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August 2009

Welcome to First Grade!

Dear First Grader,

My name is Mrs. Phelps and I am so excited that you will be in my first grade class this year! I am planning a fun-filled year and am looking forward to the start of school. We are going to have a great time learning, making discoveries, and experiencing new things together. There are some important supplies that I would like you to bring to school. Please bring the following items to be used as community supplies. o o o o o o o o o o o o o

1 pair of child’s scissors (Fiskars work best) 1 box of 24 crayons 10 #2 pencils (plain yellow pencils work best) 2 glue sticks 1 package of dry erase markers (2 marker pack-blue or black) 2 large pink erasers 1 small plastic “tool” box (5X8) Art smock (an old shirt of Mom or Dad’s) Colored Pencils Washable Markers (optional) 1 box of tissues Baby Wipes (optional) $3.00 for tie-dye supplies (includes shirt)

I am really excited to meet you and to start the year! I would like to invite you to visit your new classroom and me, on Wednesday, September 2nd between 1:00-2:00. Feel free to bring your supplies in at this time. I know that you and your family may have some questions about first grade. I will send home an informational letter the first week of school that will give you important information about our class. Until then, you can look at our class website at Enjoy the rest of your summer! I am really looking forward to meeting you and your family! Sincerely, Mrs. Phelps

Deer Pair Ants,

September 3, 2009

Ur stoodnt wil b brnging hom riting, doo not b skaird ov the speling. The inglish langwij iz kunfewzing to lern. Cidz uz “phonetic” speling in thar wrk to xpres thar thouts. Forsing cidz to uz uncunvenshunal speling reedosis thair dezir and abillite to rit. It iz mi joub to teech ur child 2 uz reesorsis and lerning to beecum a “First Grade Writer”. U can hlp ur child bi incoruging them at eech divelupmentil stag. Ask ur child to reed and exsplane thar riting to u. Az ur child lerns about the inglish langwij tha wil mak the tranzishun to “adult writing”. Thank u fr ur saport, Mrs. Phelps        

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2009 Summer Letter with supply list Deer Pair Ants