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What is Challenge 50? Kimal is running Challenge 50 as a year long series of fund raising events to mark the 50 year anniversary of the company Each event will be used to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK which grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life - threatening conditions. Kimal has a history of involvement with customers who work in chronic paediatric care and are currently working on innovative catheter solutions for the paediatric arena. So when it came to choosing a charity to support it made Make-A-Wish the logical choice.

history of Kimal and is a fitting way to recognise a worthy charity and the 50 years Kimal have been doing business. Challenge 50 will begin in November 2013 and run right through until November 2014. An average wish costs £4000 per child, this means Kimal would like to sponsor a child a month over the year long period. Kimal employees have a reputation for generosity when it comes to charity but Kimal will also be contacting some of its key contacts in the shape of suppliers, customers and distributors not only for support but also to take part in some of our events and involve the Kimal “family” in the celebrations of 50 years.


What is Challenge 50?


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This series of events will be the most audacious charity fundraising in the

What is Kimal’s Fundraising Target? With Kimal reaching the massive milestone which is its 50 year anniversary a target was needed which matched the heights of such success. £50,000 is the target Kimal are aiming for. At the time of this literature going to print, two days after the launch at the Sales Conference the total is already at nearly £2000. Steripak in Ireland graciously donated £1000 and Ahmad Ghaddar, General Manager of Kimal International Healthcare FZE in Dubai has undertaken a salary donation each month. Many thanks to Ahmad and Steripak who have got us off to a flying start.

What Are The Events? There are a number of events throughout the year which hopefully will appeal to everyone. The events will start with an auction of promises in November 2013. This is where an individual or team offer a service or item up for auction and bids are placed for said service or item and the highest bidder wins. An appeal for services and items will be launched later in the year. Other events in the planning stages are a charity golf tournament, World Cup 5-a-side challenge, Santa Run, Sky Diving, Tin Man Challenge and a Variety Show at the Artrix in Bromsgrove. The potential schedule is shown below many of these may or may not run and are dependent on the number of willing participants for example for the sky diving, if there are enough entrants then Kimal can hold its own event, if there are only few interested they can join an event that Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK is running. For this type of the event there is an initial registration fee and a minimum amount of sponsorship, all of these details will be published in the very near future to enable people to join.

Event Schedule May 2013 October 2013 November 2013 December 2013 January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 April 2014 June 2014 July 2014 August 2014 September 2014 October 2014 November 2014

Sales Conference Launch of Challenge 50 Kimal Employee Calendar Launch – Theme to be decided Auction of Promises Santa Run, Greenwich Launch Challenge 50 weight loss challenge Kimal Valentines Blind Date Silverstone Half Marathon London Marathon. Peru Trek Kimal World Cup 5 aside and barbecue. Mountain Mayhem 24hr bike ride (teams of 10) US independence day – dress up in an American theme and have US bake sale Tin Man Challenge Bank Holiday Weekend Sky Dive Variety Show, Artrix (Saturday 13th) China Trek Jordan trek India Motorcycle Challenge The big finale

Can I Organise My Own Event? If there are no events that take your fancy then you of course are free to organise your own event. Challenge 50 isn't just about the events set out in the schedule. Challenge 50 can be a team event or a personal challenge you want to undertake and get sponsored to do it. For example if you have a fear of heights you could abseil down a building or participate in a rock climbing event.

How Do I Enter a Kimal Event? Watch out for emails and posters being put up on notice boards. Details will be sent around for the events in good time to join them. Alternatively, you can contact Steve Minett or Lee Grazier and ask for more information or to organise setting up your own challenge. Steve can be contacted by email or mobile 07977250511. Lee is contactable at or mobile 07977250500.

More about Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK There are 20,000 children and young people living in the UK with a lifethreatening condition. Make-A-Wish wants to grant a wish to every one of them. This year the charity will be granting over 1,100 wishes, and it needs to raise £7 million to achieve this. Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK is a charity with a single purpose – we grant magical wishes to children and young people aged 3-17 fighting life-threatening conditions. Make-A-Wish has granted more than 8,600 magical wishes over more than 26 years. We know that wishes transform lives! Over 20,000 children in the UK are living with a life-threatening condition, a figure validated by research commissioned by Make-A-Wish. At a human level, we believe few things can be more important, or more deserving, than giving a seriously ill child the chance to have their wish come true, with all the hope, expectation and happiness that brings.

Auction of Promises Can you offer a service that we can auction for Challenge 50? Do you have any items that can be auctioned off? If so in November 2013 Kimal will be holding an auction of promises. This could be anything from car washing, ironing, house work, picking up and taking home from work, window cleaning, gardening, the list is endless. More details will be circulated a few months before the event is due to take place, so get your thinking caps on and see if there is any hidden talent that you can auction off for charity!! To begin the auction we have two cars donated for a day, which would most likely suit a wedding. On offer is a Bentley GTC (kindly on offer from Alan Press) and a Rolls Royce Phantom, so whoever bids on this could end up with the CEO of Kimal driving them to their wedding!!

Kimal Calendar 2014 In the past for charity fundraising Kimal have created calendars to sell. Challenge 50 will be no different. As Kimal is 50 years old the vision is to produce a calendar that encompasses the 50 years of history during this time. As there have been many momentous historical events over this period is there a particular event in time that you think we should re-create for the calendar. We will be looking for one each month so it could be the moon landing, England winning the World Cup or West Bromwich Albion winning the FA cup in 1968 (that will be getting my vote!!)

Just Giving Kimal now has a Just Giving page where donations can be made straight to the charity.

Challenge 50 Newsletter  

Challenge 50 Newsletter