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Some Sheer Cover Light Make-up Products In the category of make-up products there are a number of items labeled as sheer cover light. The word sheer is in reference to the lighter formula used to create the product. These help create a natural appearance when applied to the skin, because they do not cake into creases. Products which can be made with sheer formulas include foundations, powders and under eye cover sticks. These are all used as base applications when making up the face for going out. Because these products are the base items placed on the skin, they come in colors designed to match the different skin types people have. The word light in the line of products designed to provide sheer coverage, refers to one of the basic shades. This shade is designed for use on fair skinned people. It is often found next to ivory or bisque. It can also be combined with another color name to indicate one tone lighter than the other. Examples could include light beige, light bronze or light sand. When choosing a color for foundation, it is best to match the actual skin tone or go one shade lighter. The under eye cover sticks usually have a thicker formula than foundations. This is to create a lasting bond with the area underneath the eyes so when foundation and powder are applied, it will remain covered. The thicker formula allows these products to hide under eye dark spots. These cover sticks can also be used on other areas of the face to hide facial blemishes. They can help hide a scar or birthmark as well as areas of discoloration. Powders are use to soften the appearance of applied make-up by creating a matte finish. People with dry or aging skin, will have a smoother appearance if they do not use powder to finish off their look.


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