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5 Easy Alkaline Diet Tips To Eliminate Acid Reflux And Heartburn

During and immediately after the festive celebrations each year, there's a massive increase in the number of people seeking remedies for acid reflux and heartburn. This article contains 5 simple alkaline diet tips and could well see you eliminate acid reflux and heartburn for good without drugs.

Mix lemon juice with water. Few people realise that lemon juice is alkalising to the body but make sure you dilute it in water. A quarter of a fresh lemon squeezed in a pint of water makes a great gentle detox at the start to the day. Do the same in the afternoon to avoid the energy and concentration dip that results from imperceptible dehydration. By the time you get a dry mouth, it's already too late!

Mixing dried wheatgrass with water is an excellent and healthy way of combating acid reflux and heartburn. Wheatgrass is fast becoming known as a superfood - it's cheap, highly alkalising and easy to find in health food stores. Begin by mixing half a teaspoon in a pint of water and gradually build up to a full teaspoon. Wheatgrass in water is an excellent detox but go easy and build up slowly to avoid any unpleasant detoxing side effects.

Relax the mind. Negative thinking and stress create far more acidity in the body than anything you'll ever eat or drink. Nothing damages your health more than negative thinking and it also reduces your lifespan. So it's important to tackle the problem at source by doing something to quieten the mind; for some people, this will be a walk in the woods, listening the birdsong and for others it may be meditation or yoga.

Get some alkalising exercise. This means building up to 2030 minutes, at a level where you can still have a conversation but are slightly breathless. Find your favourite form of exercise and build it into your day so that it becomes a habit. There are so many benefits to sensible regular exercise which go well beyond relieving acid reflux and heartburn.

Replace caffeinated drinks with naturally caffeine free drinks but again do this gradually to avoid detoxing symptoms. The best one I've found is South African Red Bush tea or Rooibos which is both alkalising and naturally caffeine free. It also contains powerful antioxidants. Green tea and herbal teas are useful too. Decaffeinated drinks don't help acid reflux or heartburn because the decaffeination process itself creates acidity.


5 easy alkaline diet tips to eliminate acid reflux and heartburn