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Brief/Session/Document Title: All Too Human Brief: Create a logo and identity for a third year music student interested in electro and house music. Background / Considerations Focus on electro/house/underground music, he plays electro style of music yet records onto vinyls and appreciates the old school way of making music. Tony wants a logo and CD packaging as well as designs for the CD, to finish off his final major project. He wants to keep the designs simple yet look visually interesting/conceptual. Focus on the arts, think about the way in which the logo will be incorporated onto the CD packaging, and how the CD will look with not a lot of information on it. There are 3 songs on the CD and all were produced by Tony. He has called the CD 'All Too Human' and wants the designs to be simplistic yet look slightly off the wall and a bit supernatural/meaningful.

Mandatory Requirements Artwork for the CD packaging needs to be tranquil/meaningful and look slightly supernatural. Yet still be simplistic and bold. Designs for a average size CD, for initial brief then wants a reprint with a different logo later once graduated. So designs must be able to adapt to a different logo after he graduates. Designs must show that he produced the music. Deliverables Logo for 'All Too Human' CD designs CD Packaging Module Deadline

All Too Human Brief  

A CD packaging brief for a third year music student

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