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New digital technologies are transforming businesses and turning them into digital businesses. 1

What is e-business? What are the advantages of ebusiness?

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The e-business cycle


The e-business value chain


The most important infrastructu- 7 res for e-business


What is e-business? It is a business process transformed to enhance the technology of the word wide web, for the benefit of the business. In addition, it can also be defined as a tool that makes use of the Internet infrastructure and related technologies to facilitate business processes anytime, anywhere. That is, take advantage of the internet infrastructure ocmo a supply vehicle for a variety of goods and services. E-commerce is considered the main component of e-business, and refers mainly to business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C).


What are the advantages of e- business? 

Optimization of internal business processes Improved productivity and employee satisfaction Improves the management of the relationship with customers Reduction of the cost of purchases and improvement in sales and distribution processes Integration of information and processes of the value chain Optimization of the processes "end to end"


The e-business cycle The e-business life cycle provides companies with a model of how to move through each phase when applications are created and deployed; It also provides support for e-business initiatives. These four phases are: 1. Transform nuclear business processes, this stage facilitates doing business with new methods by applying Internet technologies. 2. Build new applications: the transformation of nuclear processes requires a new generation of applications. 3. Execution of a stable and secure environment available. 4. take advantage of information and knowledge. 5

The e-business value chain

This chain is in charge of the identification of the sources of value generation for the client. Companies can create value through the capture, organization, selection, summary and distribution of information, so they can increase their effectiveness if they transfer activities from the real value chain to the virtual value chain, in ebusiness, redefining their business processes.


The most important infrastructures for e-business 1. ERP :business resource planing.

2. CRM :customer relationship management.

3.SCM:Supply chain management.

4. KM:knowledge management

5.BI:business intelligence