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Do You Know the Countries Which Treat Women Inhumanely? We have come a long way for women equality in the world. There was a time when women were just limited to the house for cooking and cleaning, now they are doing everything men can do. I feel great to live in a world where women and men are equal or are they? Apart from the developed nations where women are enjoying their rights to the fullest and sometimes exploiting it too, there is a huge lobby of women who suffer constant violence, rape, torture, genital mutilation, childhood marriages, and domestic abuse. What about these women? Where are the so-called feminists when it comes to these women?

Countries With No Women Rights: While Hilary Clinton was cashing in on a feminist wave, there were women who were being slaughtered or gang raped. It’s saddening how we all continue with our lives knowing the atrocities that are being inflicted upon other beings on a daily basis. I don’t understand why we

wouldn't want to protect women of the world. If there is only one male left in the world, we can still repopulate whereas the opposite scenario isn’t that promising for the human race. I don’t think I need to say how important and integral part of our society women are. All I expect is for the world to unite and fight for women equality and liberty. Every country has its own share of women rights problems, my focus is only on the countries with extreme violations of women basic rights. Let’s take a look at such countries.

Sudan When I was writing my previous article about Genocides mainstream media avoids I was inspired to write about women rights due to two countries- Sudan and Syria. Sudan is the worst place to be in for anyone, be it male or female but it was the dreadful treatment of their women that saddened me the most. Forget about equality of women, in Sudan women activists are being subjected to constant sexual violence, intimidation, and other abuses. Not only Sudanese government is savagely suppressing the women rights, they are also not letting anyone protest against it either.

Do you know the countries which treat women inhumanely  
Do you know the countries which treat women inhumanely  

It is a country racked by constant social, political and religious turmoil. Afghanistan is a consequence of the cold war between U.S.A. and...