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The Castle, St Andrews

TPC San Francisco, CA. USA


Powerscourt, Ireland

Machrihanish Dunes, Scotland




Nanea, Hawaii

‘gWest’, Gleneagles, Scotland

The Montagu, Fancourt






Founded on the success of 10 years designing for and collaborating with David Kidd, Paul founded ‘KIMBER

GOLF’ by selecting the

most talented individuals he has worked with in his 12 years in the industry. Paul and the Kimber Golf team of designers and shapers already have an outstanding reputation. They promise to bring an unbridled enthusiam and passion to continue their philosophy of,

‘Creating a select number of quality Golf Courses

京铂高尔夫 在10年与大卫•基德设计合作的基础上,保罗 挑选了与其在业界共事12年里最具天赋的个 人,成立了京铂高尔夫(Kimber Golf)。现 在,保罗与京铂高尔夫(Kimber Golf)设计 师及造型师团队都已闻名遐迩。他们承诺,会 以满腔热忱将 “创作一系列精选高尔夫球场,加强环境”

that enhance their setting and environment.’ With the backing of some of the biggest names in the business and former clients such as St Andrews Links Trust commenting that;-

“Paul did an outstanding job at The Castle Course. For

18 months he practically lived on the site and the result, voted the best new course in the world in 2008, was in no small measure due to his skill, his dedication and his determination. It was a real pleasure working with him and we continue to do so”.

的设计理念持续下去。 京铂高尔夫在业内颇负盛名,昔日的客户,圣 安德鲁斯林克斯机构评论道, “保罗在卡斯尔球场中工作表现很出色,18个 月以来他实际上都住在工地上,而结果,在 2008年一致认为是世界上最好的球场,这很大 程度上是归因于他的技能、他的奉献以及他的 决心。很高兴能与他共事而且我们以后也会一 直保持合作。”



Each site is unique and every new golf course should to be tailored to suit that site. As architects our role is to use the



that a site has to offer in such a way

that the golf course ultimately sits within the landscape appearing as though the course has been a part of that landscape for many years. Creating a bespoke golf course that is inseparable from

设计理念 每个场地都是独一无二的,因而新 建的每个高尔夫球场都应为其量身 打造。 作为建筑师,我们的职责是利用场 地本身的自然资源,让建成的高尔 夫球场身处风景之中,仿佛多年来 球场早已融为风景的一部分。

its environment and vice versa. We fundamentally believe the only way to

guarantee the best results is for the designers to spend a lot of time on site during both the design and construction stages. By doing this the team garners a unique understanding of the site so that the result is a combination of the designers




producing a

course that ultimately exceeds expectations.

我们始终相信,对于设计者来说, 在设计与施工两个阶段中,投入大 量时间在工地上,是唯一保障最佳 成果的方式。这样一来,团队也能 对场地独具理解,设计师的热情与 球场设计知识相结合,最终的成果 也就能超过预期。




There is no doubt that the best courses built around the world


over the last 10 years have been ‘designed in the dirt’ with


sound backing from an invaluable understanding of the site. The method of work we employ is to complete a thorough site

analysis including, elevation, slope and aspect drawings.

These drawings, accompanied by walking the site will help give rise to a solid understanding of the site.


我们使用的工作手段是进行彻底的现场分 析,包括立面,坡度和方位的绘制。

伴随着现场巡视,这些制图能帮助团队充 分了解现场。

From here the

routing plan can

be developed and refined again on site. During this process ideas and concepts for the look and feel of the course are drafted as

concept visuals. With these 3 stages complete

masterplan and the sketch book is developed.


Presented with an artistic style the sketchbook will have enough information for initial budgets to be compiled.

由此,路线设计可以在 现场重新制定并改善。 在此过程中,对球场所 看想象构思概念。 在这3个阶段中,完成 总平面图,并制作效果 草图。 以艺术风格呈 现的效果图,可以为最 终的预算编制提供足够 的信息。

While we fundamentally believe the only way to guarantee the best results is for the designers to spend a lot of time on site as the course is being built we understand the need for a sound technical base to make sure all elements of the project will work before construction begins. Consequently during the

detailed design

stage we will

computer model the site checking cut and fill calculations to inform the designer before he is given the freedom to manipulate this on site. Working in this way ensures each part of every hole will have a consistent feel brought by the on site designer but nothing is left to chance and there is always the backing of sound technical information.

我们从根本上相信保障最佳成果的方式,是设计 师在现场投入大量时间。随着球场的建设,我们 了解,需要用可靠技术,在施工开始前确保项目 的每个部分都运转。接下来的施工图阶段中,我 们会在设计师现场自由发挥才能之前,用电脑建 模来告知他所需的数据, 以此方式工作,现场的设计师可确保每个球洞的 每个部分都是协调的,符合标准,还有可靠的技 术信息反馈。

Paul his

has developed a unique methodology for ensuring

visions become reality.

Working very

closely with the shapers on each hole, green , tee and bunker

保罗已经制定了一个独特的方法来确保 实现他的构想。 每个球洞、果岭、发球 区、沙坑,他都与造型师密切合作。

complexes are developed on site.


Initial ideas are ‘roughed out’ using a


not unlike a child’s sand pit. The simple box

containing sand is used to model the hole, the shaper can then take this 3D image and transform it into reality. As more and more detail is required it can similarly be ‘fleshed out’ and refined in the sand, before being brought to life by the shapers.

最初拟定的想法是用”沙盒”,它不像小 孩玩的沙坑。 这个容纳沙子的盒子被用 来制作球洞的模型,接着造型师可以从中 获取三维图像,并使其变为现实。 随着 越来越多的细节需求,在被造型师带入现 实前,它可以非常简单地用沙子充实并改 善。

This technique allows the hole to evolve on site

and become part of it rather than being set out from paper drawings and therefore being imposed upon the site.

这种技能可以让球洞因地制宜在工地上随 时进行修改并成为球场的一部分, 而不 是出了图纸后才在现场调整。

As well as experienced designers the Kimber Golf Team

have an excellent

understanding of how Golf Courses should be built. Working for clients such as Charles Schwab, George Roberts, Maher-al-Tajir, Joe Deitch, St Andrews Links Trust all who have exacting standards - the team have learnt not to accept second best. By






除了有经验的设计师,京铂高 尔夫团队对于高尔夫球场如何 建设有着出色的理解。 在为 有着严格要求的客户工作中, 如查尔斯•施瓦布、乔治•罗伯 茨、马厄•阿尔•塔吉尔、乔• 戴奇、圣安德鲁斯林克斯协会 等,团队学会只求最好。


supervise construction the team can also check and monitor the suitability of materials for construction and test any sands before they are used on the course.

通过设计人员的现场施工监 督,团队也可以在球场交付使 用前,检测核实施工中材料的 合适性,以及测试沙子。

Maintaining an on site presence also keeps the construction process moving forward, checking and inspecting at every stage, making sure that each element is built correctly and that ultimately the project lives up to, and hopefully exceeds expectations.

长期驻留现场也可以保证施工 进度不间断,检查审视每个阶 段,确保每个部分都被正确地 建设而最终达到高标准,并有 望超过期望。

Our commitment will not finish at the completion of seeding, further site visits will be made to inspect the progress of the

‘grow in’

of the

project, helping to ensure that the turf is in a healthy condition for the

我们承诺服务不会在球场 完成播种后就结束,我们 将进一步实地考察草坪的 生长状况,有助于确保草 坪在本球场的健康生长。

stage of the project. Turf quality is a very important aspect in making sure the project is successful and achieves the playing characteristics looking



the We

designers have



consultant in


various grasses practical for the different climatic zones around the globe.

草坪质量对确保该球场的 成功非常重要,这也是设 计者努力追求球场的可打 性的重要方面。我们有经 验丰富的农艺师顾问,熟 谙全球不同气候带、不同 种类的草坪的生长习生。

Paul Kimber



Brought up on a diet of golf from an early age, Paul began

Golf Course Architecture before he realised. Playing traditional ‘Links’ courses when on family holidays and classic heathland and parkland courses every daylight hour during his school summer breaks, he developed a deep passion for the game. learning about

Following 3 years greenkeeping at his local course he

practical background before he formalised his education by studying for an MA Hons degree at Edinburgh College of Art. gained an excellent

This brought a new dimension to his understanding of the way natural elements combine to create a landscape, and therefore how to


recreate believable

Initially working with the Case Florida and


Golf Company in art of Golf

in Europe Paul learnt the

Course Architecture.

保罗•京铂 首席设计师 保罗从小就受高尔夫文化的熏陶,不经 意间,就已在学习高尔夫球场设计了。 家庭度假时,在传统的林克斯球场打高 尔夫,而学校暑假时,他白天又在经典 的欧石南荒地、公园球场打球。期间他 培养起高尔夫运动深深的热爱之情。 他先是3年间在当地球场,从绿地养护 的工作中获得不错的实践背景,紧接 着,他正式在爱丁堡艺术学院学习,并 取得了学位。而这对于他在景观设计中 融进自然元素的方式以及如何再现可信 的环境,也带来了新的理解层面。 早期, 保罗在弗罗里达的Case高尔夫 公司跟欧洲的EGD公司工作并学习高尔 夫球场设计。


David Kidd

at DMK Golf Design in

2000. Paul honed his skills on the design and construction of

Powerscourt, a parkland

course in Ireland before moving to Hawaii to oversee a project built on volcanic rock.

Nanea Golf Club is now rated in the World top 100 and the USA top 50 courses by Golf Digest magazine. The success continued with commissions for the remodel of

The Montagu course at

Fancourt in South Africa, and design work and

TPC San Francisco Bay Tetherow Golf Club both in the

routings for and USA.

This platform allowed Paul to be given the privilege of designing the latest course at

The Home of Golf ; The Castle Course in St Andrews,.

Following courses

two in


further the

acclaimed environmental

Machrihanish Dunes and the exclusive gWest Paul launched his own company;

2000年, 保罗加入大卫•基德 的DMK高尔夫设计公司,一直 在爱尔兰磨练公园球场的设计 及施工技能,直到去夏威夷监 督这个建在火山岩上的项目为 止。根据《Golf Digest》杂 志,Nanea高尔夫俱乐部现世界 排名前100,美国排名前50。 南非蒙塔古球场重建以及美国 TPC旧金山湾以及特瑟罗高尔 夫俱乐部设计都相继获得了成 功。 在此背景下,保罗拥有最新球 场的设计优先权,如高尔夫之 家、圣安德鲁斯的卡斯尔球 场。 在苏格兰两个更受欢迎的球场 项目——马赫里哈尼什沙丘球 场和吉维斯特球场之后, 保罗 开了自己的公司。

Handicap 4



Th e Castle Course 卡斯尔球场 Commissioned in 2003 to design for the first


course at the home of golf for over 100 years, Paul led the design team to transform a piece of flat farmland into the wild rugged landscape within which the Castle Course now sits. In this way the new course has an instant character and feels as though it is played through the landscape rather than has been imposed upon it.

Leading the design team Paul was on site every day for two years, both designing and managing the construction team. Spending this amount of time on site allowed the team to forming

close working relationship with the shapers. Each in a ‘sand box’ whereby each hole and idea could quickly be modelled in


hole became an adventure initially conceived the sand before being built.

Opening in the Summer of 2008 the resulting course has already

‘best new course’ from Golf Magazine and ranked in the Top 100 UK golf courses

received many accolades including by Golf World.

2003年,保罗受委托,为有着100多年历史 的“高尔夫之家”——苏格兰设计第一个锦 标赛球场,他领导设计团队把卡斯尔球场所 在的一片平坦的农田打造成广阔又崎岖不平 的景观。 这样,新球场感觉就像是风景的一部分而不 会觉得很突兀。 两年来的每一天保罗都在工地上,领导管理 着设计和施工两个队伍。 在工地上花费的时间使团队与造型者形成亲 密的合作关系。 每个球洞用沙盒构思,以此 在建设之前迅速能把想法建模。 该球场在2008年夏季投入使用,广受称 赞,如《Golf》杂志的最佳球场,“Golf World”评选的英国百佳球场。


Mach rihanish Du nes contrast the site for Machrihanish Dunes was an Architects dream, a perfect links site in pristine condition. Almost too pristine as the entire site was highly protected – designated as a Site of Special Scientific interest (SSSi). Paul led the design team through the lengthy planning application, working closely with government authorities and the team’s project ecologist to find a solution whereby the golf By complete

could co-exist with the environment to mutual benefit. With the planning work starting in 2004 the project followed ‘The Castle’ into construction in 2007. The reduced team effectively built the course by hand


‘tip toe-ing’ round the site,

disturbing less than 2% of the environment. Opening in mid summer 2009 the course has already been well received in several golf magazines in both the USA and Europe.


马赫里哈尼什沙丘 相比之下,马赫里哈尼什沙丘是设计师的梦 想,它是处于原始状态的一个完美林克斯球 场。 整个地方被很好地保护起来,被授予具有 特殊科学价值的地点。 保罗带领设计团队经历 了漫长的规划审批,在与政府机构及团队里的 生态学家密切合作中,寻求一个办法,使得双 方能互惠互利。 随着2004年规划工作的开始,这个项目在2007 年接着卡斯尔球场之后进入施工阶段。 精简的 团队亲自在球场到处探察,有效地建设球场的 同时,对环境的影响不到2%。 该球场在2009年盛夏开幕,在美国及欧洲的一 些高尔夫杂志上也受到一致的好评。





Following on from the Castle and Machrihanish Dunes Paul took the team to gWest a parkland site set in the spectacular


environment of Perthshire. Immediately adjacent to Gleneagles the site has exceptional views to the surrounding hills.

‘heathland’ defining feature of the course. With some natural spectacular undulations as the base

在卡斯尔球场跟马赫里哈尼什沙丘球场之 后,保罗带着团队去了吉维斯特,位于佩思 郡风景宜人的乡村之中的一个平原球场。此 处与格伦伊格尔斯相毗邻,山丘环绕,风景 独特。

Again in contrast to the other courses a


became the

canvas Paul set about building the course. Using the natural assets

sympathetic landforms that flow landscape. New water features were created

of the site and creating

mirror those created by nature. This allows the course to through the

to remove the unnatural

straight edges resulting from years

of farming and reinstated more


natural meandering

At gWest Paul also had extra responsibilities, working as the ‘Main Contractor’ as well as designer. At the end of August 2009 Paul and the team completed the construction and seeding on budget and on schedule. The course remains on schedule for opening in 2011.

此外,与其他球场相比之下,“欧石楠荒 地”的构想成为该球场的主要特征。在这如 油画般壮观起伏的自然景象中,保罗着手建 设球场。他利用并借鉴此处的自然资源,设 计出宜人地形,使球场穿梭于风景之中。设 计新水景并恢复更多蜿蜒的小溪,以此来消 除那些因多年耕种而造成的不自然的直边。 在基维斯球场,保罗也有额外的责任,即是 设计者也是主要的承包人。2009年8月底,保 罗及团队按照预算和时间表,完成了施工与 播种。按计划,这个球场在2011年开幕。


Th e Montagu

South Africa’s premier golf resort, and host of the 2003 Presidents Cup matches, asked us to give the Montagu Course an extreme makeover. The new and improved course retains its parkland beauty but now features two entirely new holes, the par-4 first and par-5 ninth, as well as a number of other significant upgrades across the golf course.


蒙塔古 蒙塔古球场是南非最早的高尔夫度假胜地, 同时也是2003年的总统杯比赛的主办地,我 们被要求对它进行一次大翻修。新改善的球 场保留了原先的平原美景,增加了两个新球 洞,即第一洞(四杆洞)和第九洞(五杆 洞),还大大地提升了球场的其他各处品 质。

Fancourt’s owner, Dr. Hasso Plattner, shared our vision and commitment to bringing the Montagu, which was once ranked the No. 1 golf course in South Africa, back to its rightful place in the pantheon of this phenomenal country’s best golf courses.

Re - Opening in the Summer of 2005 the resulting course has was tested by Retief Goosen, his 66 proved the course is tougher but not too difficult.

法科特的所有人,哈索•普拉特纳博士,与我 们共享愿景,并致力于将蒙塔古球场带回到 这个非凡国度中最好球场的地位中。 2005年夏季重新开幕的球场已由雷铁夫•古森 测试,他打出的66杆证明该球场比较棘手但 也不是太难。




T PC San Francisco Bay 旧金山湾 TPC San Francisco Bay, which offers sweeping vistas of the San Francisco Bay. Members of this private club will be tested by a layout that rises and falls along ridge tops and through ravines. Massive earthworks were required, however painstaking efforts have been taken to ensure that the finished course will fit right into its natural surroundings.

* Best New Courses of 2007 - Travel + Leisure Golf, November/December 2007 * Northern California’s Best New Course - LINKS Magazine, November/December 2007

TPC旧金山湾球场呈现着旧金山湾辽阔的景 色, 这所私人俱乐部的球员将在沿着山脊起伏 并穿过山谷的布局中经受考验。这需要大 量的土方工程,但细心的努力确保了完工 的球场将正确地融入自然环境中。

2007年最佳球场——《Travel +Leisure Golf》杂志,2007年11、12月 加州北部最佳新球场——《Links Magazine》,2007年11、12月



With a combined role of assistant construction manger and design associate this was a great commission. Living on the sun-drenched Big Island of Hawaii was easy; building a links layout amid the lava fields was not. The clients, Charles Schwab and George Roberts, demanded a challenging course in the style of their favourite courses in the U.K. and Ireland. They wanted a course that contrasted with the all too common resort golf found elsewhere on the Island. By deciding to use Paspalum from tee to green across the entire course we were able to create fast, demanding putting greens, intriguing contours, and choices; members of this private club enjoy the option to play low running bump-and-run shots instead of having to reach for a lob wedge, as too many modern American courses too often require.

Set on the slopes of Mount Hualalai, the course incorporates strategies inherent in any fine links course. Add to that firm Paspalum turf grown atop sand and stiff sea breezes, and Nanea plays like a links course, too.

Nanea Golf Club is now rated in the World top 100 USA top 50 courses by Golf Digest magazine.




这是次很棒的委托,有着助理施工经理以及设计 合伙人的多重身份。在阳光普照的夏威夷岛上生 活很容易,但是要在火山岩区域中建设林克斯布 局就不怎么容易了。 委托人查尔斯•施瓦布以及乔治罗伯茨,要求建 设一座富有挑战性的球场,风格同他们喜欢的英 国及爱尔兰球场一致。他们希望球场能参照爱尔 兰其他所有常见高尔夫度假村。 决定从发球区到果岭,整个球场使用雀稗草坪, 我们能够设计出要求苛刻的快速滑球推杆果岭, 引人入胜的地形以及多重选择;私人俱乐部的会 员喜欢选择打推杆而不是非得打高抛球,因为美 国有太多现代球场经常需要打高抛球。 球场坐落在哈尔尔莱上的斜坡上,吸收了每个优 秀林克斯球场的策略。加之坚硬的雀稗草皮以及 海风,纳内亚高尔夫球场也可以像林克斯球场一 样打球。


根据《Golf Digest》杂志,纳内亚高尔夫球场 被评为世界百佳球场以及美国最佳高尔夫球场前 50名。



A traditional parkland course in a stunning Irish setting. County Wicklow boasts some of the breathtaking landscapes on the Emerald Isle, and we were proud to earn the commission from the Slazenger family (of the sporting goods empire) to create a second golf course on the estate.

Presented with a rich canvas featuring views of both the Wicklow Mountains and the Irish Sea, we wove the layout over and through the soft, rolling contours, streams and ponds, ravines, and stately trees, maximizing the course’s abundant natural assets. In addition to designing the West Course we also conceived an extra hole, which the club uses for both courses on occasions when maintenance is required on other holes, thus ensuring guests receive a full 18-hole experience.

The West Course was ranked in the Top 10 new courses upon its opening.


鲍尔斯考特 这是一座具有爱尔兰背景,极富魅力的传统 平原球场。威克洛郡在爱尔兰有着引以为荣 的壮观景色,我们也很自豪从史莱辛格家族 (一个生产体育用品的大企业)中获得委 托,在这边庄园中设计第二个高尔夫球场。 在有着威克洛山和爱尔兰海如画般宜人的风 景中,我们巧妙编排布局,使细腻且延绵起 伏的地形,小溪和池塘,峡谷以及雄伟的大 树穿插于其中,最大程度地利用球场本身丰 富的自然资产。除了设计韦斯特球场,我们 也设想了一个附加球洞,这个球洞可以在其 他球洞进行保养的间期投入使用,从而确保 来宾能有完整的18洞体验。 韦斯特球场在开幕之际曾排名十佳新球场。

2009 Kimber Golf Ltd SCOTLAND, U.K Projects Undertaken: • Knockdow, Dunoon, Scotland Principal

2000 – 2009

DMK Golf Design Ltd England, U.K

2009 年京铂高尔夫有限公司 英国苏格兰 主要项目: • 苏格兰达农诺克多 负责人 2000 年到2009

年DMK高尔夫设计有限公司 英国英格兰

Projects Undertaken: • gWest, Gleneagles, Scotland


Lead Architect and Construction Manager


Machrihanish Dunes Golf Course


Lead Architect and Construction Manager


The Castle Course, St Andrews, Scotland


Lead Architect and Construction Manager


Stonebrae, TPC San Francisco, California, USA



Senior Associate Architect





Royal Gorge, California, USA

Senior Associate Architect

Tetherow, Oregon, USA

Senior Associate Architect

Nanea Golf Club, Hawaii USA

Senior Associate Architect and Assistant Construction Manager




The Montagu, Fancourt, South Africa


Durban Country Club, South Africa


Gardegan, St Emillion, France


Runkerry Bay, Portrush, Ireland


Associate Architect and Assistant Construction Manager

Lead Architect for renovation work



Associate Architect


Associate Architect


Powerscourt, Eniskerry, Ireland

Associate Architect

1997 – 2000 Case Golf Inc, Florida, U.S.A. Projects Undertaken: • Lantana Hills W. Palm Beach FL Intern




1997年-2000年 美国福罗里达州凯斯高尔夫设计公司 主要项目: 佛罗里达州棕榈滩兰塔纳山, • 实习生

Palm Beach Gardens FL



Nanea, Hawaii

‘gWest’, Gleneagles, Scotland

The Montagu, Fancourt




Niall Glen


M.Sc. M.A.(Hons)


MSc in Golf Edinburgh College of

Born and raised in Scotland Niall graduated with an

Course Architecture Art.


Niall moved to Dubai to take up a leading role with

Golf Ltd.


Here he put his formal training to more practical use

experiencing the rigours of the industry in difficult climates. In 2006 he was invited to join

Paul Kimber and David Kidd

at DMK Golf Design, where he worked directly with Paul on numerous projects and ultimately took on the




leading role

Scotland, Niall collaborate with Paul at Kimber Golf Moving back to his native


on projects in

continue to

高级助理 尼尔在苏格兰本土出生并接受教育,毕业于爱丁 堡艺术学院的高尔夫设计专业,取得理学硕士。 尼尔曾在迪拜的哈拉丁高尔夫有限公司担任负责 人。在这里,他把所学知识运用到实际使用中, 在不景气的行业中经历了严酷的挑战。 在2006年,他被DMK高尔夫设计公司邀请,同保 罗•京铂和大卫•基德一起共事。期间,他与保罗 在许多项目有直接合作,并最终在葡萄牙和摩洛 哥的项目上担任负责人。 在搬回故乡苏格兰后,尼尔将在京铂高尔夫里继 续与保罗合作。


Kimber Golf Ltd SCOTLAND, U.K

2009 年京铂高尔夫有限公司 英国苏格兰

2006 – 2009 DMK Golf Design England, U.K

2006年-2009 年 英国苏格兰DMK 高尔夫设计有限公司

Projects Undertaken: Taghazout Golf Course, Agadir Morocco

负责项目: • 摩洛哥,阿加迪尔,塔哈 昭高尔夫球场

Lead Architect and Construction Manager for first course to be constructed


• Herdade Da Comporta, Troia Peninsula, Portugal

• 葡萄牙,特罗亚半岛, 首席建筑师

• G_West, Gleneagles, Scotland

• 苏格兰,格伦伊格尔斯, 吉维斯特 助理设计师及助理施工经理

Lead Architect

Associate Architect,

Handicap 0 (Scratch)

• Machrihanish Dunes Golf Course, Scotland Associate Architect,

• 苏格兰,马赫里哈尼什高 尔夫球场 助理建筑师及助理施工经理

Assistant Construction Manager

• Durban Country Club, South Africa Lead Architect for renovation work

• 南非,德班乡村俱乐部 翻新工作的首席建筑师

Machrihanish Dunes, Scotland

Assistant Construction Manager


2003 – 2006 Harradine Golf Ltd Dubai, U.A.E Projects Undertaken: • Mudon Golf Course, Dubai, U.A.E

2003年-2006年 阿拉伯联合酋长国迪拜哈雷迪娜 高尔夫有限公司 负责项目: • 阿拉伯联合酋长国迪拜

Lead Architect


• Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, Sharjah, U.A E

• 阿拉伯联合酋长国,沙迦,沙迦高尔夫及 射击俱乐部

Lead Architect


• Al Hamra Golf Course, Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E

• 场

Lead Architect

• Sahara Championship Golf Course, Kuwait Lead Architect

Kazan Golf Course, Taterstan, Russia

Lead Architect

• Hyderabad Championship Golf Course, Hyderabad, India Lead Architect



• 科威特撒哈拉冠军赛高尔夫球场 首席建筑师 •



• 印度,海得拉巴,海得拉巴冠军赛高尔夫 球场。 首席建筑师

Lead Architect

• 场


Legends Golf Course, Dubai, U.A.E Mirage City and Golf Course, Cairo, Egypt

Lead Architect




印度,海得拉巴,海得拉巴 冠军赛高尔夫球场。



Evan Bryceland

M.Sc. M.A.(Hons)


ASSOCIATE Born and raised in Scotland Evan has been heavily involved in Golf throughout his life. Working in pro shops in

Scotland and South Africa

and caddying to help further his golf scholarship Evan graduated with an

Architecture College of Art.

MSc in Landscape



In 2006 he was invited to join Paul Kimber as an Intern with DMK Golf Design, where he worked directly with Paul as his



at gWest from 2008 to the

completion of the project in the Autumn of 2009.

Evan has also decided to join Paul at Kimber Golf

Handicap 1

出生于苏格兰的埃文,一直与高 尔夫有着密不可分的关系。埃文 毕业于爱丁堡艺术学院的景观设 计专业,并获得理学硕士学位, 在校期间,他在苏格兰及南非的 体育用品商店打工或给人当球童 来赚钱学费。 在2006年,他被DMK高尔夫设计邀 请实习,并加入保罗•京铂的基韦 斯特项目,在这里他作为施工监 理,从2008年到2009年秋季项目 完工,都直接与保罗一起工作。 埃文也已决定加入京铂高尔夫, 与保罗一起共事。



Complete Package

With our combined experience we are well positioned to source suitable experienced professionals to offer a ‘Complete Design’ package bringing together engineers, irrigation designers, and agronomists to facilitate the progress of the project from inception through to operational management on completion. We also have vast experience of golf course construction and offer project management, contract management, and construction management services should the client require these.



These talented individuals are essential to the best delivery of the design teams vision. We would anticipate providing our own shapers suitable for the project. Paul has personal experience of working with each of them and know that they have the ability to fulfil the roles expected of them on a project of this calibre.

o Recruitment Greenkeepers





We would be happy to assist in the recommendation of suitable greenkeepers for the project, interviewing and final selection advice could also be provided.

附加服务 全包 以我们丰富的经验,能胜任寻求各类合适的专业 老手,比如合作工程师,灌溉设计师,农学家, 来提供施工一体化,促使从初期到完成后的运营 管理的项目进程顺利进行。 我们也有丰富的高尔夫球场施工经验,可提供项 目管理、承包管理以及施工管理服务等委托人需 要的服务 造型师 这些有才干的个人对设计团队的构想是必须的。 我们能预先为该项目提供我们的造型师。保罗与 他们每个人都有过个人合作经验,知道他们完全 有能力完成项目的既定指标。 招聘球场经理、果岭维护员 我们很乐意协助推荐合适的果岭维护员,也提供 面试并提供最终的挑选建议。


We would be delighted for you to contact those we have a history of working with.

General Manager St Andrews Links Trust:

Alan McGregor Pilmour House St Andrews Fife KY16 9SF

Tel: +44 1334 466612 Alan.McGregor@standrews.org.uk

Mr McGregor is well known and respected throughout the golf industry as the General Manager of St Andrews Links Trust. During his tenure the golf facility at St. Andrews has improved immeasurably and as well as heading the management team that operates the seven courses, Alan was also the driving force behind the creation of the Castle Course and as such had personal experience of working alongside Paul Kimber.

President & CEO

Southworth Development LLC;- David Southworth 120 Wells Avenue Newton, MA 02459-3302 USA

Tel: +1 617.630.4900 dsouthworth@southworthdevelopment.com

Mr. Southworth is recognised as a leader in the industry by both the standards he sets for service and design and the creative amenities he utilises. David’s career took him to San Francisco with Hyatt Hotels and to The Pompano Beach Club in Bermuda. He joined Willowbend Development at its inception in 1992 as President & CEO and ultimately founded Southworth Development. During his career, Mr. Southworth has developed over $1 billion in golf and hospitality projects.


Fortunate to have been collaborating wth high profile architect David Kidd over the last 9 years many of Paul’s projects have been well received and written about by the world’s golf media.

媒体 九年来有幸能与建筑师大卫• 基德合作,保罗很多项目都 被世界媒体所报道。

有两本书最有特色-由保 罗•戴利撰写的《高尔夫设 计——世界展望》以及斯科 Featured in two books - ‘GOLF 特•古莫斯撰写的《圣安德鲁 ARCHITECTURE A WORLDWIDE PERSPECTIVE’ by Paul Daley and 斯的第七个高尔夫球场》以 Scott Gummers ‘THE SEVENTH 及众多杂志、报纸还有网站 AT ST. ANDREWS’ and numerous 都有报道。 magazines, newspapers and web site reviews Paul has written articles and been written about.

This gives him excellent access to the Golf Press which helps generate publicity for new projects.

这给予很好的在高尔夫新闻 界曝光,并帮助他提升新项 目的知名度。

‘ Kimber, who has been with Kidd for eight years, says design, in general , is done on the ground “Golf Design isn’t like a building - it won’t fall apart,” he says. “It’s a work of art”.’ GOLF COURSE INDUSTRY NEWS / JAN 2008 / JOHN WALSH

‘ This is no minimalist undertaking; Kidd and Kimber have moved earth by the ton. The ground climbs and plunges, ripples and tumbles. Elevation changes stare us down at every turn’ TRAVEL AND LEISURE / JAN-FEB 2008 / JAMES FINNEGAN

‘ Kimber sums up his own philosophy. “We’re trying to make our courses look 100 years old from day one. People talk about golf not being fair. It’s not meant to be fair - if it was it would be played on a bowling alley. Golf is about shot making - overcoming the bad breaks and making the most of the good ones”’ GOLF MONTHLY / MARCH 2006 / MARK ALEXANDER

‘ The architects disturbed just seven of the 250 acres on the site. The result is a course that is as natural as they come.’ LINKS / FALL 2009 / ANTHONY PIOPPI

‘ Because of the environmental and ecological constraints Keating’s men - led principally by Paul Kimber had to virtually build the course by hand’





ABTA 2009

HEAD OFFICE . ST Andrews . Scotland 苏格兰圣安德鲁斯 paul@kimbergolf.com

REGIONAL OFFICE china@kimbergolf.com

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Kimber Golf - in Chinese  

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