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Kilkenny Now Issue 7 July 2011



exclusive to Kwilla, Kilkenny


My OXYGEN Festival “MUST HAVE’S” Guide by YVONNE MAHER Aaahhhh, Festivals. That glorious weekend where, for a few sunny (perhaps) days you can forget your worldly woes, throw hygiene to the wind and rock out for the weekend, oblivious to the fact that by Sunday you probably smell like the underside of a pig’s sty.

them liberally; they’re great for your face or body, and won’t leave your skin too dry (so don’t bother bringing a moisturiser). And bring a decent deodorant. bring Bikini bottoms /shorts for the showers.

Next : Make up Now we reach that most girlie of dilemmas. How do you maintain some visual dignity without being the mockery of your grubby companions for the duration of the weekend? It’s all about practicality and discretion.It’s a brave girl who can get through the entire festival without makeup, and I salute her. I however, wouldn’t be caught dead. If you are of the same mindset, bring as many of 2-in-1 products as possible. Vaseline is fantastic as lips/gloss, a compact mirror, a small stick of concealer, some mascara, an eyebrow pencil (a dark colour doubles as a light kohl pencil) and if you’re a true makeup junkie, a SMALL palette of eyeshadow should otherwise be all you need. Don’t bring posh foundation, or any of your designer brands, you will loose them. Cheap and cheerful will do perfect.

Bring; Vaseline, a mirror, eyebrow pencil, mascara concealer. l

If you’re taking the time to read this at all, your main concerns are probably personal hygiene, clothes/makeup/ hair and those dreaded words The Toilets.... Let’s tackle the most frightening one first. I cannot heap enough praise on the wondrous invention that are baby wipes. Buy a pack and use

Ear Plugs If you intend on getting any sleep at all l

Anti-bacterial hand wash gel


Sun Cream, Sunglasses, Sun hat If the weather is good, you’ll be spending long days in the sun so keep yourself well protected l

Baby Wipes/Deodorant Wipes Will keep you feeling fresh, and smelling slightly less! Also very useful if you don’t feel like facing the festival showers !


Don’t bring: Foundation (maybe a tinted moisturiser if you must) l

Powder, posh stuff (it’ll get ruined or nicked), l


l Moisturiser shower gel, anything fancy that requires more than a couple of minutes to use in the shower and lastly enjoy every minute .

Green genie Why stuff your suitcase with heavy shampoo bottles when Lush’s Squeaky Green solid shampoo bar (€7.90) is all that’s necessary? Made with a balancing blend of rose, vanilla and fresh rosemary, this super handy aromatherapy bar leaves hair super clean and shiny.

Bronze ambition I’v always been huge fans of Top Image Tan (the fragrance-free liquid consistency is a dream to apply) and now the formula is also available in a lotion and with fabulous new packaging.

Kieran Street, Kilkenny (beside Jeutonic)

Tel: 056 7712677

Email: After hours opening on request

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a Jolaby

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It’s that time of year again when we undertake the task of creating an effortless, retro chic wardrobe for a summer of festivals that await us around the Country. From Oxygen to Electric Picnic and everything in between, outfits must be meticulously planned if they are to succeed unpredictable Irish conditions! So how does one prepare with Irish weather, muddy campsites and limited preening facilities are at your disposal? Here is our checklist to get you festival ready this summer!

Kimono Jacket €44.99 - Lilac Denim Short €11 - Pennys l

Mis-matched pieces are where it’s at for this years festival fashion. Think lace with cowboy boots and denim waistcoats with boho chic or pretty peasant blouses


Keep your shoes comfy (and relatively flat). Sore feet do not a style queen make. Be practically fashionable!


Keep to simple basics like denim shorts, a little dress or skinnies and make a statement with mix and match accessories


Take a chance and become the colour pop queen with bright denim, willies or slouchy bags

Elephant Pendant €8.99 - New Look

Style Fish Top Tips Check out A wear’s new festival collection ‘Rodeo Romance’ in stores now.

Pink Festival Wellies €15 - Pennys


If your heading to Oxygen check out Penny’s pop up ‘shop in a box’ where you can sort any fashion disasters over the weekend with they’re on site shop trading from 12pm each day! Bluebell Print Cami €39.99 - New Look


for your hair

Revitalise the look of your hair with the


blow-dry service

with série exopert FIBERCEUTIC Boost the look of your hair’s vitality with série expert’s first fibre-filling in salon treatment, enriched with Intra-Cylane.

Call Now for appointment Tel: 056 7700876 Patrick Street Upper, Kilkenny Open: Tues-Thur 9.30am to 5.30pm Fri 9.30am to 7.30pm / Sat 9.30am to 4.30pm 9


Gulliver’s Perambulations – The view from the bridge am living the life I never would have thought possible those few years before. Gone is the business suit and wristwatch, now I wear whatever I like and only occasionally glance at a timepiece, more out of habit than any real need to know what point of the day has been reached. Remember the Sundays of old when no shops were open and there was usually nothing to do but attend Mass and eat a big dinner. We all managed to survive those days without mental damage or feelings of loss. Would it be so bad to give just one day of the week over to doing absolutely nothing of importance or profit? A day where sitting with absent mind and immobile limbs would be lauded as proper and in keeping with the day that’s in it. There’s a big park by a lovely castle in the heart of Kilkenny screaming out for people to visit and sit with no more intention than to just absorb the wonder of nothing. There’s a lovely river with walkways and soft banks patiently waiting for couples and families to attend with no plans and all day to achieve them.

Just like there is one day of the week where nothing seems to happen, the same can be said for one month of the year; and that month must be July. A summer of Bank holidays, festivals and events seem to stall once July comes along and, while it may result in quiet times, it comes as a welcome respite from the hurly burly of daily life. A time to do nothing and be all the better for it! I like being busy and being in Kilkenny when things are happening around me but, sometimes, I like nothing more than to just sit in any local park and just pass the time with no deadlines to make or appointments to keep. In a world where the drive for success and the accumulation of wealth governs all we can lose the need for nothingness without even noticing that it is gone. To sit in a place of pleasure with nothing to occupy the mind other than whatever floats your boat is far richer than having to comply with the thought requirements of others. I suppose we never actually do nothing. Even when we are seemingly at a loose end with nought on our mind, we are probably doing many things. Thinking abstract thoughts about abstract matters; filing memories into selective folders of the mind; making plans never to be completed, or, maybe, just taking stock of all around us. I used to be a man that kept an eye on time and kept myself busy. I was a little bit addicted to work and felt useless when not needed by my pay masters, and took pleasure in piling workload upon workload. I was a paid up member of the rat race and determined to win. Then, one day, I found myself sitting in traffic and wishing for a slower pace of life and a move to Kilkenny later that day and I 12

There is so much to see in Kilkenny and after many years of living here I have the sad confession to make that I have never even visited some of them. I know where they are and how to get there but, for some reason, I have always had something better to do. I remember being pleasantly surprised to find a riverbank walk just down the road from me or the many types of woodland surrounding Kilkenny accidentally stumbled upon that have given me such pleasure since.

“We could have a day of ‘nothingness’ where no-one is expected to do anything other than what they wish to do”

Carlo Capasso Unit 2 Ormonde Street Car Park, Pudding Lane, Kilkenny Tel: 056-7786009

Carlo Capasso would like to introduce Debbie Barry as his new senior stylist. Debbie has over 20 years experience in all aspects of hairdressing and specialises in Colouring, Cutting, Styling, Upstyling and in the conditioning of hair. Debbie has worked in Jersey, England and Ireland. Debbie is very thankful for the loyalty of all existing clients and is looking forward to meeting new clients. Also really looking forward to catching up with previous clients that she has lost touch with. Even though Debbie has been hairdressing for 20 years she is constantly up to date with all the latest classic and fashion hairstyles and is passionate about her work.

Join Debbie in Carlo Capasso starting 14th July Appointments available: Thurs 9am-5.30pm / Fri 9am-7.30pm / Sat 9am-500pm 13

Gulliver’s Perambulations – The view from the bridge If we keep ourselves busy all day we will miss these wonders and someday it may be too late to make up for lost time, so lets make sure we get to enjoy them now while we still have the motivation and motor skills to get there. I realise that visiting places in Kilkenny might be construed as doing something but you know what I mean and there’s no need to be pedantic, maybe I should call it ‘doing less than usual and nothing more than required’. Lose the pressure and relieve the stresses of daily life and just stop for a moment or two to smell the roses. Maybe a use for July in Kilkenny would be to visit the city itself and do nothing more than take in what it has and enjoy the sights and sounds that reverberate this wonderful place. We could have a day of ‘nothingness’ where no-one is expected to do anything other than what they wish to do. It may catch on and become a national event some day. So this July, pick a day as your nothing day. Leave the mobile at home, place your wristwatch on the mantle, tell your friends and work colleagues that you are unavailable, step through the door and find a place that puts you at ease and sit for as long as you like. It works for me and I’m confident that it will work for you too; you may find that you enjoy the experience of doing nothing and look forward to the next opportunity to repeat the event. If we all manage to achieve this then Kilkenny could be known as a place with so much and so little to offer – and in abundance.

Welcome to Belle Femme Lingerie, Kilkenny’s only dedicated lingerie boutique. You’ll find us beside Lorimat Jewellers on Kieran Street in Kilkenny City. We chose the name Belle Femme Lingerie through our belief that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and well-chosen, expertlyfitted lingerie can achieve this, no matter what shape you are. Our expertise - At Belle Femme Lingerie, we provide our customers with an expert and unique fitting service without the use of the traditional tape measure. We trained in the UK under the renowned Lindsey Brown - one of a handful of people worldwide to have a Masters Research Degree in Bra Design and Manufacture. Consider the fact that the body is elastic, whereas the tape measure is static. A tape measure cannot measure volume, so it is essential that anyone advising women on wearing the correct fitting bra learns how to assess the fit – as we do – without the tape measure.  Finding the Perfect bra - Did you know that eight out of ten women are unaware that they are wearing the wrong bra size which can make one look up to half a stone heavier? If you are wearing the wrong size bra you are compromising crucial support, resulting in potential back problems and your clothes won’t sit properly. It is important to have a bra fitting every 3-6 months and to try on multiple bras to find the one that best fits your figures. The perfect bra should provide a balance between proper support and style, giving you the comfort you need and a good shaped bra can take up to 7lbs off a person’s appearance.

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Cette hosiery

“How many times does it have to be said your underwear is part of your closet and you wouldn’t go out in holey tops and dull grey overstretched jeans? No. Well, get this to make your life easier. I have found a new store that will do all the hard work for you that will get you into tip top underwear shape for every occasion. Belle Femme in County Kilkenny is a gorgeous new lingerie boutique which is like the Dita Von Teese of Ireland.” - Lisa Cannon, XPOSÉ

Belle Femme Lingerie, Kieran Street, Kilkenny (beside Lorimat Jewellers) T: 056 7756836 E:

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Does Positive thinking work? by Anne Renehan If you find yourself caught in a negative conversation and there is nothing you can do to change the mood of the conversation then you must excuse yourself. To develop a positive attitude change, you must surround yourself with positive people, the more you do so the easier your life will become. Making an attitude change from one that always looks for the bad in every situation or refuses to try and find the positives in life to an upbeat, optimistic, cheerful person is one action that you have total control over and it can truly change your life completely. Always remember if you do not feel the joy of life in every day then it’s time for you to make a positive attitude change!

Does Positive Thinking really work? This question has been asked by many and my answer is always a resounding “YES!”

The most successful people will tell you that they have achieved their level of success because they make positive thinking a part of their life. A person who faces life with a positive attitude will attain greater success and personal achievement than one who fails to take control of his or her’s own thoughts. The use of positive thinking will drive you to become a highly motivated person. Personal development is something that we all have to work at, not just for a day here and there but forever. Improving the person you are on the inside improves the person you are on the outside. When you strengthen your personal development in the areas of self-esteem and improving your personal drive you will change the course of your life. It is an incredible phenomenon how the use of positive thinking alters your entire existence, it is a wonderful feeling and it is just waiting for you to grab hold of it. My interest in this field came about due to some events that took place in my life that left me wondering if there was something more to life then I was personally experiencing. As a result of my own personal development I did change the course of my life and I have experienced the success I desired, and you can experience the same. Once I embraced the concept of positive thinking and I put it to use in my life I began to attract incredible opportunities and successful people that helped me along the way in my own journey through life. As I stated personal development never ends as it is not a destination it is a journey, 16

and we must always strive to improve every area of our life. The first place you should start is with your attitude and nothing is stronger than positive thinking to jump start a positive attitude. Your attitude is everything. It determines how other people perceive you in this world and it portrays how you perceive the world. If you decide to have a cheerful, outgoing attitude people will be drawn to you. However, if you decide to be miserable and keep to yourself you will only feel worse about your life and your situations. I learned that I could choose and change my attitude regardless of the circumstances around me. If I choose to have a lousy attitude I was destined to have a lousy day and the same goes for having a good day. It is all up to you! Remember that you do have control at all times, if things are not going so well,do not allow that to affect your attitude and bring down your entire day. Always remember that even if things are not going that great it is only for that moment. As time passes your troubles become more distant and you can always improve upon your current situation. Nothing is permanent! Sometimes all you really need is to become aware of exactly what it is that is causing you to have a bad attitude. Once you can identify the problem you have won half the battle. Choose Your Friends Wisely! You must keep a positive attitude all the time but if you are hanging around negative people it’s almost impossible to stay positive.

By taking a positive attitude you look at life in a different way to one of negativity, a positive attitude leads to seeing good in people and the world which leads to optimism and success. Your quality of life is based on how you think and feel from moment to moment and changing the way you think can drastically change how you see life and deal with life. The person who goes through life optimistically with a positive attitude is better able to deal with life and the problems which it sometimes throws at us. Positive thinking allows you to bounce back and recover from problems or set-backs in life. The optimistic person will see the problem for what it is, nothing but a temporary set-back which they can overcome. When you look at life in this optimistic way you have the ability to take full control over your thoughts and feelings and turn a negative situation into a more positive one. Since thoughts can either be positive or negative your mind can only hold one thought at a time so you must choose to make it a positive thought. Accept the fact that bad things will happen but allow them to be just fleeting moments. Don’t make more out of a bad situation then it really is, accept that something went wrong and just move on. “Milk Can Only Be Spilled Once” clean it up and move on. You are bound to have some weak moments. But the key to successful living is to limit those moments to as few as possible. You should make the choice right now to live a better life, a life filled with the joy you bring about through the use of your mind. Positive thinking is a way of life and you make the decision on which life you will choose. Thoughts become things ..choose the good ones.

D.a Style hair salon Colour cut & blowdry Tue, Wed only Short hair - e45 Long hair - e55

Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Ayrfield Medical Practice Granges Road, Kilkenny Wrinkle Relaxing Injections Dermal Fillers Leg Thread Vein Injection Fat Dissolving Injections PronoKalŽ - medically supervised weight loss Clinicare Medical Micro Needling (as seen on TV3’s Xpose)

Free Consultation Cosmetic Dr Vincent Kent

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‘We the Citizens’ in Kilkenny by Bill Walsh members of the public are invited to attend and give their views on how to “renew the country”.

What is ‘We the Citizens’? On 10 May, 2011, the first meeting of ‘We the Citizens’ was held in Langton’s in Kilkenny. The initiative is chaired by Fiach MacConghail (Head of the Abbey Theatre) and aims to offer the public an input into a series of public discussions into how the country should be run. In this article, I briefly give an overview of what it is and my impressions. I have no involvement in the organising of the event and these are my own opinions based on what I saw. The initiative appears to be taking up two approaches. The first is a series of public meetings around the country where


The second approach is a polling exercise by a leading polling firm based on the feedback from the public meeting. Some of those polled will then be selected and invited to attend a weekend in Dublin in late June where they’ll be given two sides of various arguments and asked to make a choice or recommendation based on that evidence. Those present will be polled again, and the results compiled by the political scientists involved in the project, and a submission will be made to the Government based on the results of that polling. The initiative is being supported by Chuck Feeney’s Atlantic Philanthropies to the tune of €630,000.

at random. Each table had a facilitator to ensure discussion did not veer off on a tangent and that everyone got a chance to contribute. There was a wide range of the public present, from secondary students to pensioners. The evening was well-run, with plenty of scope to have a say. After 2 hours of the round table discussions, those present were given a chance to comment from the floor on the exercise. Themes that came up in discussions included the need for more accountability in public services, and more power for local government, including more scope to raise local taxes. There was also a desire for Irish citizens to become less passive and more active, and to reform the electoral system so that TDs are more focused on national issues. It was notable the extent to which these items came up in every table. Was it worth it? Hard to say – there have been many talking shops before, and the government has its own proposals for reform. I was encouraged, however, by the positive tone of the contributions and the fact that the organisers did not seek to promote an agenda. A number of the organisers are academics: political scientists mainly, which is fair enough. Several of the board have been involved in pro-Lisbon Treaty campaigns but there was hardly any reference to European matters when I was there so maybe that has no bearing.


Langton’s in Kilkenny was the first of the seven venues for the consultations. The format was a series of round tables, about 12 participants at each, randomly assigned. Guidelines for discussion were issued and after a while we moved tables, again

It is certainly well-funded: as well as a free supper for everyone who turned up, there was comedy afterwards from Gary Cooke of Après Match and comedian John Colleary to what remained of the attendance. Interestingly, MacConghail has since been nominated to the Senate by the Taoiseach. Follow Bill on Twitter at:

Its hard to pick your favourite Daisys!

Exclusive stockists of

Daisy Motif Collection Prices starting from â‚Ź34

Kieran Street, Kilkenny. Tel: 056 7751455 Email: Web:


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Opening Hours: Mon CLOSED Tuesday 9am to 5.30pm Wednesday 9am to 5.30pm Thursday 9am to 5.30 pm Friday 9am to 7.30 pm Saturday 9am to 5 pm Sunday CLOSED


maximo debs and occasional wear


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Are you getting your sleep? - Ideas for early risers by Butterslip a reasonable waking hour. The Gro-clock uses simple images of the stars and sun to clearly show the difference between night and day. During the night the little stars go out one-by-one, showing the passing of time. At the right (pre-programmed time!) the sun appears and children know its time to get up! The clock can also be set for naps. Giving kids an understandable and fun visual tool is a great way for parents reinforce the sleepy time message. Finally heres a few sleep time tips from Andrea Grace, the child sleep expert at Gro.

1. Timing

Leave a reasonable length of time before your baby has woken from his last day-time nap before his bed time. Over napping or sleeping late in the afternoon can lead to sleep problems.

2. Routines

A familiar series of steps leading up to bedtime will help to make your baby feel sleepy and safe. A gentle bath-time, book reading or singing will all help.

3. Discourage a milk/sleep association

These bright mornings and long evenings are fabulous, but can play havoc with kiddies sleeping patterns and cause hell for parents! Like little birdies, kids will wake up with the dawn and are still active well into the evening – its bright, we’re up! Not so much fun for sleep deprived parents... Help comes in the form of two great products from the award winning Gro Company. Best know for their brilliant baby sleep bags, Gro also supply an innovative range of accessories to aid and encourage the best nights sleep for everyone.

Gro Anywhere Blind

The gro black out blind is a simple and ingenious solution to those who like to rise with the sun. Made from high quality black out material with pre-attached suckers, the blind can be set up in minutes creating darkness wherever it goes! The suckers stick directly to the window and the material can be adjusted to fit windows to a maximum size of 135cm x 200cm. The blind comes with a handy travel bag, ready for lifes little adventures – whether thats the longer daylight hours, a time change, strange room on holidays or just an annoying street light! The blackout blind costs €34.95 to save your sanity!

Gro Clock

From about the age of 2+ you can start to teach your child the correct time for getting up. However, as they are too small to read a clock and confused by the sun, it can be difficult to communicate 22

If your baby learns to only settle while drinking milk, you may end up giving frequent, unnecessary feeds each time your baby stirs during a period of lighter sleep.

4. Love the cot!

Always place your baby into his cot while he’s awake or it can be a real shock waking up in a strange environment and not in your arms.

5. Remember the sleep cycles

It is normal for babies to wake several times in the night, so its better that your baby learns to resettle themselves. This is why grobags are so popular, because the children remain warm and cosy during these awake and asleep phases during the night. Butterslip 31 Rose Inn Street, Kilkenny. Phone: 056 7702502

A stunning selection of bridal accessories, pretty presents and unique ideas.

Special Offer for July Every Wed & Thur for the month of July pedicures all half price. For the prettiest wedding ideas pop into Butterslip!

Butterslip 31 Rose Inn Street, Kilkenny, Ireland t: + 353 (0)56 770 2502 e: find us on facebook


Lawn Care and Maintenance by Peter Turner Lawns are wrongly regarded as a low maintenance part of the garden – they can be low maintenance, but not if you want them to look good. What follows is a range of tips and advice on how to maintain your lawn in tip top condition.

Mow regularly

Many problems can occur due to the grass being left too long between cuts and then being cut too short. If at all possible cut grass as soon as it is about half an inch (12 mm) longer than the length you are aiming for. For a general purpose lawn it is best to keep it to a length of about 1¼ in (35 mm) during Spring and Autumn and reduced to approx 1 in (25 mm) in Summer. A fine quality lawn whose main purpose in life is to be admired rather than walked on can be trimmed to ¾ in (20 mm) in Spring and Autumn and as short as ½ in (15 mm) in Summer.

to rake the lawn to get rid of the dead moss and any other dead matter. Moss in lawns is an indication of a problem probably poor drainage – see aeration above - or poor soil condition which can be, to some degree, rectified by regular feeding.

Should cuttings be collected?

Cuttings are a pain especially if the grass is regularly walked on as they are easily trailed in to the house – and they look unsightly. However leaving cuttings on the lawn is a great way to return some of the nutrients to the lawn as they break down and compensate for the continuous removal of soil nutrients. Many mowers now mulch the cuttings specifically for this purpose and it will benefit the lawn greatly if you can leave the cuttings on there for at least part of the year.

The easiest rule to follow is the 1/3 rule, never cut more than 1/3 of the total length of the grass at any one time. Grass is 85% moisture and will decompose quickly leaving little trace. Mulching is where the grass is chopped very finely by the lawn mower and blown back down into the grass leaving little trace, its very good for your lawn and can reduce cutting times by as much as 50%. It also acts as a natural fertilizer and ensures no need for grass disposal. Mulching will not cause moss, cutting your grass too short will cause moss. Mulching can easily be used in Ireland all year round and is far better for your lawn, it helps to suppress the growth of weeds, however during the dryer summer months it will spread the seeds of wild flowers.


Lawns can be fed as soon as they start actively growing in early Spring i.e. late March to April to maintain vigour and to ensure grasses leave no room for weeds and moss. Use a Spring/Summer lawn food. If you are removing the clippings from your lawn then it is particularly important to feed throughout the growing season every six to eight weeks. Autumn feed must be with a specific Autumn lawn food that is high in phosphates and potash and low in nitrogen to encourage strong root growth rather than leaf growth.

Moss control

Use a proprietary moss killer to get rid of moss – it is inevitable that the lawn will look worse before it looks better as the moss dies and turns brown. Once the moss has died you will need


Lawn Renovation

If you have inherited a lawn in very poor condition with large worn areas, infestation of perennial weeds, and largely the coarser longstemmed wiry grasses then perhaps the answer is to remove the top, cultivate the soil, prepare a new seed bed (or base for turf) and start afresh. There are though few areas of grass that cannot be renovated into a lush green area, be it for playing on, relaxing on, or as a background to the plants in your borders. Of course if you have your heart set on a very lush green sward consisting solely of the finest blades you not only need to start from scratch but you are looking forward to a rigorous maintenance programme as described above. For most of us a general purpose lawn with an attractive carpet of grass that acts as a perfect foil for flowering plants as well as somewhere to relax and play is what we are after. This type of lawn can even be created from almost any starting point so whatever grass you

have inherited could be turned into a reasonably attractive lawn with a little effort - and by that I mean much less effort than creating an entirely new lawn from scratch! Creating a lawn from a patch of rough grass The first step to renovating a patch of rough grass into a lawn starts with mowing. Assuming the surface of the lawn is also rough, this is best done with a rotary type of mower that will also cope with couch grass. Do not try to cut the grass short in a single cut but instead try not to reduce the height of the grass by more than a third of its height at one cut. Long grass is usually best cut without a collecting box but do remember to rake up the mown grass. Once you are able to cut the grass shorter you may discover bumps and hollows indicated by patches of scalped lawn and longer grass. The worst of these can be dealt with by cutting with a spade or half-moon edging iron across the centre of the peak or hollow. Cut either side of the bump or hollow at right angles to this centre cut and to both side of the first cut so you can slide the spade under the turf in order to roll it back like a piece of carpet on either side of the bump or depression. Now you can either remove soil or add soil as required to level the area before gently tamping the turf back into place. Larger depressions can be treated by vigorously raking before sprinkling a sifted layer of soil or soil/compost to fill the depression before sowing seed. Once you are able regularly to mow the grass reasonably closely you will also find that many of the weeds disappear. The very best way to get rid of troublesome perennial weeds is with a weeding tool made for the purpose that you slide under the roots of e.g. buttercups or dandelions so you can prise them out; the small gap will soon disappear. If you insist on a lawn without anything other than grass growing in it then you may need to use a selective weed and/or moss treatment but remember moss is usually a sign of other problems and it is best to deal with the causes of moss first – see above.

Dealing with weeds

An area of rough grass can rapidly become a pleasing lawn and the time and effort required after the initial effort depends largely on whether you can tolerate clover, daisies and buttercups in your lawn. Although buttercups are attractive they are so invasive it is best to get rid of them. The regular application of a good weed and feed mixture is by far the best way to get rid of daisies, buttercups and clover. It is entirely possible to have a modestly acceptable lawn by doing no more than mowing regularly, collecting the grass, and feeding in spring and autumn. However such a lawn is likely to slowly deteriorate and all areas of grass benefit from additional maintenance as described above.

KA G l

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KINDNESS - (in a roundabout sort of a way) by Paula Leyden - Anyone who has visited Zambia would report that they were generously welcomed, that they were met with smiles and kindness and that there is hope and a strength of community to be found in the country. In that way, it is very little different to Ireland. Wherever human beings live, daily life brings its own challenges. We all grieve, struggle, fight, laugh and love our way through life. We all have our own lives to live and our loved ones to protect. And sometimes we take the time to look outside of our own lives into the lives of others.

In a recent conversation with Mr. Colm Keher, the Principal of Loreto Secondary School, I learned that he had spent a short time in Zambia teaching in a school there, and he spoke of the impact that the experience had had on him. I have since learned that a number of both Primary and Secondary school teachers in Kilkenny and elsewhere have been on similar working trips to Zambia and that these have had a similar impact upon them. It got me to wondering why – but not for too long as the reasons seem obvious. Zambia is an incredibly poor and incredibly beautiful country. The average life of a Zambian is a hard and short one; life expectancy is low at 38 years, over a million of its children are AIDS orphans and there are households in Zambia headed up by eleven year olds. For such children there is little chance of an education. The average teacher to pupil ratio is 1:60 and over twenty percent of children in school are AIDS orphans. Facilities in many of the schools are poor, textbooks are in short supply and a lot of the pupils in rural areas walk an average of twelve miles a day to school – six miles there and six miles back. But, (and it is a big BUT) anyone who has been privileged enough to spend any time teaching in schools in Zambia reports an enormous willingness to learn, a hunger for education, a determination to succeed. Medical doctors, who started their education under a tree, have emerged from this system; children who overcame enormous odds are today University Professors teaching all over the world; teachers themselves were born into this system. A family that sends a child to University is a proud family. You would be hard placed to find student drop outs in Zambia. If they did drop out it would be because money was short, someone needed to earn an income in the family or siblings needed looking after. The notion of dropping out of college as a result of boredom or laziness would meet with serious disapproval. A place in the university is precious and would be looked after. 26

One of the things I have found, since coming to live in Ireland, is that this is a country unafraid to look outside. People here give generously to those less fortunate than themselves and are alert to crises and sadness wherever they occur. You only have to think of the Niall Mellon Trust, the Chernobyl Children’s project, GOAL, Focus Ireland – too many to mention – to know that this is a society that cares about the world. I feel lucky to have made this country my home. This brings me, in a roundabout way, to what I actually planned to write about today, before I went (slightly) off track. Kindness. Kindness is a quality that softens our world, and it needs softening. If we are kind, to our fellow humans as well as to other creatures we share this world with, we enrich ourselves and those touched by it. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that in the midst of just trying to get through our daily lives. I have just reminded myself.


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) of 30 students, one to three children will have the condition. One fourth of these children have serious learning disabilities. And emotional development in children with ADHD, is 30 per cent slower than their peers, this means that a child at ten will possess the emotional development of a seven year old.

Albert Einstein had it, Winston Churchill had it, both Christopher Columbas and Leonardo da Vinci had it. Elvis Presley had it, John F. Kennedy had it, as did his brother Robert. And Will Smith, Hollywood’s A Lister, still has it. So what is it? What could these legends all have in common? The answer is in what made them great. That is ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a double edged sword, and a condition that seriously effects concentration. Having enormous energy, while at the same time, dealing with society’s narrow minded view on their behaviour, which these amazing minds would have experienced, copious amounts of, as children. Because of this, these people, who are unexplainably but not solely- male, would have put themselves down a lot, as children. The most common misconception, is that a child’s diet is often to blame and that Coke and e numbers are often the root cause of such hyperactivity, but wether they take this or not, it won’t make any difference to their impulsiveness. Parents too, are often blamed for bringing up unruly kids, and while this may exist for a certain percentage of children, it undoubtedly isn’t the case for the 60 per cent of young offenders who end up behind bars in the Republic of Ireland, with the condition. In the last 40 years resources are more readily available than once was the case. Little did Beethoven, Motzart and Socrates know that being a little different or not fitting into the norm, can work to your advantage. A recent survey by the National Attention Deficit Disorder, information and support service, found the exclusion rate for children with ADHD was ten times higher than those without. Other statistics show that over two thirds of detainees in Irish prisons have the condition and in a classroom 28

Today, many of these children are medicated. Wether this is for the better or not, has still to be proven by medical science. Recent hype has risen from new guidelines issued by the National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) who aim to combat excessive use of the drug methylphenidate. Better known by its trade names Ritalin, Conerta and Equasym, prescribed to children and adults with the condition. These children are perceived to be bold, unruly and never sit still. They have busy brains in an overactive body and like we learned in the intro, suffer from poor concentration levels. According to the leading mental health charity Mind, these stimulant drugs are closely related to amphetamines and work in the same way as Cocaine. However, they do correct the chemical imbalance with-in the child’s brain, yet no medical expert can explain why. Experts say if left untreated ADHD can severely impact on the emotional development of a child with the condition. Yet, there is a great risk of physiological dependance to the ‘schedule II’ controlled methylphenidate drugs which are in the same category as barbiturates and methadone, according to the Mental Health Charity. Common side effects of the medication are nervousness, insomnia and weight loss, but the drugs can also cause an increase in heart rate, nausea, dizziness, facial tics, psychosis, hair loss, heart pain and headaches. Figures obtained from the department of health say over €1 million alone was spent on prescribing the drug in 2006. It can also be revealed that in Ireland, no statistics are recorded for the precise number of these children, so the problem cannot be identified as a growing one. A mother of one such child living in the local area spoke about the effect of legislation. She said: “Urgent questions must be asked and parents who are giving their children this medication need to be aware of how effective alternative therapies such as herbal stimulants using Gingo Biloba, Rooibos and Gotu Cola are in helping with the disorder. “Wider availability of ADHD parenting classes would help parents use more positive forms of discipline as traditional methods prove ineffective. Somewhere they can learn how to channel their energy appropriately. The families and care workers of these children need more support which isn’t there and society continues to misunderstand them believing they are just more likely to follow a life of crime.” The only support clubs available for these children in the area are for the more profound physically and mentally disabled, adding to their feeling of isolation and not fitting in with society. Literary greats such as George Bernard Shaw and Yeats were able to channel their energies and take their place among the most gifted mortals of our time. Maybe its time society asked: “Is medication easier for the child with ADHD or the adults around them?” And if just one child can benefit from a change in society’s attidude, then this story has been worthwhile.

SouthEast Fertility Services SouthEast Fertility Services is a patient centred fertility clinic located on Dean Street at 1 Priory House. Our clinic offers every individualised care to each of our clients and helps many couples in their quest to achieve a pregnancy, where difficulties had been encountered previously. The clinic facility is stand alone and only serves those couples who are accessing fertility services, so it is a very private and dignified setting in which your treatment can be offered confidentially. We welcome collaboration with our colleagues in holistic therapies treating infertility such as Acupuncture and Reflexology and Complimentary Medicine practitioners. We believe in an integrated pathway of allencompassing therapy to treat the complications that manifest themselves as infertility. Call our clinic team to make further

enquiries: (056) 779 5302 or fax: (056) 779 5303. Speak to our team in confidence where you will receive simple and effective information on how to access services. Our team includes two Specialist Consultant Gynaecologists appointed by the HSE to care for the women of the Carlow/ Kilkenny region, Dr. Ray

O’ Sullivan and Dr. Trevor Hayes. They offer their fertility treatment services through the close collaboration of SouthEast Fertility Services and Kilkenny Women’s Health Group. Their expert sonographer Ms. Jo Scobie has many years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology ultrasonography, and she utilises her skills in tracking follicle growth on the

ovaries of our clients to ensure the expedited likelihood of each couple we care for becoming pregnant. Our practice manager Jean is highly efficient and ensures confidentiality. Her aim is to ensure that our clients’ satisfaction with the way our services are provided, will exceed expectations. Our fertility scientist has over 18 years experience in this field and has a distinguished career in Ireland. Declan Keane is a well-known and well-respected senior clinical embryologist and provides a depth of knowledge ensuring the SouthEast Fertility Services achieve high success rates for the people of Kilkenny, Carlow and surrounding areas. Our services include: First line fertility diagnostics for both men and women, Ultrasound follicle tracking which can be combined with minor ovarian stimulation drug therapy and ovulation induction combined with Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) where necessary.

SouthEast Fertility Services 1 Priory House, Dean Street, Kilkenny. Tel: (056) 779 5302 29

MYKIDSTIME Annette at Mykidstime Kilkenny has provided us with some useful ideas about how to amuse, entertain and stimulate your kids of all ages over the next month. There is plenty of fun to be had for all in July with Free activities, Festivals & Events and Summer Camps! Easy Family Walks

Go for a walk on the wild side by walking along the Nore, hiking up the hills, strolling through the Parks and Gardens. There are numerous routes to choose from. Jump on the Trail Kilkenny bus to Bennettsbridge at Padmore & Barnes, Wolfe Tone Street on a Saturday morning and walk back along the Nore. Kilkenny Castle Park has extensive parkland, woodland walks & a superb children’s playground and is open until 8.30pm during the summer. Mountain Grove, Piltown is a marked walk along trails through pretty woodlands and is more suitable for older children. The millennium forest, Coill an Fhaltaigh, is signposted off the Callan Road from Kilkenny and is suitable for all the family. You can find where your family’s Millennium tree is planted!

Take a stroll around some of the county towns and discover little gems like Thomastown, Inistioge and Graiguenamanagh. Have a picnic at Jenkinstown Wood, Castlecomer Discovery Park or Woodstock, Inistioge. You can buy picnic lunches at the Jarrow Café at the Discovery Park. Take a canoe or kayaking trip in Kilkenny city or Graiguenamanagh. It wouldn’t be summer in Kilkenny without watching a hurling match. You can also see The Kilkenny Senior hurling team train at Nowlan Park on various weekday evenings. Buy a hurl and sliotar and have a poc around in any open space.

Summer Camps

We have some fantastic Summer Camps in Kilkenny to occupy the kids during the holidays: for details of all of these, visit http:// Learn it – Providers of Lego Education Lego Camp is here in the city for the first time in early August. Young Irish Film Makers Summer Camps - budding film makers can join them at their summer camp with a difference, where you can take part in making your very own movie. Let’s Go Summer Camps are based in O’Loughlin Gaels GAA Club from 11th-22nd July.

Explore the Slips – the narrow walkways that connect High Street with surrounding streets. There are lots of hidden treasures to be discovered!

Dancewise Studios Summer Camps cater for 7-18 yr olds. Dancing, Singing, Drama, Choreography Workshops and Performance Skills to music and more from the Charts and top Broadway musicals and the U.S. hit television series Glee!

Trains & Tours

Brian Doyle Tennis Summer Camps at Kilkenny College, Kilkenny Lawn Tennis Club and Coláiste Mhuire, Johnstown.

Why not take a spin on the New Kilkenny City Road Train, which departs adjacent the Design Centre, The Parade, Kilkenny. It’s a great way to sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of this bustling City. Find out more about Medieval Kilkenny City by taking a Tynan Walking Tour, or why not hire bikes or even take a Kilkenny Cycling Tour? Tours can be tailored to suit all ages.

Fun Outings

Venture out to the fascinating limestone Dunmore Caves. The OPW Family Heritage Card offers great value for families visiting various sites and can be bought at this or any one of the other Heritage sites in the county. It guarantees free admission to all their fee-paying sites nationwide. Spend a day at Nore Valley Park’s Open Farm near Bennettsbridge. The kids will love feeding the animals. There are lots of other activities available on site too. Mykidstime has a special offer as well for families, so be sure to check that out before you visit. Visit some of the county’s historic and heritage sites. There are many to choose from, including The Black Abbey, Kells Priory, Jerpoint Park, St Canice’s Cathedral and Rothe House & Gardens. 30

Summer Festivals & Events – dates for your diary • 1st July Kilkenny Youth Fest, The Watershed for 12-18 year olds • 2nd July “Lá Súgradh” Play Day in Kilkenny Castle Park • 9th July The Nore Swim, Kilkenny • 14th July A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Ballykeefe Amphitheatre • 30th July The Orchard Festival in aid of The Jack & Jill Foundation, The Orchard House Sign up for our free monthly Kilkenny Newsletter for parents at and visit us on Facebook at www.


New Naoinraí (Preschool throughPARADISE Irish) opening TINY TOTS CRECHE September 2011 - Very limited places available TINY TOTS CRECHE Book nowPARADISE to avoid disappointment & HOMEWORK CLUB & HOMEWORK CLUB


Free Child Care with CETS/FAS & VETAC Training Programme

Free Child Care with CETS/FAS & VETAC Training Programme

New Naoinraí Naíonra (Preschool (Preschool through through Irish) Irish) opening opening New September 2011 Very limited places available September 2011 - Very limited places available Book now now to to avoid avoid disappointment disappointment Book

New Naoinraí (Preschool through Irish) opening CHILDCARE September 2011 - Very limited places available TINY TOTS PARADISE CRECHE • Fully Qualified Book nowStaff to avoid disappointment & HOMEWORK CLUB


• Planned Daily Programmes CHILDCARE • Healthy Nutritious Food • •Work Chill out Staff Zones Fully&Qualified • Outdoor Area • Planned DailyPlay Programmes

New Naoinraí (Preschool through Irish) opening September 2011 - Very limited places available Book now to avoid disappointment

• Healthy Nutritious Food Babies, Wobblers, Toddlers, Playschool, Montessori, Homework Club • Work Zones Tiny Tots caters&forChill childrenout from 3mths - 12yrs Parcnagowan, Kilkenny Tel:Area 056 77 15600 • Outdoor Play • EMAIL: TINYTOTSPARADISE@LIVE.IE


Free Child Care with CETS/FAS & VETAC Training Programme


Babies, Wobblers, Toddlers, Playschool, Montessori, Homework Club Tiny Tots caters for children from 3mths - 12yrs

• Fully Qualified Staff • Planned Daily Programmes • Healthy Nutritious Food • Work & Chill out Zones

• Fully Qualified Staff

Parcnagowan, Kilkenny Tel: 056 77 15600 • EMAIL: TINYTOTSPARADISE@LIVE.IE



Recently Edward Dillon & Co Ltd hosted a tasting of wines which they supply to hotels and restaurants throughout the country. It was held in Campagne restaurant in Kilkenny where awardwinning chef Garrett Byrne had prepared a selection of mouthwatering canapÊs specially selected to accompany the superb wines. As the pictures show it was as much as visual feast as it was an epicurean one. Among the combinations tasted were: Dona Paula Sauvignon Blanc 2010 with Crab and Avocado- sheer bliss. Penfolds Autumn Riesling 2008 with Gravad Lax – sublime. Delicious! For the last wine- Carmen Reserva accompanied by Wood Pigeon with Beetroot!!!


Dalgan House, Kieran Street, Kilkenny City Tel: 056 7794699 Email:

30% OFF all Summer Clothing 10% OFF all Levis

e10 Rail Available


SUPERB FOOD WITH TRISH FINEGAN OF CREATIVE CATERING The sun is not shining as I write! But in good olde Irish fashion we live in hope that July will be sunnier and so in the hope that the sun will shine I have a number of BBQ recipes for you. The stable diet of Aussie’s, Canadians, Americans, New Zealanders, anywhere the sun shines longterm. Here, however, BBQ usually means cooking under the gazebo because of the rain with the smoke bouncing off the roof and covering the intrepid BBQ’er so he cannot be seen. Another brave soul running back and forth with plates of steaming burgers covered with tin foil to keep the rain off them to a houseful of rowdy children and hungry adults BUT we ARE having a BBQ because IT IS summer.

more difficult. Fish can be cooked on a BBQ but needs to be kept on eye on so that it does stick to the BBQ or get over cooked. The best way to cook it in an envelope of tin foil. Here’s a recipe for Salmon:

CHICKEN MARINADE: 250ml Olive Oil 1 clove of Garlic, crushed 125ml White Wine Vinegar OR Cider Vinegar 1 dessert spoonful of Honey Juice of 1 lime Salt & Pepper Mix all ingredients in a bowl and place the chicken in on top. Stir so that all the chicken is covered. Cover with cling and put in the fridge for 20 minutes. Do not marinate chicken for longer than ½ an hour as it will begin to break down the fibres of the meat and it will become mushy. BEEF MARINADE: 250ml of a good Vegetable Oil 125ml of Balsamic Vinegar 50ml of Soy Sauce 2 cloves of garlic crushed 1 dessert spoon of Tomato Sauce Cracked Black Pepper and Salt

Meat is the main ingredient in a BBQ and lots of it accompanied by salads, potatoes and bread. If you are having a large party to your house for a BBQ I would suggest cooking chicken, burgers and sausages before hand and tossing them on the BBQ to finish and give that smoky taste. If you wish to cook chicken directly on the BBQ, to avoid it being black on the outside and raw in the middle, cut it in two length ways so that it is thin, marinated it for 20 minutes or so, seal it on the hot flame and put to one side to cook through slowly. Steaks are good marinated as well, adding an extra flavour to the meat. 34

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Place the steaks on a baking tray and spoon the marinade over them. Turn steaks and repeat. Leave in the fridge covered for at least an hour so that the flavours infuse the steaks. This marinade is also good with pork ribs. Ribs are best cooked slowly in the oven and finished on the BBQ. Cooking for meat eaters is very easy at a BBQ, catering for non meat eaters is a bit

2 tablespoons prepared horseradish 1 medium onion, chopped 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon chopped fresh dill 1 clove garlic, chopped 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Olive oil for spreading a thin film on the foil 6 salmon fillets (about 5 ounces each)

In a blender blend all ingredients bar the salmon and oil for the foil. Place each piece of Salmon in the centre of the tin foil which is spread with olive oil. Place a dessertspoon of the horseradish blend on top of the salmon. Bring up the edges of the foil and seal leaving a small gap for the release of steam. Place on the BBQ and grill for 6/10 minutes depending on the thickness of the salmon. Test before service to make sure it is cooked through. Skewers of Prawns and Peppers are lovely BBQ’d. Skewers of vegetables good on BBQ are courgettes, aubergines, peppers, onions, baby corn, asparagus and they taste great just seasoned with cracked pepper and sea salt and BBQ’d on the cool side of the Barbee. An Irish BBQ would not be complete without the spud. Baked are great as they don’t take up room on the BBQ. Baby Potatoes, boiled, tossed in a small amount of olive oil and crisped up on the BBQ are delicious. To finish a BBQ in July bowls of fresh strawberries with fresh cream and shortbread biscuits. Yummie!

Events Guide

MONSTERS, MAYHEM, MUSIC, MINING, MCMORROW, MULDOON, MODERN DANCE, & MORGAN KELLY These are just some of the highlights of Kilkenny Arts Festival 2011. Running from 5th to 14th August, this year’s festival promises its usual eclectic, entertaining and energetic presentation of the very best in contemporary arts. Drama includes Beowulf, presented by Banana, Bag & Bodice, a Will Eno Irish Premiere by Gare St Lazare Players and Córcadórca Literature offers readings from Paul Muldoon, a discussion of Mining Rights in Ireland and readings from TC Boyle and Tobias Wolff. Music, over 3 strands, Wired, Classical and Contemporary presents a variation from James Vincent McMorrow to the Irish Baroque Orchestra with Resurgam through Gemma Hayes, Mongolian Bluegrass, Chinese Flutes , Allesandro Taverna and Agnes Obell. Dance presents Tabernacle by Fearghus Ó Conchúir and The

Irish Modern Dance Theatre. Visual Art presents new work by Nick Miller, Jacco Olivier and Ann Craven The Craft programme presents exciting interactive book binding by Rachel Hazel and local paper artist Polly Minett The Hubert Butler Lecture this year will be delivered by economist, Morgan Kelly. For Children, we have a brand new play by Eoin Colfer. For the full programme, please log on to Street sees the return of the anarchic Ponydance and The Fanzini Brothers. For media enquiries, please contact Melanie O’Connor on 086 401 6053 / oconnormel@ Kilkenny Arts Festival gratefully acknowledges the support of The Arts Council of Ireland, Fáilte Ireland and the Crafts Council of Ireland.

Photo courtesy of Amy Walters.

Jamie Lawson to play intimate gig at Hole in the Wall Jamie Lawson will play an intimate gig at Kilkenny’s oldest new music venue, The Hole In The Wall on Friday 8th July. Jamie Lawson took the country by storm earlier this year with his hit single Wasn’t Expecting That. He has since released an album, titled ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’, played to a sold out Vicar Street and is currently enjoying the Irish Festival Scene. The 1852 tavern has seen a number of leading artists come perform at the upstairs Archer Room since January this year such as Liam O’ Maonlai, Ronan O’ Snodaigh, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Juliet Turner and more. Catch Lawson with support from London band The Skinny Machines on Friday 8th July, tickets priced at €15. Tickets for this event go on sale on Friday 24th June and are available from Rollercoaster Records, Kieran Street, Kilkenny. Limited availability. Doors: 8.30pm.

Friday 8th July - Hole in the Wall Doors: 8.30pm - Tickets €15 Tickets available from Rollercoaster Records, Kieran Street, Kilkenny. Gemma Hayes.


Events Guide

Breaking a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!!! We need you! Come for the craic and the fun of it, and of course to break a world record and raise money for two good causes! Sunday, July 24 at 11:00am. Time: Sunday, July 24 · 11:00am - 11:30pm

Location: Dunnamaggin, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

More Info:

Nore Swim David Hope & The Henchmen David Hope & The Henchmen will play an intimate gig on Saturday July 2nd at the Hole In The Wall. They return to Kilkenny after recently performing at the highly successful Rhythm & Roots festival in May. As a group, David Hope & The Henchmen are new to the music scene, having formed in the summer of 2009. They have since built up a pretty impressive reputation and are quickly creating waves with new fans all over Ireland. Fronted by Co. Clare singersongwriter David Hope, The Henchmen’s dynamic sound

Hole In The Wall Jamie Lawson (solo) Friday 9th July Doors: 8.30pm Adm: €15 ......................... Deetrich Saturday 9th July Doors: 8.30pm Adm: €7 ......................... Ultan Conlon (solo) Saturday 23rd July Doors: 8.30pm Adm: €10


The staff at Kilkenny Active are plunging once more into the icy depths of the River Nore this July in aid of Carlow/Kilkenny Homecarers,Kilkenny Alzheimers Association and S.O.S. Kilkenny.

is steeped in vintage country blues, foot-stompin’ and American mountain folk. Their influences stretch across many musical spectrums including the traditional Irish folk of Planxty, great songwriters like Tom Waits and Steve Earle, right up towards the contemporary Americana sounds of Calexico and Gillian Welch. Catch David Hope & his merry Henchmen at the Hole In The Wall, 17 High Street, Kilkenny Saturday July 2nd. Support from Steve Reilly. Doors: 8.30pm. Adm: €10 (tickets from Rollercoaster Records).

Billy Byrnes (All gigs free) Doors: 9.30pm The Barley Mob Saturday 2nd July ......................... The Oddsocks Revival Saturday 16th July ......................... The Bluebird Quintet Friday July 29th

If you want to sponsor our swim all you have to do is come in to the Kilkenny Active club at Hotel Kilkenny on the Callan Road and donate in the box provided. Also, to anybody tempted to brave the weather and join the swim there will be application forms available at reception along with one FREE trial of our pool to practice your stroke. Thank you for your donations and we wish everybody taking part the best of luck! From the KK Active Team. Time: Saturday, July 9 · 10:00am - 4:00pm Location: The River Nore

Kilkenny Triathlon Venue: Kilkenny Castle Friday 22nd July 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm – Race sign on and registration Saturday 23rd July 6:30am to 8.30am – Race sign on and registration 10.00 am – Event start 2.00 pm – Event Finish 2.30 pm – Cut-off time 3.00 pm – Prize-giving For more information visit:

the day. Wool tackles a wide range of subjects from religious fundamentalism to current world politics and does it in such a way that you hardly notice that that is what you are listening to. Not hardcore political comedy, but maybe all the more effective for being presented in a language the average layman can understand...” Bernard Fletcher The Laughing Stock Comedy Club wants to seek the best comedians, storytellers, satirists along with hysterical opinions. If you are interested in becoming a comedian we would love to hear from you. Please contact PAradise PAddy @ and we will endeavour to give you at least…15 minutes of fame.

The Whisht Courtyard Kyteler’s Saturday 6th August

Saturday 16th July Royseven with support from local heroes The Fundamentals - Doors 9pm Royseven are a predominantly up-tempo and hook-driven with sing-a-long choruses and catchy narratives about clubbing, sleeping with strangers, television evangelists and horror movies. The sonic backdrop of their current album “You Say, We Say” is made up of driving guitars, synth riffs and signature percussion patterns with an equal measure of rock and pop sensibilities throughout. “We Should Be Lovers” is the most played song on Irish, German and Austrian radio this summer. Catch them in the intimate setting of Kyteler’s straight after their stadium headliner at Oxygen.

Monday 18th July Glenn Woll Tickets €15 - Door 8.30pm The Laiughing Stock Comedy Club Presents all the way for Vancouver Canada Glenn Wool. Glenn Woll began his comedy career in his

The Whisht are between New Orleans and Memphis i.e. Tullamore. Influenced by Ray Charles, Robert Johnson and Johnny Cash these “Bog Boys of Blues” have been exciting folk around the country to tremendous adulation. hometown of Vancouver in 1995. He moved to London in 1998 and quickly became an established star of the London comedy circuit. He is currently writing and starring in the second series of Comedy Cuts for ITV and he will be making a return appearance on Political Animal. Along with these performances, Glenn has also appeared in 28 Acts in 28 Minutes for BBC Radio 4. ... a cleverly subversive comedian, because behind his shaggy hangdog looks and his apparently homespun humour lies a sharp intelligence which is slowly and quietly hitting the mark on several of the important issues of

Lead singer Richie Mooney could be Tom Waits in disguise. With a crowd pleasing set of Rock and Blues classics The Whisht won the hearts of everyone at the recent Rhythm & Roots festival. They are due to release their debut Original EP later this year and have plans to tour the states early in 2012. www.myspace/ richiemooneyandthewhisht

Special ticket offer Buy Royseven and Glenn Wool tickets for €25 or €15 each. Limited Tickets available from bar. 37

KILKENNY ORDER OF MALTA by Seán Regan – Public Relations Officer Order of Malta Kilkenny Ms Kelly said: “They have all been brilliant over the last few months in training; we are so proud of them all.” Speaking after the event, Officer in Charge Liuet Heather Woods thanked all of the leaders for all their hard work over the past year with the cadets and the senior unit. Ms Woods also thanked all of the senior members who attended the Cadet ceremony and helped out on the night. She also extended her thanks to Lloyd Mcgree who came along as the regional liaison officer from Dublin to show his appreciation to the unit, the cadets and to say a few words about the ambulance corps.

Photo: Tom Mooney

Kilkenny Order of Malta enrolled 14 new cadets aged between 10 and 16-years-old into the unit at a ceremony held recently. The cadets received their enrolment certificates along with their unit flashes at the event, which was attended by 40 people including the cadets’ families and members of the senior unit. Cadet leaders Gillian Kelly, Sean Regan, Andrea Stapleton, PJ Mc Grath and Keith O’ Toole paid tribute to all of the Cadets for their hard work over the last few months.

The Kilkenny Order of Malta Cadet unit is a mixture of both boys and girls from primary and secondary schools in the local area. The Cadets meet every week and train in first aid as well as educational activities and they will also take part in events and competitions on a regional and national level later in the year. The unit will celebrate approx 60 years of service in Kilkenny next year and as a self-funded voluntary organisation, donations and sponsorships are vital to keeping the unit running.

Anybody in a position to donate to the unit or a company wishing to offer sponsorship for much needed ambulance equipment are asked kindly to contact Seán Regan on (083) 1120707 for more information. Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated.

Chernobyl Children’s International - Kilkenny Outreach Group Mary Slattery Memorial Charity Cycle photos by Ross Costigan

Thank you to everyone who took part. 38

Orchard House 39

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Kilkenny Now Magazine - Issue 7 - July 2011