Issuu on Google+ - 4G Cloud Services for Mobile Governance Published: June 2012

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Cloud-enabled mobile governance has boundless opportunities for the public citizen, government agencies, and telecommunication companies. According to a survey released in December 2010 by the 1105 Government Information Group, cost reduction, fast access to data and applications, and simplifying IT infrastructure and management are the top three reasons that government agencies interest in incorporating cloud to governance. Fourth generation (4G) cellular broadband solutions will enhance the performance and adoption of cloud services to a great extent. This research addresses many key areas including  

Opportunities for 4G Cloud Services in Mobile Governance Proposed models for architecture, policy, security, and application framework

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Mobile Network Operators Mobile Software Developers OSS/BSS Solution Providers Handset and Tablet Manufacturers Content and Applications Aggregators Mobile Marketing and Advertising Providers Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers

4G Cloud Services for Mobile Governance Table of Contents 1.0 Opportunities For 4g Cloud Service In Mobile Governance4 1.1 Flexibility4 1.2 Cost And Time 6 1.3 Scalability 8 1.4 Availability8 1.5 Resiliency9 1.6 Robustness And Performance 9 2.0 Proposed M-Governance Model Over 4g Cloud Service 11 2.1 Architecture 11 2.1.1 Different Agents In Different Layer And Their Role 13 2.2 Policy And Legislative Component Design 15 2.2.1 Two Contradictory Concerns 16 2.2.2 Some Recent Initiatives - At A Glance 17

2.3 Design Of Security Framework18 2.3.1 Mechanism For Defining Security Level For Storing Data 19 2.3.2 Mechanism For Defining Security Level For Application And Service 20 2.3.3 Data Classification And Security Services 21 2.4 Design Of Application Framework 22 2.4.2 Design Application Framework 24 2.4.3 Application Management 26 2.4.4 Application Validation 27 2.5 Payment Process 31 - 4G Cloud Services for Mobile Governance