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OUGD301 - Kim Sandford Brief 1 - Body Shop I chose a Body Shop brief as it gave me the oppourtunity to create packaging which is lacking in my portfolio, of which I want to be present. I adapted the brief to allow me to create a skin range of which I could then make several packages and create a new brand within Body Shop. 1/5

OUGD301 - Kim Sandford Brief 1 - Body Shop My design was based around the idea of ‘natural’ and I wanted everything to keep simple yet look and feel interesting and want to be picked up by people; something a bit different from the other body shop designs. I then had the idea of printing on the bottle as I think this would look really effective and would be attractive to buyers. 2/5

OUGD301 - Kim Sandford Brief 1 - Body Shop I have designed the type on the bottle to promote the range as equally as the packaging. So even if the box and outter packaging is disguarded the bottle still has the information on. Each product would have the same glass inner packaging and work in the same way.


OUGD301 - Kim Sandford Brief 1 - Body Shopz Other designs include the tags for such things as the body puff and nail brush which also carry the same theme on.


OUGD301 - Kim Sandford Brief 1 - Body Shop The full packaging designs. I think it conveys the idea of natural well and I think the theme and design posted across the different products also work really well and it allowed me to experiment with type and adapt this to the want to do packaging. 5/5

Body Shop Boards  

Final designs for the body shop brief

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