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Tips for buying good seafood

If you want to cook nutritious and healthy seafood for your that also tastes delicious, then you must be sure that the fish that you shop for in the fish market is fresh and comes from s sustainable source. The following tips can help you with this:

o Shop for MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) to ensure that the seafood product comes from a well-managed, sustainable fishery source that meets standards of the best scientific data of fishing. o In case MNC product is unavailable, ask the retailer if the fish comes from a sustainable source. o While purchasing seafood, do not limit your choice, to popular ones. Try from the widest available variety of seafood to prepare for a gourmet dinner. o It is always better to purchase locally caught fish to ensure freshness and this way you can do

o Do not purchase baby fishes as this might endanger the species. o A fish with bright, clear eyes is truly fresh, therefore the eyes of the fish should be carefully examined. o If the scales of the fish are shiny and free of blemishes, then the fish can is considered fresh. o The fish shouldn’t smell absurd or displeasing. If so, the fish is definitely stale and worth not buying.

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Tips for buying good seafood