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Growing Together To Foster Student Success And Build Support For Public Education

Assistant Principal, Terrlyn Blunt, accepted VIPS’ Apple Award on behalf of her school’s volunteer, Kirby Brady. Brady received the award for her service at Melrose Elementary.

In the 2013-2014 school year, VIPS’ school volunteers contributed 103,147 service hours within the school district. The commitments of our volunteers are the seeds of success that help support classroom enrichment and learning.

Seeds of Success 2


Each year, hundreds of students in EBR Public Schools are recommended by their teachers to participate in the EveryBody Reads Program. The one-on-one assistance that Reading Friends provide helps students improve in reading, comprehension, fluency, and phonics. Louise Calloway with her Reading Friend

I encourage my students to always do their best and never give up to become better readers. -Louise Calloway







Students from the 2018 Voyage Class

Math Friend Jim Ferguson volunteers at The Dufrocq School.

EveryOne Counts has been instrumental in helping improve student confidence in math. Math Friends work with students on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

My student is not afraid to make mistakes. We celebrate when we get something right. -Jim Ferguson





Voyage aims to help students transition from middle to high school, graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education. Voyage Captains serve as mentors focused on goal-setting, career exploration and life-mapping skills.

We made a personal connection which allows us to make progress in accomplishing goals.

Voyage Captain Angella Wynn with mentee Destinee.

-Angella Wynn



There are currently 25 Voyage students who participate in the program. VIPS goal is to serve a total of 35 students for the 2018 Voyage Class. 3

Community partners play an integral role in supporting EBR Public Schools with viable resources, sponsorships, and volunteer participation. VIPS facilitates partnerships within the community that enhance classroom learning.

VIPS’ community partners are instrumental in offering resources that enhance traditional classroom learning. Students from Brownfields Elementary participate in an outdoors activity under the direction of Louisiana Outdoor Outreach Program (LOOP) staffer Roxie Wilson.

- Kim Marcelle, Partners In Education Coordinator

Lending Hands In the 2013-2014 school year, VIPS tapped community partners to participate in the Lending Hands initiative designed to engage businesses in short-term volunteer opportunities during the school year. Two notable Lending Hands activities were Route to Wellness, focused on healthy living and Art 2 Learning, centered on promoting the arts in education. From these efforts, over 400 students were able to engage with community partners in enrichment activities. 4

Art 2 Learning- Community partners and school administrators gather during the Art 2 Learning mosaic mural unveiling at Glen Oaks Park Elementary. Amerigroup, Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and Aramark supported Ms. Fannie Brown’s art class with this project.

Volunteers in Public Schools Dashboard

6/30/2010 REVENUES Contributions ($) All Revenue, excluding G. Daniels ($) Growth, contributions (%) Growth, all (%)

$ $


93,473 293,210

$ $


72,245 257,604 -22.71% -12.14%

$ $


53,099 274,060 -26.50% 6.39%

$ $

56,787 274,951 6.95% 0.33%


$ $

71,539 299,681 25.98% 8.99%

PERSONNEL Personnel Costs (%)






BOTTOM LINE Operating Margin (%) Days Cash on Hand (excluding G. Daniels)

-1.98% 231.10

-2.17% 269.21

5.90% 304.25

1.46% 319.95

-13.27% NM

Contributions ($)

All Revenue, excluding G. Daniels ($)


$350,000 $300,000 $250,000

$80,000 $60,000

$200,000 $150,000 $100,000 $50 000 $50,000

$40,000 $20,000 $-

Budget to Actual 6/30/14 $450,000 $400,000 $350,000 $300,000 $250,000 $200,000 $150,000 $100,000 $50,000 $$

$0 2010






Personnel Costs (%)





Operating Margin (%)

Expense Allocation (%)


120.00% 100.00%





Program Expense



2010 -5.00%

40.00% 20.00%




2014 77.29%

Management and General Fund Raising


0.00% 2010







>$5,000 Albemarle Foundation Bradsher, Henry S. and Monica

Sternberg, Mary Ann

Taylor, Porter, Brooks and Phillips

Wilkes, Lela Mae Zobrist, Michael J.

Barrett, Coletta C.

Bethly, Judy K. and Laurence T., Jr.

Black, Bradley C. Bonin, Mrs. Shirley M. Bonnecaze, Julianne Bourque, Jude D. Calamari, Edward C.

$2,500 - $5,000 Carriere, Michelle

$250 - $499 Adams & Reese LLP

ExxonMobil Corporation Nixon, Josephine W. Carnahan, John and Carolyn Davis, Wayne and Marilyn First United Methodist Church Hammonds, Sills, Adkins & Guice

Belcher, Pearl W.

Coates, Jr., Frank

Coates, Beverly and Dudley

Daniel, Louis R. Daniel, Loyd and Marylyn Dean, Colette and Andy Decell, Louis and Karen Devall, James and Alice Dodson, Sue Downing, Sara M. Duplechain, Scarlett Dyer, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert East, Morris L. and Rebecca S.

Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge

Merrill Lynch Employee Philanthropic Fund

Moser, Marcia and Roger Our Lady of the Lake Potter, Mary Lou and Bill Sills, Pam and Ken Star Service, Inc. The Lane Agency Turner, John and Jerry Fischer

$500 - $999 De Leo, Connie M. Eaton, Susan Martin Ellender, Ervie and Carolyn ExxonMobil Foundation Fabre, Connie Faulk, Judith Ford, Lulu S. Gaspard, Kenny and Linda Howard, Don and Verni Juengling, Laura Louisiana Lottery Corporation Mayfield, Mary Jo Ory, Kathleen and Joel Pennington, Joan and Donald Sills, John Smith, Mrs. Eula V. Sterling, Terrie and Edmund 6

Cantwell, Charlotte and Buster

Albertsons Community Partners Program Carney, Robert S. and Bonnie J. Davis

Billings III, Dr. and Mrs. Frederic T. Coca Cola Bottling Company United, Inc.

Cox Communications Cronrath, Doreen Duke, Mrs. Jenola First Clearing, LLC First Presbyterian Church Fisher, Mark J. Gary, Alison Guidry, David Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hammons, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Haymaker, Richard W. and Holley Galland Hay Johnson, Clyde E. Keisler, James and Patience Lamb, Deborah E Levine, Bette C. MacMorran, Jason Miller, Ben Miller, John C. Nelson, Susan and Danny Preis, Phil and Terry Saurage, Donna M. Solomon, Lamonica Solvay Tyson, Wayne Walker-Sykes, Britanny Ware-Jackson, Evelyn $100 - $249 Albertson’s Ashworth, Edward and Priscilla

Cottrill, Donald C. and Glenelle F.

Epperson, James F. and Martha D.

Finan, John J. and Patricia L. Firnberg, Edward

Foil, The Honorable and Mrs. Frank

Garay, Mary Sanders Gibbs, Thomas and Karolyn Ginn, Nancy Grace, Linda and Fred Gross, Gerald and Devera H.U.G.S., INC. Hargon, C. Geron Harrell, J. Cooper and Zoe S. Harrison, Elias Hatfield, Barbara Hathaway, Lynn Heflin, Sue Hines, Francis Prosser Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. Donald

Johnson, Bridgett Johnson, Willie C. Jones, Norman and Barbara Kaiser, Jimmy

Leake, Feltus Losch, Melissa Maison Lacour Martin, Shadonna Matthews, Jethro and Cherryl McArthur III, Frank D. McGehee, Mary B. and Carruth

Merrick, Robyn Mills, Penny

Morgan III, Mr. and Mrs. James H.

Patrick, Jr., Dr. Kirk A.

Pitcher Jr., The Honorable and Mrs. Freddie

Pope, Helen A. Post Architects, LLC Rainer, Sue Roberts, Nancy S. Roof, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin D Rotenberg, Alvin G.

Shapiro, Alfred B. and Kristina Webb

Timmons, Mary B. Tipton, Julius Wesley, Mitch and Erin Wikman, Andrew

Wilkinson, Lawrence E. and Karen J.

$100> Andrews, Jennifer Armgardt, Carolyn August, Deborah Bach, Margaret Bardell, Kimberly Bateman, John H. Baxter, Carol Beasley, Madison Bernie, Sue Bezet, Sandy and Gary Boston, Catherine Bowsher, Robert and Linda Boyd, David and Fiona Boydstun, Jan Bradley, Paula Bruser, Adonna Gay Burgess, Marilyn Hines

Burns, Andwed and Audrey Burton, Alberta By Design Interiors, Inc. Byrd, Winifred E. Cage, Dameka Cahill, Sr. Helen Campbell, Tiffany Cancio, Cherie Carmena, Ursula and John Carney, Kristen Carter, Bicki Carter, Richard Casey, Mr. Robert R. Cavanaugh, Michael and Carolyn Champagne, Kenneth Champagne, Tracie Clark, E.M. ‘Ned’ and Laura Cole, James F. Couvillion, Evita Cramer, Marilyn J. and Gail L. Crane, John and Amy Crawford, Jeffery Creel, Linda Crochet, Anne J. Cucinelli, Vickie Curet, Louis D. Dabkowski, John and Marcia Day, Rev William and Rebecca

Dement, Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Leon N.

Dicharry, Rachel Douglas, Robert E. Downing, Pamela Drumm, Daphne Dubois, Cheryl Dumas, Gerry Dyason, Jill C. Dyer, Nathaniel and Delores Elder, Eleanor Exner, Jerry L. Fatout, Marian F. Ferstel, Vicki Flanders, Lezlee

Freiberg, Barbara Gaignard, Donna Garland, Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Gill, Winifred L. Gladden, Marilyn Graham, Brent and Vanessa Grayson, Buffie Grover, Leslie and Kendell Hale, Don Hamblock, Gregory Hardouin, Patti Harmon, Mary Ann Harris, Carla Courtney Harrison, Barbara M. Heaton, Charlene Hebert, Andre Heroman, Sr., Mr. William J. Howard, Missy Hunt, LaToya Hutchinson, Pam D. Irving, William and Alice Ann Jacobs, Jonathan Jennings, Maryann Johnson, Mary L. Jones, Willie Mae Juban, Martha Kaffey, Caren Karam, Amy Kay, Leatha Keane, Catherine Kegans, Bax Kemp, Margie Kenyon, Sue Kirsch, Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Kronenberger, Alice S. and Lawrence Lamb, Terri Landry, Marie M. Lewis, Lisa Loy, F. Stephen and Sheri Luikart Jr., Dr. and Mrs. C. Bryan

Mack, Gaylynne MacMorran, Jason

Mason, Linda Mayweather, Suguna

McCall Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Robert B.

McCallister-LeDuff, Pat McCord, V. L. and Frances McCrossen, Catherine McKinney, George and Kelly McLaurin, Phyllis Metcalf, Jane Michael Walsh Miller, Harriet Babin Miller, Joseph and Nancy Moran, Tami Moreland, Joyce J. Morgan, Pam Morris-Stagg, Karen Murphy, Alicia Newbill, George A. and Janet R. Nixon, Brenda

Noland III, Mr. and Mrs. Iveson B. Odom, Mr. and Mrs. Huntington

Pace, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Parker, Paige Parsons, Joan Patterson, Afi Patterson, Beverlye Perry, Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Phillabaum, Roberta Pollard, Mark Prejean, Jacques

Prescott, Mr. and Mrs. William S.

Prileau, Tomeka Rankins, Tarchia Rayers, John C. and Sujata Rehn, Jill Robinson, Deshawn Roussel, Denise E. Rowe, Sharon Samaha, Roger Sanders, Aueril Say, Mr. and Mrs. R. Schnieder, M.J.

Scott, Chakesha Seab, Sue Seghers, Cindy Seghers, Philip E. and Mary C. Shoemaker, Jan O. Skipper, Frances Smith, Burma Smith, Patricia H. Staves, Dawn Steuer, Bonnie Steuer, Natlie Stokes, Marilynn J. Storey, Ann Teddlie, Charles Theriot, Jeremy Touchton, Louise D. Travelers Companies Inc Upton, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Venuto, Andrew and Shannon Wager, Gayle and Oliver Walker, Frankie Warner, Jessica White, Lanie Wilder, John & Susan Williams, Pearl Wisbar, Rebecca Woodland, James P Wriska, James and Susan Wyatt, Elizabeth A. Yelverton, Donna Zuber, Mr. and Mrs. Donald S.

Thank you Donors for Helping to Plant Our Seeds

Schreiner, Timothy and Ruth Hamel 7

OFFICERS • Wayne Tyson, President Elect Turner Industries • Dr. Leslie Grover, Vice President Elect Southern University • Jason MacMorran, Treasurer Postlethwaite & Netterville • John Sills, Secretary Elect DIRECTORS • Monica Bradsher • Sr. Helen Cahill Our Lady of the Lake RMC •Liz Cooke Smith Baton Rouge Area Chamber • Carla Courtney Harris Hammonds, Sills, Adkins & Guice • Susan M. Eaton Woman’s Hospital • Connie Fabre Greater BR Industry Alliance • Lulu Ford Our Lady of the Lake RMC • Alison Gary Gary Law Firm • Bridgett Johnson ExxonMobil •Laura Juengling Louisiana State University

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2014 VIPS’ Picnic and Apple Awards Ceremony

VIPS 2014 Annual Report  

VIPS 2014 Annual Report