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Monique Collignon This year was the 10 th edition from the Amsterdam international fashion week. The shows wear less then other year but that is because of the crisis, somebody who really changed was Monique Collignon. The light goes off. Music starts and the light comes up like sun, music with a mix of jungle and the sound of making photos, really creative but the weird mix for this designer. But when the first model comes up, I understand why, Monique changed her clothes for all ages. I see that the dress she wears actually really funky and young is. Colours from Berge to Brown, Blue, Black, Pink, Grey and Blue jeans with big pipes, really seventies. I see a few glitters and a lot of transparent fabric and a lot of layers. There are some dresses until the ground but the most dresses are above the knee. The shoes they wear are all the same, black closed high heels. The hair is seventies and pin-up. The make-up is really natural but with red or pink lips. Every model comes 2 times up and when a long grew dress finish the show. At the end Monique Collignon comes coming up with all of her models hand in hand. What a fantastic show, I really didn’t expect this from her. People already loved her but now even more people will love her.

Fashion system - Monique Collignon