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Woodstock Professional & Business Women March 2011

From the President “Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount..” ~ Clare Boothe Luce

NEXT MEETING: March 21, 2010 Tarts & Truffles Woosdstock Square 6:00 P.M. ~ Cost: $20 All members: If you have not yet responded to the “e-vite” please contact Sherry Thurow — or 815.338.1981 — by 5:00 p.m. Thursday , March17, whether you are coming or not.

President Lisa Kelly

Vice President Sandra Pierce spierce@phoenixwoodwork Secretary Sherry Thurow Treasurer Phyllis Close

I can’t begin to properly thank you for the flowers, e-mails, visits and food you’ve sent my way since my fall last month. Special thanks go to Donna and Tina for staying with me in the emergency room—not exactly a stimulating tour of duty. All of the drama resulted in surgery on my left arm, which has rendered me without the use of that hand. With lots of extra relatively unproductive time available, I have been interested in the many tasks that are difficult, or impossible, to do with only one hand. One is the inability to get screw tops off of containers. That makes opening medicine and prune juice bottles a distinct challenge. Then, trying to write down messages from either my cell or cordless phone is basically impossible, as I have to choose between holding the phone to my ear and writing anything. I can get the information and put the phone down to write, but I am finding that I then miss the next part of the message or, most often, get the names and/or numbers wrong. Another source of frustration is that I can’t wear anything but pull-up pants. It’s going to be quite a while before I can wear my jeans. Bummer! However, if I continue in this mode of inactivity, they won’t fit anyway, so maybe it’s for the best. But mostly, I think how thankful I am for good friends and that, although currently inconvenienced, I will heal. I have new understanding and compassion for those facing really critical health issues. Thanks again to you all, and I will see you on the 21st.

Lisa Kelly

March 2011

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WPBW 2010 – 2011 Programs March 21, 2011 — Master Gardener Tells All . . . about Perennials! Are you just about ready for spring? For those of us who are weary to the bone of winter and itching to get our fingers deep into the dirt, our March program comes not a moment too soon. McHenry County Master Gardener Suzanne Eck will be speaking on the topic of perennials in the landscape — where to plant them, how to display them to best advantage, and secrets for keeping the plants happy and productive. This is a great opportunity to benefit from an expert’s advice as we plan our 2011 gardens. So come with your gardening questions. Suzanne will be happy to provide the answers you need.

Upcoming Programs: April 2011 — Woman of the Year. This award is given to a woman living or working in the greater Woodstock area whose leadership and creativity in cultural affairs, economic development, education, environmental efforts, human services or civic endeavors have contributed to enhancing the quality of life in this community. No one (except members of the committee) knows who she will be until the very last moment. You won’t want to miss the great reveal at the Stage Left Café to help us honor this exceptional woman.

May 2011 — Steve Gavers, Gavers Cancer Foundation. A cancer survivor with an amazing story to tell, Steve will also give us a sneak peek at the organization’s plans for this year’s fundraiser.

March 2011

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Someone You Should Know Kim Clunk Before Kim met her husband, Jeff, and became his partner at Woodstock’s Furniture Store, she was already a successful artist. In 2004 she had her first exhibit at the Opera House, and sold eight paintings on opening night. Kim has found a way to combine her artistic career with the demands of a retail business. “The store is a perfect place to display my art,” she says, “and with no gallery commissions to pay I can keep my prices low.” She credits her fourth grade teacher for inspiring her to become an artist. While the rest of the class had reading group, Mrs. Blackburn would have Kim, already a good reader, draw clipper ships on poster boards. Kim won various contests throughout her school years, including a Bicentennial poster contest that her high school art teacher, Mr. Damian, had everyone in his class enter. Kim had little interest in the assignment, but says her grade in his class meant everything to her. The night before the deadline, she threw together a collage from scraps of material, creating an abstract image of Betsy Ross sewing the American flag. “Sitting high in the bleachers during the awards ceremony, chatting away with friends, I missed it when they announced my name,” she recalls. “It was very strange that everyone was looking at me. A friend kept tugging my arm, saying,’ Kim, they want you on stage!’ I am as stunned today as I was then. I felt like I had cheated somehow, but I suppose that's the best way to describe how easily creating things comes to me.” Kim became involved in the screen printing industry as production manager at Blue Hand Alliance, a pioneer in printing fine art on textiles. “We were burning 380 line screens when 130 mesh was the standard, “ she says. “We picked up names like Caterpillar, Looney Tunes, and Fruit of the Loom was the feather in our cap. It was hard work, requiring me pulling 18 hour shifts for days on end, but I truly loved it.” Kim still paints, but she has made a major shift to digital art. “I’m exploring a whole new frontier ,” she says. “That is indeed fascinating.”

March 2011

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Join WPBW on Facebook!/pages/WoodstockProfessional-and-Business-Women/180740248636472 Facebook, the networking tool of the “now” generation, is also a powerful marketing tool. It’s the best way to reach a larger number of women in the Woodstock area, which will help us recruit new members. Having a Facebook page also makes it easier to post announcements and share news. BONUS... Facebook is FREE! Here’s what you can do to help spread the word about WPBW: 1. If you aren’t already a member of Facebook, go to and create your account. 2. Become a “friend” by typing Woodstock Professional and Business Women into the Facebook search bar. That will take you to our fan page. 3. By clicking on the “like” button under our name, you’ll receive posts on your wall from WPBW and you can leave comments or ask questions on the WPBP wall, for all to see. Kim Clunk has volunteered to set up and monitor our Facebook page. “If no one responds to a question, I will find them an answer,” she says. “Potential new members may inquire about the group here and check out our mission statement. If the members share the link with their friends, they will see what WPBW is all about! It's fun, it's simple and these days, just about everyone has —or will soon have — a Facebook account!”

Monthly Raffle Sign-up WPBW COOK BOOK SALES

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A big thank-you to the following members who have volunteered to bring the raffle prizes to our meetings: October November December January February March April May June

Sherry Thurow Tricia McCoy Donna Mayberry Lynn Fiala Marsha Portnoy Esther Kaplan (none, it’s our Woman of the Year meeting!) Shelly Eslick Diana Bark

March 2011

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Woodstock Professional & Business Women Meeting Minutes of February 21, 2011 Submitted by Sherry Thurow The regular monthly meeting of the Woodstock Professional and Business Women was called to order by Lisa Kelly, President, at 7:05 P.M. Members and their guests were introduced; Yvonne Ahrens was welcomed as a new member. Minutes — Cary Lavan made a motion to approve as presented the minutes of the January meeting. Cindy Hovi seconded, and motion carried. Treasurer’s Report — The Treasurer’s report was reviewed. Phyllis Close, Treasurer, noted that two scholarship recipients have not yet claimed the second installment of their scholarships. Tina Hill moved to accept the report; Cindy Hovi seconded the motion. Motion carried. Committee Reports — ♠ Garden Walk: Tricia McCoy reported that four gardens are set, and there are two other potential ones. Flyers may have to be printed since Kathy Seith, who was going to make them, is undergoing physical rehabilitation. ♠ Woman of the Year: Doreen Paluch reported that nomination forms are available on line and at several locations throughout the community. The deadline for submission is March 18, 2011. There will be a press release in The Woodstock Independent and The Northwest Herald. ♠ Scholarship: Tina Hill will put out press releases regarding the scholarship. Applications are available on the WPBW ’s W web site. The deadline will be extended to mid April. Cary Lavan has a flyer that she will B WP update so that it can be distributed to appropriate locations. Tina will also follow up with the two scholarship recipients who have not requested the remainder of their funds. New Business — Lisa Kelly read a letter from Christmas Clearing House thanking us for our donation and support. There was discussion as to having WPBW on Facebook providing a much wider audience. The only costs involved are “set up.” Kimm Clunk volunteered to set it up. A motion to 815. 333.6103 move forward with Facebook was made by Tricia McCoy and seconded by Tina Hill. Motion carried. Diana Bark

Diana is our “Sunshine Girl”. Please let her know to whom she should send a greeting card...for any reason: congratulations, cheer, sympathy, whatever!

Sandra Pierce announced that members have until February 28th to provide items for the WPBW “garden theme” basket that will be part of the “Take A Walk In Her Shoes” fund raising event.

Program — Four women —- Virginia Dannehy, Sam Gentili, Mary Dickman, Stephanie Drougas — explained how they pooled their talents and experiences in retail and interior decorating to create Diva’s Attic, which features new, vintage, resale and consignment items. They stressed that it is a great way to “go green.”

♠ Meeting adjourned at 8:05 by motion of Tina Hill with second by Cindy Hovi.

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WPBW Officers

President Lisa Kelly Harding Real Estate 815. 338.7100 X225 m Vice President Sandra Pierce Phoenix Woodworking 815.338.9338 spierce@phoenixwoodwork Secretary Sherry Thurow 815-338-1981 Retired Treasurer Phyllis Close Bear Hugs of Chicagoland 815.334.0718

Woodstock Professional & Business Women An organization dedicated to active community service and the elevation of standards for women in business and the professions. OBJECTIVES We are dedicated to community service and the promotion of standards for women in business and the professions. We are committed to extending opportunities for education to women who wish to extend or further their careers in the professional and business fields. POLICES We are a non-profit, nonsectarian, and non-partisan organization. MEMBERSHIP Membership may be held by individuals employed or retired, who support the objectives of the club and are interested in serving the community of Woodstock. DUES Annual dues are payable in September. Annual dues are $40. Life time members do not pay dues (25 or more years with WPBW)

OFFICERS President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Elections are held in June. The term of office begins with the September meeting.

Page 6 2010—2011 WPBW Committee Chairs Budget Phyllis Close Bear Hugs of Chicago Land 815.334.0718 Program Sherry Thurow 815.338.1981 Tricia McCoy 815.338.7119 Membership Ellen Kalinowski 815-334-4733

STANDING COMMITTES Budget; Garden Walk; Historian; Fund Raising Events; Membe rship; Newsletter; Programs; and Woman of the Year MEETINGS Monthly, excluding July and August. Meetings are held in Woodstock on the THIRD MONDAY of each month. Networking begins at 6 p.m. with dinner at 6:30, followed by meeting and program. Current dinner charge is $20. If you are unable to attend a meeting and fail to notify a member of the membership committee, you will be charged for the dinner. The Restaurant is guaranteed a standing number of dinners based on membership.

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Frances Kuhn Scholarship Fund Tina Hill State Rep. Mike Tryon 815.338. 1509 Garden Walk Esther Kaplan 815.333.2508 Diana Bark Newsletter Marsha Portnoy 815.206.0409

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