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Marshall Court Recently was fitted out with a new performance floor to reflect the type of activities that are undertaken in the PT Studio environment. The key issue was the project was time critical and there was an existing Taraflex sports vinyl in situ that couldn’t be uplifted, again due to time. An overlay solution was provided by Sport & Fitness Flooring with a 26mm rubber tile as well as a changing room upgrade and the project was completed in approx 24hours.

Sport & Fitness Flooring is an innovative and progressive young company, offering the supply and installation of performance sport and health & fitness surfaces to a number of high end clients. This service comes with a number of complimentary consultancy solutions:





Installation of all projects is personally overseen by lead consultant, Darren Wood. Darren has had 25 years’ sport and fitness industry experience and has worked with professional teams including Manchester City FC, Leicester Tigers, Wigan Warriors and elite sport with the likes of Team GB, Super League Netball, Badminton England, Scottish Volleyball, British Handball as well as some of the greatest fitness brands around (David Lloyd Leisure, Nuffield Health, Gym Group, Virgin, Sweat Union). More recently Darren has teamed up with leading health and fitness consultants, motive8, to help deliver quality installations and drive new innovations by way of acoustic systems for use in ‘noise sensitive environments’.

“motive8 are the best in the country at what they do. Quality, attention to detail and offering real value to the client. This mirrors perfectly with what we are about and working with the motive8 team has been a delight.” Darren Wood Director, Sport and Fitness Flooring


06 News

An overview of the latest news and events from motive8 teams in the North and South.




08 Residential Gyms

A look at two of Barratt London’s latest residential facilities.

10 Summer Workouts

Fat burning & endurance swims to help you make the most of 30 minutes in the pool.

11 Success Stories

A look at some of the fantastic results achieved by motive8 trainers.

12 Expert Advice

The benefits of practicing yoga and how it can aid runners with their performance.



14 Delicious Dips

Colourful and nutritious dips inspired by the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern regions.

15 Nutritional Nuggets

Nutrition tips to help boost motivation, improve digestion and achieve your goals.

16 Dollar Bay Gym Install

A visual showcase of the gym at Mount Anvil’s latest residential development.

18 Coaching News

An overview of all things new in the motive8 coaching department.

19 Tried & Tested



The latest health & fitness apps put through their paces.

22 A Day in the Life

We talk to Head of Gym & Spa, Nikki Spratley, to discover what her day can look like.

23 Head to Head

Two exciting products that challenge the concepts of running indoors.

24 Residential Gyms

Two bright and spacious workout spaces get the motive8 treatment.

26 Best of our Blogs

A round-up of the best health & fitness blogs from our website.


25 SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 3


motive8 Limited EDITOR

Kimberley Mead ART DIRECTOR


motive8 is committed to delivering the highest quality bespoke health and fitness solutions to our customers. We hope that through our magazine our team of experts can share their knowledge and passion to help inspire you to embrace a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Layla Smith, Kimberley Mead PRINTING



t’s been a busy start to 2017 for the motive8 team. Our new website has been up and running for several months now and we’re pleased to report it seems to be doing its job! By amalgamating all our old sites into one central hub, our aim was to provide a onestop-shop for all things gym and spa, wellbeing and fitness and kids coaching. With a great degree of cross over between our sectors, property companies, parents, teachers and personal training clients can now access a wealth of timely and relevant fitness related information all in one place. This issue is once again packed full of tasty recipes, workouts, equipment features and tips and advice from our own team of experts for you to try at home as well as the usual visual showcase of some of our most recent projects. Fingers crossed for a warm and sunny summer! Nick Sadler & Sarah Cleland-Smith, motive8 Directors

Staff Contributors

Naomi Smith

4 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017

Rob Clarke

Nikki Spratley

Chantel Mullix

Jenny Cromack

Shawn Mullix

Omar White


For more information:

Call 0800 028 0198 Email Visit SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 5


An overview of our latest news and events from our Northern and Southern branches.

motive8 attends Heart of the City event to boost our CSR initiatives motive8 Commercial Director, Omar White, and Gym and Spa Manager, Rolstone Langmead, both attended the Heart of the City event on 23rd February as part of our continued CSR journey to review sustainability with the environment. We also have a work experience placement researching how we can develop this side of the business. Heart of the City is an organisation that helps London’s businesses jump start their Responsible Business programmes with a view to attracting more trade, increasing staff engagement and reducing costs. Omar and Rolstone attended a workshop focusing on ‘Supporting Communities & Delivering on Sustainability’.

Here are the 3 key things we took away from the event: • That it is key to leverage CSR partnerships with your customers & suppliers to strengthen relationships and create a wider CSR impact • To engage staff to get their buyin/understand what community projects and charities they are passionate about • That it is key to define a sustainability strategy and to communicate it effectively – we all need to do our part By joining Heart of the City, motive8 hopes to learn from and share ideas with members who are yet to initiate their CSR programmes or who have set up CSR plans from different sectors that will enable us to create an effective CSR strategy and to focus on the outcomes we want to achieve to ensure success.

Photography: Nicki Douglas-Lee Photography

motive8 sponsors Gym & Spa Operative Anna Stishova in the Devizes to Westminster canoe race. As part of our new CSR strategy, motive8 is keen to encourage and support motive8 staff members in their fitness related pursuits. When Anna Stishova announced she was going to take on the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race, we offered to sponsor her race entry, supply some attire and provide logo stickers for her boat. You can read her full race report on our blog at

6 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017


motive8 North Round Up

Race for Fitness The Race for Fitness is back for summer at motive8 North! A 6 week challenge where local companies will battle it out to be crowned the fittest company in the South Bank area of Leeds. This year the teams earn points for completing as many workouts as they can in the 6 weeks, running and cycling the most number of miles and rowing the most number of metres. There are even bonus points to be claimed in weekly challenges such as the burpee challenge!

We would like to welcome the following staff to the team who have joined us from 1st January 2017. It is a very exciting time for the company; good luck and enjoy the journey.

Alex & Louis make an impact at motive8 North Alex and Louis are our newest team members at motive8 North. Well, they’ve been around for a few months now, but right from day one they have made a huge impact in their classes and PT sessions. Louis is earning a reputation for being a taskmaster in his classes with crazy things such as his 5 minute burpee challenge!

motive8 welcomes new staff

When Julie first approached us about personal training her goal was to feel healthier, fitter and be able to walk without getting out

Louis Padian

Alex recently coached one of his clients through our Do It In 12 Programme and what a success this has been!

Alex Carrie

of breath. The first day she stepped into the gym she looked very nervous but what a difference 12 weeks makes! Julie’s confidence has rocketed, she is squatting (for someone who had never touched a barbell in her life this is amazing!), she goes running on a regular basis and is currently training for a 5k and has lost over 1 stone too. Well done Julie!

COACHING Fahad Aldihisi Giuseppe Iollo GYM & SPA Alexander Salazar Deryl McGillivary Dwayne Galloway Federico Mangione Junior Simms Monika Smiechowska Reanne Harris Yousef Khassal ACCOUNTS Margaret Hamya PERSONAL TRAINING Carli-Jean Cross Kyle May

motive8 to launch new CSR strategy Earlier this year motive8 were kindly invited to apply to become a member of Heart of the City, an organisation led by The Rt Hon Lord Mayor of the City of London and Governor Mark Carney. It helps London’s businesses develop their corporate social responsibility programmes and ultimately make a positive impact to

the local community and environment. We are delighted that motive8 were successful in that application and thought now would be a good time to share our journey so far. We have attended several Heart of the City events this year that have helped us understand how social and business interests can be in alignment and to create

a strategy to support it. We have also attended a workshop on how to support communities & deliver on sustainability. What’s the next step? We are currently working on an environmental sustainability plan and building CSR partners which we aim to assist with local community initiatives. We have

signed up to and are supporting a customer event which will aid the charity Shelter in June. Of course we will update you in the next magazine on our progress but keep a look out on the website where we will have more regular updates. Omar White Commercial Director

SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 7


8 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017

Our latest installations for Barratt London signalled the start of a busy year for the gym & spa team. Two fantastic spaces each with high spec kit, lockers and window manifestations by motive8.



SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 9

Swim Sessions for the Summer

A lot of people mistakenly think that jumping in the pool and plodding along for 30 minutes will miraculously get you fitter and, although it certainly wouldn’t do you any harm, it definitely isn’t the most effective way to meet your fitness goals. Here we give you 2 fat burning and 2 endurance building workouts that can be swum within about 30 minutes depending on your ability. With any 30 minute swim, it’s important to break down the time into 3 core sections, 10 minute warm-up, 15 minute main set and a 5 minute cool down.


Warm-up 200m frontcrawl 4 x 25m kicking with short rest period between lengths Main set 12 x 75m swum as 25m sprint 25m slow 25m sprint @ 20 seconds rest Cool down 200m steady swim (backstroke/ breastroke) TOTAL - 1400m


Warm up 200m frontcrawl 4 x 25m (1 length on each stroke) Main set 4 x 100m Individual Medley @ 20 seconds rest 16 x 50m @ 15 seconds rest (swim each 50 on different stroke following order of IM, 25 sprint, 25 easy) Cool down 200m steady swim TOTAL - 1700m 10 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017


Warm-up 200m frontcrawl 4 x 25m (faster pace) alternating strokes Main set 6 x 50 @ 20 seconds rest 3 x 100 @ 25 seconds rest 1 x 300 @ 25 seconds rest Cool down 200m steady swim (backstroke/ breastroke) TOTAL - 1400m


Warm-up 200m frontcrawl 4 x 50m (faster pace) alternating strokes Main set 4 x 100 @ 20 seconds rest 2 x 200 @ 25 seconds rest 1 x 400 @ 30 seconds rest Cool down 200m steady swim (backstroke/ breastroke) TOTAL - 1800m



Personal Training Success Stories A look at some of the fantastic results achieved by motive8 trainers and their hard-working clients.


Trained by Shawn Mullix Richard Molnar (20) is one of our youngest motive8 clients who we met through our corporate wellness service that we deliver at Prodrive Ltd, who has sites in Banbury, Milton Keynes and Northampton. Across at the Milton Keynes office, Richard signed up to the Fit for Life Wellness Programme which is offered as a staff benefit by Prodrive and is now delivered by motive8. In addition to his work at Prodrive, Richard also competes as a professional motorcyclist and has performed very well so far this season. Outside of his racing and bike preparation, Richard has the drive and focus to work hard in the gym and maintain a solid nutrition programme, both of which he has sought support with from motive8 through his Fit for Life appointments. What we did through the consultation sessions was to initially take a look at what Richard’s training and nutrition was like, and also assess his goals. From there we then built a programme for Richard to follow, with both his gym training and nutrition. We also looked at some basic strengthening work to support any injuries or weaker areas that Richard had issues with. To outline the main goal - Richard aims to keep his body in tip top condition as the racing takes its toll on his body when travelling at such high speeds. There are

technical demands required to control the bike too, coupled with the occasional high impact fall off the bike, and the fact that Richard can be expected to race up to 8 races in a day and maintain concentration! What we have provided is a strength training programme to help Richard maintain his body composition; this is to remain strong and relatively light in body weight for the nature of his sport. We also discussed the nutritional requirements and reported back on how Richard is eating and preparing his meals from day to day, which is now a lot more consistent than it used to be. Together with this we discuss race day nutrition and look at ideas to ensure Richard is fuelled, even though he doesn’t

always feel up to eating around and during a competition. “As far as fitness goes, in any of the races I didn’t even break sweat, my concentration never lapsed and I was riding better than ever. Even after 10 laps (17 minutes of riding, with no let-up in an intense battle) I was still as fresh as a daisy afterwards, didn’t even look like I’d been on the bike.” – Richard Molnar During Richard’s journey, we also helped to keep him focused on what is important. Helping him realise that sometimes pushing hard in training isn’t the right thing to do, even though he is enthusiastic, we have to accept that lifting heavier for strength is not always the right step and that recovery is just as important. Richard’s focus and determination to succeed is paying off as he has put in a number of impressive performances, and it is great to see him return for consequent consultations feeling happy with his achievements. The experience of working with Richard is great; working alongside a top motorsport performer is something different and we look forward to supporting Richard through a successful season. “Thanks for your help, and pass that on to Alex too, all the work the 3 of us has put in since October has visually improved performance!”- Richard Molnar

SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 11


The perception of Yoga has changed drastically over the years. As we continue to focus more and more on our health and wellbeing, men and women from all walks of life are discovering that not only is yoga a great way to stay in shape and improve your flexibility and core strength, but there are many mental and spiritual benefits that can be applied to all facets of our lifestyles. Yoga has also become increasingly popular with athletes, who have begun to incorporate it into their regular training programmes. In addition to helping improve strength and helping people to relax, yoga can help to improve performance in a number of different sports. In this feature, Charlotte Morse, from The Private Yogi (TPY), talks us through the general benefits of practicing yoga and, more specifically, how it can aid runners with their performance. Why is yoga so good for body and mind? Yoga allows the body and the mind to connect, by stretching the physical body with yoga poses and focusing the mind on breathing, creating space for it to rest without unwanted anxieties. To be in the present moment is a special gift and yoga gives you that. It is a very personal practice and everyone who tries it will experience something different but, for me, it’s where everything makes sense, it’s where I go to get clarity, to reconnect with myself. If I feel lost or overwhelmed my yoga mat is the first thing that gets rolled out. If you are curious about who you are, yoga will definitely show you; maybe not right away but it will and that’s the journey. The demand for yoga has grown in recent years. Is that due to the rise in technology (screen time) and people’s hectic lifestyles? Our hectic yet sedentary lifestyles have caused us to look for something that can help relieve us of this. I think that people have become more aware about self-care and creating a happy life with a good work/life balance - which of course has been influenced by social media. Yoga is an important aspect of self-care, not just for the body but for the mind. Without mindfulness achieving happiness can be challenging. Yoga classes are fun; there is no pressure from the gym and it is so accessible to everyone. There’s been a boom in sports men & women taking up yoga – why is that? It’s all because of the benefits of yoga,

12 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017


physically and mentally. Yoga is so beneficial, it helps to strengthen muscles, create mobility and improve balance. It also teaches you breathing techniques (Pranayama) and mindfulness that you can incorporate into everyday life. For example, TPY Co-Founder Paul is an Ultra Marathon Runner - his yoga practice allowed him to stretch overused muscles whilst strengthening his weaker ones, helping him to avoid injury. The mindfulness encouraged his mind to remain focused whilst competing and allowed him to find strength even in the darkest most challenging races.

tapering stage (three weeks before a race) where we prepare the body’s joints by strengthening them without causing impact or stress whilst enhancing proprioception working on joint angle, muscle length and muscle tension. Our post-race training helps the recovery of muscles which have been stressed during the race. With gentle yoga poses we can support the fluidity of the new cartilage forming helping to avoid pain and discomfort and most of all seizing.

What are the key benefits of yoga for sports people, especially runners? The key benefits for runners are the Big 3 - Strength, Flexibility and Balance. For the body to perform it needs to have a good ratio of all three. A regular yoga practice can help runners become more efficient when running, less prone to injury and improve their recovery time.

Why is yoga for runners different to a normal yoga class? Our yoga sports programme for runners is different to a normal class because they are tailored specifically for running and are thus individual. So, if you have a troublesome IT Band, we can give you poses that avoid that area or help to strengthen it. Or if it’s a weak ankle, we will encourage you to balance to improve its strength and mobility with the undivided attention of the teacher, something that cannot be guaranteed in an open class.

When should runners practice yoga for the best results? Integration of tailored yoga into a training routine will create positive results in both the body and the mind and this can be whenever you feel like it, in the morning or evening. Our 4 week programmes are focused on both pre & post-race training. Pre-race programmes are within the

Can you give us your top 3 moves/poses that benefit runners? 1. Half Pigeon (Ardha Kapotasana) is one of my go to poses to open up tight gluten and hips, plus it allows for a period of deep breathing and release. 2. Forward Folds (Uttanasana) allow the hamstrings

and calves to stretch and lengthen whilst simultaneously strengthening the quadriceps. 3. Legs up The wall (Viparita Karani) is a great restorative pose that lets the knee and ankle joints find some space to reduce inflammation from overuse. Can all yoga instructors cater for runner’s requirements? At TPY we ensure that all of our teachers undertake in-house workshops on a regular basis to deepen their knowledge of a runner’s anatomy, common injuries and designing a yoga programme that can be integrated into a training routine. Additionally we have teachers that have competed in running events and triathlons so have firsthand experience on what is required to achieve optimum results. The Private Yogi was launched in April 2017 by Charlotte Morse and Paul Artiguas to offer one-to-one bespoke yoga sessions across London with expert teachers who inspire, motivate and lend life wisdom when and where clients require it. Available on a ‘need’ basis or through four-week dedicated programmes to include nutritional advice, the service is easy to access with a free downloadable App through the App Store or Google Play. Sessions start at just £49 for 60 minutes and four-week programmes start at just £71 per week.

SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 13

Food Nation Delicious Dips Hummus

Ingredients 400g tin of good quality chickpeas, drained (reserve half of the chickpea water) 50g of high quality tahini (buy from independent middle-eastern food store if possible, so much better than the supermarket brands). 2 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed to a paste 2 tsp ground cumin 25ml extra virgin olive oil Juice of 2 lemons Flaky sea salt

These colourful and nutritious dips are inspired by the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern regions and are incredibly easy to make

Roasted Carrot & Dill

Garnish: Extra virgin olive, smoked paprika to top, a few chickpeas and roughly chopped coriander.

Ingredients 500g organic carrots, peeled and roughly chopped 2 tsp ground cumin ½ tsp ground cinnamon 2 tsp hot paprika 40g fresh root ginger, peeled and roughly chopped 2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed to a paste 1 tsp of runny honey 50ml extra virgin olive oil Flaky sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Garnish: Pine nuts and roughly chopped fresh dill

1. Drain your chickpeas, keep some of the liquid (about 75ml) and put to one side. 2. Place the chickpeas, tahini, crushed garlic, cumin, lemon juice into the food processor and blitz. 3. As everything is being blitzed slowly pour in the oil and enough of the chickpea water until you have a smooth consistency that you are happy with. 4. Season to taste with f laky sea salt. 5. Serve in a round bowl, garnish with a sprinkling of smoked paprika, oil and freshly chopped coriander.

1. Lightly coat the carrots in a little oil and season with sea salt and black pepper. Roast for 45 minutes at 180 degrees until soft and sweet. Set aside for 15 minutes to cool a little before moving onto the next step. 2. Add all the ingredients to a food processor and blitz until lovely and smooth. Add a little cold water if you need to loosen the consistency. 3. Serve in a bowl garnished with a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts and roughly chopped dill.

Roasted Beetroot, Cashew & Feta

Whipped Labneh

Ingredients 400g of fresh beetroot, peeled Fresh thyme leaves picked from 6 sprigs Extra virgin olive oil 2 tsp flaky sea salt 1 tsp of dried chilli flakes 2 cloves of garlic, crushed 50g cashew nuts, soaked in cold water for 30 minutes

Ingredients 1 kg of natural organic yoghurt (Yeo Valley is very good) 1 tsp of flaky sea salt

Garnish: 2 spring onions, thinly sliced, 60g feta cheese, crumbled and 1tsp sesame seeds

1. Place a piece of muslin into a sieve placed over a large bowl. 2. Mix the salt into the yoghurt and pour into the lined sieve. 3. Simply cover with cling film and pop in the fridge for 24 hours (feel free to give it a quick stir every now and again). 4. The whey from the yoghurt will drip into the bowl and leave you with a thick salted yoghurt cheese. 5. Serve in a bowl garnished with a sprinkling of black nigella or sesame seeds, smoked paprika, roughly chopped herbs and lemon zest.

1. Place the thyme, beetroot, sea salt and oil onto a roasting tray and mix well. Cover with foil and roast at 180 degrees for 1.5 hours or until your beetroot is soft and smells delicious! Leave to cool down a little before moving onto the next step. 2. Transfer the roasted beetroot to a food processor, add the rest of the ingredients and blitz until lovely and smooth. 3. Serve with a garnish of finely sliced spring onion, crumbled feta, sesame seeds and a little extra virgin olive oil.

14 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017

Garnish: Nigella or black sesame seeds, smoked paprika, freshly chopped soft herbs (parsley, mint, coriander, dill or chives) & lemon zest.


Nutritional Nuggets A few quick tips from our personal training team that you can easily build into your daily nutrition to help boost motivation, improve digestion and achieve your goals.

5 Top Tips for Protein Intake Protein is an essential nutrient which regulates many of the body’s functions including muscles and hormones. We all require protein as part of a balanced diet but when it comes to endurance and weight training sports, we need a little bit of extra protein to gain recovery and muscle boosting benefits. Here are some considerations on how to fulfil your body’s protein intake levels:

1 STAY HEALTHY WITH PROTEIN Give priority to a lean protein like skinless turkey or tuna. Also, remember that protein is present in vegetables too – broccoli and kale are rich examples and can help the body have the amount of macro and micronutrients for optimal functionality. Furthermore, studies suggest that having protein before consuming carbohydrates will prevent insulin rising.



There are many varieties of protein out there. It is important to choose the best quality to reap the most rewards. Processed meats can have good quality protein but tend to have high levels of sodium. Excessive sodium in the diet can lead to increased risks of high blood pressure and other health concerns.

An added tip involves the consumption of seafood. This is a food that is a good protein source, however it flies under the radar with the majority of people. Adding some seafood into your diet would be extremely beneficial, especially if you are trying to increase your protein intake. Selecting it for your diet for around 2-3 days of the week would be the perfect amount for weekly seafood consumption.

3 VARY YOUR CHOICES OF PROTEIN There are many advantages of varying our protein intake, from benefiting us economically to just the convenience. By varying our protein choices we benefit from the different vitamin and minerals these food groups have to offer. Also we open ourselves up to a broader choice of meals and a healthier choice of snacks which fit into our lifestyle. For example, nuts and seeds are another source of protein without involving meat. These are both rich in protein and can be eaten as snacks or used as side dishes with a main meal.

5 SUPPLEMENT PROTEIN Consuming a substantial amount of protein will involve drinking protein shakes. This can be used as a supplement and can be taken with either water or milk. Protein shakes act as a great supplement for your diet, they may be beneficial for younger individuals that are still growing as well as people on vegan diets and those who may have a smaller appetite and would struggle to eat whole meals but are still searching for a high protein intake.

The right time to eat fruit Although fruits are very beneficial, the amount and time you choose to consume them will play a crucial role in how they benefit your body: Avoid consuming fruits when you are about to sleep. Due to the fact that fruits contain high levels of glucose, which can increase the body’s sugar level, it therefore makes it more difficult for the body to fall asleep, particularly if you suffer from insomnia or indigestion. When looking at the optimal times for consuming fruits, it has been found that the best

time is in the morning before any meals. Studies have found that fruits digest quicker on an empty stomach which is beneficial because the simple sugars that are found in fruits need time for the body to absorb them fully. It is also beneficial to consume fruits in between meals as this helps with the sugars and nutrients digesting at a more beneficial rate. When eating fruits in between meals, it is important that these are not consumed immediately after eating your main meals. Many people can treat fruits

like a dessert, however it is important that you let the main meal digest first before consuming fruits otherwise the fruits will not be digested properly and the sugar found in a fruit will likely be stored as fat.

An added time where consumption of fruit can also be beneficial is pre/post workout. Eating fruits prior to working out is beneficial because it acts as an immediate source of energy which can aid an individual during their workout. Eating fruits post workout is beneficial for similar reasons, as it restores some of the energy stores that may have been used up during physical activity. Bananas and oranges are often given during a marathon to sustain the race as bananas are full of potassium which can help repair muscle damage and offer a burst of energy for long distances. Oranges offer Vitamin C and just the amount of sugar runners need.

SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 15

16 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2016 2017



Floor to ceiling glazing and an elevated position ensures users of Dollar Bay’s new residents’ gym can enjoy amazing views whilst they work out.

SUMMER 2016 2017 M8: LIFE 17


Increased Self-Esteem – attending regular Gymnastics classes allows children to connect with people their own age, work as part of a team, learn about physical and emotional challenges and how to overcome them. Positive experiences in class can also build confidence, both within the class and in other areas of their life.

5 Benefits of Gymnastics For Kids Gymnastics is an extremely popular activity for children and this has only been amplified by the success we’ve seen by British gymnasts such as Beth Tweddle, Ellie Downie, Louis Smith, Max Whitlock


(and so the list goes on) in recent years at major championships. We also watch on in amazement as these young athletes perform complex routines with such control, strength and maturity – something that only comes from years of dedication and hard work. In our borough, there’s waiting lists for many Gymnastics clubs and motive8’s Gymnastics clubs are the fastest to sell out each term of all ours on offer. So why is Gymnastics such a popular activity for children? We explore some of the benefits below:

1 Increased General Health – staying physically active through Gymnastics will help children stay fit and healthy, it will lower their risk of obesity and help fight off other health problems as they develop. The muscle strength gains from regular training will help with maintaining good posture as children grow.

Flexibility – This is one of the main health benefits of Gymnastics; not only does this allow you to increase your Gymnastics skills but flexibility is also important for preventing injuries.


Strong & Healthy Bones - weight bearing exercises help promote bone density. Increased bone density is important for helping young individuals grow.


Commitment & Discipline – The rules and codes of Gymnastics that children learn in weekly classes such as safety and respect can be transferred to daily life and will prepare them for their future. We continue to invest in providing high quality coaches and varied, progressive sessions for all our Gymnastics classes. We are passionate about the sport and hope the popularity continues to last and that our GB athletes keep setting such a fine example!

motive8 Street Dance Squad motive8 Street Dance squads have been busy performing as part of the March 2017 Music and Drama festival which has a bursting programme of exciting and varied music, dance and drama events across the Richmond borough. Last month they performed at the RichDance festival & joined forces with PowerJam, a local music youth group, to put on an evening of live music and dance performances. The motive8 Street Dance Squad is formed from children across the Richmond Borough who attend motive8 schools and clubs. The group consists of 10 dancers aged 7 to 11, each with their own style and flare. Dance styles include popping, locking, waving, breaking etc, dancing to an eclectic

18 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017

range of music. Dancers show massive enthusiasm which demonstrates their dedication during weekly rehearsals, and in their performances.

Since 2013, we have been given opportunities at school fairs, assemblies and festivals to showcase our diverse and talented motive8 dance

groups. Every year we get to appear at more events, such as RichDance and PowerJam, and the children get to showcase their talents to a wider audience. Let’s hope 2017 continues to bring new and exciting prospects for our motive8 street dance squad. If your child is interested in street dance, we run a motive8 recreational street dance club for children aged 7- 13 of all abilities. We run this club on Tuesdays at St Marys University, in the sports hall from 5-6pm – you can sign up on our website ( and follow the link for Squads then Street Dance Tuesday SMUC. We go over all styles of street dance including freestyle and they get to learn new and exciting routines each week.


Tried and Tested The latest health & fitness apps put through their paces

MyFitnessPal This fantastic app allows you to keep track of your calorie intake if you are looking to achieve a new weight loss goal. At the start, you enter your desired target weight and when you want to achieve it by, and the app will set you a daily calorie total to try and stick to. With millions of food entries in its database, you will be hard-pushed not to find the exact brand of food you are eating, with all the nutritional information readily available to add into your daily food diary. If the food you want isn’t in there, you can simply scan the barcode on the packaging, and all the ingredients, nutrition and serving size information is automatically imported into your diary. Once you have entered your daily food diary, it will tell you how many calories you have consumed, the percentage breakdown of fat, protein and carbohydrates you have consumed and how many calories either over or under target you are. You can also enter your weight at intervals along the way, which creates a chart mapping your progress to help spur you on to reach the final goal! Rob Clarke

Relax & Rest – Guided Meditations This app is all about deep relaxation, stress relief and the benefits of meditation. It promises to help with sleep, anxiety and overall improved health. You can adjust voice and sound volume and pick the length of the guided meditation (5, 13 or 24 minutes). You can also select the background music. Once set-up with your preferences, you need to find a quite spot to sit or lie down and simply let go. It’s important that you are in a comfortable position, with nothing niggling you (clothing, other noises etc.) and that you try your best to clear your mind. I find this extremely difficult, so at the beginning I don’t worry too much about it, letting thoughts come and go but, after a short while, I do seem to switch off and give into the relaxation. Breathing is really important, if you focus on big breaths in and out of your nose then this helps calm a busy mind. It’s such a simple process, but very few of us actually take even 5 minutes out of our day to focus on being still, breathing and clearing our minds. This app facilitates that process and leaves you feeling calmer, more grounded and helps put the daily hectic routine of life into perspective. Even Bunty (the dog) was snoring by the end of it. Layla Smith

7 Minute Workout We all have days when we struggle to fit in exercise. And even when we do have time, the prospect of spending an hour in the gym or 30 minutes slogging away on the treadmill is enough to make anyone bow out. So when I heard about the 7 minute workout I thought I’d give it a try. Designed by Chris Jordan, Director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, this app makes you feel like you have a personal trainer in your living room. It’s so easy to set up and use and provides visual guidance on proper form so you know that you’re executing the exercises properly. With 72 exercises and 22 additional workouts that can be customised and modified, you can create more than 1,000 variations to help keep you motivated and moving. When you launch an exercise routine, you can do one, two or three circuits. You can opt to watch the clock, follow the trainer, or listen to and control music during your workout. You can even swap out workouts to keep things interesting or simply stick with the original 7 Minute option. The power of this workout is that it’s simple to do. All you will need is a wall and a chair to complete any of the workouts. Kimberley Mead

SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 19

How to Play Guitar: A Complete Guide For Absolute Beginners. After buying a guitar I downloaded the Kindle version of this book to self-teach myself on how to play in my own time rather than taking lesson s.

Va sel ine is my allrou nder be auty rich pr oduct; it is a very be n ca at th moist ur iser and dy bo the to ed pli ap th lips. also gr eat for smoo y for nd ha in es com o It als by son sea r the ha yfe ve nose. apply ing ins ide the

My favou rit e be auty pr oduct ha s to be na il va rn ish ; you ca n ch an ge it depend ing on the sea son s, your outfit and your genera l mood! It is very ra re th at you wi ll see me without it and it helps ke ep my na ils str on g as well.

After having read so many sport science books during my degree, I’ve now swapped them for either romantic drama books or crime novels. The last book I read was called Our Song which I’m ashamed to say it, brought me to tears!

If I’m honest I’m not one for long books so the best thing for me was the Chron icles of Sherlock Holmes by Arthu r Conan Doyle, as the stories are short enoug h to read in a few train journeys to and from work.

er gel Seize The Da y show inly Ma a. sp le mp Te by es my favou rit e as it com n ca I e ttl bo y nd ha a in thout th row in my ba g, wi kin g lea it t ou ab ing rry wo as ll we as , every where in. moist ur isi ng my sk

I love Aveda – I use two products - the Postshave/moisturiser lotion that leaves my skin feeling fresh and invigorated. It’s non-grea sy and soaks in immediately leaving my skin dry to the touch. Second is the groom ing clay; clay again non-grea sy and styles hair leaving a natural dry look. Whilst these are both expensive, they last a very long time as you do not need to apply much. Used them for years, they are fantastic!

I don’t rea d books so this will have to be my Money Week subscription – nav igat ing the murky wat ers post Brexit/ Tru mp etc.

‘The hard thi ng about hard thi ngs’’. Great book by Ben Hor ow itz about successfu lly run nin g a company.

20 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017

Cocoa butter is my go to moisturiser product. I am also an advocate of using the ‘Kieh ls’ brand as my groom ing kit.


Members of the motive8 tea m sha re a few of their favou rite thi ngs this sum mer

Local Park – I prefer having the choice of cycling or doing a weight or circuit based session in the outdoors, especially during the warm spring/summer months. Udney Hall Gardens in Teddington is my preferred park as it’s close to the office and very peaceful. St Mary’s University gym – it’s just down the road from me and is a great opportunity to bump into friends from my course and catch up with the uni gossip whilst working out!

This would have to be Belvita breakfast bars; every day in the office between 11am-12pm, ideally with a cup of tea to dunk them in. I usually tend to buy a different fl avour each week but the chocolate chip ones are by far my favourite.

The Chainstore Gym Parkour Academy - this is a warehouse that has stripped training down to its simple forms. This is where I first learnt how to perform the Olympic lifts correctly and its simple effective nature has stuck with me.

I usually wear my Fitbit Surge to the gym. It connects via Bluetooth to my phone so I can change tracks on my playlist and it also alerts me with messages. It also measures various fitness variables such as heart rate/ pace/calories and the number of steps. It’s very handy to wear when timing exercises as it vibrates when the timer runs out.

When I can fi nd it in the shops I’ll go for a Mr Tom Bar, Pea nut and Car amel bar. Nau ght y but nice.

Whilst I have a gym membership I prefer my workouts outside. I love my commute throug h Bushy Park, especia lly when the weather is good as it really puts me in a great frame of mind for the day. At the weekend I enjoy ventur ing out to explore, the Surrey Hills in particu lar has so many routes to get lost on it’s always an advent ure.

Physique Warehouse West Molsey. Best gym I’ve trained at in terms of atmosphere and the range of equipment it provides is extensive. Was a great place to train in prep for my previous competitions.

‘S Health’. I fi nd this app very useful for monitoring my calorie intake, steps per day, water consumption and sleepin g pattern. There’s so much more that it can do too!

Salted popcor n. I’m a big fan of popcor n, low in calories and a great guiltfree snack! With the huge range of fl avours that are now available, it’s not a snack I can get bored of easily.

Asha med to say it’s a cheese, on ion and fresh ch illi toasted sa ndwich - yu m.

Althoug h not healthy, I tend to fi nd myself popping into a Pret a Manger every so often to get a Pain au Raisin as a snack in between my prepared meals (especia lly when I’m at Dickens Yard as there’s one on the high street).

I’m very much a minimalist guy when it comes to my training gear. I don’t even tend to listen to my own music so, whilst they’re not really a gadget, I’ll have to go with my Adidas Power Perfect II Weightlifting Shoes.

iPhone/Gar min Strava combo for me - great inform ation and a community to help motivate you to get on your bike and train hard. I’m not really one to train with many gadgets - I like to take the simple approach of get in, work hard and get out. But two gadgets that help me focus are my Beats headphones and Bose speakers for when I’m doing some bag work in the studio. I train much better with music and when I have my beats on.

SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 21

A Day



Nikki Spratley. is motive8’s Head of Gym & Spa. Her main role is to oversee the delivery of the whole Gym & Spa department, which includes our 8 fully-managed spa sites, as well as working on strategies to develop new business and maximise all of the potential we already have within our current sites and staff. She also delivers massage and personal training to a few key clients. Here is what a typical day in the life for Nikki can look like.

6:30AM Up early to sort my bags and organise myself for the day ahead. I head off to the pool to get some laps in so grab a banana en route to help give me an energy boost.

7:00AM Looking to push harder in the pool today. My aim is to complete a mile (64 lengths) in 40mins or under. So far I have managed to reduce my time from 60 minutes down to 45 minutes over the past few months. Less rest between sets today and digging a bit deeper, my session will consist of 8 x 25m fast pace with 20-30 seconds’ rest, repeated 8 times.

8:30AM Great morning session and hit my target. I used my new sports watch which was fantastic in mapping my lengths, speed and rest. Made such a difference and allowed me to concentrate on my technique and breathing. I reach the office and sit down to a delicious breaky of scrambled eggs, avocado and chilli on brown bread as my fuel to power me through the morning. Catching up on emails from the weekend before heading out for the day.

22 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017

11:00AM Head out to a residential Gym & Spa site for an operations meeting with the Estate Manager. Whilst on site we complete a spa inspection and audit of all paperwork to ensure any defects are being actioned and all documents are kept up to date. Whilst on site the supervisor informs us of a bike that isn’t functioning properly. We then place a call out with our maintenance team to have this addressed as quickly as possible.

1:00PM Off to my next appointment and en route find a quiet spot to eat some lunch. Today I have brought with me a pre-prepped meal of chicken and vegetable stir-fry. My sites today are very close by so I decide to walk instead of taking the bus; a great opportunity to grab some fresh air.

2:00PM Brief catch up with the Estate Manager and Facilities Manager to see how they have been doing before heading down to the Spa. Whilst on site I complete my site inspection and audit and catch up with the staff on shift.

NIKKI SPRATLEY Head of Gym & Spa

I decide to walk instead of taking the bus; a great opportunity to grab some fresh air

4:00PM Head back to the office. At 4:30pm we hold a conference call with the other gym and spa managers to catch up over the weekends on call. We then plan the week ahead.

6:00PM Finish for the day and pack up the office. Heading for a Pilates class this evening which really helps me to wind down and stretch at the end of a busy day.

8:00PM Head home for a light dinner of grilled chicken with green salad. Will be having an early night tonight as I have a Personal Training client at 7am tomorrow morning!





Two exciting new products that challenge the traditional concepts of running indoors

Athletic Performance Training with SKILLMILL™ Console allows users to constantly monitor their workout parameters during exercising thanks to an on-board console. A clear display with a touch-sensitive keypad features all the data required to ensure a safe session, helping users to improve their performance and stay on target with their fitness goals. INSPIRED BY ATHLETES Born from Technogym’s experience spanning two decades as official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, SKILLMILL™ is the first product allowing everyday athletes to improve their Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility, and enjoy the benefits of professional sports training in a safe, engaging and effective way. A unique solution offering a huge variety of workout routines to train all the body’s energy systems. MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY (Patent pending) The innovative MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY enables users to experience the full speed resistance spectrum on SKILLMILL™. By shifting the MULTIDRIVE, resistance will vary from zero to maximum, so you can switch to any level between resistancefree running and an all-out sled push. NON-MOTORISED TRAINING SKILLMILL™ is operated and controlled by whoever is using the equipment, accelerating quickly from a cold start and moving at the same pace according to whether users walk,

run or sprint. Moving to the front of the deck speeds up the pace, moving to the back slows you down. And no motor means much lower running costs and carbon footprint. PERFORMANCE MONITORING Equipped with an easy-to-read display to keep track of your performance and vital parameters, SKILLMILL™ Console enables users to monitor each session as it happens, sustaining motivation and helping them to reach their goals. SMARTPHONE GUIDANCE Access virtual training programs by scanning SKILLMILL’s QR code with your smartphone. Or access customized training programs by simply downloading the mywellness app to your smartphone and logging into your mywellness account. DUAL HANDLEBAR Correct positioning for high and low pushes is simple thanks to the DUAL HANDLEBAR catering for users of different heights and body sizes. DURABILITY Built to stand up to demanding use, SKILLMILL™ will endure and ensure excellent reliability thanks to its sturdy design, carefully selected materials and high quality components. SKILLMILL™ ACCESSORY KIT The SKILLMILL™ Accessory Kit allows for a variety of pulling and pushing exercises through handles or a waist belt.

The revolutionary Zero Runner allows you to replicate your natural running motion so you use all the same muscles you do outside, but without the harmful impact. Ultra, marathoner, weekend warrior and everyone in between will benefit from utilizing the Zero Runner in their training or workout program. Keep on track with your training, stay healthy and strong and optimize your performance by incorporating the Zero Runner into your program. ALUMINIUM LEGS Made of aircraft-grade aluminium and redesigned lightweight pedals, the ZR8 boasts light legs and a fast cadence. With the smooth, natural motion, the Zero Runner is running…only better… so you can focus on greater efficiency and enhanced performance and with the reinforced frame, the rock-solid ZR8 is built for maximum stability and to take a beating, over and over, to the finish line. GREATER RESISTANCE Equipped with a higher workload, the ZR8 lets you vary the resistance level throughout runs. Turn it down and sprint or increase the resistance to work on your heel kick and activate more hamstrings, quads and glutes. Change the resistance to incorporate different paced intervals and tempo runs to become an overall stronger runner. PERFORMANCE GRIPS As training progresses, step up to the free-moving performance handles that allow you to replicate the natural

arm motion you use outside. With the performance handles, you also benefit from greater core and balance work. CONTOURED GRIP When it comes to upper-body ergonomics, the contoured handles place you in an ideal upright position, ready to run. Multiple hand placement options fit users of all sizes and preferences. For maximum efficiency and comfort, place the hands at the top of the handles and run with your thumbs up. STRIDE TRACING Equipped with more information and knowledge about personal performance, runners have the data they need to address potential weaknesses and optimize performance. Unique gait tracing technology allows you to monitor your stride length and heel kick height. Typically, stride shortens and your heel kick height decreases with the onset of fatigue, which can compromise overall form and ultimate results. Now with stride tracing, runners can make adjustments as necessary to remain equally as strong throughout long runs. SMARTER WORKOUTS Take advantage of additional expertise in creating customized training regimens and goal-based plans with SmartLink. Focus on endurance, strength or active recovery by following routines developed using input from fitness professionals, athletic coaches and physical therapists to stimulate progress and performance.

SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 23

BATTERSEA EXCHANGE A year in the making, motive8 worked alongside the client to develop all aspects of the gym facility, including equipment, supply and fit of a specialist gym floor, mirrors and bespoke window manifestations.

24 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017



Alongside a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, residents have access to this a newly-refurbished gym designed by motive8, which reopened in December 2016 just in time for the New Year health kick!


SUMMER 2017 M8: LIFE 25

BEST OF OUR BLOGS All our websites are packed full of interesting and educational blogs, from how to design a home gym, the importance of corporate wellbeing, how to stay injury free as well as nutritional tips, recipes, challenges and much more. Here is a selection of our favourites.

WHY CHANGING ROOM DESIGN IS AS IMPORTANT AS GYM DESIGN Many of us will be familiar with the idea of checking a restaurant’s washroom facilities to judge the state of its kitchen – we believe the same applies to gym changing rooms. Well designed changing rooms that welcome you, make you feel comfortable, give the right level of privacy and a luxurious showering experience will almost certainly be a reason to choose one gym facility over another.

SAUNA - BEFORE OR AFTER YOUR WORKOUT? Using a sauna has always been a place where individuals love to unwind and have some to time to relax post or even prior to workouts. However, not every individual is aware of the benefits or even negatives that can come from using the sauna prior to or post workout and also may be unaware of which is the more effective time of use.

FITTING IN TRAINING AROUND A BUSY LIFESTYLE Clients often ask the question – “When do you find time to train yourself, when you are out training clients or in the office all day? ” The answer is I do find time to train consistently and also match the right eating to support my goals. I think that it comes down to mindset and realising that we do all have 24hours in a day and how we use them is down to decision making and not falling to excuses about time or feeling too tired.

LATEST FITNESS TRENDS FOR CORPORATE GYMS IN 2017 Already in 2017 we are seeing a lot of new and exciting fitness and workout trends for us to try. As corporate gyms across the country add them to their studio timetables, we look at the current trends being seen in the workplace gym.

26 M8: LIFE SUMMER 2017

WOMEN AND WEIGHTS There is an unscientific myth that all women will bulk up and become big muscled if they lift heavy weights. Fitness professionals have tried for years to overcome this rumour and to teach women that it will take a lot more than a 10 kilo dumbbell to make their muscles bulge. Even the dedicated gym enthusiast might struggle to see the results of his or hers efforts, despite lifting a lot heavier. It takes a proper diet and lifestyle to give both women and men a lean and muscular body.

FOOTBALL TRAINING PROGRAMME GRAMME Focused on developing and enhancing skill levels through advanced training practises, small-sided games and tournaments.


AGES 6-14

£12 PER DAY £55 PER WEEK EVERYY HALF TERM, EASTER & SUMMER Springwest Academy (formerly Feltham CC), Browells Lane, Feltham, TW13 7EF All our lead coaches are level 2 qualified as well as being DBS-checked and a specialist in their chosen field of sport.

0800 028 0198 | | @m8coaching

M8:Life Summer 2017  

This Summer Issue includes: the benefits of yoga for runners, health and fitness apps put through their paces, tons of make at home recipe i...

M8:Life Summer 2017  

This Summer Issue includes: the benefits of yoga for runners, health and fitness apps put through their paces, tons of make at home recipe i...