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‘Customers are not buying a laser projector, screen and speakers; they are buying a cinema experience and that is where the value is. You cannot take shortcuts; the design and the expertise are just as important as anything in the installation�

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An overview of the latest news and events from motive8 teams in the North and South.

A look at two of our most recent residential installations in the capital.

An overview of all things new in the motive8 coaching department. It’s not just exercise that motivates us. Here are three motivational books our staff are reading right now.

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Reduce the risk of ski-related injury with these great workouts. Mindfulness What is it and how can it help make for a better workout? Heart-warming, delicious dishes inspired by the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern regions. Nutrition tips to help boost motivation, improve digestion and achieve your goals.

16 Home & Corporate Gyms

A double garage transformed and Deliveroo’s new corporate gym in pictures.

Members of the motive8 team share a few of their favourite things. We talk to the newest additional to the Gym & Spa team, Matt Leadbitter, to discover what his day can look like. The lowdown on what they have to offer and details of three industry-leading choices. Two more great gym installations for developer client Barratt London.

26 Best of our Blogs

A round-up of the best health & fitness blogs from our website.



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motive8 is committed to delivering the highest quality bespoke health and fitness solutions to our customers. We hope that through our magazine our team of experts can share their knowledge and passion to help inspire you to embrace a healthy and happy lifestyle.


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e’re pleased to report that, since our last issue, it’s been full steam ahead for all departments at motive8. We’ve had a record-breaking month for gym installations, with seven gyms going in for a mix of residential and private clients. The coaching team are delivering sessions into more schools than ever before and our personal training team have been taking new enquiries at both our Leeds and London hubs. In this issue we offer some great exercises to get your body ski-fit, explain how to build mindfulness into your workouts, our head office team share some of their favourite apps, songs to work out to and home gym kit items, plus we review three of the best air bikes currently on the market. Finally, if you want to know where the team at Deliveroo conduct their workouts, then turn to page 17 for a look at their brand new gym which includes bespoke colour-coded rigs and racks designed and installed by motive8. Thanks for reading and see you next time. Nick Sadler & Sarah Cleland-Smith, motive8 Directors

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Alexander Carrie

Kimberley Mead


Courses for aspiring fitness instructors and personal trainers available through blended learning and with flexible payment terms. All courses endorsed by


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An overview of our latest news and events from our Northern and Southern branches.

motive8 Sponsors Best Scheme in Planning at the National Housing Awards

Thursday 7th September saw the return of the annual National Housing Awards at the Lancaster London hotel. With 11 award categories and one overall

winner, the awards recognise the success of housebuilders and developers operating in the affordable housing sector. This year motive8 sponsored

the Best Scheme in Planning award. As part of our sponsorhip, we were invited to exhibit at the hotel both before and after the awards ceremony. It was an early start for some of the team, as we reached the hotel at 8am to start setting up our stand. Two banners, a TV showcasing all our gym design videos, m8 branded trolley key rings and colourful Z-cards offering health and lifestyle tips from the motive8 team were all on display to attract passers by. We also had a competition to win a pair of On trainers, kindly donated by our PR & Marketing agency, Aspire. At 11:30am guests started to arrive, and the room was soon filled with hundreds of

delegates, many of whom were intrigued to learn more about how health and wellbeing services can be of benefit to the residents living in their schemes. It was then time for the awards, with actor, comedian and presenter Hugh Dennis hosting. He was absolutely brilliant! Post awards, it was back for more networking and celebrating with the companies who had won awards. All in all it was a productive (and long!) day, but also highlighted that the affordable housing sector is only just starting to realise the potential of including leisure facilities in their schemes and that hopefully motive8 can be there to share the journey.

motive8 North Round Up We would like to welcome Emily Forbes to the Personal Training team at motive8 North. Emily is quickly gathering a reputation as being a task master in her classes and has been getting great results with her personal training clients too. Personal Trainer, Alex Carrie, has embarked on studying to become accredited with UKSCA. In October he passed his Plyo, Speed & Agility Workshop and has been testing out the knowledge learned with his clients and in classes. For those of you who train at the motive8 studio in Leeds, you will have probably noticed that Ieuan, our resident Sports Therapist and PT, is around a bit more these days. Part of this reason is due to the fact that Ieuan has handed in his final thesis for his PhD – a phenomenal achievement. Well done!


Finally, on the staff front, a big Thank You to Kate. Kate has been a star trainer at motive8 North this year. Not only is she super-focused on getting results with her clients, she has also supported Jenny by taking on more responsibility at motive8. Kate has also passed her Award in Education & Training so she can tutor for motive8IQ. We’ve had another busy year fundraising for our nominated charity, Brain Tumour Research & Support (BTRS). Over the summer, Kate, Jenny and one of our gym members, Lucy, took part in the Yorkshire Lass Cycling Sportive and we close the year with a Christmas themed Scavenger Hunt around Leeds with the entry fee being donated to BTRS. As always we’ve seen lots of success stories with our personal training clients and gym members. Sometimes as

an industry, we get hung up on success stories being associated with weight loss. But, recently, we’ve seen a lot of people start training with us who have never stepped foot in a gym before. Sometimes, actually taking that

first step to become healthier and more active is the biggest success story there can be. If you’re reading this and have a goal in mind, but afraid to take that first step, all we can say is go for it… you’ll won’t look back.


Corporate Social Responsibility Since starting our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we have made some great progress but still have so much to do. Here is just a snapshot of the activities we have completed so far this year.

obesity rates in the country. As a non-profit making entity, our aim is to receive funding for this very relevant and great cause.

motive8 in the Community

Monika went to Uganda for 4 weeks from 30th July to 30th August for this wonderful cause and smashed her £750 target with £910. To put money into context: – £2.50 will buy 100 bricks – £10 will pay a tradesman’s wage for a week – £20 will buy 6 tonnes of

Adam Field has done a great job with our application to create a new CIC (Community Interest Company) and we are at the final stages of the process. This is a very exciting time for coaching and will enable us to run far more events for the under-privileged, whose children have the highest

motive8’s MD, Nick Sadler, gave up his precious time to help the children of Danetree School develop and experience the real-life business application of numeracy, literacy, design, computing and enterprise.

motive8 Sponsored Monika Smiechowska to renovate a school in Uganda

motive8CPD relaunches as motive8IQ

In the last few months motive8CPD has undergone a rebrand and is now called motive8IQ. When originally set up, motive8CPD focused on delivering courses and workshops to already qualified personal trainers who wanted to perform additional study for their own personal development, and also to stay active on REPS. However, over the last few years, the Directors of motive8 have become more and more frustrated by the number of newly qualified

Supporting Danetree’s Bizchool initiative

personal trainers who were not up to industry standards because they had qualified to become a personal trainer in just 4 weeks! So, we decided to do something to change it! Following the rebrand, motive8IQ focuses on offering high quality courses for aspiring Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. The aim of motive8IQ is to raise industry standards by only allowing the highest quality trainers to pass their course. Unlike other course providers, who

Donations made to the Grenfell victims building sand – £100 will pay 3 teachers wages for a month – £1000 will refurbish a 2 classroom school block

may just be interested in bums on seats, motive8IQ is focused on ensuring each learner receives the amount of attention they deserve to become the best trainer they can be. We monitor studenttutor ratios during the face to face study days, each learner is assigned their own tutor, with whom they have weekly contact to answer any queries they may have about the course content and every learner has a careers session with one of our Master Trainers once they have completed the course. Some of the existing motive8 personal training team have trained to become tutors and will be responsible for delivering the courses. Jenny Cromack, motive8IQ Director, explains: ‘’We felt it was important to have experienced personal trainers delivering the courses so they could not only share their knowledge, but also their experience of what it takes to be a successful personal trainer to the learners.’’ Currently offering the Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training in Leeds, motive8IQ has plans to expand to London and the Midlands in the next 6 months.

On Thursday 22nd of June, four members of the motive8 team took part in an incredible bike ride which raised a staggering £46,000 with 800 riders participating.

motive8 welcomes new staff GYM & SPA • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Adrian Lupau Alex Vasiliu Daniel Leeming David Gordon Dovile Turulyte Jefferson Agudelo Ron Lazarus Liliane Eusebio-Gomes Manuela Peroglio Naweed Ul-Zaman Nicoleta-Daniela Mohor Ovuis Almuhaisen Matthew Leadbitter

PERSONAL TRAINING • Yunus Benabbas • Peter Carden • Ezra Barned COACHING • Keith McGrath • Clara Nutting HEAD OFFICE • Rachel Thomas




Our third installation for Taylor Wimpey included flooring, mirrors and equipment. We have since been retained to deliver inductions to all the new residents.


CAPITAL TOWERS Gym equipment, mirrors, flooring, TV’s and hygiene station ensured this gym for Galliard Homes got the full motive8 treatment.


Skiing can be a challenging but fun activity for all, however it comes with inherent risks of injury from falling, over stretching, bumps or even just using muscles in a way that you aren’t accustomed to. These workouts are focused on a selection of exercises to help get your body ski-ready. Completing these exercises as part of your current training programme or as an entirely new routine will give you the basic conditioning needed to reduce the risk of ski-related injury. You should always complete a thorough warm up and stretch before and after your exercise regime.


• Step onto a Bosu board with the flat side down - hold your position in a quarter squat for 30 to 45 seconds and then step off. Repeat 4 to 5 times. • This exercise will improve joint stability strength around the ankle joint and also help engage the core muscles as you attempt to balance. • To progress and make harder, place the Bosu with the rounded side down and stand on the flat surface and perform the same exercise. • To make even more challenging - perform other small movements or tasks while balancing such as sending a text message or making a phone call, closing your eyes or a small knee bending and straightening action.


• Performing squats will develop overall leg strength; an obvious advantage to skiing is having a strong lower body. However a well performed squat will develop not only the legs but the upper body will benefit too. • Perform 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions. • To progress, try adding some resistance such as dumbbells in hand or, if you have access to a gym, using an Olympic bar.


• People who partake in skiing will find that their cardio fitness is also challenged. Whilst a lot of people want to improve the strength and conditioning requirements for such an activity, improving cardio fitness will help increase your enjoyment of skiing. • Step ups are a good exercise to challenge your cardiovascular system but also develop strength in the legs. • Perform 5 rounds of 2 minutes of step ups and either add rounds or increase the length of each round to progress. • Step ups can be performed on a stair step, a Reebok exercise box or higher platform if available.

10 M8: LIFE ISSUE 08


• A wall sit is a good exercise that replicates the basic posture held in a skiing action; this exercise will build strength in the quads, hamstrings and also enhance core strength. • Use a wall and support the body in a seated /squat position with quads parallel to the floor and your back against the wall. Hold the seated position for 30 to 60 seconds. • To progress increase the time you hold the position for up to 3 minutes.


• Having an explosive power-based exercise in your repertoire will help increase joint strength and will aid the functional movements required in skiing. With jumps and turns involved in skiing you will benefit from working on landing and small take off type actions used in the box jump. Complete three sets of 10 to 15 reps. The box should be slightly higher than the knee caps. Jump up using both feet and land on the ground on two feet.



• Laying on your side, rest your head on the bottom arm which should be extended up towards the ear along the floor. • Bend hips at 45 degrees and knees at 90 degrees. The top hip should be positioned above the other. Keeping your feet together, lift the top leg away from the lower leg which should stay in contact with the ground. • Repeat 15 times making sure to feel a gentle squeeze in the glute. Repeat this on the other side with the other leg on top.


• Performing sumo squats will develop overall leg strength, but are more targeted towards the inner thigh; the advantage of the sumo squat is to improve the strength within the adductor muscles that work hard during skiing to pull the legs in together. • Complete 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions. • To progress use a resistance such as kettlebell or dumbbells.


• Stepping across a Bosu in a dynamic fashion, this exercise will improve cardio fitness but also help develop conditioning of the lower body. • Repeat 12 to 20 times maintaining control as you work from side to side. • You should aim to keep the chest upright and drive with power and speed through the legs.


• Jump side to side with feet together; as you land between jumps the knees should be aligned and allowed to bend slightly. • To complete one set, jump to the right and then across to the left. Repeat this 8 to 10 times.


• See his workout.

ISSUE 08 M8: LIFE 11

MINDFULNESS for a better workout Mindfulness is now widely recognised as an important tool for employee wellbeing. But what exactly is it and how can it help make for a better workout? We look at how to incorporate mindfulness into an exercise programme to get even better results. In a world that is ‘always on’, it is getting harder and harder to switch-off and unwind, with work stress, social media and the Internet all being contributing factors. In fact, over the past 3 years, the ONS has recorded a deterioration in the mental wellbeing of the population 1 as well as a decline in the proportion of people participating in sport once a week. As a result, stress in the workplace is increasing. Since 2009, the number of sick days lost to stress, depression and anxiety has increased by 24% 2 . Last year alone there were nearly half a million cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety, which is why more and more employers are now focusing on a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing. What is mindfulness? One area in particular that businesses are increasingly focusing on is mindfulness at work, as it can reduce stress, improve concentration, resilience, employee relationships and overall wellbeing. Mindfulness is a mental state that is achieved by focusing on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your own feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. It is an awareness of what you are doing at that moment. Quite simply, it focuses on the ‘now’, as opposed to dwelling on the past or thinking about the future. There is a perception that mindfulness is something that can only be done at the desk or in your lunch hour, but this is not the case as it can permeate through all aspects of employee time at work, and one of these is through exercise. Mindfulness for a good workout We spoke to Flora MacDonald, who is an executive coach using mindfulness in her work, to tell us about the key benefits of a

12 M8: LIFE ISSUE 08

mindful workout. She says: “When it comes to exercising on a regular basis, it can be hard to stay motivated all the time – we all have good days and bad days – and this is when we tend to cut corners or look to distract ourselves to get through the workout. This could take the form of reading a magazine, checking social media or messaging friends. “These distractions can lead to a lesseffective workout, and may leave you feeling as though it wasn’t a job well-done. A workout filled with distractions can potentially result in the body not being worked as hard as it could, or pushing it harder than it should go.” A mindful workout, however, puts you right in the moment and is a great motivator; turn off the phone, switch off the music and, quite simply, listen to your body. MacDonald continues: “Running on a treadmill, for example, can be the perfect time to be mindful. Put yourself in the moment, get into a rhythm and tune into your body. Think about how you can work your body better or harder, or if muscles could be stretched a bit more. If you’re feeling tired or in pain, can you work through it? Simply staying with those feelings can, in turn, help you manage them better. “Swimming is another great way to practice mindfulness. As it’s all about the technique of the stroke, it’s easy to focus on what you are doing and get into a rhythm of movement.” Time constraints If you’re pushed for time, then a rushed workout may not necessarily give you what you want from exercise: a sense of wellbeing, a rush of endorphins, or feeling as though you’ve made another positive step towards reaching your exercise or fitness goals. However, MacDonald believes that; “although we don’t live in a perfect world, mindfulness can help maximise that valuable workout time. Simply by listening to your body and being in the moment can help you use the time more efficiently and really get your body working hard in that timeframe.”

The corporate environment is fast-paced, but by simply slowing down for a bit and just enjoying being in the moment, it can transform an employee’s state of mind. Benefits for employers Although there are many ways to practice mindfulness at work, using a combination of exercise and mindfulness together is a way to improve mental health and wellbeing. Over time, it can boost morale and productivity. Nick Sadler, Managing Director at motive8, says: “Employee wellbeing is moving up the boardroom agenda, and it is a known fact that exercise and mindfulness are highly beneficial for employee productivity. Now’s the time for businesses to take action.” At motive8, we work with businesses to provide a range of health and wellbeing solutions for the workplace, from gym design, installation and maintenance, right through to personal trainers and coaches. We’re helping organisations lead the way in reducing workplace stress to create positive and productive environments to boost employee wellbeing.

Flora MacDonald 3 is an executive coach and consultant. With over 17 years’ experience, she has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations at every level of seniority. 1 peoplepopulationandcommunity/ wellbeing/articles/ measuringnationalwellbeing/ apr2017#main-points 2 images/reports/MI_Building-theCase_v1.1_Oct16.pdf 3


FLORA MACDONALD’S MINDFULNESS TIPS • Getting into a mindful state: Always tune into the body first and then focus on breathing. • How to get into the present: Notice four things around you and focus on what you can hear, see and feel. • When to practice: Besides exercise, there are many times of the day to be mindful, such as the daily commute or at the desk. Washing your hands is a great time for mindfulness. Focus on the action of washing your hands and focus on the feeling of water on your hands.

ISSUE 08 M8: LIFE 13

Food Nation

RECIPES Heart-warming, delicious dishes inspired by the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern regions


• Half a wholemeal pitta bread or flat bread • 40ml water • 300g lamb mince • Small bunch of coriander (finely chopped) • Small bunch of mint (finely chopped) • ½ teaspoon of dried oregano • 1 tbsp of olive oil

• 3 small cloves of garlic (minced) • 3 dried apricots (optional) finely chopped • 500g of passata or crushed tomatoes • 2 dessert spoons of harissa paste • Handful of fresh herbs (choose from parsley, coriander or basil)


1. Roughly tear the pitta bread into small pieces and soak in 40ml water for 10- 15 minutes. 2. Add the soaked bread into a mixing bowl with the lamb mince, coriander, mint, oregano, around 1/3 of the garlic and the apricots, if using. 3. Mix well with hands then divide into 15 pieces and roll into balls with hands. 4. Heat a frying pan and allow meatballs to brown on each side, do not let them cook through. 5. Put meatballs in a bowl and leave them for later.

MEDITERRANEAN SUNSHINE STEW INGREDIENTS • 50g cooking chorizo • 1 large red onion • 1 medium courgette • Half a yellow pepper • 1 medium green chilli • Handful of fresh parsley • 2 cloves of garlic • Half a teaspoon of fennel seeds • 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika • 400g can of chopped tomatoes • 400g can of cannellini beans • 1 teaspoon of runny honey • 100ml of water • 3 free range eggs • 2 green olives • Zest and juice of one lemon • Black pepper • 30g of feta cheese

14 M8: LIFE ISSUE 08


1. Remove the skin and chop your chorizo into 0.5cm discs, then into half moon shapes. 2. Heat a little olive oil in a medium sized frying pan, and gently fry the chorizo until it starts to get a little colour. The aim here is to ‘render’ the smoking paprika fat out of the chorizo. 3. Remove the chorizo with a slotted spoon and put aside, don’t get rid of golden fat in pan as it is needed for next stage. 4. Half your onion and slice into half moon shape pieces, lightly fry your onion in the chorizo fat for about 7-8 minutes. 5. You don’t want to put any real colour on the onion you just want to make it sweat a little bit.

6. Wipe your frying pan with kitchen paper and add olive oil to it. 7. Gently fry your minced garlic over a low heat, taking care not to burn. 8. Add the passata or crushed tomatoes and the harissa, and allow to simmer for 15 minutes until the sauce has reduced a little bit. 9. Add the meatballs to the sauce and place lid on top of frying pan and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. 10. Stir in your choice of fresh herbs and check seasoning.

6. Slice your courgettes into half moons and slice your peppers into long strips. Finely chop green chilli. Add the courgettes, peppers and green chilli with the onion and cook for a further 4-5 minutes. 7. Remove leaves from parsley and finely chop the stalks. Add these to the pan and keep leaves for later. 8. Peel and crush the garlic and add to the pan along with the fennel seeds and the smoked paprika and cook for a further 2 minutes. 9. Add your tinned chopped tomatoes, vegetable stock and honey. Leave to cook with lid on for 15 minutes. 10. Whilst it’s cooking crack your eggs into a small bowl, roughly chop your parsley leaves and set aside. 11. Take the lid off the saucepan to check the consistency. It needs to be nice and saucy. It may need reducing with the lid off for a couple minutes. Another option would be to crush a few of the cannellini beans with the back of a spoon. 12. Add the chorizo back to the pan and stir in half of the chopped parsley, half of the green olives and all of the lemon zest and juice. Simmer for a further minute or so. Season with black pepper. 13. Use a spoon to make a couple of small wells into the stew, use the wells to then pour your egg into. Season the egg with black pepper and drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil, break your feta cheese into chunks and sprinkle on top. 14. There are a few ways this can be finished off. Either place in the oven for 10 minutes for 190°C, or leave to gently simmer on the hob for 10 minutes. 15. Be careful not to overcook your eggs you want them nice and runny! 16. Finish by sprinkling the rest of the green olives and parsley on the top. 17. Serve with crusty bread.


Nutritional Nuggets A few quick tips from our personal training team that you can easily build into your daily nutrition to help boost motivation, improve digestion and achieve your goals.

Are Vitamin Supplements Necessary? Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients to the body, such as iron, calcium and vitamin C etc. The human body needs vitamins in relatively small amounts to function correctly. Most people don’t need to take vitamin supplements, as they’re able to satisfy their body with nutrients from a well-balanced diet. However, people who simply don’t have the time to eat healthy can find vitamin supplements very useful. Having said that, taking too many or too few vitamin supplements can become harmful and expose the body to different types of deficiencies. Following consumption guidelines is key! Throughout the years, research has found that the consumption of vitamin supplements can have a negative effect on the body’s

immune system. So it’s not just that taking lots of one thing is not good for you, it’s that it may cause a dangerous reduction in something else even if you are also supplementing that. Research has shown: 1. 1 in 3 people in Britain consume vitamin or mineral pills 2. Vitamin A deficiency hugely increases the risk of blindness 3. Excess zinc is linked to reduced immune function 4. People who take calcium supplements were at a higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease If you are unsure about any vitamin supplements your best option is to question your GP.

Unusual foods you may not have had before and their health benefits There are a lot of unusual foods and drinks out there to discover so here’s a few together with the health benefits they come with for you to explore and add into your kitchen cupboard! Kombucha:

Aids digestion and gut health, strengthens immune system, contains acetic acid and polyphenols to aid weight loss, eases joint pain and helps prevent arthritis with glucosamines, boosts energy with enzymes and B vitamins. With all of these put together you get a glass full of health in one serving! Has same health benefits of green tea including aiding weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels. Careful though! If made incorrectly can contain alcohol due to the fermentation process required to make it and over fermentation is very hazardous to health. nutrition/8-benefits-ofkombucha-tea#section6

Camel Milk:

With the same levels of protein and carbohydrates as regular dairy milk but higher iron and vitamin C levels, camel milk is a great alternative as it has a different protein make up that a lot of individuals struggle to digest such as A1 casein and lactoglobulin. Unlike cow’s milk, camel milk is also naturally low in fat whilst still having high health benefits, such as immunoglobins to support immune systems, high in insulin for diabetics and has been known to alleviate symptoms of allergies. Camel milk is also better for the environment due to their habitat needed less grazing space but it is more expensive due to the population size and location limitations. camel-milk/


If you’re a sucker for a breakfast cereal or a big bowl of pasta, you can find a carbohydrate alternative to keep you full and warm whilst packing a nutritional punch. Swap in Farro for extra fibre, B vitamins, zinc, iron and protein instead of white rice for a tasty salad grain.

For a gluten free alternative choose amaranth if you’re getting bored of quinoa. It can also be a great porridge substitute to oats, as it’s high in protein and iron. Kaniwa is another quinoa alternative which does not have the saponins that interfere with the nutrient uptake in quinoa, for another added bonus or the healthy grain. foodanddrink/5-alternativegrains-and-5-recipes-youcan-make-with-them-thiswinter-a3407531.html www.globalhealingcenter. com/natural-health/best-6alternative-grains/

ISSUE 08 M8: LIFE 15



There are much better things to put in a garage than cars! Try a bespoke half rack, cross trainer, dual adjustable pulley, free weights and a bench for starters!

16 M8: LIFE ISSUE 08



Bespoke designed, colour-coded racks and rigs alongside cardio and free weights make for a truly functional corporate gym.

ISSUE 08 M8: LIFE 17

Top Tips to keep your children active (From the NHS website) • Support your kids in sports, clubs or any other activities that may interest them. Joining a weekend club sport encourages them to make a commitment to a team and regular exercise.

Welcome on Board motive8 coaching would like to introduce two new schools, Bedfont Primary School in Bedfont and The Thompson House School in Richmond. At Bedfont Primary our most experienced coach, Adam Field, will be delivering the whole school’s Curriculum PE sessions together with after-school activities every day. This great partnership will allow the children to thrive and give them the opportunity to improve on their sporting abilities, whether that be in Football, Basketball, Athletics or Hockey and find enjoyment in sport under Adam’s excellent guidance.

• Walk, scooter or cycle to and from school together as often as possible. • D o an activity challenge together, such as training for a fun run or charity walk. Find more helpful advice on The Thompson School approached motive8 to start delivering Gymnastics curriculum lessons for their KS1 children and with our team’s excellent knowledge and expertise in this field we think this will be a great start to a long and prosperous partnership with the school.

Exciting News Top secret and very exciting news, motive8 will be putting on an end of year show! Children from across our extracurricular clubs will be invited to perform at our first ever theatre production. Our coaches work amazingly well alongside the children in their weekly clubs and the joy we get from seeing them improve and succeed in different skills is huge. We would like friends and family to experience this joy and see the children displaying their talents on the big stage. The show will take place in December at a theatre in Twickenham and will be for one night only; we cannot wait and we hope for this to be an annual affair.


Personal Training Success Stories A look at some of the fantastic results achieved by motive8 trainers and their hard-working clients. BRIDE AND GROOM-TO-BE GET SET FOR WALKING DOWN THE AISLE PHIL AND EMILY HOWE

Trained by Alexander Carrie I love training all my clients for various reasons, but there are two clients I have loved training in particular for reasons I never thought I would do! Being (relatively) new to the industry, I’d never come across people wanting to train to lose weight and shape up for an event such as a wedding – naive I know!! So training Phil Howe, to get him in tip top shape for his wedding, was a new experience for me. When Phil first started training, he weighed exactly 200lbs (1st of March 2017) and the sum of inches from his waist, hip, lower abdominals, bicep and thigh were 371 inches. Although losing weight

18 M8: LIFE ISSUE 08

was a key goal, it had to be the correct weight he lost. We tried to keep his nutrition

optimal for maintenance of muscles and loss of fat. As of 10th October 2017, Phil’s latest measurements were 180.2lbs, a whopping 20lbs lost in 6 months! From the same sites as measured previously, he has also lost 34 inches – again an unbelievable amount! Around May, so half way through training Phil, I started training Emily - Phil’s fiancée. During Emily’s first training session we took her starting measurements – her body weight was 130 lbs and her total body inches were 304. Incredibly, Emily has lost 10lbs in just 4 months and lost 27 inches in the same period. Emily had very similar goals and needs to Phil, losing body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass. Both of their training

programmes were based upon similar principles; for Emily I was keen to keep the number of repetitions high so she would maintain muscle. She would complete 3 resistance training sessions a week (one of them being a personal training session) in combination with 2 or 3 high intensity interval sessions. Phil attended our classes most evenings, which acted as his interval training sessions. He also completed weekly personal training alongside an extra strength and power weights session or running intervals on the treadmill. Nutrition for these two was also key, but they made my job very simple. They track calories in, and are strict on the nutrition value of the foods they eat (most of the time…)! It has been an absolute pleasure training them both; they looked amazing from the photos I have seen on their wedding day and I hope we continue to reach the goals they have set themselves in the future.



Reviewed by Nick Sadler

Reviewed by Layla Smith

Reviewed by Rob Clarke

Black Belt Thinking

Ultra Marathon Man





By Nick Forgham

A Black Belt who is calm in a crisis, who knows their potential and how to achieve it. A Black Belt who knows who they are, and who is comfortable with others because they know and understand themselves. This book is about the Black Belt that is within you. Feeling stuck? Feeling there is something missing? Black Belt Thinking will help you to: Increase your awareness and understanding of who you are; Connect fully with yourself and others; Know what ‘failure’ is and know why you will never fail; Learn how to carry on, even when things seem too tough; Use the power of humility to achieve extraordinary sustainable results; Most of all, it shows you how to maximise your potential, whatever your upbringing or current situation.

Selected Extract:

‘It is the ‘little and often’ approach that gets people to Black Belt. Doing something a bit extra, something that other people are not doing. David Beckham used to go and do his daily training with his team mates. After the training has finished he would go and find a set of goal posts, and suspend a tyre so it was hanging from one corner of the goal. Then he would practice his free kicks, aiming to get every ball in the tyre. It is the practicing that gives us that little bit extra. That little bit of extra skill, that little bit more of developing a natural strength’.

Why it’s Nick’s pick?

• I love the way the book is put together. • You can revisit sections. • Easy to read…it kind of talks to you! • The author is clearly passionate about the subjects covered.

Confessions of an all-night runner By Dean Karnazes

Ultrarunning legend Dean Karnazes has run 262 miles the equivalent of ten marathons - without rest. He has run over mountains, across Death Valley, to the South Pole, and is probably the first person to eat an entire pizza while running. With an insight, candour and humour rarely seen in sports memoirs, Ultramarathon Man has inspired tens of thousands of people - nonrunners and runners alike - to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and simply get out there and run.

Selected Extract:

‘I run because I’ve never been much of a car guy. I run because if I didn’t, I’d be sluggish and glum and spend too much time on the couch. I run to breathe the fresh air. I run to explore. I run to escape the ordinary. I run to honour my sister and unite my family. I run because it keeps me humble. I run for the finish line and to savour the trip along the way. I run to help those who can’t. I run because walking takes too long, and I’d like to get a few things done in this lifetime. I run because it always takes me where I want to go’.

Why it’s Layla’s pick?

• It’s a reminder of how powerful running is for your mind, a way to find inner-peace. • I t made me realise that running probably is my church. • Clarifies what is important in life. • It inspired me the first time I read it and I plan to read it again when I need a pick me up!

By Dick Hoyt & Don Yaeger

A story about a father’s devotion to his disabled son. Rick Hoyt was born in 1960’s America when little was understood about Cerebral Palsy. Dick and his wife were told by doctors to put their son into an institution and move on. They didn’t and the story that follows is one of true inspiration and shows the dedication of both parents to give their child the best possible start in life.

Selected Extract:

‘I’m just a regular guy. I mow my lawn, shovel snow from the driveway, and change the oil in our vehicles. I do the grocery shopping and cook most of our dinners. I’m like any other man in America. Only I got lucky—I have a beautiful son and an activity we can do together, despite his disability. It’s been an incredible journey. I’m not a hero. I’m just a father. And all I did was tie on a pair of running shoes and push my son in his wheelchair’.

Why it’s Rob’s pick?

• The story is truly inspiring. • I had heard about “Team Hoyt” so it was great to read the full story. • Being a father myself some aspects really resonate throughout the book. • It drives me to be a better father and person. ISSUE 08 M8: LIFE 19

Cit y Barge in Chi swick. A beautif ul riverside pub wit h great vie ws, fantastic wine list and con sist ent ly del icious food. I can also bur n off some of the calories on the 20 minute wal k there and back from my hou se.

Sha zam – Hea r a son g that you like on the rad io but no idea what it is? Thi s clever app listens to the mus ic and tell s you who the arti st is and what the son g is called. You can then inst ant ly pur cha se it from iTunes at the click of a butt on to replay at you r leis ure! Am azin g!

I’d have to say my favourite and most used app at the moment would be My Fitness Pal. It keeps me on track with my food and exercise, and helps me to see which days I can allow myself some treats!

Fitbit Coach (fitnessrelated) – Simple to use and great for adding inspiration to workouts. BBC sport (non-fitness related) – I’m obsesse d with sport – no other reason!

Map My Run. Great app for tra cki ng my run s, rea lly eas y to pla n new run nin g routes too.

I am in love with Pinterest! I am current ly decorat ing my house and have found this app to be amazin g; it’s full of ideas and inspiration. You can create multiple pin boards in order to save all your fi ndings under specific heading s and share them with friends and family.

20 M8: LIFE ISSUE 08

I rea lly like a restau rant tha t is loca l to the hea d office. It’s call ed Red Pepper s on Teddin gton Hig h Str eet. The food is deliciou s, and the atmospher e is alw ays great. When there’s a special occ asion, this is usu ally the place I chose to go.

La Bodega Tapas in Chalfont St Peter – Great red wine list (see guilty pleasu re) and a paella to die for!

The Castle, Harrow on the Hill. Best roast dinner arou nd! Charm Thai in Teddin gton never fails to deliver brillia nt food and great service. Massa man is my go-to but they do a great set menu if you are stuck for choice.


Members of the motive8 tea m sha re a few of their favou rite thi ngs

Resistance Band. A simple but versatile piece of kit that can be used in a variety of ways at home. Hold it under your feet, fling it round a tree or get your other half to pull against you.

Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive. First song on my workout playlist as it’s ideal for warming up to; it has a great rhythm to follow and really gets me in the mood for the session ahead. This one is a hard one for me because there’s so many great songs to choose from! To be honest I like anything with a good beat, and most pop songs tend to have this. ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ by LMFAO is always a good one for when I go for a run.

I own an exerci se bike at home, which I tend to use the most. However, if the weather is nice, I do like to go into the garden and use my skippi ng rope and kettle bell and make a little circuit for myself. Dual Adjustable Pulley – if you’ve the room, this piece of kit lets you do over 200 exercises all on one machine. If you haven’t, a Swiss ball is also ver y versatile as there are so many core and strength buil ding exercises you can do and it’s ideal for stretching.

Silence – Delirium - This used to be the song we played before our fi rst team rugby matches at school – still gets me psyched up for workin g out to this day. Stand ing up for the Lonely (Moto Blanco Remix) by Jessie Malakouti. Alway s picks me up when I’m suffering during a workout!

Rude love by Becky Hill (SpectraSoul Remix) is a fast-paced track which I love listening to whilst working out; it really helps me to keep focus.

Ha lf Rack. Such a versat ile piece of equ ipment; it is a mu st in any home gym.

I was introduced to the circula r resista nce band by my chiropractor to help assist with my rehabi litation to streng then my glutes. A few simple exercises have worked wonders. Resista nt bands are being widely used not only for the benefit of injury rehabi litation but for Pilates and streng th-based exercise too.

No better way to unwind from a long day than a chilled glass of Gavi, a hot bubble bath and an episode of EastEnders on the iPad all at the same time!

This one is obvious to those that know me… sweets!! I have a very sweet tooth, so I have to make sure I limit myself and not give into my cravings! Coffee in the morning, red wine in the evening!

Full Englis h Break fast. The Walpole in South Ealing does the best in London!

Cheese is my downfall. Whether a chunk of creamy blue on crackers or French bread dipped in melted camembert with caramelised onion chutney. I just can’t get enough!

ISSUE 08 M8: LIFE 21

A Day



Matt Leadbitter. is the newest addition to motive8’s Gym & Spa team. Matt MATT has worked in the leisure and fitness industry for over 12 years (his whole LEADBITTER working life) and joined the motive8 team to help develop our presence in the Gym Consultant commercial market as well as support the sales team with new projects across existing sectors. Here is what a typical day in the life for Matt can look like.

6:00AM Up and out to seize the day, starting with a quick HIIT gym session usually inspired by our Head Trainer Shawn Mullix’s weekly ‘fitness fix’.

7:30AM Each day for me is very different (which is why I love my job), so today’s commute is a jog back from the gym to home to catch up on emails from the night before.

8:30AM With urgent emails replied to and a big bowl of porridge and banana devoured, I set off to meet a new client in Cambridge, who has requested our services in the design and installation of their new home gym – this project is particularly unique as they’d like a bespoke functional rig and power rack, something I love helping to design and work on.

10:00AM Following my first successful meeting of the day, I’m now off to our London head office to catch up with everybody and begin a full afternoon of meetings. I tend to use this driving time to phone & catch up with suppliers and install teams to ensure all boxes are ticked in preparation for a

22 M8: LIFE ISSUE 08

Today’s commute is a jog back from the gym to home to catch up on emails very busy installation period – for us this is paramount in ensuring all logistical elements work cohesively together and the customer experience remains a positive one.

12:00PM We have some exciting current and new projects across a number of different sectors, so this midday catch up meeting with the design team is vital.

1:30PM Time to refuel, so it’s a quick bite to eat whilst working on a gym layout visual for a new client.

2:30PM With a break in meetings, I spend an hour reviewing operational constraints, market trends and perform local demographic analysis for a highend residential development we are consulting on.

3:30PM It’s time for my final meeting of the day; this is with our marketing and design teams. I’m particularly excited about this one as we’ll be making key decisions regarding an exciting new project for m8 group (watch this space for more news!)

5:00PM I’m not sure where the day has gone, but, it has been a productive one. Planning for the next day commences, starting with a list of quotes for a number of clients – one is a returning customer so it will be great to work with them again.

6:00PM A quick pre-dinner snack (I’m a grazer) and sending of my final emails for the day.

7:00PM Tonight I’m staying in London so I head over to the nearby hotel to check-in; it is just a 5-minute walk away (I’m so lucky with my commutes at times). As mentioned earlier, the variety in my days is brilliant and tomorrow will start slightly different to today, with an 8am breakfast meeting at our favourite local café and a giant pot of ‘morning kick’ tea!


Airbikes are back! They may bring back memories of the old-school stationary bike your parents used to have in the garage (and likely never used) but Airbikes are making a comeback. Here’s the lowdown on what they have to offer and details of three industry-leading choices.

What are they? In contrast to a standard upright bike, where you would set a certain level of resistance (or watts), airbikes generate resistance based on how fast you pedal – the more you pedal, the harder it gets. You also work your arms at the same

time, making it a total body exercise which you wouldn’t achieve on a standard static bike. With CrossFit and HIIT continuing to surge in popularity, the airbike is a great piece of equipment to take your calorie burn to the next level.

Benefits Through using your arms and legs simultaneously, your heart rate increases about twenty percent higher than if using your legs alone. They are also said to be gentler on the joints, making them ideal for older exerciser-goers and for those seeking some temperate rehabilitation after injury.

Three of the best

Octane Fitness Airdyne X

Assault AirBike

Stairmaster Airfit

The AirdyneX delivers virtually unlimited resistance and maximum efficiency by converting the exerciser’s effort to intensity. Pedaling slowly yields lighter resistance, whereas a faster cadence results in greater resistance. Because the fan enables exercisers to produce more power efficiently, they burn more calories on the AirdyneX bike compared to other fan bikes at the same RPM – for better results. Featuring a 26-blade performance fan and a responsive, single-stage belt drive, the AirdyneX bike includes effective HIIT workouts, with a 20/10 interval program, a 30/90 interval regimen and a custom interval routine. A motivating tachometer on the console signals how hard exercisers are working, including the average calorie burn per minute, which drives users to push themselves harder. Calibration technology delivers accurate and consistent results from bike to bike, so the AirdyneX bike is ideal for group challenges or competitions. Octane’s signature cushioned MultiGrip handlebars let exercisers choose from horizontal or vertical placement options to target different muscles and add variety. Users also can isolate the upper body by taking advantage of the anti-slip stationary foot pegs.

Using air resistance, the Assault AirBike scales automatically to keep up with you as you push, pull and pedal with greater force and speed - the greater the resistance, the greater the benefits! The bike’s unique design and on-board programming offers an endless variety of workout options, and can be used just as effectively for pre/post workout warm up/cool-downs. The Assault AirBike also shines as a post-injury rehabilitation tool, as it allows isolation/ integration of the legs/arms at a personalised pace. Crisp and clear LCD display, large buttons and quick keys offer faster access to the on-board programs and can be swapped out in a flash. Choose from high intensity intervals, or set a target distance goals. Integrated messaging to help inspire you keeps the workout fresh and motivating, while outputs include Watts; Calories; Distance; Speed; Time; Odometer; Heart Rate Monitor, RPM, and Interval Training options. All these great features built around a heavy-duty powder coated steel frame, stabilised to prevent sideto-side movement when in high use, with a comfortable Hybrid seat, reinforced pedals and crank with sealed cartridge bearings.

The name known for some of the most demanding workouts in the gym now has a new workout your members will love to hate. Tested to withstand 1400 lbs of force, the StairMaster® AirFit™ offers a robust design and features dual action wind resistance that provides a total body cardio workout. The AirFit is designed to push you past your breaking point and keep working long after you can’t. The AirFit fan system is manufactured from industrial-grade ABS for long-lasting durability, and features multi-axial curvilinear blade design for maximum performance. Low-maintenance twin belt transmission provides an ultra-smooth and quiet ride. Unlike other fan bikes, the AirFit frame is not bolted together in key locations, it’s welded. We used 2 mm steel to provide maximum strength for the toughest riders – in fact, in testing we proved the frame can withstand more than 1,400 lbs of force! Perfect for people 4’11” to 6’8” tall.

ISSUE 08 M8: LIFE 23

Two distinct areas and a curved wall make for a truly unique-shaped workout space at this Barratt London scheme.




A precision-engineered acoustic floor provides the perfect foundation for this high spec residents’ gym for Barratt London.

ISSUE 08 M8: LIFE 25

BEST OF OUR BLOGS All our websites are packed full of interesting and educational blogs, from how to design a home gym, the importance of corporate wellbeing, how to stay injury free as well as nutritional tips, recipes, challenges and much more. Here is a selection of our favourites.

PERFECT PRIVATE GYM DESIGN FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS Finding time to fit in a productive gym session when you’re a busy professional can seem nigh on impossible, particularly if you have to contend with an arduous commute. Private gym design can offer the solution. Whether you’re building a bespoke room in your garden or repurposing a room in your house, having a home gym allows you to fit in a session before or after work much more easily than racing to the gym.

5 TIPS ON ACHIEVING WORK/LIFE BALANCE Achieving the perfect work/life balance is important not only for the health and wellbeing of yourself, but for all members of your family, your friends and those you work with. Here are some recommendations to keep work from taking over your life.


THE ROLE OF COACHES IN SPORT Understandably a huge amount of credit must go to the athlete in question; those who compete, world record holders and gold medal winners alike, however it is often the team behind the athlete that gets overshadowed. Coaches and their teams are the driving force behind success, the ones who plan, guide and motivate individuals and teams to greatness.

WHY EXERCISE WILL HELP YOUR CONCENTRATION AT WORK When working, one of the most difficult things to do is stay focused, as you can be affected by a number of distractions or you may just suffer from a lack of interest! One way to reduce a lack of concentration is through exercise, as this increases brain health which contributes to improved concentration.

26 M8: LIFE ISSUE 08

Let’s face it, being a student comes with the stereotype of being unhealthy and broke, but that’s just because people seem to think all students spend money on alcohol, take aways and microwave meals. If that is the case for you, let’s ditch the bad habits and jump on the healthy bandwagon this school year.


Focused on developing and enhancing skill levels through participating in various gymnastics disciplines such as trampoline, acro and vault. richmond upon thames college

football training programme AGES 6-14

Focused on developing and enhancing skill levels through advanced training practises, small-sided games and tournaments. All our lead coaches are level 2 qualified as well as being DBS-checked and a specialist in their chosen field of sport.

Springwest Academy (formerly Feltham CC), Browells Lane, Feltham, TW13 7EF 0800 028 0198 | | @m8coaching

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M8:Life Issue 8  

Health, fitness and lifestyle magazine featuring workouts, recipes, wellbeing tips and details of motive8's latest gym design projects.

M8:Life Issue 8  

Health, fitness and lifestyle magazine featuring workouts, recipes, wellbeing tips and details of motive8's latest gym design projects.