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Home DNA Test Accuracy Home DNA Test Accuracy – Four Steps To Getting The Best Results There are many everyday-life situations that make it necessary to take a DNA testing done at home. Although DNA testing has become very popular in recent years and is trusted by governments and legal systems around the world, there are many people who still question home DNA test accuracy and whether results of such tests can be trusted compared to one that is carried out in your doctor’s office. Before we even go any further in this article, however, what we have to understand is that these tests, at least at the time of writing this article, the actual home DNA testing and analysis of the samples are not carried out in your house. You do not handle these steps in the DNA testing process. In this article we will look at four solid steps you can take to ensure that you get the highest home DNA test accuracy as much as possible.

Home DNA Test Accuracy: Why People Consider Home Tests In The First Place?

There are quite a number of reasons why people decide to get their DNA testing done at home. The most common of these is the privacy home DNA testing affords. There are families who would want their testers whose samples are being tested to be protected as much as possible. It is important to some families that friends and other people do not get to know that they are undertaking a DNA paternity test for example. Since the actual analysis of samples do not take place at home, but at a testing laboratory, it is important that if you want a high home paternity test accuracy, you ensure you get the DNA testing kit from accredited sources. It is equally important to ensure that the collection of samples from the testers follows exactly the approved steps. We take a look at four steps you can take to ensure that your home DNA tests, for whatever, reason, is as accurate as possible. 1. Ensure You Get DNA Testing Kits From AABB Accredited Testing Labs


Every DNA testing company that is worthy of your business must be accredited by the American Association Of Blood Banks (AABB). The AABB is the international agency for giving accreditation to all DNA testing companies around the world. There are currently about 43 AABB accredited DNA testing companies around the world. When you visit any of their websites, see to it that they have the official logo of the AABB on the website. This accreditation ensures that DNA testing kits sold meet the required standards. They also ensure that the analysis of samples and subsequent interpretation of results are as accurate as possible. 2. ISO 17025 Accreditation The ISO 17025 accreditation is for ensuring that companies and firms, including those that provide DNA testing services provide quality services and products for consumers. This ensures that your home DNA test kits are guaranteed in terms of quality. 3. Collection Services: DNA testing laboratories do have affiliations with testing laboratories. What the testing labs do is collect and return your kit from the company after the analysis of your specimen. To ensure a high home DNA test accuracy, the company should be ready to collect your sample when you need it. 4. Inclusions And Exclusions: An accurate home DNA paternity test is when there are 100% exclusion of paternity and 99.9% inclusion of paternity. 100% exclusion of paternity simply means percent of people who can never be the father and inclusion means people who can surely be the father.

Other Considerations To Ensuring High Home DNA Test Accuracy Besides the four points that have been discussed above, it is important that you follow the best procedures of ensuring that you collect the samples in an approved way. This is through not contaminating any of the DNA testing kits contents and wearing disposable gloves when collecting mouth swabs from the subjects. Place the collected samples into the their containers they came in and then mail them the testing company. You should have your results available within a week. Some testing centers actually are able to get your results ready within a couple of days. Follow these tips discussed in this article to ensure you get the highest home DNA test accuracy for your results.

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Home DNA Test Accuracy  

There are many everyday-life situations that make it necessary to take a DNA testing done at home. Although DNA testing has become very popu...

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