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==== ==== Click The Link Below To Discover How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Come Crawling Back Asking YOU For Another Chance: ==== ==== She Dumped Me And I Want Her Back I have got some advice for you if you are serious about learning what to do to get back with your ex girlfriend. The first thing you need to realize is that she no longer trusts what you say or do. She may still love you even though since she broke up with you she has been trying not to and she doesn't understand how she could still love you when you treated her so badly. Your first step should be figuring out the reason, or reasons, why you treated her so badly in the first place. Now, I'm no therapist but I do know that everything that happens, happens for some reason and everything has it's own special set of consequences. Good or bad. If you really want a second chance with the girl, you need to figure out why you act and say the things you do. From that point on you'll need to change your habits and that will take time and commitment. It's usually a case of insecurity when people treat other people badly. No one wants to admit it if they're insecure, usually not even to themselves, but more often than not that is the reason. I've often said that money isn't the root of all evil, insecurity is. If you're over compensating because you feel inadequate and you think that by acting like a 'big man' and letting your girl know 'who is the boss' you're some how more of a man, I've got news for you. This is one of the surest signs that you are actually not 'the big man' and that you are in fact a scared little boy who desperately wants the love of your woman but are too afraid to let her know that. Guess what, she already does know that, on some level at least. Everyone can see when someone is trying to over compensate. It's very common, you see it all the time. Some guy will have a really loud motorcycle, or another guy will treat his girl like garbage, still another guy will try to prove he is a man by sleeping with every woman he can find but none of that is the way to get back with an ex girlfriend. If you're really a man, you won't need to work so hard to try and prove it. Just by being a decent, caring, honest person people around you will respect you and trust you and if you really want to be the 'big man' that is a much more productive way to go about it than all the over compensating phoniness. Even after you've faced up to your own b.s don't expect your girl to trust you. No matter how hard you may try to convince her that you've changed, actions speak louder than words and if you're really serious about getting her back you'll have to show her that you've changed. That will take time. If you're not willing to invest the time necessary it's best that you just let her go to find a guy who is a man and can treat her the way she deserves to be treated and forget about trying to get back with your ex girlfriend.

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She Dumped Me And I Want Her Back  
She Dumped Me And I Want Her Back  

She dumped me and I want her back, you say. Discover the secrets to how to win her heart back after she broke up with you.