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So let Christmas peace also grace our day-to-day lives. The global economy appears to be recovering slowly but surely, rousing the desire to invest from its slumber. On the export side a strong Swedish crown and high interest rates, compared to other countries, are a handicap. It makes its presence felt in ways such as growth in Sweden lower than we anticipated even a couple of months ago. But now there are also other factors that encourage investments, even if demand is unevenly distributed across various markets. Changes in legislation in Finland and dispensations in Sweden regarding longer vehicles and higher total weights have created new investment demand. And in this context it’s interesting to note the growing demand for our Com 90 bunks and steel bunks. Above all it’s speedy lashing and unloading that makes the Com 90 interesting for the bigger rigs, while the weight of the bunks is of secondary importance. Perhaps some people find our harping on about listening to hauliers, drivers and bodybuilders a bit tedious. But the fact remains that here at ExTe the most interesting thing for us is when our customers make practical suggestions and tell us about their needs. It’s what’s behind all of our new products. So with that in mind I don’t expect anyone will be surprised to hear we’ll have a bigger presence than ever out on

the market. So if you are a driver, a haulier or a bodybuilder, I hope you tell us what we need to bear in mind. Our goal is to develop products that make your workaday world simpler and contribute to the profitability of the timber haulage industry. Therefore a sharp focus on product development comes naturally to us, and this means our customers will draw benefit from new, interesting solutions as we move forward. And that’s not just here in our home market. We operate all over the world. For example, I’m happy to tell you that in January 2014 we’ll be starting production of our ExTe bunks together with a domestic company in Brazil. In Brazil it’s obviously South American timber hauliers who’ve influenced bunk design. We’ll be making a number of changes in the run-up to 2014 and it feels as though we can look forward to midnight mass and Christmas dinner full of confidence. So let Christmas peace also grace our day-to-day lives as we leave work behind us and devote ourselves to mulling the wine, roasting the ham, decorating the tree and doing everything else that creates a warm, harmonious Christmas atmosphere. I would like to wish you all

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Kjell Jonsson, MD ExTe

Contacts: Contact us via tel. no. +46 (0)6511 7500 or fax no. +46 (0)6511 7503 and tell us what you need. Sales department direct: If you wish to speak to a sales person, call +46 (0)6511 7501. Internet: You’ll find everything you need to know about the world’s leading manufacturer of timber bunks at




Finding out what our customers think of us. ”When you need more than a feeling about the way things are, it’s best to find out for sure. So we put a few questions to our customers. Not all of them – but enough to be statistically significant and to give us a reasonable picture of what our customers in general think of us and our products,” Jörgen Spring tells us. We simply asked them how well we met their requirements and expectations in various respects, such as how they regard the information about our products and how well our products work for them. We asked what they thought about our delivery times and service, and if we keep our promises. Even though the results should not be interpreted as the absolute truth, they still provide a very good pointer of what ExTe’s customers think. And the responses were very positive. ”With one or two exceptions more than 90 per cent responded that we meet or exceed their expectations,” Jörgen tells us. When it comes to delivery times, service, keeping our promises and the way we solve any problems that arise, 30 to 40 per cent think we exceed their expectations and 50 to 55 per cent that we meet them. ”We naturally feel these results to be extremely positive, but we won’t let them go to our heads; we’ll keep our feet firmly on the ground. If we are to succeed in retaining the confidence of our customers and our strong relationship with them, two things are crucial – continued hard work and excellent products,” declares Jörgen.



Norway – Sokna

Trond Erik, left. On the right is one of the many bears his father has shot on Kamchatka. In the centre is Trond Erik’s wife Anja Heiertz Pedersen, or ’The Boss’ as Trond Erik refers to her.

We’re really happy working together.

Trond Erik, left. On the right is one of the many bears his father has shot on Kamchatka. In the centre is Trond Erik’s wife Anja Heiertz Pedersen, or ’The Boss’ as Trond Erik refers to her.

It began in 1973. Back then timber trailers were all that mattered. But companies seeking to advance are always on the lookout for new ways ahead. This was also the case for Trailer-Bygg in Sokna. Norway. These days they’re acquainted with trailers of every kind. ”We build trailers for timber, containers, wood chips, tippers and just about anything you can tow behind a truck,” says Trond Erik Pedersen, Operations Manager. He is also a partner in the company together with his father. The company has its production premises in Sokna, about 18 km northwest of Hönefoss and annual sales of NOK 40 million. In 1996 part of Trailer-Bygg was hived off to form the whollyowned company Ringerike Trailer Service. It acts both as a bodybuilder and service workshop for Trailer-Bygg. ”We install primarily ExTe bunks and tensioners on the timber trailers we build; 95 per cent are A bunks,” Trond Erik tells us. ”We enjoy a great relationship with ExTe and have done so for many years; we are extremely happy with our collaboration. They are honest, trustworthy people and I can only praise them for their eagerness to help if anything goes wrong.

A truly satisfied Gudbrand Bjone collects his new trailer with ExTe A bunks. Gudbrand has E bunks on his truck. 4 EXTEMAGAZINE


Norway – Hönefoss

Thorbjörn Fjeldheim owns and runs the operation at Bil og Hengerservice A/S.

Because one of our customers drives special loads, we have installed 144 bunks on four of his trucks and trailers.

ExTe bunks light the way. Bil og Hengerservice A/S has been in business in Hönefoss, Norway since 1999. The company is owned and run by Thorbjörn Fjeldheim. ”Although we are bodybuilders we mainly repair and service trucks and trailers. And even though it doesn’t add up to a great many, we also build new trailers too,” Thorbjörn tells us, adding that they also carry out hydraulic service on cranes. This year Bil og Hengerservice A/S won a Gazelle Company award. This means things have gone well for the company for a number of years. ”Today we have a total of nine employees and annual sales of NOK 14 million. This will be another good year, even though we detect a certain weakening. It feels a bit strange since we’re always really busy otherwise. Here and there inside and outside the workshop are trucks and trailers fitted with ExTe bunks. They fluoresce and are very visible. ”Many hauliers that drive by are interested and come in to see us. Most of our customers want ExTe bunks and above all A bunks,” declares Thorbjörn.

This haulier chose E bunks with telescopic stakes for his truck.



Our colour

ExTe’s hi-viz fluorescent orange is there for safety’s sake. Being seen in the dark is a matter of safety, especially when you’re standing at the side of a dark road loading timber. ”We realized this many years ago,” says ExTe’s MD Kjell Jonsson. By now everyone in the industry recognizes ExTe’s decals on bunk frames and stakes. Many think they look pretty cool, but that’s not why they’re there. The very shape of the decals and the choice of colour is the result of safety consciousness and careful thinking,” declares Kjell Jonsson. We chose hi-viz fluorescent orange after consultations with the erstwhile Swedish Transport Administration. The colour is registered as part of our trademark and is thus protected. Hi-viz fluorescent orange was a natural choice for ExTe as it differs so prominently from most other colours in nature. Because the colour is fluorescent and highly visible it contributes to road safety for both drivers and other road users. A timber truck with ExTe’s timber bunks and decals can be seen a long way off, and every timber haulier and driver recognizes ExTe’s characteristic insignia. ”For us our insignia is an important, natural part of our product development, and above all of our safety consciousness. And when it comes to safety there is no room for compromise. High visibility fluorescent orange is a matter of safety – nothing else. So sometimes I get a bit concerned – even though it’s not very often – when I get suggestions to change the colour of our decals. We discourage this, purely from a safety standpoint,” says Kjell Jonsson. 6 EXTEMAGAZINE

Because we never compromise on safety, we’re devoting more time to developing and testing our new tensioners. ExTe presented a prototype for a new automatic pneumatic tensioner at this year’s Forestry Transport Exhibition. The aim was to get reactions and points of view about the prototype. A great deal of interest was shown by hauliers and drivers alike.

”When we’d evaluated all of the points of view we found several we wanted to pursue,” states ExTe’s MD Kjell Jonsson. Our goal is naturally to deliver a tensioner that is both reliable and simple to use for drivers. Because we never compromise on safety and quality, we decided to extend development time and also provide more time for testing,” explains Kjell Jonsson. ”We had previously promised deliveries of the new tensioner during January of next year. This will not now be the case. Continued development of the tensioner has been given our highest priority and our goal is for deliveries to begin during the second half of 2014.” ”Of course it’s disappointing that we’re unable to live up to our first promise. On the other hand we’d rather work this way than end up in the position the automotive industry sometimes does when it has to recall tens of thousands of new vehicles owing to some defective part. And actually I would like to thank all of those whose points of view at the exhibition has led to the delay,” says Kjell Jonsson. The tensioners are based on new technical solutions and fewer moving parts to reduce the number of possible defects. They will also be extremely easy to take apart for service and the replacement of wear parts. With infinite tensioner lengths and tensions as high as 900 kg, they provide extremely secure load lashing. What’s more, they can be released under tension. EXTEMAGAZINE 7



ExTe service nationwide. ExTe’s many years of collaboration with bodybuilders and service workshops provides timber hauliers access to fast, skilled service no matter where in the country they may be hauling timber. Naturally, the aim is to keep down-time as short as possible. ExTe’s collaborative partners have the most important products and spare parts in stock. They also know how to install ExTe products quickly and efficiently. An investment in ExTe products is also an investment in fast, universally available service. What’s more, our partners are also ExTe dealers and your natural primary contact when you’re planning to invest in ExTe products.

ExTe’s Swedish partner list: Bodensläp, Boden, +46 (0)921 530 00

Kilafors Industrier, +46 (0)278 659 200

Fordonsteknik, Älvsbyn, +46 (0)929 135 23

Sjögrens Lastvagnar, Avesta, +46 (0)226 662 50

Hellgrens, Skellefteå/Bureå, +46 (0)910 732 230/732 235

Åkes mekaniska, Nuttö, +46 (0)173 160 45

Lefab, Bureå, +46 (0)910 780 325

Mats Plåt & Svets, Rånäs, +46 (0)175 615 19

Bil Nord, Lycksele, +46 (0)660 579 04

Nikar Fordonsservice, Karlskoga, +46 (0)586 554 65

Ovanfjäll, Hoting, +46 (0)671 102 55

OP Höglunds, Säffle, +46 (0)533 691 660

Ölab, Östersund, +46 (0)63 142 980

Fordonstjänst, Kil, +46 (0)554 133 25

Björnavagnar, Björna, +46 (0)662 100 08

MVB, Mjölby, +46 (0)142 290 680

Berners, Sollefteå, +46 (0)620 571 30, Östersund, +46 (0)63 574 700, Sundsvall, +46 (0)60 646 400

AM Industrier, Mjölby, +46 (0)142 106 70

Vem Service, Vemdalen, +46 (0)684 304 25

Mjölby Släp och Trailer, +46 (0)142 298 992 Floby Nya Bilverkstad, +46 (0)515 400 65

Åkarnas Hydraulservice, Hudiksvall, +46 (0)650 311 10

Engströms Lasbilar, Kisa, +46 (0)494 710 70, Västervik, +46 (0)490 660 00

Däckab, Ljusdal +46 (0)651 140 90, Sveg +46 (0)680 711 420

Bergs, Fegen, +46 (0)346 612 10

Hjelms, Iggesund, +46 (0)650 221 50 Parator, Bollnäs, +46 (0)278 632 030 Engströms Lasbilar, Kisa, +46 (0)494 710 70


Hejca AB, Eksjö, +46 (0)381 394 47

Poland’s first D bunks look like gold. During the autumn the first D bunks to Poland were delivered to Ciecwiera Transport from Dabrówka Wlkp. ”This customer already had a number of trucks and trailers fitted with ExTe bunks,” says Ingemar Larsson, in charge of ExTe’s sales to Poland and elsewhere. One of the rigs is fitted with E bunks and the customer was thinking of fitting E bunks to the new rig, too. But he soon chose E bunks once he found out that they are lighter than the E bunks. The new rig looks pretty cool. The trailer is aluminium and the bunk frames appear almost as if they were gold. In the spring the customer will order more ExTe bunks and it looks like they will be D bunks too,” declares Ingemar Larsson.

A really cool timber rig with a golden touch.

Richard Morath enjoys great success in selling ExTe timber bunks in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

D bunks coming on strong in Germany.

The rig was fitted out by Schuchardt in Germany. D5 bunks are fitted to the truck and trailer.

For many, many years 144 bunks were predominant in German-speaking countries. It’s not hard to see why. In Europe, where hauliers often carry a great variety of loads, the flexible 144 bunk suited them perfectly. In recent years E bunks have also been popular. And now D bunks are coming on strong as a very interesting alternative in Germany. D bunks are available in everything from 5 to 10-ton versions; they are lighter than E bunks and also have a smarter solution for adding accessories. D bunks are the lightest combination bunks ever marketed. Highstrength steel frames and aluminium stakes provide the bunks with low weight while allowing them to withstand severe stresses. ”We are witnessing the beginning of a really interesting development for D bunks in Germany,” states ExTe’s Ingemar Larsson.

Germany also called for light bunks with steel frames and stakes. And apart from low weight they should be simple to install. Above all they should be suitable for installation on trailers that use many bunks, often up to 10. The new S bunks were developed in two versions with load capacities of 4 and 6 tons respectively.

The D series is well on its way to replacing the E series.




Jenny Eklund at ExTe has regular contact Julius Närvä, ExTe’s man in Finland.

Many hauliers in Finland choose D bunks with telescopic stakes. ”Today we actually deliver more steel bunks than aluminium bunks to Finland. D and S bunks are really moving,” Jenny Eklund at ExTe tells us. Many people want telescopic stakes with a maximum load height of 3.2 meters for their D bunks. We have these stakes in our product range along while. And now that the new rules allow increased payloads in Finland they are perfect for hauliers. One of the advantages of telescopic stakes is the flexibility they provide. Because many public roads and bridges are still not suitable for the new regulations, drivers need to raise and lower the stakes,” explains Jenny.

Anders Björkell in Borgå is one of many hauliers in Finland who invested in ExTe’s D bunks during the year. He has had four D5 bunks fitted to his new truck by Alucar. The choice of D bunks was a natural one since Anders has had ExTe’s E bunks up until now. He has E bunks fitted to his seven-year-old trailer ”I’ve had ExTe bunks a great many years,” says Anders. Anders got his new truck in October. ”I think my truck and the bunks look pretty neat,” he says He hauls mostly pulpwood in standard lengths to the pulp industry in southern Finland. ”November was a pretty rainy month so the going was not the best on forest roads; it was also tough for the equipment out in the forest. But apart from that the industry seems to be picking up speed now,” thinks Anders.

10 E X T E M A G A Z I N E



S bunks quickly became a success in Finland. Vesa Altonen from Liesjärvi fitted his new truck with S6 bunks with steel bunk frames and stakes. The next generation of hauliers also seems pleased with the new bunks.

Scania Finland AB had 4-axle R730 on its autumn road show. The timber truck was built according to the new regulations for higher total weights and dimensions is fitted with e.g. ExTe’s D7 bunks with telescopic stakes.

Saku Simpanen from Pielavesi fitted his new rig with ExTe’s Com 90 bunks. Julius Närvä, ExTe’s representative in Finland, concluded the deal and also arranged start-up training for Saku and his driver, Tia Lintunen. The truck was built at Alucar and together with the new Volvo FH model took part in the launch roadshow in Finland and several summer trade fairs such as the Mittia Transport show in Ljusdal.

New Com 90 rig in Finland again. Tia Lintunen adds the final logs to the load. All she needs to do now is lash down the stacks by remote control and head off. COM 90 is the fastest, smoothest most outstanding load lashing available on the market.


Andreas Aas

Only good things to say about D bunks. Andreas Aas in Stöllet, North Värmland is the fourthgeneration haulier in the same company. Of course, a great deal has changed over the years. The company was started by my great grandfather Knut Aas back in 1930. My grandfather Torsten Aas took over the business. And today my dad, Ingemar Aas, who took over in 1977, runs the business. In 1985 the company was reformed as Aas Transport AB.


”Today we have six timber rigs with cranes on all of the trucks. The trucks are fitted mainly with ExTe A9 bunks as we haul random lengths all the time. During the past year we also invested in a separate loader to increase our capacity when needed. We can do this because our rigs are so light. We drive for Moelven Skog and Stora Enso in North Värmland and we deliver timber to local sawmills, timber terminals and industries in Värmland and Dalarna. The average transport distance is 110 km, so we have to do a lot of juggling to achieve good logistics.” ”Profitability in this industry is not always the best so we always have to find smart setups for our trips,” says Andreas. ”My dad Ingemar takes care of administration and I look after transport management; I only drive when one of the drivers takes leave or is sick. My younger brother Daniel works in the workshop and I do too when necessary. This is truly a family company.” ”We’ve been testing ExTe’s new combibunk for the past year; we have two D7 bunks on one truck. The bunks work extremely well, no problems at all. ExTe was here to inspect the bunks after a year and came to the same conclusion. It’s seems like pretty sensible gear; we only have good things to say about D bunks. ExTe has a very good, safe solution for the attachment with teeth underneath to keep the bunk stable horizontally,” notes Andreas. Above all, ExTe has good quality, light products.” ”We will continue buying ExTe products in the future. I think our ExTe bunks have worked extremely well over the years; the company listens to our opinions and provides great service.


Daniel Jansson

. lder .. o c e Th

... the better.

Hauling branches and tops has its moments. It’s no more complicated than everyday round timber, but the profitability is really dependent on the temperature. ”I love beautiful, warm summer weather, but I like it to be cold for the rest of the year. The colder the better,” says Daniel Jansson. He hauls branches and tops for his own haulage company, Borglunda Åkeri.

The superstructure is built around special bunks from ExTe.

”Two of us share one rig, and we work Örebro municipality and Västmanland County. Our biggest customers are Eon in Örebro and BillerudKorsnäs in Frövifors. Our new rig has worked extremely well so far. When we began discussing the new rig, everything depended on our getting bunks that worked. ExTe soon saw to that,” Daniel tells us. ”We had several requirements. The stakes needed to be longer than standard stakes; their attachment to the frames had to be at right angles because we wanted lay a bed on the frames, and it had to be possible to integrate the frames in the chassis. And naturally the bunks also had to cope with rough treatment. ExTe solved these problems and developed special bunks just for branches and tops. Very successfully; in actual fact I couldn’t be more satisfied,” says Daniel. The superstructure was fitting by OP Höglunds, who in addition to installing the bunks even fitted the side pieces between the stakes. To allow the panels freedom to move, specially made clamps were fitted to the stakes. The panels were then bolted to each clamp.

To avoid the formation of cracks, the panels are free to move thanks to specially made clamps fitted to the stakes. Daniel Jansson is extremely pleased with his new branch and top truck and trailer. E X T E M A G A Z I N E 13



Toolmaker fixes fixtures. Developing new products is not just about clever ideas, even though these will get you a long way. ”Often, if not always, there’s a pretty long, demanding process before a new product can be launched,” says Lennart Wallström. Following a year Malaysia, where he set up a new production facility, he is now back acting as coordinator for product development within the Group that includes ExTe.

Lars Löfgren: Age: 43 år Lives in: Ljusdal Family: Wife and two children. Interests: Skiing overland, up hill, down dale. Snow scooter and curling.

”I must say that as ExTe gets more and more globalized, the demands placed on product development get all the greater. Every market has more or less different needs, and our job is to identify those needs, listen to hauliers and drivers and see how we can solve their problems in the best possible way. These developments move apace and place great demands on our ability to cope with new conditions. Right now my focus is on ExTe’s product development, both when it comes to creating a new structure at work and developing new products,” explains Lennart Wallström. A small but significant part of the changes taking place is that our toolmakers – who were previously part of the production department – are now part of product development.” ”Perfectly logical,” thinks Lars Löfgren who, like Ulf Olsson, is a toolmaker. ”As toolmakers we form part of pro14 EXTEMAGAZINE

duct development. Not only do we need to be attentive to our designers’ ideas we must also make sure that a new product can be made in a rational, cost-effective way.” ”When we get 3-D drawings from the designers we have to build jigs and fixtures. Things usually go very well, but sometimes we have our own points of view about their proposals. But things usually work out.” Part of a toolmaker’s job is making jigs and fixtures. They’re a kind of template or model for how various components will fit together. ”We draw, design and manufacture jigs both for manual welding and for our welding robots,” explains Lars. Once we’ve built a jig or fixture, we build a sample product. If everything is as it should be, it’s passed on to production. Our latest work was a complete set of fixtures and jigs that were sent to Brazil for the production of an entirely new bunk,” says Lars.



Best thing since sliced bread!

ExTe’s bunks with folding stakes are a much-appreciated solution in Canada. ExTe’s dealer Kevin Hodgins, right, demonstrates products for an interested transport manager.

”Our designer Daniel Karlberg and I recently visited our customers in British Columbia,” says Per Jonasson, salesman at ExTe. ”One of the drivers we met described the bunks with collapsible stakes as the best thing since sliced bread.” ”Daniel and I travelled around for a few days together with our dealer, Kevin Hodgins. We visited old ExTe customers to follow up on what they thought about their ExTe bunks. Their reactions were extremely positive. We also took the opportunity to visit a number of truck dealers and new and customers to show off our new products. If we consider the interest shown and the increasing number of orders, above all for bunks with foldable stakes. It would seem we’ve hit bull’s-eye when it comes to meeting hauliers’ requirements,” declares Per.

This rig operates in Hundred Mile House. The haulier recently switched to ExTe. It was his driver who thought this was the best thing to happen since sliced bread.

John Millers in Skottland

chose D bunks. John Miller Limited in Scotland is a major haulier with many different types of transportation jobs. Part of the operation concerns the haulage of timber, branches and tops. ”We delivered D bunks to them through our dealer Douglas Clark for their timber rigs,” Ingemar Larsson at ExTe tells us. Timber haulage has increased in extent as the wood processing industry develops. These days John Millers hauls timber throughout Scotland as well as northern England.

Everyone at ExTe wishes you all

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Securing cargo. We invented the Concept.

ExTe Fabriks AB, SE-820 41 Färila, Sweden. Tel: +46 (0)651 175 00. Fax: +46 (0)651 175 03. E-mail:

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