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Crisis, what to do if you have nothing to wear?  


- Go to sit one day on your room, pull out all of you clothes from your wardrobe and re-organize your wardrobe. You will find a lot of new things in there ;) - Go second hand, some people think it dirty but what do you have to do if you got nothing anymore, and you will always look different then other people. - Go cutting your clothes, maybe you find a old t-shirt of your brother and just do something with it, do crazy, discover your own creativity. - Go change, maybe your friends got old clothes they don’t want to have anymore, and you also want to lose some clothes, change. Just organize a party and put all your old clothes on one big mountain. And your friends the same, let find out what you will love at your friends. - Or maybe your friends have suggestions, maybe that ugly scarf looks really good as a belt or something else. - Go your grandmams/dads wardrobe in, if you love old clothes, or maybe your parents have something you always wanted to have. - Go sale, you will always find something that is really cheap and great for in your wardrobe.

Fashion system - Core crisis