compagnoni William D. Doty Ivo J. Monti Edward L. Nash

1947 Donations: Class 13% Class Amount $625 James W. Bowler Eugene K. Cook Kenneth H. Larson Bradley Piper Wayne L. Smith

1948 Donations: Class 13% Class Amount $3225

Jack U. Bach Robert L. Barringer Paul F. Conte Stanley Wayne Edwards Arnold Gallaher Morton I. Henick Kenneth H. Higgins Roman L. Kuzma Ralph A. Meyering Louis I. Monti Eugene V. Spanski Alan L. Stonhouse Robert F. Tilley Frank A. Tomchak Daniel Richard Veazey Robert A. Vogelei

1949 Donations: Class 17% Class Amount $10,942.64 James A. Black Simon E. Cols William A. Cox Charles H. Cutting Robert L. Emmett Richard E. Emrich John W. Evans Paul Feles Francis C. Fleck Dominick V. Gagliardi John P. Gorys Richard B. Handwerker Kenneth B. Keith Kenneth P. Kirchoff Adrian C. Kuyper Elwood E. Leathley David M. Lee Norris B. Luther John A. Mollica Richard R. Mowry Leon E. Onken Armen G. Oumedian Frank J. Pozdol Lawrence G. Robertson Harry C. Robinson Richard E. Rutz August J. Scussel Robert N. Smith Leo D. Sullivan Benjamin R. Sweeney

1950 Donations: Class 17% Class Amount $12,886.61 Kenneth K. Aiman Wallace E. Baumann Thomas R. Burklow, Raymond D. Burns Robert M. Cashman, Morris V. Dadd William DeRoo Donald G. Erickson Raymond P. Federau Ramon H. Gepp Samuel D. Griffin Victor L. Howdieshell Steve S. Hurite John J. Kostka Howard P. Kraegel William G. Martin George J. McKeel Donald S. Mills Clemens J. Nowak Robert J. Outland Robert C. Paterson Carl Pearson A. Barclay Robertson George M. Schreiner Leo E. Seymour Kenneth D. Shinn David F. Snyder Frank C. Strubler John F. Teiber Donald R. Throckmorton Marvin H. VanHeest Edward G. Vogt

1951 Donations: Class 16% Class Amount $4,000 Richard F. Aust Amos I. Bechtel Robert W. Bishop Robert H. Buch John H. Christ Richard E. Gaskins Charles R. Gates Edward P. Geraghty Edwin H. Goodridge Charles R. Graham James L. Laws

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Albert Lees Alfred R. Marcy John D. McInturff Robert W. Metzger Robert F. Miller Gerald E. Muscio Fletcher R. Opitz Clifford J. Raymond Andrew P. Roth William C. Smith Michael Suttle Carl E. Thelen Richard A. Wehling John W. Wolcott

1952 Donations: Class 15% Class Amount $2,100 Robert M. Caldwell Robert E. Deck Dale E. Frappier Paul M. George Karl E. Gierman George E. Mahlmeister Wilford E. Maples Richard F. Pekarek Erwin A. Roberts Richard J. Socin Leonard F. Stewart Ernest P. Wittich

1953 Donations: Class 14% Class Amount $36,514.64 George D. Brummitt Daniel G. Colwell John E. Fleischmann Kenneth D. Halter Joseph L. Heuser Lawrence C. Hoagland William C. Kaphengst David P. Litzenberger Gerald W. McArthur Robert E. Meshew Roger R. Mosser Michael C. Myal Louis R. Papale Joe C. Prosser Willard M. Revord Roger P. Scott Buddie L. Steves Conrad Teichert James E. Wheeler

1954 Donations: Class 12% Class Amount $3960 Charles J. Dolan Harvey D. Farrand Richard F. Glaze Finn T. Halbo Alan K. Henry Carl M. Hoffmire William R. Jensen Rudolph A. Krenz David A. Lanius Thomas D. Mackie Stephen N. McEwen Larry L. Netzley Duane C. Perry Albert W. Probert Leonard. Radionoff John F. Sellinger Ernest O. Vahala Allen K. Waller Wayne W. Walworth Richard D. Whitney James A. Williams Hugh D. Wright James A. Young

1955 Donations: Class 13% Class Amount $12,762.27 Kelly B. Beardslee Donald E. Braman Robert V. Butterfield Donald W. Carow Louis A. Corsiglia Edgar R. Cottingham James P. Crowe Thomas V. DeAgostino Charles E. Downing Werner John. Eichler Arthur G. Finet Charles H. Garman Joseph Gerald. Gray H. Clark. Island Robert J. Joesten Richard H. Kelkenberg Theodore V. Lincoln Joseph A. Magryta Ernest H. Myers W. Kenneth Myers Louis J. Nilles Malcolm E. Norris Theodore G. Ostapchuk Roger R. Regelbrugge Byron A. Richards Ronald F. Steinmayer

Louis H. Story Thomas L. Swint Michael J. Tahy Dale E. Thompson Leon A. Tucholski David W. Turner

1956 Donations: Class 13% Class Amount $8,520 Charles J. Bach William H. Brockman Donald J. Castle Robert W. Chamberlain Donald J. D'Alesio Henry A. Fracalossi Harold E. Gebhardt Donald E. Harbold Edward J. Holly James G. Maxwell William T. McKeel Lawrence E. Michelini Norman G. Miller Arthur J. Muir Burt E. Myrick David J. Quinlan Carl E. Rehm Robert L. Sovis Robert A. Sprague Edward J. Stadler Richard R. Strebe Clifford J. Vaughan Robert V. Vickers William Wrobel

1957 Donations: Class 17% Class Amount $19,720 Michael B. Andreas Edward P. Arends David V. Arnst David N. Bakos Richard G. Bartram Richard M. Bennett Robert E. Benson William Blazak Robert H. Borcherts Robert G. Chumbley Milton J. Cole Gordon D. Corrigan Ray J. Daniels Robert M. DeHaven Clayton D. DeLorge Delbert D. DeRees John C. Engelman Robert W. Ferrari

Ronald J. Ferrari David E. Foraker Richard W. Hahn Reid A. Hansen Ervin L. Hastedt James A. Hildreth H. Dale Johnson Eugene H. Kratt Paul N. Levesque David L. Mackley Robert W. Martin James L. Mason Robert E. Mock Peter F. Payette James P. Price Que Ronald J. Que Richard J. Rademacher Richard E. Rasmussen Ralph E. Robertson James E. Scranton Walter S. Smith David A. Sterry Marvin A. Stevenson Alan W. Thebert Ronald A. Tilley Charles A. Timko Louis Eugene. Toole Gordon S. Town William E. Turner Walter E. Welliver Neldon V. Whitty William J. Wittenberg

1958 Donations: Class 11% Class Amount $9,175 Stuart E. Adair Frederick C. Althaus Walter A. Bartkowiak John F. Cerny Burton E. Eno Carl J. Franz David A. Hale John T. Herridge Dick O. Hummel Ronald R. Hutchinson Ludvik F. Koci Bernard R. Koehne John G. Kress Frederick W. Krey Benjamin S. Kristan Robert L. LeFevre David A. McBride David F. Merrion James N. Needler Neal Edward Neese

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Richard H. Reak Gerald R. Russell Lawrence F. Schott Lawrence VanBuskirk

1959 Donations: Class 19% Class Amount $11,020 John P. Andres Milford R. Bennett Arthur J. Bickel James S. Bickel Eugene Bolton Ronald F. Buck Ronald N. Burns Robert P. Cole Harold E. Croswell Robert N. Eakin Charles W. Eggert William S. Freas John J. Goodrich Ralph K. Hillquist Frederick L. Hofmann Kenneth P. Holtel Richard C. Hughes John W. Jarrell Jerald L. Johnson Grant H. Kitchen Steven A. Major Michael T. McFarland Veron Lee McKibben Wayne L. Millington Siegfried Naser Gerhard J. Neumaier Thomas N. Pratt Eugene P. Rodgers Thomas E. Roehm Gerald C. Rowland Charles L. Sargent Jon M. Sonstroem James A. Stauffacher William W. Tennant Robert R. Tonnies

1960 Donations: Class 12% Class Amount $38,657 Dale C. Alm James F. Burke Leo A. Czymbor Peter E. Davis Donald G. Dyer Hans Engelhardt Walter W. Fedison Richard C. Fent James T. Flower

Lawrence E. Gebhart Roger N. Goings Paul E. Goulet Terrance M. Hopkins H. Wade Jennings Richard H. Kabel Victor E. Kubani David L. Mehall Kenneth A. Moss Frank Perna Thomas E. Rademaker Richard B. Renz Eugene J. Rymar Robert David Sheap Wayne Dean Shepherd Charles F. Smith Robert C. Stidd Paul M. Stirling Virgil L. Swearingen Loren J. Tibbitts Jerry L. White Donald W. Winfield

1961 Donations: Class 15% Class Amount $13,229.09 Winston S. Adams Thomas B. Applegate Philip M. Brelesky Don B. Chaffin Ronald J. Chema Charles F. Christ John E. Dick Robert L. Dorn Michael A. Farella Edward J. Fox William A. Graff William D. Hagen James R. Hall Barthold H. Hoemann Robert R. Holliday Mark A. Hulbert Thomas O. Hurd Robert J. Jaycox Albert B. Jordan Edward R. Kuby William C. Lane John W. Lesich Mitchell M. Marchi Roger D. Mook Larry N. Phillips Donald J. Reilly Luzern A. Richter Walter L. Slife Jerry L. Trotter Remy J. VanOphem

Gerald F. Vedder Larry W. Virtue Robert Paul Werenski Harry T. Westcott W. Patrick Winton

1962 Donations: Class 10% Class Amount $4,350 David R. Brickner Robert G. Crantz Roger D. Fruechte Marvin C. Gabalski Joseph L. Kaczmarek Francis J. Petro Mark B. Williamson Marshall W. Wright Frank J. Zanner

1964 Donations: Class 11% Class Amount $9,316.35 James A. Armstrong Gerald A. Avereyn Vincent C. Bandurski John D. Braun John E. Dempsey Jerry H. Fluegge Albert L. Hall Harry J. Jones Laurence E. Keels Peter J. Leven John R. Nasi Robert S. Oswald William C. Ottemann William F. Shaw David L. Shrock F. James Tavarozzi Raymond A. Tidrow Ronald L. Turkett Roger R. Tyyska Gene A. Weber Paul S. Willen

1965 Donations: Class 13% Class Amount $3,550 David M. Bash James N. Bechtel Justyn S. Butville James H. Childress Alexander J. Farkas Robert J. Flower Gary B. Glowiak Donald E. Guthrie Thomas G. Gutteridge William C. Halbert

George W. Hettenhouse David A. Langdon Charles P. Leach R. Kenneth Ledford William R. Lovelace Terry E. Nels Edward H. Proctor Matthew J. Schomer Michael D. Straney Donald W. Walkowicz John E. Walls

1966 Donations: Class 13% Class Amount $5,475 James A. Brisko Henry J. Coucke Robert C. Degeneff Ronald J. Delp Richard P. Dixon James W. Grant John T. Hanna F. Gary Hertzler Philip J. Hughes William K. Jackson William R. Maxfield Paul M. Nozar Louis W. Petro Gerald J. Roach James R. Robinson Gary L. Ross Donald H. Schafer Louis F. Sisbarro Gunter Stein John L. Stier Donald V. Stroud Cedric K. Theel James W. Trunk James D. White

1967 Donations: Class 9% Class Amount $3,960 Wayne H. Bank Dean W. Bell Albert E. Billis James A. Biske Thomas E. Blomquist Lasse Bolz Richard A. Cole Gerald A. Collins Cornelius DeKoker Richard J. Heenan David A. Kalb Walter Palma Edward E. Pearson

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS David R. Pfaff Frederick W. Rindhage Richard C. Rosenberg Robert F. Wiltse Walter L. Zych 1968 Donations: Class 8% Class Amount $9,875 David M. Aldorfer David C. Alldredge Peter L. Clark William K. Clupper Michael W. Davis William L. Dods John S. Gardiner Stephen J. Hiatt Gurdon S. Hobson James Irwin Donald G. Kowalke James D. Lesch Marc M. Matter Thomas F. Mausolf Donald M. Scelzo Richard L. Shelton John C. Stanhope Gary P. Toth Robert J. Trew Lowell Ray Ulrich John F. Wiechart Donald F. Wiecorek

1969 Donations: Class 10% Class Amount $11,950 Stuart R. Allen M. Dan Barta Patrick J. Becker William F. Black Richard E. Boellner Karl H. Breitwieser Daryl F. Buntley James D. Cirar Floyd J. Curtis William H. Frank Rolland J. Gilbert Allen L. Johnson Ronald H. Lusmann David H. Martin Dane A. Miller Gary T. Moore Phillip R. Motz Charles K. Mullins George E. Oliver August Olivier Douglas L. Olson

Robert A. Patterson John J. Ronayne Richard G. Russell Donald L. Smith John D. Soltau Richard E. Tippett Michael Philip Trego William H. Underwood

1970 Donations: Class 11% Class Amount $14,649 John M. Amos John A. Boquist Gerald J. Brooks Robert A. Busfield Dennis J. Carney Gary L. Cowger Darryl J. DeLeonardis Victor A. Dorsten Michael L. Eagle Thomas L. Fargo Donald E. Good James I. Gutting Robert W. Hallock James R. Hodgson Edward C. Ivey James N. Janowiak Donald E. Jekel William J. KerscherIII Ronald M. Laux Ronald G. Marcum James W. Patzer John H. Percy Franklin D. Preston Robert S. Preston David L. Reusser Thomas A. Rudziensky David L. Schlotterbeck Joseph D. Servick Thomas J. Sokach Elmer F. Tyler Michael W. Van Slyke Jonathan N. Wayman

1971 Donations: Class 8% Class Amount $6,120 Robert M. Atkins Richard H. Black Paul D. Borchert Boyd W. Cryer Allen J. Green Christine M. Hassett Jerry L. Hotujac David S. Hoyte

Arthur L. Hursh Paul M. Jablonski Rex E. Luzader Robert A. Meder Joseph A. Pelan David A. Plawecki Gary A. Schirtzinger John P. Steines Gordon F. Weller

1972 Donations: Class 10% Class Amount $4,875 Robert E. Anderson Russel H. Behm Dennis W. Bloss David H. Boerger Richard R. DeNardis Samuel J. Hoot Daniel J. Kenworthy Roger R. Kline Thomas K. Lockwood Don G. Maddock Michael E. McLean Thomas R. Nesbitt William R. Roberts R. Patrick Saul Thomas L. Schallhorn Stephen J. Seaton William E. Tate Joseph L. Taylor Oliver A. Warner Thomas C. Zebehazy

1973 Donations: Class 8% Class Amount $9,530 David L. Acton C. Wesley Arrington Larry P. Atkins James M. Boehm Barry D. Boyce Grant M. Carrithers Phillip C. Dutcher Michael A. Ferkany Ronald D. Grubbs Gregory L. Hadley William R. Hill Kenneth W. Kayser John M. Martin Christopher B. McCoy Dean W. Munger Richard Lee Radecki Robert F. Rudary William A. Spurr Troy F. Stokes

Charles E. Stone Richard B. Taylor Raymond J. Tessier

1974 Donations: Class 7% Class Amount $4,980 Gary L. Ackerman Jeffrey R. Banaszynski Paul R. Bonenberger Russell H. Bosch Larry J. Bougsty Douglas P. Campbell Raymond W. Corbin Gary R. Edwards Thomas Warren. David P. Holmes Charles W. Knakal Mark B. Kristof James A. McCaslin Larry E. Montag Robert M. Nichols Eric W. Paskvan Gary F. Ruff David R. Volpe William L. Willard Dale H. Youngpeter 1975 Donations: Class 11% Class Amount $11,895 Richard P. Alloo Theodore G. Boerger Bruce D. Coventry Dennis G. Dougherty Michael Ebel Elta Michael S. Fenster Michael G. Gaines William S. Hudak Rodney E. Kirkham John Kornylo Mark G. Kosowski Roger E. Lachele Michael J. Lawless Kevin D. Markle James R. Martin Lincoln H. McGhee Robert T. Meling Clifford Lee Nauss Russell G. Oltman David G. Owens Lawrence E. Parsons John G. Rahie Keith C. Ridler David L. Schoewe Dale R. Schuur

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Gregory E. Simons Mark Andrew Willett Gary L. Wolf Dexter B. Woodworth Edward J. Zellner

1976 Donations: Class 4% Class Amount $3,151.70 Robert C. Ballou Roger L. Burckhardt John W. Butler Richard F. Chudoba David M. Coventry Daniel Drahushak James A. Hamilton Kevin D. Jones James P. Kelly Reginald A. Linebarger Gregory A. Payne John F. Reelhorn Jay D. Reidsma Michael G. Scarlatelli Henry J. VanDusen

1977 Donations: Class 5% Class Amount $4,084.80 Donald L. Barefoot Robert A. Clark Russell M. Clark Steven G. Collins Jill G. Hersberger Thomas J. Hilliard Frank W. Krohn Michael R. McGarry Peter J. Nicosia Steven L. Oberholtzer James A .Orbik Marilyn G. Peters Robert J. Schwabel Joseph D. Smith David M. Stockero Thomas E. Wooderson

1978 Donations: Class 5% Class Amount $29,648.63 Randall S. Atkin Richard M. Caras Frank J. Chunderlik Troy A. Clarke John A. Connor John C. Corbets David B. DeClerck Thomas J. Hahn Rose A. Herrmann

Steven A. Hughes John B. Johnson Joseph R. Katona Kenneth J. McLeod Robert M. Ottolini Suzanne K. Peters Joseph J. Peterson Joe C. Ponce Robert E. Scott Steven M. Sprague Randy J. Thayer Robert O. Trygstad Thomas C. Vert Curtis S. Wozniak

1979 Donations: Class 6% Class Amount $8,603.41 Kingsley J. Berry Joanne T. Burns Thomas M. Cavaliere David A. Cotnoir Scott D. Donegan Kevin M. Dougan Carol VanDeVoort Goodman Terry L. Johnson Mark E. Martich Laurence F. Matola Dale A. Mattis David B. Michaud Sam Mixson Gregory L.Nagel N. Kevin Ostby Paul Perez Anthony A. Perona Loren C. Rex Edward M. Sanocki Sandra L. Schian-Miller Bruce E. Sing Gregory P. Stoebick Mark W. Thoma C. David Wright Lawrence Bonaventure Zahner

1980 Donations: Class 3% Class Amount $4,250 Andrew S. Borchers Mary Lou Carman Thomas P. Duffield Dale A. Grech Patricia L. Groeneveld Michael G. Hasler Richard J. Lange Glen W. Miller Jeffrey B. Murphy

Philip M. Reseigh Deborah L. Sheren Joseph N. Vermeesch Kevin W. Whitaker

1981 Donations: Class 7% Class Amount $9,525 Karen L. Bennett William H. Berry Lisa A. Breuer Jane A. Calkins Charles C. Chippero John H. Crawford Mickey L. Dotson Brian D. Ebner Neal H. Fusner William J. Goodrich Thomas J. Hartmann Laurie A. Hunt Marcia L. Iole Cheryl L. Jennings Steven E. Johnson Wilbur D. Kim Gerard R. Lilly Nigel D. Pennycooke Michael G. Sabol Barbara J. Smith Eugene W. Stefanyshyn Timothy C. Wahl

1982 Donations: Class 6% Class Amount $3,900 Robert L. Apple James R. Bradley Mark E. Burns Janet M. Carpenter Robert D. Carpenter Dana D. Deane Mary Carol Dolenga Thomas J. Golen Wendy M. Gruber Douglas M. Hansen Melissa M. Koenig Deborah A. Lund Robin Clark McCree Andrew T. Moshier May Anna M. Parrish Stuart J. Pierce Darren C. Post Christine R. Roby Bernard R. Schneider Louis G. Tarricone Dawn S. Wheeler Cordell E. Williams

1983 Donations: Class 5% Class Amount $4,925 James J. Abramczyk Gregory G. Cesiel Michael O'Neil Dunstan Charles W. Goodman Cathleen E. Hale Tracy D. Homier John M. Hrit Patrick H. Hund David B. Koziara James L. Martin Ann S. Mikek Sharon K. Phillips David M. Price Philip E. Rettig John D. Sienicki Juergen P. Steupert Roy K. Streetz Scott A. Whybrew

1984 Donations: Class 7% Class Amount $5,090 Randall E. Andreen David V. Bakos Neil H. Carender Robert W. Caven Albert W. Chan Mina Jain Cox Major G. Horton Richard Hoy James B. Kolhoff Lenore W. Kolhoff Thomas M. LaRocca Douglas P. Leu Doris Martin Steven W. Morse Christian J. Moye John M. Ogden John M. Ozimek Robert C. Parcell Anna M. Reseigh Jeffrey B. Williams John Willwerth James R. Zimmerman

1985 Donations: Class 3% Class Amount $6,125 Laurie A. Agel Mary T. Barra Walter G. Borst Randall E. Brodzik Christopher L. Budnik

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Gerald Johnson Mary M. Larson Robert W. Roth Karen A. Sabatowski Glenn A. Sampson Julie A. Straka

1986 Donations: Class 2% Class Amount $1,100 Henio Raul Arcangeli Paul Durant Kirk R. Frame Scott A. Kitkowski David J. Stenson

1987 Donations: Class 3% Class Amount $3,220 David W. Browning Scott R. Cuellar Eric M. Ethington Laura L. Evans David M. Farone Amy M. Ferland Mary Fletcher Guendelsberger Daniel G. Kruse Alan McDonald Carol A. Nickelson Renee L. Shreves Kimberly K. Wiita Kaye M. Wilcox

1988 Donations: Class 3% Class Amount $2,450 Colm P. Boran Fred G Brighton II Robert P. Brincheck Darlene Stoddard Deane Paula J. DeJonge Carol C. Edwards Julia M. Nielsen James H. Parshall Michael T. Repetto Peter A. Schmitz Marcia J. Vigren Ronald W. Voigt

1989 Donations: Class 2% Class Amount $1,970 Mary Ann Anderson Diane M. Brening Douglas S. Cesiel Walter J. Czop

Rhonda J. Eldridge Robert A. Evangelista Michael Z. Li Karen S. Mills Brian L. Snodgrass

Beth A. Hulse Harris Ng Smita M. Prajapati Roy W. Smith Nicole L. Wildern




Donations: Class 2% Class Amount $1,600 Nick R. Bishop Jeffrey L. Bladow Lin Chen Mark A. Clay Tracy L. Coleman David French Julie R. Horner Daniel L. Veres James C. Yoon

Donations: Class 2% Class Amount $3,150 Kirsten M. Billhardt Sandra D. Daw Sarah E. Halford Russell S. Hughes Marci L. McGuire Slaven Sljivar Albert E. VanDenBergh

Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $1,087.50 Daniel J. Bartz Rebecca L. Linton Paul J. Nicastri Rene C.Owczarski

1991 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $800 Frank V. Constantine Adam J. Halsband Michael L. Kunde Kevin Larson Maureen L. Roth Russell T. Tiejema Julie A. Tolley

1992 Donations: Class 2% Class Amount $1,505 Paul R. Cloutier David A. Schwenke Todd D. Smith Eric A. Stasser William J. Wildern

1993 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $400 Sandra A. Ham Troy D. Irrer Gitanjli McRoy

1994 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $750 Noel M. DeGuzman Nicholas Milovich James G. Sigtermans

1995 Donations: Class 5% Class Amount $2,050 Eric J. Balicki Terry G. Feldpausch

1997 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $1,000 Frank S. LoScrudato David E. Schroeder David A. Smith

1998 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $4,000 Jonathan R. Chase Benjamin J. Hoffman Steven J. Sordahl Jody L. Stidham James F. Tadra

1999 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $1,870 Sabin D. Blake Franklin H. Dichoza Matthew J. Drane David L. Foster

2000 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $1,500 Benjamin J. Coon Sheri E. Hickok Stephen J. Verhoff

2001 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $2,725 Karen L. Armstead Matthew J. Glodowski Matthew K. Hoffman Michael K. Parran Benjamin J. Rohrs Wayne Young

Donations: Class 2% Class Amount $100 Heather M. Klish


2004 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $1,030 Melissa Lopez Badgero Edward G. Burger Nicole L. Martel Timothy John Sullivan

2005 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $2,075 Suzanne L. Kayser Daniel W. Miller William Rein Eric Renda Jodi R. Trombley

2006 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $5,700 Gregory A. Cumberford Stacy D. Gardner Matthew L. Hilgendorf Jonathan D. Kowalski George Nicols Michelle A.Ross

2007 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $300 Janarthanan Rajaratnam

2008 Donations: Class 1% Class Amount $1,000 Samuel J. Cooper ANNUAL GIVING DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORS

Jack Stock, Executive Director of Individual Giving Michelle Loper, Director of Annual Giving

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Kettering University established the Boss Kettering Society to recognize organizations that have supported the University with contributions of equipment and revenue valued at $25,000 or more.

BENEFACTOR $3 MILLION OR MORE Delphi Corp. Electronic Data Systems Corp. Ford Motor Company Fund General Motors Corp. General Motors Foundation The Kettering Fund Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Society of Automotive Engineers International Found. Sun Microsystems Inc. UGS Corp.

PATRON $1 MILLION TO 2.99 MILLION American Axle & Manufacturing Inc. DELMIA/Dassault Systèmes Intel Corp. Foundation Kettering/GMI Alumni Foundation/ Association Synopsys Inc. TRW Foundation

PARTNER $500,000 - $999,999 ETAS Inc. Intergraph Corp. The Kettering Family Foundation Kettering University Student Government The Kresge Foundation Lear Corp. Robert Bosch LLC

Rockwell Automation Inc. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation UPS Foundation Worthington Industries Inc./ Gerstenslager Joseph G. and Ludmilla Zubaty Memorial Fund

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation Textron Inc. UAW-GM Center for Human Resources


ASC Incorporated AT&T Inc. Acheson Industries Inc. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems Inc. American Standard Companies Inc. Argonne National Laboratory Armco Foundation Arvin Foundation Inc. BNS Co. Beltz & Riley Binks Manufacturing Co. Biomet Foundation Inc. Bobier Tool Supply Inc. The Business of Winning CMI International Inc. Callaway Golf Co. Carrier Corp. Cimulus Automotive Systems Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Consumers Energy Foundation Cooper Tire & Rubber Foundation DTE Energy Foundation/Detroit Edison & MichCon Foundations Dart Foundation Debron Industrial Electronics Inc. DENSO International America Inc. Denton ATD Inc. Dow Corning Corp. EASE Inc. E.I. du Pont de Neumours & Co. The Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding Assoc. Inc. Eli Lilly & Co. Entech Engineering Inc.

$100,000 - $499,999 Agilent Technologies Inc. Anonymous ArvinMeritor Inc. Biomet Inc. BioPro Inc. Arthur G. Bishop Charitable Trust Chrysler Foundation Citizens Republic Bancorp Community Foundation of Greater Flint Cooper Tire & Rubber Company DRT Mfg. Co. The Dayton Foundation DENSO North America Foundation Eaton Corp. FANUC Robotics America Inc. Gerholz Family Foundation William Randolp Hearst Foundation Hewlett-Packard Co. Honeywell International Inc. Hougen Foundation Jochum-Moll Foundation Johnson Controls Foundation The Lubrizol Corp. MTD Products Inc. MTI Technology Corp. MAHLE Powertrain LLC NAEIR National Action Council/Minorities in Engineering Newport Corporation/Spectra-Physics Parametric Technology Corp. The Skillman Foundation

MEMBER $25,000 - $99,999

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS First Chicago NBD Corp. GE Foundation GenCorp Foundation Inc. Genesee County Land Bank Gibson Guitar Corp. Grimaldi Foundation Guidant Foundation H. H. Harris Foundation Harley-Davidson Motor Company Inc. Herrick Foundation IBM Corp. Foundation ITT Industries Industrial Technology Institute Illinois Tool Works Foundation Imani Fund Intel Corp. Intra Corp. Itran Corp. JDS Uniphase Corp. Jamaica Public Service Co., Ltd. W. K. Kellogg Foundation LG.PHILIPS Displays LICO Inc. Lilly Endowment Inc. Lubrizol Foundation ML Motorsports MagneTek Inc. Marriott Management Services Corp. Masco Corp. McEleney Motors Inc. Mirapoint Inc. Nebraska Book Co. Nissan North America Inc. NorthrupGrumann/Litton Industries Perry Family Fund, The San Diego Foundation The Pittsburgh Foundation Plastech Engineered Product Inc. Priam Systems Corp. RadioShack Corp. Rockwell International Trust Roush Enterprises Inc. Sandia National Laboratories Scholarship America A. O. Smith Foundation Inc. Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates Standard Products Charitable Foundation

TK Holdings Inc. TNO-MADYMO NA Inc. Tamarin Square Apartments Texas Instruments Inc. Toyota Motor Sales Inc. United Negro College Fund Urban League of Rochester, NY Inc. View Engineering Inc. Visteon Corp. Wegmans Scholarship Award James A. Welch Foundation Whirlpool Corp. Wickes Manufacturing Co. World Heritage Foundation

BOSS KETTERING SOCIETY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORS Peggy Simpson Executive Director Corporate and Foundation Gifts Lisa Graham Director of Corporate and Foundation Gifts Eve Vitale Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Gifts

“Thank you so much for presenting me with the James E.A. John Scholarship. Like many students, I am worried about college tuition but this scholarship definitely takes some of my worries away. I come from a single parent home and my mom has always taken care of me and my siblings. Therefore, any financial assistance with my tuition is greatly appreciated. I have always looked up to my mom because of her resilience as a registered nurse and she has been proud of my will to continue my education. I have seen how hard she works to take care of me and this scholarship is a big relief to me and my family. It gives me hope that I will fulfill my dream to obtain a college degree, which will lead me to great opportunities in my career. This scholarship has shown me that I am not anything less than myself and that I am valued. Thank you for this scholarship and opportunity to continue my education.” ~ Rita Bandutsya

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS CORPORATE, FOUNDATION AND OTHER ORGANIZATION GIFTS Corporate, foundation and other organizational partnerships are very important to Kettering University and can take the form of the time and talent of the organizations employees, co-op employment, equipment or revenue. Kettering University is continually astounded by the generosity of its donors.

$10,000 - 24,999 ABB ACS Group The Clara Abbott Foundation Acuity Imaging Inc. American Electric Power American Iron & Steel Institute Ameritech Foundation Charles & Flossie Andrews Foundation AMG Charitable Gift Foundation Anna Paulina Fund Aon Foundation Art Moran Pontiac-GMC Inc. Ashland Oil Foundation Inc. Autoliv North America Automatic Systems Inc. Bank One Foundation The Bartech Group Bill Heard Enterprises Inc. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan BorgWarner Inc. Brooks Cushman PC C. V. Communities Capital Cities/ABC Foundation Carls Foundation Caterpillar Inc. Cleveland Foundation Comerica Inc. Copperweld Robotics Guy R. Cowing Memorial Fund Cummins Inc./Diesel RECon Co.Engine Dayton-Montgomery County Schools Deerfoot Lodge Robert A. Denton Inc. Detroit Diesel Corp. Don Massey Cadillac Inc. Dow Chemical Foundation Earlham College Elks National Foundation Engineering Information Foundation

Elliott & Constance Estes Foundation Exxon Education Foundation Faulkner Family Federal-Mogul Corp. Fernco Inc. Flex-Link Systems Co. Flint Downtown Host Lions Club Frank Gillman Pontiac-GMC LucasVerity/Fruehauf General Hydrogen Corp. Generative Systems Genesee County Auto Dealers Association Genesee Intermediate School District Grand Blanc Cement Products Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation Greater Flint Arts Council Guardian Industries Corp. Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation HEAD Acoustics Inc. Haworth Inc Henry Filters Inc. Henry Ford Health System Hoechst Celenese Corp. ICAM Technologies Corp. Intier Seating Systems Engineering Kellogg Co. Kendall Electric Inc. Kiwanis Scholarship Knable & Associates Stella & Frederick Loeb Charitable Trust Lockheed Martin Corp. Lexmark International Inc. Loctite Corp. LucasVerity/Fruehauf Lyn St James Foundation MSC Software Corp. Mack Trucks Inc.

Magna International Manufacturing Technologies Mason Tackle Co. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research Mechanical Design & Engineering Michigan Bell Telephone Microchip Technology Inc. Microsoft Corp. Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative Midland Area Community Foundation Motorola Foundation Inc. MotoTron Corp. NCR Corp. Inc. National Technology Transfer Inc. Navajo Nation Nebraska Book Co. PMX Inc. PerkinElmer Inc./Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Pilkington North America George M. Pullman Education Fund Roger Dean Chevrolet, Inc. SPX Foundation Sawyer & Associates Schooley Cadillac Inc. Shand Electronics Siemens Dematic Corp. G & L Snyder Spectrum Automation Co. Steinke-Signac Scholarship Fund Edward C. and Hazel L. Stephenson Foundation Oliver W. Storer Scholarship Fund T. E. Dawkins Investments TRW Canada Limited TRW Inc. Tenneco Frances Willson Thompson Trust


The Timken Company Toro Company Toyota Boshoku America Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America UMWA/BCOA Training & Education Fund University of Pennsylvania V&F Instruments Inc. VIA Systems Veit Memorial Charitable Trust Venture Holdings Co. LLC Verizon Foundation Weinstein Electric Co. Women’s Missionary Council Woodhaven Telesis Corp. Xerox Corp. Xerox Foundation

$4,000 - 9,999 80/20 Inc. ANR Pipeline Company APA Transport Education Foundation ARCO Foundation AT&T Foundation/SBC Foundation Alcoa Foundation Allied Telesis Inc. Allied Waste Industries Inc./BFI Waste Industries Alpha Kappa Boule Education Foundation

Altria Group Inc./Philip Morris USA Marshall H. & Nellie Alworth Memorial Fund American Express Co. American International Group Inc. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Saginaw Valley Section Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University Amoco Foundation Inc. Analog Devices Inc. Anchor Manufacturing Group Inc. Aquila Inc. Araco America Inc. Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation Autosolid Inc. BASF Corp. Peggy Bauervic Foundation Bayer Foundation/Miles Foundation Beaumont Foundation William Beaumont Hospital Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems Bill Page Imports Inc. Bi-State Olds Dealers Association The Boeing Co. The Boston Globe Boyle Buick Inc. The Bucyrus/Erie Foundation Burton Industries Inc. Business Technology Association/ NOMDA Scholarship Foundation Cam Tech Group Inc.

Central Michigan University Chautauqua Region Community Foundation Chicago Public Schools Clevepak Corp. Trust Inc. Community Foundation of Muskegon County Community Foundation of New Jersey D-M-E Company DaimlerChrysler Canada, Ltd. Dana Corp. Data-Linc Group DeMolay Scholarship Foundation The DeVlieg Foundation Delta Chi Fraternity The Detroit Board of Education Disabled American Veteran Douglas & Lomason Co. Dr. Dane & Mary Louise Miller Found. Dun & Bradstreet Corp. Durango Associates, Ltd. Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. Emerson Charitable Trust Epiphany Glass Erickson & Lindstrom Construction Co. Ex-Cell-O Corp. Family Guidance Training Institute Faurecia Exhaust Systems Inc./AP Automotive Systems First Presbyterian Church Flint Northern Community High School Fortis Foundation/AMEV Foundation Founders’ Found. of Theta Phi Alpha Fuel Systems Solutions Inc./IMPCO Technologies Inc. Furnas Electric Co. Gensee Area Skill Center Gigandet Student Loan Trust Edward R. Godfrey Foundation The Reynold A. Gogarn Scholarship Fund Gould Electronics Inc. Goyette Mechanical Co. Grand Rapids Community Foundation Greater Flint Auto Dealers Greater Flint Sunrise Rotary Club H.B. Fuller Co. Foundation

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS Harley Ellis Harness, Dickey & Pierce P.L.C. The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. Dr. Ruth W. Hayre Scholarship Fund Ruth A. Hill Scholarship Hasbro Inc. Hill Phoenix HookUp Inc. Houston Endowment Inc. Hudson Educational Foundation Donald Hughes Scholarship Hutchinson Enterprises IBM Thomas J. Watson Memorial Scholarship Program Idea Courier College Scholarship The Indianapolis Star/Indianapolis Newspapers Inc. Inland Ryerson-Ryerson Foundation Intel Semiconductor LTD. Intelliware Development Inc. Irvin Industries Inc. JP Morgan Chase & Co. Jackson Community College Johns Hopkins University Johnson Controls Inc. George W. Juhl Scholarship Kawaski Motors Corp., U.S.A. Kettering University-Student Alumni Council Kinetic Inc./Advanced DC Motor Inc. Kuni Cadillac & BMW Inc. LOF Glass Lamb Technicon Machining Systems Lambda Americas Inc. Lansing School District Louisiana-Pacific Foundation Love Chevrolet Co. Lucent Technologies Inc. LuK USA LLC Mahar Tool Supply Co Manufacturers’ Innovation Council Walter & Nancy Mast Trust Material Handling Education Foundation Max Machinery Inc. McDonald Dairy Co.

McNaughton-McKay Electric Co. MeadWestvaco Foundation Medallion Instrumentation Systems Medtronic Inc. Melior Inc. Merkley Charitable Trust Metrics Reporting Inc. Measurement Specialties Inc. Michigan Elks Foundation Mid America Motorworks/Mid America Designs Midland-Ross Corp. Modern Chevrolet Co. Molson Coors Brewing Co. Morton Thiokol Inc. NAACP Nabers Cadillac Inc. National Association of Secondary School Principals Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation Inc. Newcor Inc. Newton Tool & Manufacturing Co. Inc. Owens-Illinois Inc. Packer Pontiac Co. The Rosa L. Parks Scholarship Foundation Pcb Piezotronics Inc. PerkinElmer Foundation/EG&G Foundation Phi Delta Theta Education Foundation Precision Industries Inc. Process Development Corp. Prudential Financial Inc. RASP Scholarship Service Randolph Eastern School Corp. Richland County Foundation Rotary Club of Lucaya Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise St. Louis Pontiac Dealers Schneider Electric SA/Square D Co. The School District of Philadelphia Sewell Village Cadillac Simpson Industries Fund Society Bank Foundations Somes-Nick & Co. Soroc Products Inc. State of Arkansas Scholar

Steelcase Inc. Sterling-Detroit Co. Stryker Corp. Sutliff Chevrolet Co. Tau Gamma Delta Sorority Tektronix Inc. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans/Aid Association for Lutherans Tommy Thomas Chevrolet Toshiba American Electronic Components Inc. Tower Automotive Tozer Foundation Inc. Transportation Club of Detroit U.S. Army Tank - Armaments & Automotive Command (TACOM) United Engineering Trust United Jewish Foundation United Space Alliance LLC United Technologies Corp. Universities Research Inc. Vickers Training Center Victor George Oldsmobile Vortech Engineering LLC Wal-Mart Foundation Scholarship Program Warther’s Music Box Bells The Whiting Foundation XILINX Inc. Yamaha Motor Corp.,U.S.A.

DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORS Peggy Simpson Executive Director Corporate and Foundation Gifts Lisa Graham Director of Corporate and Foundation Gifts Eve Vitale Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Gifts

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS ENDOWED AND ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIPS, ENDOWED CHAIRS AND OTHER AWARDS Kettering University scholarships, endowed chairs and other awards provide important support to students during their academic careers, faculty who have contributed to research, student learning and the University.

Endowed Scholarships African American Scholarship The Zora Arkus-Duntov Memorial Scholarship Astbury Management Scholarship Suzanne & Raymond Baber Jr. Scholarship Milford & Mary Barron Scholarship Bennett Memorial Scholarship Ronald K. Boyer Scholarship Rodney & Rosemary Briggs Scholarship Marsha C. Brown Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Scholarship Build a Bulldog Scholarship Richard R. Burgett Scholarship Gary and Kay Cowger Endowed Scholarship Prof. Al Darlington Environmental Chemistry Scholarship Richard G. “Dickey” Dean Scholarship Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) Jill Ann Faleris Memorial Scholarship GMC Scholarship General Endowed Scholarship General Motors - Kettering University Ability Scholarship Lucein F. Govaerts Scholarship Janette M. & Robert J. Grant Endowed Scholarship Dr. David Green Scholarship Ronald G. Greenwood Scholarship Harris Family Scholarship Jack Hartzell Memorial Scholarship Kristin Ansted Harvey & Steven William Harvey Memorial Scholarship The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship in Engineering & Science Ralph K. and Sharon M. Hillquist Endowed Scholarship Hoagland Scholastic Achievement Scholarship Joseph Hudson Memorial Scholarship Connie John Memorial Scholarship James E.A. John Endowed Scholarship Johnson Controls Endowed Scholarship

Kagle Mentoring Program Scholarship Robert Kagle Scholarship Charles F. Kettering Merit Scholars Award Charles F. Kettering Scholarship Charles F. Kettering Merit Scholarship for Incoming Students Virginia W. Kettering Scholarship Harry W. Lange Endowed Scholarship Kenneth F. & Brenda E. Lingg Scholarship Robert K. and E. Martelle MacGregor Scholarship Dorothy Jane & V. Jay Martin Scholarship Robert W. Martin Management Scholarship Hans and Gertrude Matthias Scholarship The Stephen and Joan McEwen Scholarship Leonard A. and Zelpha E. McKinnon Scholarship Donald Miles Memorial Scholarship Louis & Florence Millon Endowed Scholarship Frank and Joan Mitchell Scholarship Stephen Moore Scholarship Thomas P. Moore Scholarship Mott Student Retention Scholarship John R. Nasi Scholarship Neithercut Family Endowed Scholarship Gus C. Nick Scholarship Florence and Robert Nulty Scholarship William E. Oram Scholarship Parent’s Association Scholarship Richard F. and Joyce V. Pekarek Scholarship Marissa and Eric Peterson Scholarship David Piper Memorial Scholarship Dan and Doris Powell Scholarship Jack and Amy Qualman Scholarship Sigma Chi Scholarship The Gabriel and Martha Stahl Scholarship

Steinke-Seignac Memorial Scholarship Karen Stewart Endowed Scholarship John E. Storer Endowed Scholarship Reverend Leon Sullivan Scholarship Sun Microsystem Scholarship Jan E. Tannehill Memorial Scholarship James W. Throop Scholarship The Tomchak Family Scholarship Frederick G. Wacker Jr. Scholarship Martin D. Walker Scholarship Mary Walker Scholarship Charles Wallace Scholarship in honor of Duane McKeachie Leonard Wocholski Scholarship Herman J. Wolfe Scholarship Bob Wolforth Memorial Scholarship Frank and Joyce Young Endowed Scholarship

Annual Scholarships Alpha Sigma Alpha Scholarship American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Scholarship Automation Alley Scholarship Program Reg Bell Scholarship Jada M. Bennett Memorial Scholarship Biomet Scholarship Capital Region Community Scholarship Chrysler Foundation Scholarship Collectors Foundation Scholarship DECA Scholarship Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding Association (EMCWA) Scholarship Foundry Education Foundation Scholarship FIRST Robotics Scholarship Flint Rotary Club Fund Ford Motor Co. Master’s Fellowship in Automotive Systems Engineering Ford Motor Co. Minority Scholarship Ford Motor Co. Minority Graduate Fellowship Ford Motor Co. Scholars Award Ford Motor Co. Women Scholars Award

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS General Motors Foundation Women and Minority Scholarship GM Sullivan Fellowship Jim Gover Scholarship Ruth & Jim Grimaldi Annual Scholarship Barthold and Dorothy Hoemann Scholarship James E. & Edna I. Johnson Scholarship Leonard B. Lopez Memorial Camp COMPASS Scholarship Lubrizol Scholarship Brian J. McHale II Memorial Scholarship Michigan Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship Minority Annual Scholarship Munish Bazaz Scholarship National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) Scholarship National Science Foundation Scholarship N.E. Ohio Alumni Scholarship Patricia and Armen Oumedian Engineering Scholarship Laura Rust Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa Engineering Scholarship SAE Scholarship Schlotterbeck Annual Scholarship Eugene W. Stefanyshyn Scholarship UPS Foundation Scholarships Bob Wolforth S.E. Michigan Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Endowed Chairs Robert Bosch Corporation Distinguished Professorship Al Grava Chair in Engineering Design Eugene W. Kettering Chair of Engineering Richard and Eunice Light Chair of Management F. James McDonald Endowed Chair of Industrial Management Robert E. Reiss Chair of Industrial Engineering Richard L. Terrell Chair of Academic Leadership Frances Willson Thompson Chair of Leadership Studies

Other Endowments & Awards Harley Anderson Engineering Award Applied Mathematics Research Award Jane E. Boon ’90 Endowment for the LITE Program Class of ’58 Endowment Community Outreach Endowment by Mott Foundation Guy R. Cowing Memorial Fund Col. John A. Faiola Endowment for the Clara Elizabeth Davidson Women’s Resource Center Col. John A. Faiola Women’s Resource Center Financial Education Endowment Karl R. Fledderjohn ‘57 Endowment for the Kettering Motorsports Program Historical Collection Endowment Fund Hougen Foundation Endowment for the Hougen Design Studio Connie John Millenium Fund Dr. Dane ’69 and Mary Louise Miller Life Sciences and Bio-Engineering Laboratories Joan and Omer E. Miller ’39 Endowment for the Miller Creativity Fund Ruth Mott Foundation Endowment for the Art Gallery Marcy and Robert S. Oswald ’64 Endowment for International Student and Faculty Exchange Student Leaders Fellowship Endowment Susan K. Smith Endowment for the Susan K. Smith Bioengineering Fund Lance M. Stefanyk Memorial Teaching Fund Albert J. Sobey Leadership Lectures Fund David S. Terrell Memorial Faculty Development Endowment Frances Willson Thompson Resident Hall Endowment

“Thank you for the Ronald K. Boyer Scholarship. As a recipient, I am grateful for the opportunities this award will provide me. I rely on financial aid and hard work to help further my education. Receiving this scholarship will help reduce my financial burdens and motivate me to continue pursuing my education. Your generosity really makes a difference.” ~ Brandon Church

DONORS & SCHOLARSHIPS FRIENDS OF THE UNIVERSITY The following lists all friends of Kettering University who contributed $100 or more in gifts or new active pledges during the 2007-2008 fiscal year. Basem Alzahabi Suzanne L. Baber Cecilia S. Bandl Pinhas Barak Dawn M. Bartlett Cheryl K. Baryo G. Reginald Bell Robert Hunt Berry Diane K. Bice Susan K. Bolt Douglas P. Bourassa Janet Brelin-Fornari Rodney D. Briggs Daniel J. Brinker Ricky D. Brown Timothy M. Cameron Karen E. Cayo Ram S. Chandran Joseph F. Coan Brian J. Conaway Beth A. Covers Lawrence Cywin Albert C. Darlington Stephen R. Davis Debra L. Deane Steve G. Demers Laura L. DiFilippo Jennifer L. Dunseath Raghu Echempati W. Duff y Edward & Co. Thomas E. Elsner Diane M. Emery Larry Erickson Martha G. Eurich Lenore L. Evennou Elizabeth A. Ewald John A. Faiola John F. Falcon John W. Fisher Vida M. Fisher Michael W. Fitzpatrick Bernadette P. Ford Linda S. Forrer Gladys Forshee Charlie Garthwaite Rob Glasier Jeremy Gnida Julie A. Gonzalez Aaron S. Grant Rosemary Gratch

Paul D. Gratsch Richard J. Gunter Tony Hain Charles D. Hanson Winfred D. Harrelson Charlotte A. Harris Edward N. Harris Michael Harris Ruben G. Hayrapetyan Kelly Jo Holmquist Jane E. Homsher Barbara D. Huffman Randall Hunsberger Arlene K. Hunt Becky A. Ibbotson Norman C. Irish James E. A. John Donald E. Johnson Beverly J. Jones Stephanie M. Jones Kenneth L. Kaiser Charles F. Kettering Albert J. Koegel Barbara L. Koegel Henry C. Kowalski Gary W. Krause Denise M. LaFreniere Tyana S. Lange Edward Lapham Donna L. LaVere Debra A. Lengyel Lindsey Levine Hongyang Li Stanley R. Liberty Harry A. Lomason Marsha J. Lyttle Robert A. Marias Mark Thomas E. Robert M. McAllister Bonnie D. McArthur L. B. McCune James P. McGrath Robert S. Miller Florence F. Millon Robert L. Mitchell Barbara J. Monie Bernice F. Moore Clarice K. W. Morris Patricia A. Mroczek Lance Onken

Bradley C. Pagan Mark A. Palmer Sung-Hee Park James B. Perry Linda K. Peterson Venetia S. Petteway William H. Piper Edward J. Preville Andrzej Przyjazny Corneliu I. Rablau Bassem H. Ramadan Ronald L. Ranger Kenneth Redd Susan M. Reynolds Dan Rice William J. Riffe Gregory D. Riley Pamela Rodgers Joseph J. Salacuse Frank T. Sargent Robert J. Scharich Charles H. Sheridan

Jason M. Sievers John L. Skaff Albert B. Sobey Marjorie A. Sorge Paul Stanford John P. Stock Helene J. Streich David C. Strubler Laura L. Sullivan Michael Svendsen Kathryn A. Svinarich Dwight L. Tavada Mary J. Thomas Frances Wilson Thompson Nadine L. Thor Julie A. Ulseth John Urquhart Lihua Wang Jane L. Warner Dennis C. Washington Kenneth L. Way

Sue Weiss Karen M. Westrick Ernie Wheaton Claire White David C. White Mark A. Wicks Brad Wilkins Karen R. Wilkinson Debra F. Williams Martin Wing Ali Zand Joseph P. Zima

FRIENDS OF THE UNIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORS Jack Stock, Executive Director of Individual Giving Michelle Loper, Director of Annual Giving


UNIVERSITY BOARD OF TRUSTEES Henio Arcangeli, Jr. ’86 President - Motorsports Group Yamaha Motorsports Corp. USA Lizabeth A. Ardisana CEO, ASG Renaissance Michael J. Burns ‘75 CEO & President (retired) Dana Corp. Bruce D. Coventry ‘75 (Chair) Vice President, Product Development, Chrysler Corp. CEO, Global Electronic Motorcars Gary L. Cowger ‘70 (Vice Chair) Group Vice President, GM Corp. Dennis Cuneo Counsel, Arent Fox PLLC Jacqueline A. Dedo ’84 (Secretary) Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, Dana Holding Corp. Neil De Koker ‘67 President & CEO, Original Equipment Suppliers Association

Greg Deveson ‘84 President, Americas Magna Powertrain USA Phillip C. Dutcher ‘74 COO, Naples Community Healthcare

S. R. Liberty President, Kettering University

William R. Hartman Chairman, President, CEO, Citizens Banking

Sam M. Mancuso Quantum Software LLC

David S. Hoyte ‘71 Executive Vice President, Castle Harlan Partners Kurt H. Joerger ‘86 CEO, Newton Tool & Manufacturing Co. Larry R. Johnson Director, Transportation Technology R&D Center, Argonne National Laboratory Robert C. Kagle ‘78 Benchmark Capital Charles F. Kettering III President, The Kettering Family Foundation

Harry A. Lomason II Jesse Lopez CEO, BAE Industries Inc.

James A. McCaslin ‘74 President and COO, HarleyDavidson Motor Co. Dane A. Miller ‘69 President & CEO, Biomet Inc. Cindy Niekamp President and General Manager BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems Debbie Nemesi Vice President, General Business, Central Region, IBM Corp. Chris Nielsen ‘87 Vice President, Purchasing Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America

Robert S. Oswald ‘64 Chairman, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC Frank Perna, Jr. ‘60 Chairman Emeritus, MSC Software Steve Sanghi Chairman, President, CEO Microchip Technology Inc. Heinz Schulte Marjorie Sorge Principal , M3 Strategies Lyn St. James LSJ Foundation Randy Stashick Vice President of Engineering, UPS Robert E. Swaney, Jr. John Urquhart Chief Scientist, AARDEX Ltd. Jane L. Warner Executive Vice President , ITW Worldwide Finishing Systems

Larry A. Denton

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Paul Cloutier ‘92 Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Microposite Inc.

Stacy Gardner ‘06 Senior Consultant Avalution Consulting

Paul DiLisio ‘91

Nathan Hara ‘07 Durability Engineer DMAX Ltd.

Martin Dober ‘93 Vice President, New Markets Michigan Economic Development Corp. Jackie El-Sayed ‘86 Professor, Mechanical Engineering Kettering University

Matt Hilgendorf Chief Metrologist, H & HS Caterpillar Inc. Charlotte Hubbard ‘83 President, Prima Communications Inc.

Robert Evangelista ‘89 President/Author, The Business of Winning

Cristina Ike ‘05 Product Design Engineer, Ford Motor Co.

Joseph Gallagher ‘07 Sales Engineer BizWireDirect Inc.

Suzanne Kayser ‘05 Vehicle Safety Integration, GM Performance Division

Joseph Kibbe ‘66

Armen Oumedian ‘49

Rod Kirkham ‘75 General Manager of Human Resources, DMAX Ltd.

Franklin Preston ‘70

Frank Krohn ‘77 Quality Launch Manager Future Programs GM Fairfax Assembly John Mahoney ‘55 General Partner, RLM Engineering Co. Valerie Maw ‘95 Manufacturing Engineer, Ford Motor Co. Mike Okey ‘76 Manager, Worldwide Parts Distribution, Allison Transmission

Julie Straka ‘85 President, Alumni Association Project Manager, ArvinMeritor Michael VanSlyke ‘70 Executive Director for Alumni Affairs, Kettering University Kurt Vatalaro ‘89 Nathan Wilke ‘84

Kettering University 1700 W. University Ave. Flint, MI 48504-4898

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