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Free Or Paid Web Hosting Which To Choose? One of the first things that needs to be done after finishing your very first website is making a decision on the type of hosting that would work best for your needs. The majority of people just starting out online have no idea what web hosting is about, or how important it is, so their first question is likely to be whether or not they should get a paid or free hosting service. This article is going to focus on looking at both of these different solutions by providing the positives and negatives of each. Free Hosting Solutions Positives 1. The first positive is the fact that it's free. You don't have to pay for your domain name, or any part of the service whatsoever. Negatives 1. The first negative is the fact that you're not likely to have a top level domain name and will be something screwy like, or another version that starts with the domain URL and ends with your website's name i.e. There is an inherent problem with this type of URL structure because since it's not a top-level domain name, if you ever want to move your site to paid host, you're not going to be able to keep the same domain name and you will lose all the traffic and links that you have built to the site. 2. Most of the free web hosting companies insert ads in the pages of your website. It's not uncommon for them to insert as many as two banners, and they'll even throw in pop-ups on occasion. Many free web hosting companies don't allow you to place your own advertising on their platform, so if you are thinking about using something like a banner exchange, make sure that you thoroughly go over their terms and conditions before committing to using them. 3. When you sign up for free hosting company, it's highly likely that they're going to severely limit the bandwidth usage that you're allowed, and the majority of them are not going to offer any of the critical features like MySQL or PHP. 4. Some free web hosting services will start you out without them placing any ads on your site, but will make changes to their terms and conditions at some point and then stick them on their without letting you know. This can be a shocker if you weren't expecting it. 5. The last thing that happens fairly frequently with a free web host is that they will stop being free and start charging for their services. If you are committed to them and have developed a website that is becoming successful, it can be a real bummer because you only have two choices. You either pay or you lose everything you've built. Paid Web Hosting Solutions

Positives 1. One of the best things that paid web hosting offers is the fact that you are able to host a domain name that you actually purchased. This gives you all the power over your website because if you ever run into an issue with a web hosting company and you feel like you need to change, it's a very simple process to just change your name servers and transfer your website to another host. 2. Whenever you pay for a web hosting service, part of those fees going to customer service. Because of that, the majority of them are going to provide both live support, or 24/7support via their ticketing system. It's not uncommon for any of the quality paid hosting services to have toll-free 24hour phone support as well. 3. Many of the paid web hosting companies are going to make a claim of guaranteed uptime for their servers. Due to that fact, you can expect your paid host to be functioning all the time so your website will be live 24 hours a day with very little downtime. 4. Whenever you pay for a web hosting service, depending on the level of plan that you get, you'll always have plenty of bandwidth and disk space to handle your website and traffic flow. If you ever run out, your have the option of upgrading to so it's not really an issue. They also come stock with features like MySQL and PHP so that you can install databases and run scripts without any issues. The great thing about that is you don't even have to be a programmer to run a PHP script as you can download tons of them from the Internet for free. Negatives 1. The only downside to paid Web hosting is the fact that you actually have to pay for it. It kind of sucks but you do get what you pay for so it's all good. You really could go with either decision if you are just wanting to set up a simple blog where you're just posting your daily activities, or aren't planning on growing significantly. If you really want to build up a solid business however, and part of that plan is going to be setting up databases and running PHP scripts, then it's going to be an absolute necessity to cough up the money and find a quality paid web hosting company. Top 10 Web Hosting

Free Or Paid Web Hosting Which To Choose_  
Free Or Paid Web Hosting Which To Choose_  

When you sign up for free hosting company, it's highly likely that they're going to severely limit the