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25-10-2010 Kimberley Denise Zuurbier.


STORY. After looking thought a few online web shops. I came to the decision that I want to have a sort of online shop as the H&M online shop. I focus on the H&M online store because I think it’s a clear, colourful and modern web shop. I want to focus mainly on the Dutch one because Spain doesn’t have an H&M online shop. The first H&M online shop opened in 1998 in Sweden, in 2006 Holland was the first online shop after Scandinavia who opened. H&M ships to Austria - Denmark - Finland - Germany - Netherlands - Norway and Sweden. The webpage is: They not only sell the basics but they sell also the collaborations with designers. For example if a designer start selling their collection at 9:00 in the shop, at 00:00 the selling starts at the online shop. The online store is 24/7 open, only you cannot pay or login between 02.00 and 04.00. At that time their working on the orders or opload new stuff. I think the H&M online shop is good cause they offer a lot of products, you can receive a newsletter with discounts, even you can receive their monthly magazine or catalogue. And if you see for example in their catalogue a dress you want to see, you enter the code in the order page on the internet and it’s in your shopping basket. And if you registrate yourself for a newsletter you receive 25% discount. Also it’s not allowed to do online shopping under 18 years old.


It’s also a really easy page, they explain at the customer service everything you need to know and tell you that everything is safe and easy. They also explain that’s fast and easy to pay, they have different ways to pay. Their 6 different ways to pay. o Paying after delivery o Paying with giro, you pay when you get the products delivered. o Monthly invoice o H&M account, you pay in 3 months o Paying with credit card o Paying at the delivery with cash. The delivery takes more or less one week, at the shopping bag you can check when your order get delivered. You can sent your order home, you can pick it up at an H&M close to your house or you can sent it to a pickup place. When the package gets delivered you receive a text massage. The cost to sent is €4,90. To return your order their different ways. You have 14 days to retour your order by bringing it to a shop of H&M, or you sent it back to address of H&M, the only thing is that you have to pay €1,00. To get your money back, they will put the money back on your bank account, or give it back in cash.






FIRST PAGE. On the H&M online shop you can order Women, Men, Divided, Children, Cosmetics, Home and Sale’. Every section is divided by orders for example by women you can chose different sections such as Mama, Lingerie and Accessories. For example with home is divided by living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The home section is new since 6 months. When you enter the online shop, the layout is divided in 4 main parts. This season it’s ‘Favourite looks, Best buy home, H&M loves and Shirt 7,95’. On the top ‘Women, Men, Divided, Children, Cosmetics, Home and Sale’ divide it. Next to that you can chose ‘Newsletter, Catalogue, Customer service, my page and Log in’. Above log in’ you can see how many things you have in your basket and paying. When you click on Favourite looks you get 4 different kind of photos, by that you can chose for NEW SCAPES, SHORT&SWEET,SHINY SHINY and MODERN MIX. When you click on one of the photos you will see the photo with the clothes their wearing and the prices, when you like for example click on the dress, you can see it close and order it.


The good thing is one this is that you can see everything you need to know, price, color, size, fabric, materials, how it fits. Also you can click on details and if will show you the fabric from close, also if you don’t know which size you have to take you can click on sizelabel. Their you can see which size you need to take.                                    



WOMEN. When you click one Women you will see the same layout as the first page but then on the left side you see a layout with different kind of sections, Tops, Sweaters, Blouse, Jeans, Skirts, Jackets, MAMA, Biologic cotton, BIB, Sport/Swimwear, Lingerie, L.O.G.G, Accessories and shoes. When you click on Tops, you get all different kind of t-shirt. When you click for example on a t-shirt you get a photo from a model wearing the t-shirt with product you can combinate with the t-shirt.



Every section is the same so you don’t get confused, when your going to Men, Divided, Children, Cosmetics, Home or Sale, it’s all the same way of buying. By that you don’t spend to much time on spending on searching. In Holland, the H&M online shop is one of the biggest online stores, even when H&M has several different H&M in each city. By that the H&M online shop is perfect, it has everything a online shop needs. To bad they don’t have it Spain, I think It would work.


WEBDESIGNERS. I talked to 2 different kind of webdesigners. Leonardo Paz and Rodrigo Lépez Vela ( Their both graphic designers but they focus also on other project such as online webshops. I asked them how much they would charge me to create a online webshop such as H&M, I told them I had a limit till €4000 and they told me that the budget is more then perfect and that to be honest it’s a too big budget. Their both from Mexico. Rodrigo also studied at IED but then in Turin, Italy.







If I had to chose between Elhuacal or Leonardo paz, it pretty hard to chose because their both really good but Elhuacal is more general website, he has better programs to make online shops but Leonardo Paz is more graphic and maybe I would like to have the online shops a little bit more graphic. They both charge me kind of the same, so price is not the problem. So finally I would chose Elhuacal because he’s better in designing online shops such as the H&M online shop.                          


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Distribution channel 1 The online store is 24/7 open, only you cannot pay or login between 02.00 and 04.00. At that time their working on th...

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