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Janna Werner Janna is a freelance writer and designer from Oldenburg, Germany. “I am married to Jesper. We live in a nice house with a small garden, together with our dog Sindri, two rabbits and a few fish and frogs”. Here we chat to Janna about her approach to Project Life this year and take a peek at her studio.

What is the best thing about Project Life? Documenting the everyday, not only highlights and good times, but also not so good things. I like to create an album that I can show to our future children, so that they understand what our life looked like during that year.

Is this your first time tackling Project Life? I started my first Project Life in 2012, but perfectionism was my enemy. I got so totally lost in layering and details that I was so behind in the end. I just couldn´t keep up anymore. It was really frustrating.

And I also love that there are so many fabulous products you can incorporate and work with.

But I always wanted to give Project Life another try, not doing the same mistakes again. So I started again in 2013 and I am getting better and better at it. 77

I really like the concept. That Project Life is meant to be something fun, not too complicated or time consuming.

Tell us a little about your Project Life approach/ process? Hmmm...well let´s say I tried doing it weekly. But I noticed that this gets a bit hard sometimes, so I also have a few pages where I combined two weeks. I mix different pocket pages and add 12x12“ layout as well.

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Jot Magazine is a paper craft publication for the modern day memory keeper.

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