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Kimberly Monae Brown 12325 Saint Lukes Road Sedley, Va 23878

757- 899-5019

Seeking a position in the capacity of OFFICE ASSISTANT within a medical office environment, bringing the following experience, skills, and attributes: Experience working in general public and educational settings Interface well with others at all levels including patrons, professionals, children, and students Hardworking and detail orientated with excellent interpersonal communication, customer service skills Extensive knowledge of Windows/Mac OS, Microsoft Office, Adobe Design Suite, varies Internet research sources

WORK EXPERIENCE Sales Associate (2009-2010) Forever 21, Richmond, Virginia 804 -741- 4950 Responsibilities: Sales and Customer Service

EDUCATION Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA (2009- 2011) Governor’s School for the Arts, Visual Arts (GSA) Norfolk, VA (2005-2009) Southampton High School, Courtland, VA (2005-2009)

REFERENCES Jeremy Kamtman 301-318-1085 Teresa Olive 757-465-5765 Lauren Lachica 804-243-2666

2011 resume  
2011 resume