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Avoid Parking at Gatwick Airport Gatwick Airport is the second largest international airport in London, second only to Heathrow. It also flies the most domestic flights of any airport in Europe. Millions of passengers fly through this airport, making it an extremely busy place. With so many people flying in and out of London through Gatwick Airport, efficient systems have to be in place to get them to and from the airport. Gatwick prefers that people use public transportation and has a goal that 40 percent of its travelers use it by 2015. People can get to and from the airport by using a bus service. Buses can take people from Gatwick to Heathrow, and there are also routes that go to several towns near London. Buses depart from both terminals at the airport. Another option is the train system. The Gatwick Airport station is located right next to the airport's South Terminal, giving people convenient access to the airport. From the airport, passengers can make train connections to reach many popular destinations in and around London. The airport is also accessible by private car. Like most busy airports, taxis are always available near the airport. Passengers can also take their own cars because the airport is accessible by the main motorway that takes people to greater London. Parking at Gatwick Airport is available in both short term and long term forms. There are parking lots both on the airport's property and off site. Keep in mind that these lots fill quickly, especially during the busy summer travel season. There are planning restrictions that put limits on the parking that is available at and around this airport. Because of these restrictions, it is best to choose another way to get to the airport and leave your car at home. This is especially true if you are traveling at a peak travel time.


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