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Michael Smith- Film Treatment

The year is 1940. The U.S. has just entered into World War 2 to stop Hitler from seizing control all over the world. We see fifty thousand plus soldiers marching in Russia, Germany, France, etc. NAVEL COMMADER RYAN UPTON has just entered the battlefields of Slovakia, Russia. Three days after being alone on the battlefield trying to survive, Ryan finally catches up with a small patrol at a little broken down house in a small, destroyed town. The small patrol is just five people. However, one of them is a commander and he has a job for Ryan to do. The commander HENERY STRONG wants Ryan to go to a German camp near where they are at and free three prisoners: JAMES, TYLER, and DAVIS, allies of the American Army. Ryan accepts the order and marches upward to Belz, a little town where a German Colonel, BRECHT seized control. Ryan arrives there and we see three German soldiers guarding the front entrance. Their names are ADALIZ, FABEK, and VADIN. Ryan sprints to a small rock and sets an explosive. The two guards hear it and comes running. Ryan shoots and kills them as they get near. An alarm sounds within the stronghold. Ten men come running out with machine guns firing at Ryan. He takes cover behind a rock and has an idea. He throws a smoke grenade at the ground a little ways in front of the soldiers. He runs, while ducking. Ryan gets inside the stronghold unharmed and immediately takes cover behind a barrel. There are 50 plus men running up at the entrance of the stronghold, each well equipped with a firearm. We see Ryan trapped, unable to move, scared that he will be caught. Ryan peaks around the corner and notices an American that he served with for two years, RICHARD, his friend. Richard is wearing a German army coat and is standing by the side of Colonel Brecht. Colonel Brecht orders his 50 plus troops standing at the entrance not to return until the enemy is found and killed. The soldier’s runs out of the stronghold determine to catch the enemy. Ryan sees a clear path to kill the colonel and bring in the trader

to the American Army. Ryan advances some yards up hill. Still well hidden, he finds a weapon stash. He pulls out a sniper and snipes the Colonel at a distance of 40 yards over a barrel. Brecht gets shots in the right shoulder, while standing there. Richard brings the Colonel back inside the tent. Ryan advances towards the tent where they are at. He is about ten yards away from the entrance to the tent. Richard comes out with a pistol in one hand. We see Ryan hiding behind a stack of boxes and gets out of hiding with his gun firm in his hand pointed directly at Richard. They start to argue for about six minutes. Then a shootout starts while both men is running around in a squared area trying to kill one another. After a moment, Ryan is lying on the ground shot; bleeding out of his left shoulder. Richard approaches Ryan with the gun pointed directly at Ryan’s face; about to take the shot when Ryan gets up with a knife that was hidden in his boot and stabs Richard directly in the heart. He pulls the knife out of his chest and shoves him down onto the ground. Ryan slowly walking to the tent, while putting pressure on his shoulder, opens the tent and walks inside. The Colonel is not inside, however there are fuses that are about to go off in ten seconds. Ryan smiles, walks out of the tent, then lay on the ground looking up to the clouds. Then he shuts his eyes and whispers, (“I have no regrets�). BOOM!!! The entire town of Belz lights up in the sky. People for miles could have seen the explosion. A day later when the fire and smoke left, a small patrol of marines came up to the wasteland of Belz. We see the marines picking up stones, rocks for any remains of a body left behind. There was no one left.



RICHARD enters the tent while carrying COLONEL BRETCHT to his chair. Richard sets him down. COLONEL BRECHT Get off me u fool. (Shoves Richard out of the way, while trying to sit up correctly) RICHARD But sir, COLONEL BRECHT (Interrupts) He’s out there right now! That bastard shot me! (His eyes burning red at Richard) BRING ME HIS HEAD YOU MISERABLE LITTLE FUCK!!! (Spit comes out of his mouth) RICHARD (His head held high, speaks in confidence) I understand Sir. I will not fail you. COLONEL BRECHT You better not. You fail, and then I’ll throw your ass inside a work camp, where you can shovel up shit for the rest of your life. YOU FUCKIN UNDERSTAND ME SARGENT!!!! RICHARD (He hails him, by raising his right arm) (He exits the tent) COLONEL BRECHT gets up from his chair oddly. He walks over to a cabinet that is in front of him. We see him opening it and picking up some dynamite. BRECHT laughs. Places and lights the fuse. He runs out of the back entrance to the tent and down a hill.


RICHARD (Walks on the dirt road toward stacks of boxes with his gun out and ready.) RICHARD Whoever is out there come on out; I’ll give you a quick death. I promise I won’t torture you for information. RYAN (Peeking around the corner of the boxes sees Richard coming closer and closer towards him) RICHARD Why do you hide for? You killed three of my men and lured everyone else away. Isn’t this what you wanted, to get myself and the Colonel alone, so you can kill us? RYAN (Stands Up, with his eyes and gun glaring at Richard) Nah, Rich came all this way just to see you old friend RICHARD (Stops walking, shocked, jaw dropped) Ryan. What the hell are you doing around here? RYAN (Stands still) Stopping men like you (Lowers his gun a little) Rich, how could you betray your own country? RICHARD (Starts to laugh a little) Betray. Betray. (Walks a little closer to Ryan) I didn’t betray my country.


(CONT’D) RICHARD Ryan, you never did understand anything about Liberty and Justice. RYAN (Yelling) You betrayed America! You sided with Germany and killed thousands of innocent people. How dare you talk about Liberty and Justice. When you RICHARD (Interrupts) (Fires a shot at the ground where Ryan is standing at) Don’t you ever compare me to those Nazies. (CONT’D) RICHARD I’ve always spare innocent women and children at death camps. I’ve always disobeyed orders when it came to slaughtering the hundreds of innocent people. I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!!! (Pointing his finger at Ryan) RYAN Then why do you wear that coat? Above all else, why the hell do you stand by the side of that German scum Brecht? RICHARD (Pauses for a moment, looking at the ground) I do it to make America a better place for our children RYAN BULLSHIT!! Don’t fuckin screw with me Richard. You betrayed her! RIHCARD So it seems. Haven’t you noticed anything strange Ryan. Anything that isn’t happening right now

RYAN (Moving his head from left to right, then back at Richard) What are you getting at Rich.

RICHARD Colonel Brecht, my men, where are they? RYAN (Eyes widen) RICHARD They all have abandoned me. I’m here, ordered to kill you RYAN You don’t have to do that (Being sympathetic) Come back to the U.S. with me Richard we can sort all this mess out there RICHARD Why? So they can hang me for my treason? RYAN No, I won’t let them do that. At most you will get 20 years to life. Its better living a life you don’t want to live anymore. RICHARD In a couple of minutes if won’t matter. RYAN (Looks nervous) Richard what are you getting at? What did you do? (Trying to look inside the tent behind where Richard is standing) RIHCARD (He grins) Ryan I will kill you here and make an example out of you I wish it wasn’t you. I truly do.

(CON’T) RICHARD I got do this. (Looks at Ryan, confused) RYAN No you don’t have to. Just runaway and let me get to a camp near here where three allies are being held at. RIHCARD Can’t let you do that. (Squeezes the gun tighter and is more focused on Ryan) RYAN (Yelling) YOU DUMB BASTARD!!! We don’t have to fight. Just get out of my fucking way! RICHARD No! (He pulls the trigger) RYAN dodges the bullet and rolls to the ground. RICHARD aims at him again and misses. Ryan gets behind cover and shoots at Richard. Ryan gets up and is about to shoot him in the head when Richard sprints up and shoots Richard in the shoulder. Ryan falls on the ground hard. Richard steps over to where Ryan is at. Richard about to make the final shot, Ryan gets up and stabs Richard in the heart (with the knife that he pulled out of his boot when Richard was approaching).

Post Reflection When I was doing the story I was stuck a few times. Sometimes I didn’t feel like doing it, other times I really didn’t have no ideas. I started to play video games like halo reach and Mass Effect 2. It’s only then while I was playing them, I got the idea to keep on playing so I could get ideas. I was listening to the Halo soundtrack while I was writing. It helped me come up with ideas for a story about war. I knew I wanted to take it in a different direction, make it longer, and make the characters inside my story have a voice. There were some voices, but not like I want to. I wanted to make it a script like movie: This project did not offer me that chance to fully include/express what I wanted to do. In short it made it harder. Here I was with a grand idea, but I had to compile it, make it shorter into a page or three or four. Even that was too much for the assignment, like going overboard on what we are supposed to do. It was easy though. I just formed an idea together. I just thought of some history and war themes. I used war world 2 simple because I could come up with a far better, easily story using action and suspense all into one. I looked online for places in Germany for the environment. Also the names of the Germans which I thought that could fit my story. For the most part all I had trouble with was the formatting of the script. Different people told me different things. When I looked at others who published theirs some of them were different from others. So, I basically had no way of finding the correct way of how to do it. I went to the celtix website but I couldn’t download it on any school computers to copy and paste my script I have word to it. I ask one person that I knew for a while to use his lab top for it, but he said no because he had his own stuff to get done. So I used the power points posted online to help me, but that wasn’t much to base on. I justified the character names and tab the dialogue two tabs over like the power point says. At least I got the story part done and turned it on time and tried with the format.

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