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More and more have discovered our broad range of products. Listening to our customers comes naturally to us. It’s what spurs us on to continue developing products that not only improve safety but also profitability for timber hauliers like you. This is why we have by far the broadest range of products among suppliers of timber bunks to hauliers anywhere in the world. Weight has been all-important in Scandinavia for several years; we paid attention and provided the market with what it wanted – the lightest aluminium bunks. And for those who prefer steel designs we put resources into developing what are easily the lightest combination bunks available – D bunks. And behind all this development effort are the wishes and needs of hauliers. It’s fascinating to see how requirements differ from one market to another. In large parts of Asia weight plays a minor part; robust steel designs are what are called for. Modifications of our steel bunks for rail traffic are therefore an interesting possibility for that market. The same goes for North America, i.e. good, solid, steel designs. ExTe enjoys a unique position in the market. We can tell you the different needs hauliers all over the world have and how each views their situation. And we’re developing products to make everyday life easier for hauliers around the world. Our dealers are quick to provide us with information that we turn into new products to meet their markets’ requirements.

We also enjoy a different kind of development. Our products are of increasing interest in markets alongside conventional timber haulage by truck. Gremo’s use of ExTe bunks on forwarders is a good example. Another is our tensioners, which have found an entirely new field of application in freight haulage. What they have in common is a broader market that creates greater economic resources for developing new products for timber hauliers. It’ll soon be time for this summer’s trade shows. I hope we can meet there so that timber hauliers, truck drivers and bodybuilders like you can share opinions about our products with us and tell us what we can do to help make your business more profitable. Mats Karlsson, MD

Contacts: Contact us via tel. no. +46 (0)6511 7500 or fax no. +46 (0)6511 7503 and tell us what you need. Sales department direct: If you wish to speak to a sales person, call +46 (0)6511 7501. Internet: You’ll find everything you need to know about the world’s leading manufacturer of timber bunks at




Catch up with ExTe news on Facebook. “I’m not the kind of guy who sits with his face buried in a tablet all day, but I do like to keep up with what’s going on in the industry,” says Tom Edström, Bispgårdens Åkeri. “So it’s great that ExTe is on Facebook. If you want to catch up with the news, Facebook is the place to do it fast.” Tom runs his haulage firm together with his father, Roger. “We have 14 trucks altogether; 8 are timber trucks and the rest are hook loaders and crane trucks. We put ExTe bunks on all of our new trucks,” Tom tells us. We drive as a group for SCA and we’ll probably put ExTe’s new D bunks on our next rig. But back to Facebook.

“I think being able to follow ExTe is fun. It’s cool to see all their photos and what they are up to. News travels really fast and I note that ExTe will have a truckload of activities out among us haulage firms,” declares Tom. “It’s so easy to get hold of information and find out what’s new. An app on my smartphone gives me access whenever I want to see what’s going on. And creating a Facebook account is so straightforward, even for the hesitant. And you are in control of how often you want to use Facebook.” “The way I see it, there are real advantages in having a Facebook account. There’s all kinds of groups that post useful information like hold-ups on certain roads or a mill that’s full to capacity somewhere.” “Facebook provides options, and I’m always in control of how much I use it,” explains Tom.

“Facebook lets you catch up with Exte’s world quickly and simply,” thinks Tom Edström.





Light, hard-wearing D bunks make everyday life for timber hauliers easier and more profitable. “Today we supply D bunks to hauliers throughout Scandinavia,” says Mats Karlsson, ExTe’s MD.

Mikael Halvarsson is in charge of development of D stakes modified to suit the central and southern European market.

More and more people are discovering the advantages of D bunks. New high-strength steels have made it possible for us to design much lighter bunks. Today, D bunks are the lightest combination bunks on the market. They are 15 per cent lighter than E bunks, which were in a class of their own when they were launched. In fact, the weight difference between aluminium bunks and the new D bunks is pretty small. Something no-one thought possible a few years ago. D bunks are available in three versions – D5, D7 and D10, i.e. as 5, 7 and 10-ton bunks. “While we can’t make bunks too light if they are to remain strong, our D bunks will hopefully lead to a more nuanced discussion.” “D bunks mean we’ve pushed the limits one step further. Despite their low weight, D Series bunks are really tough workhorses able to cope with seriously rough handling. And the new, smart attachment clamps make installation quick and easy. Simply put, D bunks incorporate all the good characteristics needed to make hauling timber easier and more profitable,” declares Mats Karlsson. Kenneth Larsson from Burträsk is a bit of a pioneer when it comes to D bunks. He and his brothers Daniel and Tommy run Larssons Åkeri together. “We have three trucks, and we fitted D bunks to the


latest rig,” Kenneth tells us. We’ve had D bunks on the truck since last autumn, and now we’ve fitted them to the trailer. It’s worked really well for us so far,” states Kenneth. It’s a robust design that feels extremely stable. This is true of both the frame and the new aluminium D stakes. And the weight difference compared to aluminium bunks – which we have on our two other rigs – is something we can live with. You can’t go on reducing weight forever,” says Kenneth. Demand for D bunks is also great on the continent. Hauliers like to select stakes according to the conditions that apply to their own specific transport jobs. “We naturally adapt to what our customers want,” says Mikael Halvarsson, designer and project manager at ExTe. In Germany they prefer Euro S, Euro and telescopic stakes for their D bunks. Euro-S stakes are tapered on the inside, which makes it easier to load e.g. sawn timber. Euro stakes are completely straight. The advantage with telescopic stakes is that they can be raised or lowered according to the type of load. This great flexibility is appreciated by many timber hauliers in Europe.







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Even though Com 90 bunks are a little heavy they bring both productivity improvements and other advantages that more than compensate for the weight difference.

ETT + Com 90 true

A total weight of 90 tons with 66 on the trailer and 24 on the rig. Four stacks and 11 axles. Lower trip costs, reduced emissions. Even though the entire combination is 30 m long there’s no big difference compared to driving a normal combination. It runs more stably and has a system that brakes all 11 axles at the same time. The above is a brief summary of the ETT modular timber transport project. And developments continue...

“Right now we’re planning the next ETT combination,” says Lennart Cider at Volvo Group Trucks Technology. He and his colleague Lena Larsson together with other stakeholders are taking the project further. Lennart Cider underlines the backing the project has enjoyed from Vinnova, which provides financial support to facilitate collaboration between the various stakeholders. The new combination will probably be in operation during the autumn on the 160 kilometre stretch between Överkalix and Piteå. It will mean working against the clock to meet trip times and rest hours. “So we chose to fit the entire combination with ExTe’s Com 90 bunks. Even if Com 90 bunks are a little heavy they bring both productivity improvements and other advantages that more than compensate for the weight difference. Loading and unloading times are significantly shorter compared to conventional bunks,” declares Lennart Cider. What’s more Com 90 means a better, safer working environment for truck drivers. And we’re

counting on other advantages such as reduced idling time. We’re also looking at savings in the form of the reduced fuel consumption retractable stakes provide on empty return trips. Together the rig combination and Com 90 bunks mean improved profitability for all parties. “ExTe has been involved in the ETT Project since 2001 when it began to pick up speed, and we’ve enjoyed great collaboration the whole time,” Lennart Cider tells us. “Finland is already in the process of passing new legislation to allow higher weights. The EU has taken a positive position. Quite a bit of work remains for Sweden e.g. identifying the route network in question. We hope that everything will be ready for a decision by 2017. Up until then we will continue with the rather extensive exemption requests to the Swedish Transport Administration and Swedish Transport Agency. If you would like to follow this exciting development in new haulage conditions there are excellent descriptions at EXTEMAGAZINE


We’re all set for this year’s spring and summer trade shows.

After an unusually persistent winter it’s finally time. At last! as Gert Fylking said. It’s spring – soon summer – and there’s a whole lot o’ trade shows goin’ on. By the beginning of May ExTe had already taken part in the LIGNA exhibition in Hanover, along with a great many bodybuilders, among others. ExTe exhibited jointly with ExTe Vertriebs GmbH from Germany.




Kuljetus in Finland.

May 23–25 is time for Kuljetus in Jyväskylä, Finland. Alucar will be representing us together with people from ExTe.

Elmia Wood outside Jönköping, Sweden. The world’s biggest forestry exhibition – Elmia Wood – opens for business. The world’s leading forestry equipment manufacturers and suppliers will be here from June 5-8. And of course you’ll find ExTe there in one of the stands. It all happens in the forests 30 kilometres south of Jönköping.

Every four years Elmia Wood welcomes technological innovations from operators large and small. A great deal of inspiration in other words. And if you’re a timber haulier or driver the ExTe stand will be showing off its entire range of products. In addition to everything else he does, Jörgen Spring is ExTe’s exhibition supremo, and he tells us about the things that will be on the ExTe stand. “We have a product range that meets the needs of practically the entire world. Not everything would sell in Scandinavia, or even Europe, but it’s all a matter of conditions. Bunks in Asia or North and South America often look completely different to those used in our part of the world,” states Jörgen. “Elmia Wood attracts timber hauliers from the whole world. In fact, the international public is in the majority,” Jörgen tells us. This provides us with a unique opportunity to spotlight both our new D bunks and our broad product range for our foreign visitors.”

Mittia Forestry Transport Exhibition in Ljusdal, Sweden. Inspiration, new contacts and all the latest news. Exactly what you need from a great exhibition. And as the mother of all exhibitions for timber hauliers it’s a natural destination. On August 16–17 it’s time for the Mittia Forestry Transport Exhibition in Ljusdal, Sweden, with the very latest innovations in timber haulage.

As usual the ExTe stand will be presenting a number of innovations and surprises. “This is the exhibition where we get to meet most hauliers and drivers, chiefly from Sweden, although visitors come by the busload from Finland and Norway, too,” declares Jörgen.

Gardemoen in Norway.

On September 5–7 ExTe will take part in the Transport Exhibition in Gardemoen, Norway, together with OP Höglunds and Parator.

You can get answers to any questions you may have about ExTe’s arrangements at the various exhibitions from ExTe’s sales staff. EXTEMAGAZINE


From our Finnish friends:

Both Volvo and Mercedes drive in long vehicle combinations in Finland where Alucar represents ExTe. Here we see a Mercedes fitted with ExTe’s S bunks.

Even though legislation is not yet passed, Finland is a step ahead of Sweden when it comes to big truck trailer combinations. Alucar recently completed a body for a new 76 ton combination. The chassis is an 8x4 rear steer with air suspension. The superstructure incorporates an aluminium subframe, HD aluminium front bulkhead, variable hydraulics, fixed crane mounting and last, but not least, ExTe Com 90 bunks. The combination, which is 25.25 m long, consists of a 4-axle truck and a 5-axle trailer. The combination is for delivery to haulier Saku Simpanen from Pielavesi. The driver of the Com 90 rig is Pia Lintunen.

Another 76-ton combination is equipped with D 7 bunks. 10 E X T E M A G A Z I N E

Timber haulier Sakari Siikaluoma from Kuusamo chose ExTe’s S6 bunks for his new truck.

From our Norwegian friends:

We’re not like all the others.

Skaug Specialtransporter is located outside Hönefoss in Norway. A small transport company that’s found its own niche. “We’re not like all the others,” says Torger Skaug, who took over a truck from his father in 1979. “In the beginning we hauled timber and concrete sleepers. Over the years it’s grown to include gantries and other outsize loads like bridges and steel structures. For the past 20 years it’s been concrete sleepers for the most part, but from time to time we also haul timber,” Torger Skaug tells us. Today we have four trucks modified to handle everything from timber to paving stones. In order to stay flexible Torger has invested in ExTe’s 144 system with sockets in the flatbed and steel stakes with quick locks. “Steel stakes are an absolute necessity for the type of loads we haul. The stakes are also adjustable in height and really easy to move to suit different types of load. It works extremely well,” declares Torger.

Hans Arvid chose D bunks.

Hans Arvid Austestad runs his firm Austestad Transport AS near Bergen in Norway. He has four timber trucks and a rig for hauling freight. His timber trucks are fitted with E bunks except the newest, for which Hans Arvid chose D bunks. “There are a lot of inferior, narrow, winding roads in Norway, so we have a max combination length of 19.5 metres. The trailers are a little shorter. We chose to weld a frame in the chassis and we had to use steel,” explains Hans Arvid. ”Combination bunks with steel frames and aluminium stakes have worked well for us. The choice of D bunks followed naturally. And they look great, too. In fact I think the way a rig looks is pretty important.” “It’s all about image. When the bunks have been in use for a few years we usually re-paint them to brighten them up,” says Hans Arvid. Auestads transport drives for Norske Skog and Vestskog. “We drive mainly to the harbour as most of the timber is exported to Germany,” Hans Arvid tells us.



From our North American friends:

More timber trailers in North America is good for Färila. Randy McDougall is an ExTe dealer and has been one longer than anyone else in North America.

Randy’s company, BWS Manufacturing, is in the Province of New Brunswick in southeast Canada. BWS recently moved in to new 15,000 sq m premises, three times bigger than before. The past three years of becalmed demand for forestry trucks have not scared Randy off. He has invested a lot in both premises and an expanded product range, among other things in equipment trailers and tipper trucks. And when it comes to forestry trailers enquiries and orders have both been on the increase lately. “Great news for us,” declares ExTe’s Per Jonasson. We’ve noticed it in production in Färila.”

Boss Randy McDougall is extremely pleased with his new, practical factory premises.

The new facility comprises 15,000 sq m.

Crazy about Luftman.

In south east Oklahoma in the USA you’ll find ExTe’s local right-hand man Keith Mullens. He tells us there are now just over 300 Luftman tensioners on timber trucks in Oklahoma and Arkansas and drivers are just plain crazy about them. They are also convinced that Luftman saves lives. Keith tells us that a couple of fatal accidents have occurred involving manual tensioners. In another accident the rig was fitted with Luftman and everyone agrees that without Luftman yet another person would have paid with his life.

Keith Mullens providing a Luftman strap change for a customer.

Good, solid steel bunks are what it takes. Here we see ExTe S bunks with steel stakes on the trailer – and Luftman tensioners, naturally. 12 EXTEMAGAZINE

Bispgårdens Åkeri and Per Hööks Åkeri from Hällefors in Sweden were just two of the many hauliers that paid us a visit.

Choppy, but good fun all the same.

When the hauliers associations sent out invites for a 24-hour cruise to Åland almost 600 people turned up. The sea was a bit choppy. “More ups and downs than driving in the forest,” wisecracked someone. But he wasn’t thinking of driving in the spring thaw, but the uncertain conditions that hauliers are faced with. But that didn’t dampen spirits and the great atmosphere, especially after David Batra had finished entertaining. Naturally, ExTe was among the many suppliers present. “We provided a sneak preview on Saturday evening,” ExTe’s Jörgen Spring tells us. But the actual exhibition was held on Sunday. ”Plenty of people all the time and a lot of ideas and reflections. People are still talking about weight a lot,” noted Jörgen.

Hi. We’d like to make invitations quick and simple. As you know here at ExTe we arrange a lot of different events, large and small. Some are aimed at all hauliers but more often than not we organize local events. So it’s easiest to send emails or text messages to those concerned. The same thing goes for the latest news. So please send us your email address and your mobile number and we’ll add them to our customer directory. All you need to do is send an email with your up-to-date information to You can also send an ordinary letter to: ExTe Fabriks AB, Att Jenny Eklund, Box 18, SE-820 41 Färila, Sweden or call +46 651-175 00. Sincerely,

Jenny Eklund ExTe Fabriks AB




Customer Care

The whole gang from Wibergs Transport and Tomths Åkeri in one spot. They are flanked by Jenny Eklund, Sales Representative and Magnus Johansen, Production Manager.

A shipshape shop and supreme customer care. Jocke Tomth from Orsa, Sweden, began his career as a timber haulier in 2007. “Back then I had one truck and one employee. Today we have three trucks, and eight permanent employees and a few temps who jump in when needed.” “Two trucks run for Skogsåkarna and one for Sveaskog. All of the trucks have cranes, and of course the bunks are from ExTe. I had different bunks before, but I switched to ExTe. And I must say ExTe provides exceptionally good service. There’s never a problem with spare parts and things often arrive the day after they’re ordered. No surprise they have a 75 per cent market share. Good products and supreme customer care gets results,” declares Jocke. Mikael Wiberg, whose company is located in Rättvik, agrees. “ExTe really knows what customer care means,” he says. Tomths Åkeri and Wibergs Transport paid ExTe in Färila a visit in the middle of April. “Few have had the privilege to enjoy a day like the one we had at ExTe. They devoted time and genuine commitment to make sure we felt at home and got the very best information. They really understand what customer care is all about. In our circles there’s no denying Jörgen Spring is ExTe’s public face – and he represents ExTe magnificently,” says Jocke. The two hauliers began with a visit to Trux, and then it was ExTe for all they were worth. They started with their own conferences before it was time to visit our factory. They all agreed that it was extremely interesting to see how different products are created and to note the clutter-free workshops characteristic of ExTe. “Everything was truly shipshape,” noted Mikael Wiberg. ”I was surprised how few billets there were in stock, but that’s how things are today. Lead times have to be short and inventories should preferably be on the road to or from the factory. An efficient way to reduce inventory costs and improve profitability,” notes Mikael Wiberg. The evening was rounded off with dinner and the obligatory sauna and hot tub. “The entire event was really appreciated by all of us,” confirm Jocke and Mikael. Robert Johansson made a guest appearance at ExTe and demonstrated the finer points of the Com 90. 14 EXTEMAGAZINE

A happy crew from Tomths Åkeri. From left to right Johanna Holknekt, Johan Mörk, sitting Markus Eriksson, standing behind the stake, Daniel Matsson and Simon Ottosson with his smart phone.


Customer Care

Welcome to this year’s most important exhibition!



bigges’s t exhibit ion for for purely es transp tr y or t!

Friday 9 – 17 saturday 9 – 16

Book a table at the gr and

Book a seat on the

train Mittia lm ar –

from Ka hibition check the ex info! website for

The exhibition for everyone who works in forestry transport by road or rail or in timber terminal handling.

n  Exhibitors are primarily manufacturers of vehicles, trailers, superstructures, cranes and of course suppliers of associated accessories.

Industr Banquey t

Fri 16/8! Check th e exhibitio n websi te for info!

The exhibition is frequented by decision makers and personnel form the haulage, timber terminal and forestry industries.


Möten mellan människor med samma intresse!

Mittia Event AB | S Järnvägsgatan 58| 827 32 Ljusdal, Sweden | +46 (0)651 211 90 | | EXTEMAGAZINE


ExTe Masters a fabulous success. Last year’s edition of ExTe Masters was an awesome success. The next one will be held July 24–27. Surely no golf competition was ever fully subscribed so quickly. It took a mere 12 minutes. Because ExTe is the main sponsor it has a number of tickets dedicated to customers. Applications to or call +46 (0)70 632 92 02.

ExTe Masters

“The interest shown in this golf competition is unbelievable,” says Per Jonasson at ExTe. Together with Ljusdals Golfklubb we’ve arranged a tournament that provides competitors with everything – good competitions with great activities to follow. And just like last year, the finalists will battle it out on a course somewhere in Europe.

The Winner of ExTe Masters 2012: Robin Mårtensson-Nilsson.

The finalists.

Securing cargo. We invented the Concept.

ExTe Fabriks AB, SE-820 41 Färila, Sweden. Tel: +46 (0)651 175 00. Fax: +46 (0)651 175 03. E-mail:

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