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Killeen Vision Source provides a wide range of optometric services including comprehensive vision therapy.

Vision therapy is used to improve vision skills such as eye coordination, visualization, depth perception and eye movement control.

Vision therapy is effective in treating following disabilities: • Strabismus • Amblyopia • Visually related learning disabilities

The therapy encompasses following treatment methods: • Orthoptic visual therapy • Behavioural visual therapy

Orthoptic visual therapy: It helps to treat strabismus, and diplopia by controlling eye movement, sustaining focus at far, simultaneous alignment at near, etc.

Behavioural visual therapy: It helps to treat difficulties such as visual attention and concentration by checking peripheral vision, color perception, visual perception, etc.

Killeen Vision Source Location: 416 North Gray Street Killeen, TX 76541

Killeen Vision Source Contact: (254) 634-7805

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Vision Therapy At Killeen Vision Source  

Killeen Vision Source - a Killeen based eye clinic provides vision therapy techniques to improve vision skills and may vision related learni...