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Working the phones in a Newcastle taxi rank Lauren Luke hardly needed to bother with her apprearance. Today Company caught up with the Gordie lass at the launch of her mega hit makeup tutorial book at Waterstones...

Laurne’s Make-up advertised in Time Square

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“I was very nervous.” The Youtube sensation now has admirers queuing to meet her during the launch of her self titled make-up book at Metrocentre Waterstones in Gateshead . “You don’t know what to expect when your on your way to these places, but when I saw everyone standing there and coming over and saying hello, everyone’s been so nice it just makes me feel a lot better, I haven’t met any nasty people yet. Everyone’s been just fantastic.” Two years ago, the name Lauren Luke was not a familiar one to people across the world. Company caught up with the Lauren at the book signing to find out how she’s coping with her newfound fame. Lauren rose to stardom after filming make up tutorials from her bedroom in South Shields and posting them to Youtube under the username Panacea81 To date Lauren has attracted over 58million views, launched her own makeup line in the US and UK with cosmetics giant Sophora and has appeared everywhere from New York Times and Allure Magazine to the Paul O’Grady Show. > DECEMBER 83


Saphora make-up competition copying Laurens vids Inset: Fan Rosie, 13 New York Times magazine described her as ‘the everywoman as a beauty queen’ a title Lauren is more than happy to have: “I feel like an everyday woman and I’m quite proud I’m getting called that.” Waterstones was awash with female fans of all ages eager to get a chance to meet their favourite make up guru. Its clear to see there is a real following for this local girl. But, what is it that makes Lauren stand out above the thousands of other girls on youtube making makeup tutorial videos? Speaking to people in the queue the consensus seems to be that Lauren is more relatable than your glamorous supermodel and this has endeared her to her fans. Louise Hollow, 31 from Stanley thinks it’s because Lauren is a normal girl: “I like the idea that she is natural and not a perfect looking supermodel.” Many people are now turning to

youtube videos over professional advice when it comes to beauty product reviews and tutorials. “I think its is because it’s real, it not pretentious, it’s not intimidating” Lauren says with conviction. “I think people now, because of youtube and the internet, they don’t have to just

“I think if you’re happy with something and you’ve got an idea in your head just go for it.” look at magazines or just look at the TV where its all supermodels with lashes to the ceiling, they are watching what they want so they’ve been given an option and they’re choosing what they want to watch and I think that’s the key to it.” Just joining the queue, now snaking its way through the shelves of Waterstones and out into the shopping centre, is 13 year old Rosie

from Newcastle . Rosie has adorned herself in vibrant mutli-coloured eye make-up learnt from one of Lauren’s video tutorials: “It’s much easier to follow online and she doesn’t use complicated words only make up artists would use. Sometimes she just tells you to slap it on or use the big fluffy brush.” “She is so warm and friendly and it’s really nice to be involved with her career.” Even Waterstones senior bookseller Bridgette Cororvan notes Lauren’s now trademark, genuine girl persona “It will be interesting to see how her Internet popularity translates to book sales. It’s nice to see that people still need the solidity of a book.” Lauren’s schedule isn’t slowing down either, with TV appearances on ITV’s Loose Women and additions to her make up line coming out soon. “I haven’t stopped.” she says. “There’s absolutely loads coming DECEMBER 85


out there are Youtube competitions coming up.” Lauren dashes: “As well as a huge giveaway, we’ll definitely get everyone excited for that one.” Lauren has shown she is very hands on in her approach to her commitments, designing her own makeup palettes from the product itself to the artistic final packaging. “You like them?” she asks. You get the sense that even with all the attention and adoration Lauren hasn’t lost her sense of humility. She tells us she is always surprised to here someone enjoys what she does. Lauren’s make up advice isn’t the only thing that’s been a hit. Her Gordie accent has gone down well across the pond during a promotional tour for her new make up range. “Oh I love it.” She says with her gordie twang quite apparent. “Mine stands out from all of them, people have been lovely and been saying God where are you from. A lot of them

couldn’t be more different. “I thought when I left school it would all go away but you go to work and you realize people are just the same there.” Lauren remembers. “I don’t think it ever changes you’ve just got to find your own way through.” “Don’t let anyone stand in your way.” Lauren says passionately as

“There’s this little voice that comes out and I think right I’ve got the chance now and I want to go out their and empower women.” think I’m from Scotland .” Yet, things weren’t always so rosy for Lauren. Bullied at school and pregnant as a teenager, life now

she regains her composure. “But it’s hard though isn’t it? When you’re on your own trying to find your way I

Waterstones is awash with fans

think if you’re happy with something and you’ve got an idea in your head just go for it.” Laurens certainly done just that, the last year has seen her take a dream trip to New York to launch her first make up line. “ New York is so fast paced and constantly on the go and when I first got there I didn’t even think about Bluetooth but there are people walking past talking to themselves and I’m think they’re coocoo but its handsfree and there just walking along. You can be on the subway and you’re like hi and no one talks to you. The traffic just doesn’t move and the racket!” Lauren exclaims putting her head in her hands. “You get used to it but when I first got there I was like argh its so loud.” It’s nice to see Lauren isn’t taking her new status as a role model for the average women lightly, either. Regardless of all her success so far, her values have never changed. “There’s this little voice that comes out and I think right I’ve got the chance now and I want to go out their and empower people and get women to just feel comfortable and confident in themselves.” Lauren says smiling. “Just forget this stereotypical supermodel and you must look like this and you must look like that. I think people have had enough its time to change for everyone.” This is an important issue for Lauren who confesses she has never considered herself attractive in the past putting the cause down to the lack of realistic role models in the media for young girls and women. “The more we see stuff of real women, you forget about the supermodel.” She continues. “It’s only because where used to it at the moment and its subliminally placed everywhere, on adverts or billboards, the gap jeans advert, my thighs are the size of her waist we can finally just bit by bit see real women around the there wont be such a clash and it’ll just be the norm.” Waterstones is now empty and silent after the excitement of the day.


Even Jonny Vegas seems interested in Lauren’s Make-up

After spending all morning signing copies of her books for adoring fans Lauren’s now relaxing in the Waterstones staff room with her year old son and boyfriend enjoying a well deserved cup of tea. “I really enjoyed today, even though I’ve done a lot of interviews I still get really nervous.” she says. There has also been a fair share of tears from overwhelmed fans. “I bubbled a few times as well, did you see?” she laughs. “When you have people coming up saying things like ‘you’re my role model’ or ‘I feel better about how I look because you’re a normal girl like me and you have done all this’ it does make you feel proud. I finally feel like I am doing something that means something and is worthwhile.” Laurens self-titled book is out now and you can see her youtube videos at www.

Lauren met idol Latoya on the Paul O’Grady Show DECEMBER 87

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