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Kim Harper



My name is Kim and I am an aspiring graphic designer. I am a fun loving, energetic, full scoop of awesomeness. I love dancing in the rain and smiling at the sun, enjoying everything that each day has to offer. What does that have to do with my love of design? Nothing really, just thought I would let you know a little about myself.

Designer: Kim Harper

1 // Stamp Collection

w. 1.4” h. 1.4” / w. 7.5” h. 4.5” / w. 4.625” h. 3.5” // graphic design 2012

For this project I was tasked with designing a canadian postage stamp, first day cover and souvenier sheet based on canadian wildlife. The animal I chose was the Orca whale. I was inspired by a photograph I had seen showing only the tail end slapping down on the water. I kept with the same color scheme and curved lines throughout the pieces to create a cohesive collection.

2 // Four Noble Ones w. 41.5� h. 10� // graphic design 2012

For this project I was tasked with graphically representing the four seasons using non traditional imagery. Through research I was able to learn about The Four Gentlemen, also called the Four Noble Ones. In Chinese art this refers to four plants: the orchid (spring), the bamboo (summer), the chrysanthemum (fall), and the plum blossom (winter). I kept my design clean and simple having a single color in each image as the background color and using only white for the actual imagery. The colors chosen were done so to aid in the portrayal of each season.

3 // Free Your Mind w. 16� h. 24� // digital print 2013

For this project I was tasked with designing a recruitment poster for the Visual Communications program at The Medicine Hat College. I chose to incorporate both graphic design and fine art into my image to show the different mediums the program offers. For the painting aspect I scanned a painted project I had completed in my 2D class and used it as the background image. For the design side I chose to play on the printer colors CMYK.

Kelly Beresowsky &Jessie Bishop



roof top patio

Please RSVP by July 1st 2013

4 // Once Upon A Rooftop w. 5� h. 7� // digital print 2013

For this project I was asked to design the wedding invitations for a friends wedding. The wedding is a night ceremony and is situated on a rooftop patio of the Esplanade Arts Center so I came up with the concept of patio lanterns at night. I tried to keep the design modern and youthful as it fit them and their style.

menu appet iz ers

escargot stuffed mushhroom caps roasted red pepper mini quiche coconut panko crusted prawns

main course

peppercorn crusted prime rib lemon and herb rubbed roasted chicken Together with their families

cranberry pecan stuffing

Ashlie Neal & Lee Ayerst

double stuffed baked potatoes

request the pleasure of your company at their wedding

Saturday, 31st August 2013 Two o'clock in the afternoon

Connors Park Pavilion reception to follow

roasted vegetable medley ultimate garlic ceaser salad mixed greens in raspberry vinegrette rosemary dinner rolls


pinapple cheesecake baked apple pie bites chocolate raspberry mousse


Count us in No can do Please check your selection and return by July 15/13

5 // Summer Ceremony

w. 5” h. 7” / w. 2.5” h. 5” / w. 4” h. 3” // digital print 2013

For this project I was asked to design cohesive wedding stationery for a friends outdoor wedding. Sticking with her wedding colors of white and teal and the outdoor theme I constructed many solutions and this was the final designed set that was chosen.


6 // Coffee

w. 10� h. 10� // graphic design 2013

This is a logo I had designed for Highway One Coffee House. The image had to be able to work in both black and white as well as color. I tried to keep my design simple and to the point, I wanted it to be able to portray what the business was without the name of business.

7 // One Love

w. 23� h. 9� // digital illustration

For this project I was tasked at re illustarting a childrens book of choice. We were given the choice of medium and I chose to digitally illustrate it as I found I needed more practice on Adobe Illustrator. I chose the book One Love which is based on the Bob Marley song.

Gregory Maguire

The Life and Times of The Wicked Witch of The West

Gregory Maguire

8 // Wicked

w. 1.5” h. 9.5” / w. 6.5” h. 9.5” // book cover 2011

For this project I was given the title of a book and tasked at designing a book cover as well as a spine for the book using only text to create the image. I was allowed to use only black and white with one color. I decided to illustrate all my fonts in the title to make them work best for the shapes I wanted to create.

9 // Spring Is In The Air w. 14� h. 8.5� // watercolor 2012

This piece is a watercolor painting I had done in my free time. I had got some new watercolor paints so wanted to test them out. The image actually comes from the package design for the paints.

10 // A Different View

w. 24� h. 18� // graphite and charcoal on paper 2012

For this drawing I was assigned the objective of creating an ambiguous image. I used the window to create an inside outside effect having some of the inside going outside and vise versa.

11 // Hand Drawn

w. 24� h. 16� // graphite and colored pencils on paper 2012

For this drawing I had to have a colored drawing of my hand drawing an image of choice in graphite. The graphite image had to connect with the colored image, blending the two parts harmoniously.

12 // Night Cruise

w. 14� h. 11� // prisma color pencil crayons on mylar

For this project I had to find a photograph from an automobile adverstisement and try and recreate it as realistically as possible using colored pencil crayons on mylar paper. I chose my image because I liked all the colors reflected throughout from the city and street lights and the motion portrayed. I found this image to be exciting as well as challenging.

Hope You Like What You Seen

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