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Over the knee boots. It’s all started in the 1950s when Irving Klaw used the over the knee boots of an erotic photo shoot. Until 2000 these boots were seen and even still as erotic/fetish boots, mostly worn prostitutes and professional dominatrices. After 2000 Christian Louboutin made them in leather but it’s didn’t really worked in fashion. In fall 2001, Roberto Cavalli introduced us again to the over the knee boots. Also this was not a big success. In fall 2003, Narciso Rodriguez tried it again and in fall 2007 Burberry Prorsum did it again, till fall 2009 when Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Stella McCartney did it again, and it worked. Used in movies such as the September issue, in Vogue, other famous magazines. People like it. Even Jimmy Choo is making for H&M a pair of over the

knee boots. The biggest trendsetter is Kate Moss who was wearing the over the knee boots already several times the past years. Fashionblogs all talking about it, that they love it or hate it. How to combinate it. But this fad will come back in the future, some people like it now but in a few years they will love it. It’s makes you feel sexy and mostly with the heels gives you a feeling of power. It’s just the way you combinate it!

Trend. Botox and breast implants.

Botox also known as botulinum used as cosmetic surgery. 1980 the first people were getting botox at their eyes; nowadays we use botox everywhere in our face. People are obsessed with perfection. And always wanted to look good, if they have a wrinkle at 30 some would even use then al botox because nobody has to see that they are already 30. People don’t see the dangerous out of botox, in 2004, 28 people died because they got the cheaper version of botox. But people don’t see that, everybody wants to have the perfect skin such as Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Liz Hurley etc. We all want to look like were 25 when we are 50, getting younger boyfriends, people give you compliments. The trend is that more and more people getting it, there are even botox parties like the tuber ware parties from 1995, when people come to you house and show everything what they have, it’s getting more and more normal to use botox, while actually getting older is how life it.

But what if we’re looking like Barbie if were dying? the perfect face, smile, lips. Barbie is perfect, so if we almost look perfect, we are Barbie! It’s the same with my other trend breast implants. The perfect round boobs, who will always be alive, and you can wear t-shirts without bra. Again the perfect look that everybody wants to have. People who go from size C to DD, is how bigger how better, men love it, women love it so why not. It’s something that when you walk in a room full of people, people will think whoa what a perfect body, face, everything. That’s where we hunting for. Of course for some people it’s normal to get breast implants, for example if you absolute have no boobs. Or when you’re a man who wants to be women. These things are different. The problem also is that a lot of men don’t even look if your boobs are small or ugly; it’s how you project yourself. If you’re going to cover-up your boobs, men will think o ok, what’s up with her boobs.

Else they all think were perfect! It’s just the way you see yourself. Why do we all have to be perfect, nobody is perfect, when you have other boobs, you want to have another face, when you have another face you want to have more skinner legs. It’s the time we life in that everything has to be perfect.

Coolhunting - Fad-Trend  
Coolhunting - Fad-Trend  

Over the knee boots. knee boots. The biggest trendsetter is Kate Moss who was wearing the over the knee boots already several times the past...