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Over The Counter DNA Test Kits Are Over The Counter DNA Test Kits The Real Answer To Dealing With Paternity Issues?

The use of over the counter DNA test kits to determine the paternity of children have been criticized by experts and non experts alike. The use of paternity testing to prove or disprove fatherhood of a child is has been criticized by experts to be potentially damaging to children in ways more than immediately meets the eye. Gone are the days when it was impossible to get access to these over the counter genetic testing kits without a court order or legal approval. In the United States and the United Kingdom, it now is possible to literally pop into a pharmacy shop and purchase one these over the counter DNA test kits, take it home and carry out your own paternity tests. However, the question we need to ask ourselves is that does over the counter paternity testing hold the answer to paternity problems or issues we may have at home. The results of paternity DNA testing may far more than proving conclusively that a particular child belongs to this or that man. What are the consequences on a child if they grow and later to find out that the man in the house they have been calling ‘Daddy’ is truly not the father after all? We will discuss all these issues and do encourage you to get involved. Share your thoughts, questions and experiences on some of the ethical issues you think might be a problem with the availability of over the counter DNA test kits.

What Are The Contents Of Over The Counter DNA Test Kits?

Yes you can buy the DNA kits over the counter in


most pharmacies. So what do you expect to find to be contained in over the counter paternity test kits when you get from the local pharmacy? Well it’s pretty simple and straightforward. You get the box just like to find on the image on this page. The paternity test kit box contains documents you need to fill out. Nothing complicated. Information covering the demographics of the child, father and mother. And then there are three swab sticks. What do you do with those? You use the swab sticks to collects bucal cavity swabs from the testing subjects. The mother or the adult will use the swab stick to gently collect swabs from the child and other subjects of the test, including herself if she is to be tested too. The samples collected are then put into the little containers they came in, covered appropriately and sent to DNA processing center for the swaps to be analyzed. So that is the part you have to play in the DNA testing process to determine paternity of a child. How long does the DNA testing or analysis take and how much does it cost get one test kit? Normally within 5 working days, you should get your results back. The over the counter DNA test kits actually cost about $45 in the US and just about its equivalent in the United Kingdom. This is just the cost of the kits. Then the cost of processing comes in. It is about £119 in the UK and

In What Instances Would Try Using Over The Counter DNA Test Kits? There are many instances in the family when the use of over the counter paternity test kits can be very useful. We discuss a couple of these instances here in this article and ask you to share with us what you also may find. If you are doubtful that a child in your family might not be your child, using over the counter genetic testing kits may be the answer to actually remove any doubts. Or if a child feels that physically he or she does not resemble their siblings closely enough, then getting a DNA test kit over the counter will help ease their minds. This is because physical resemblance alone cannot conclusively say a biological relationship actually exists or otherwise. Some other concerns that has been raised over these tests is that results cannot be accepted in court. So this can only be done in the comfort of a family home, to ensure privacy and also to put minds at ease. For legal processes to prove paternity, the tests must be overseen by court-ordered team to take this test.

Before you get one of these over the counter kits for DNA testing, you really need to think through it properly. Obviously, the emotional consequences of the test outcome can be really damaging to the child in particular, in spite of it helping to settle their minds. It is recommended that paternity testing be done only when it is the last resort to help settle family disputes on paternity. If possible, get as much counseling as possible to see if paternity testing can be avoided because of the emotional traumas it can create. However, if there is the need to do DNA testing in the privacy of being at home, certainly over


the counter DNA test kits will the best way to go. Share this article with your online friends on Facebook and Twitter if you find it helpful. Also if you have any experiences, thoughts and questions on over the counter DNA test kits, feel free to leave them in the comments fields below.

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Over The Counter DNA Test Kits  
Over The Counter DNA Test Kits  

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