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International Motorcycle Shipping

Traveling or moving abroad does not have to mean giving up your motorcycle. Although the process for international Motorcycle Shipping may vary depending on the country your bike is being exported to, there are some common procedures that protect your motorcycle during transport.

One of the first steps in international motorcycle shipping is to clean the bike completely to avoid issues with quarantine. Even a small amount of dirt left on a bike can carry diseases or pests that can have negative consequences on the agricultural industries in your new country. Motorcycles and other vehicles are often classified as a high risk threat and must be thoroughly inspected before entering a new country. The motorcycle may be quarantined if any pests, foreign matter or soil is found during inspection. An international motorcycle shipping company can help you avoid this by making your bike spotless before it is shipped.

Motorcycle exports are often labeled as dangerous goods because of the battery and petrol tank's flammability. Tanks must be completely drained of petrol and the battery must be disconnected before shipping.

The motorcycle must be properly crated to ensure not only the protection of the bike but also to reduce the risk of introducing pests or diseases to the new country. The bike should be packed only in wood crates that have been treated and certified pestfree. Metal crates are a good alternative, but should be well-padded to ensure the bike is not damaged by other cargo.

An experienced shipping company can help you package your bike so it arrives at your destination in the same condition as you left it. Special crates made just for motorcycle transportation have a raised location to hold the front wheel spindle and secure the bike with steel locating brackets. The rear wheel is protected by two pieces of wood, and all loose items are secured to the bike afterbeing wrapped in bubble wrap. Each component is wrapped to ensure no two parts rub against each other during shipping.

An international motorcycle shipping company can help you take inventory of all the parts of the bike that are contained within the crate and photographically document the entire package in case of damages. An experienced shipping company can also help you deal with customs documentation and insurance for the bike. When choosing a shipping company, don't just choose the one with the cheapest price. Look for a company with a strong record of successful shipments to your specific destination, and keep documentation of every step of the shipping process.

International Motorcycle Shipping  
International Motorcycle Shipping  

Traveling or moving abroad does not have to mean giving up your motorcycle