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LLL 30-Stano-Zol Marketing Summary

Date:July 2009 Product Product Name: 30-Stano-Zol Product Ct: 30 Day Supply Ingredients: Main Ingredient: 5a-androstano (3,2-c) pyrazole-e-one-178-olthp-ester supports increased testosterone levels for increase strength vascularity. SKU: 811020978107 CN Item: 10418 Pricing SRP: $99.99 Retail Target: $78 - 22% off – Preferred Member Pricing Planogram Location Primary: Section 19 – HardCore (Locked Case) Cross Merchandise: Section 18 – Stacks Target Market Target Audience: Males 18-34 Situation: Since Andros were banned from the market a few years ago, males are looking for the next best product that will give them the boost in testosterone needed to increase muscle mass – legally without the use of anabolic steroids.

The males in this audience typically will workout on a regular basis. They are looking to boost muscle mass, weight, size and strength. Strategy To introduce a sublinqual strength & vascularity booster that delivers an increased absorption rate, bypasses the liver for immediate results. Consumer Benefits Taken 30 minutes prior to workout: • Increased testosterone levels – leading to a longer more productive workout. • Increased strength and vascularity – works best stacked with 5-Deca. • Immediate absorption into the blood stream for maximum benefit. Product Benefits • Maximum strength prohormone that delivers massive strength and vascularity • Eliminate passage through the digestive system where much of the potency of prohormones are destroyed. • Increases vascularity, a desired state for many male bodybuilders. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Complete Nutrition has a strong customer base with this target audience. Harcore look and feel that appeals to the target audience. Great word of mouth and referral advertising. Diversifies CN advertising portfolio. Minimal competitive sublinguals on the market. Ability to sell as strength and mass gain program. Great to stack with methylated prohormones for increased results during the mass cycle. Weakness: More expensive than capsule form of competitors. Some kids that want it can’t afford it making it a huge target for theft in our retail locations. Opportunities: Upsell and stack with many other LLL branded and MASS Project branded for maximum benefit. Competitive Landscape Competition: (includes products, distribution, pricing, revenue, USP – across direct and indirect competition)

Direct: Product: Infinite Labs Cyclo V Distribution: Everywhere Price: 30 Day Supply - $51.99 Revenue: USP: None Features and Benefits: Features: Sublingual tablet delivery 400% increased absorption Benefits: Increased testosterone Increased of strength Increased vascularity USP (Unique Selling Proposition): A sublingual form of this prohormone delivers a 400% increased absorption rate. Product Positioning: Targeted to bodybuilders and males who want an increase in testosterone levels boosting strength and vascularity Research Studies show that this product works best with strength straining. Channel Distribution Exclusive to Complete Nutrition Retail Stores Market Strategy: Target young males looking to increase size and mass for a more muscular physique. Promotion: $99 – 30 Day Supply Stacked with methylated LLL products such as 5-Deca, 2-Winn and 17-Phero to synergistically enhance the performance of both products. Total Package $200 with free 2lb Onyx Protein & Omega Shreds Media Selection: Direct Mail, Flyers, Complete, and referrals Key Influences: CN Consultants, Friends, Testimonials Suggested Add-On Products: 5-Deca, 17-Phero, 2-WinnMass Project Buzzerk, Onyx Protein, Omega Shreds & Optimizer

30-Stano-Zol Product Sheet  
30-Stano-Zol Product Sheet  

Target Market Target Audience: Males 18-34 Situation: Since Andros were banned from the market a few years ago, males are looking for the ne...