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the little chapel of silence


kimberly morris


little chapel of

si l e nc e.

Tragic visions Slowly stole my life Tore away everything Cheating me out of my time

i take a n oth e r dee p a bre t h

as i sit here and slowly close my eyes

relight the flame

and when will we learn l?

i take another deep breath and feel the wind pass through my body and how do we

days reflecting in the light

why do we dream when our

when we

i'm the one in your soul protect the ones who hold you c inner child

go by

radling your

where do we go


no thi





just don't know when it's cold? thoughts mean

i need serenity in a place where i can hide i need serenity nothing changes,

erehW erehW Where do we go when we j


don't know And how do we relight the flame when it's cold? Why do we

dream when our thoughts mean nothing

And when will we learn

to control?

i need serenity

ys g by o

in a place where i can hide i need ser enity nothing changes, d where

? rol ont c to

w and


l we wi l


n ear

by kimberly morris

The Little Chapel of Silence  

Using original photography, drawings and writing I was able to create a book documenting the Little Chapel of Silence at USC.

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