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Foreword from the KILIFAIR organizers


Foreword from the Minister of Tourism, Tanzania


Foreword from Tanzania Tourist Board


Foreword from TATO


Karibu Tanzania


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Kilimanjaro - Height of Magnificence

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Zanzibar - Land of Paradise

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Malawi - The Warm Heart of Africa

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Foreword from the KILIFAIR organizers Welcome to KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 in Arusha and to “TANZANIA Unforgettable”. The united tourism fairs of Tanzania, KARIBU FAIR (TATO) and KILIFAIR (Kilifair Promotion Co. Ltd) are finally held in Arusha, in a never expected size of almost 30,000 sqm exhibition area. We have perfectly chosen Friedkin Recreation Center (TGT), which gives us the perfect conditions to organize the event by international fair standards. With more than 445 exhibitors from 13 different countries, almost 500 registered travel agents from 45 countries, as well as approximate 5000+ travel interested visitors, KARIBUKILIFAIR has become undisputed the largest and most important tourism trade fair in East- and Central Africa. Under the 2019 motto “Where business meets wildlife”, we are providing once again an excellent marketing platform for the Arusha & Kilimanjaro Region, for Tanzania and beyond, to establish new business relations and to improve existing contacts. Tanzania is one of the few countries in the world where MICE can benefit from the attractive wildlife. The Tanzanian government has put first priority on building up the tourism sector and has rebranded the face of Tanzania to “TANZANIA Unforgettable”. New attractions, new National Parks and attractive investor benefits have been created during the last year. Last but not least, the government has recognized KARIBU-KILIFAIR as one of the most important marketing platforms for the country. Our special THANK YOU goes to Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla – Minister of Tourism, Prof. Adolf Mkenda - PS of Ministry of National Resources of Tourism & his team, Mrs. Devota Mdachi - Director of Tanzania Tourist Board, TANAPA, TATO team and all the Arusha authorities who have supported us maximum to make the event happen in best manner. Arusha, the original home of the former KARIBU FAIR, is East Africa’s capital city for Safaris, the base for many Mt. Kilimanjaro climbers and features the major domestic departure airport for Flying Safaris & to Zanzibar. Arusha is just 45 km away Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) – thus a great hub for East Africa travels. KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2020 will be held from June 5 - 7 again at TGT grounds Arusha. “Together we build Tanzania Tourism”

Tom Kunkler (Director)

Dominic Shoo (Director)


Foreword from the Minister of Tourism Greetings and a very warm welcome to the KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 event. Tanzania has established itself in the recent years as one of the most sought-after all year around safari destination on the African continent for tourists across the world. This growing popularity can be attributed to a combination of endless sunshine, diverse rich, authentic pristine culture, unique traditions, warm hospitality and to crown above all highest safety and security for the travelers. As you are aware, Tanzania offers some of Africa’s finest game viewing on our well managed parks with their high concentrations of animals, of which Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti’s animal migration and Mt. Kilimanjaro are among the seven natural wonders of Africa. As exhibitors & buyers, you are the heart & soul of the KARIBU-KILIFAIR event and we salute & thank you for your support, commitment and passion. With your collaboration the momentum of success of our tourism sector, our industry is making remarkable progress. We do not take your partnership with us for granted. For us as the ministry of natural resources and tourism, KARIBU-KILIFAIR is a very important and strategic event as it affords us the opportunity to partner with you as we showcase the best of what our country has to offer as a tourism destination. In fact, KARIBU-KILIFAIR is more than an event, it is about business because tourism is regarded as a modern-day engine of growth and is one if the largest industries globally. Tourism is a huge contributor to the economy. It is Tanzania’s best-established leisure travel and tourism trade show. It is a platform that allows our valued exhibitors, to showcase not only their products but also share their stories too. It is a special time where they meet and reconnect with old friends in the industry and it also provides us an opportunity to make new friends. We invite you to experience the wide range of wildlife parks, endless beaches particularly Zanzibar. We thank you for your valuable feedback, and to this end we have implemented some key enhancements to the trade show. We have also made sure that we increase networking relationships and partnerships that will benefit your business.


Hon. Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism


Foreword from the Director of TTB

Dear Valued guests of KARIBU-KILIFAIR, Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) welcomes you to KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019! TTB is proud to be once again one of the Partners of KARIBU-KILIFAIR Tourism Fair, East Africa’s largest international Outdoor Tourism Events. As the show opens its doors this year at the Friedkin Recreation Centre, we look forward to welcoming exhibitors, buyers, media and visitors to Arusha, the Geneva of Africa! KARIBU-KILIFAIR offers 3 days of Business and Social Networking Events, and is a “Must do” event for most Tourism and Travel Trade professionals in the East African region. TTB is confident that KARIBU-KILIFAIR will continue to grow and become one of the most effective tourism networking platforms in the African Region and plays a great role in promoting Tanzania to the world! Come and join us at KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 and let us show you why Tanzania is indeed “unforgettable”!

Devota K. Mdachi (Managing Director, Tanzania Tourist Board)



Foreword from the Chairman of TATO

One Destination, One Exhibition Welcome to our second joint travel and tourism fair bringing together the tastes of KARIBU FAIR and that of KILIFAIR under one exhibition roof, and indeed, under one management team. Unity is power. After struggling individually for the past few years, the organizers of the two fairs have taken into consideration the old Swahili saying “one finger can not kill a louse.” Without hesitating, the organizers have agreed to put their strengths together to form the largest Tourism Trade Fair in East Africa, going by the name KARIBU-KILIFAIR. Thus, by putting their fingers together, this one event ends the monotony and confusing mood inflicted upon our exhibitors when selling their products in two neighboring towns within a spat of one week. From now and henceforth, there will be only one fair held once every year, alternating between the two towns of Moshi and Arusha. As the chairman of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators. I view this historic merger as a blessing that brings renewed spirit in developing this annual event as the ultimate vehicle taking East Africa to a brighter tourism industry. Our goal and wish is simply to make this destination known and it’s operators connected. As I welcome both exhibitors and visitors to this fair, I am therefore pleased to say we shall keep the focus to make KARIBU-KILIFAIR the place to exchange ideas, build alliances, network regionally and internationally, and bring global visibility to the thriving East African tourism industry. I would like to take this opportunity also to welcome international visitors to this fair to spare some time to see the attractions of Tanzania before leaving the country. The secretariat of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators has a booth near the Fair entrance gate and can help with list of members who will assist in recommendations and guidance on how to plan for an interesting post-fair safari or holiday. With great hope, I sincerely welcome you to KARIBU-KILIFAIR2019. Karibuni sana!

Wilbard Chambulo (Chairman, Tanzania Association of Tour Operators) 10


Karibu Tanzania was recently voted the best safari country in Africa by both international visitors and by specialized safari operators. Even more recently, it now boasts the top three ‘Natural Wonders of Africa’. The Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro and the Ngorongoro Crater outvoting the River Nile, the Red Sea Reef, the Sahara Desert and Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Tanzania has also been named as one of the world’s top 5 ‘most stunningly beautiful countries’ by Fox TV News. The country’s 16 national parks, which protect more than 25% of its land, are home to 20% of the African continent’s larger mammals so it is little wonder game viewing experiences are the best in Africa. It is the place to see seemingly endless herds of wildebeest and zebra trekking across the plains on their annual migration –



followed by lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena.In Tanzania visitors can enjoy authentic African wilderness without paved roads and fencing. And a wildlife safari can be enhanced by a wide choice of each holidays or various other activities. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – the ‘Roof of Africa’ and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Deep-sea Fishing, Hotair Ballooning, Scuba Diving, Swimming with Dolphins, visits to the numerous archaeological sites, Whale Watching, and perhaps most valuable of all, participating in one or more of the many Cultural Tourism Programmes to gain an insight into the history and culture of the people. Tanzania’s Swahili Coast, Mafia and, of course, Zanzibar and Pemba share beautiful beaches, hundreds of miles of palm-fringed sands overlooking the Indian Ocean. Its mountains are

massive and mysterious, Its cities relaxed and friendly And travel is easy with many flights to and from neighboring countries and around Tanzania. It was in Tanzania that Stanley uttered those famous words – “Dr Livingstone I presume” – when he tracked down the Scottish missionary and explorer after a long trek into the interior. Indeed Tanzania was a magnet for several Victorian explorers who made epic journeys of discovery in search of the source of the Nile. Today’s visitors are able to explore the country, and see Tanzania’s remarkable seven UNESCO World Heritage sites: • Kilimanjaro National Park • Kilwa Kisiwani Ruins • Kondoa Rock-Art Sites • Ngorongoro Conservation Area • Selous Game Reserve • Serengeti National Park • Stone Town, Zanzibar

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and Cities

Located in the north of Tanzania, in the shadow of Mount Meru, Arusha is the safari capital of the country. Tourists usually overnight here before their safari around the Northern Circuit. Built by the Germans as a centre of colonial administration, Arusha is now one of the country’s most prosperous towns, Arusha is also the centre for the trading of Tanzanite, a rare gemstone only found in Tanzania.


Some 70 km north of Dar es Salaam, on the coast opposite Zanzibar, Bagamoyo was once one of the most important trading ports on the East African coast. The former capital of German East Africa, it is a centre for dhow building. Saadani National Park is 45km to the north and the Kaole ruins 5km to the south.


Dar es Salaam, which means “Haven of Peace” in Swahili, boasts one of the world’s finest natural harbors but, while it has grown to become a prosperous centre of the East African region, it remains a place of fascination with many reminders of its colourful past. Dhows still ply its waters while dug-outs, piled with fish, bob by the harbor side. The city displays the many influences of its history. There is an Asian district with its specialty shops, restaurants and temples, while the German colonisation has left behind a Bavarian-style railway station, the Roman Catholic St. Joseph’s Cathedral and the Lutheran Azania Front Church. The Botanical Gardens and Gymkana Club are evidence of British occupation. Dar es Salaam’s 60,000 seater, multipurpose National Stadium has been built to both FIFA and Olympic standards at a cost of US$56 million.



Nestled at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, Moshi is the coffee producing centre of the country and vast plantations blanket the area. Sugar plantations are also of central importance to the region’s economy but the main reason visitors come to Moshi is to climb Kilimanjaro.


Situated on the southern shores of Lake Victoria, in the north west of the country, Tanzania’s second city is the perfect base from which to visit nearby Rubondo National Park, Saanane Island and the Bujora Sukuma and Nyerere museums. It also offers easy access to the Serengeti being only a 2 ½ hour drive from the Western Grumeti. Other attractions include lake cruises, canoeing safaris and fishing for tilapia or giant nile perch.

Mwanza is also known as Rock City because of the gigantic rock outcrops jutting out of the lake and strewn around the city. The most famous of these are the Bismarck Rocks, named after the German chancellor under whom this originally small town was established as the administration centre of German East Africa

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Northern Circuit

The best of Tanzania’s tourism routes is known as the Northern Circuit. Here there’s the chance to see the ‘big five’ – elephant, leopard, lion, rhino and buffalo – huge herds of wildebeest and zebra on their annual migration. The circuit includes many of the country’s most famous national parks, Arusha, Lake Manyara, Tarangire and the Serengeti.


Just 32 km away from the town of Arusha is the Arusha National Park, it consists of three spectacular features, the Momela Lakes, Mount Meru and the Ngurdoto Crater. On clear days’ the magnificent views of Mt. Kilimanjaro can be seen from almost any part of the park. The park is famous for its 575 species of birdlife and black and white colobus monkey – the only place they may be seen on the Northern Circuit. Animals frequently seen in the park are baboon, buffalo, giraffe, hippo, hyena, warthog and zebra. Tourist attractions include canoe safaris on the Momela lakes, riding safaris on specialised car-free routes, walks around the rim of the Ngurudoto Crater, and three or four day climbs of Mount Meru.


Close to Arusha, 118 km away, Tarangire National Park gets its name from the river that threads its way through the reserve. It is famous for its dense wildlife population which is most spectacular between June and September. During this time thousands of animals – elephant, buffalo, giraffe, eland, hartebeest and wildebeest migrate from the dry Masai steppe to the Tarangire River looking for water. Lion, leopard and other predators follow the herds. Tarangire is also home to 550 varieties of bird including the Kori bustard – the heaviest flying bird.



This park is famous for its tree climbing lions, which spend most of the day spread out along the branches of Acacia trees six to seven metres above the ground. As visitors enter the gate they pass through a lush forest, home to troops of baboons and both blue and vervet monkeys. Further along the forest opens up into woodlands, grassland, swamps and beyond these the soda lake itself, covering 200 sq km and sanctuary to over 400 species of bird including flamingo, pelican, storks, sacred ibis, cormorants and Egyptian geese. The park is particularly noted for its huge herds of buffalo and elephant. Also giraffe, hippo, reedbuck, warthog, wildebeest, zebra, a great variety of smaller animals and, more recently, a family of endangered wild dog.


This former game reserve contains 90% of all botanic species found in Tanzania with one third classified as unique in the world. It is also home to the Mkomazi Rhino Project. This involves the re-introduction of a number of black rhino from South Africa and the UK which, it is hoped, will breed before being relocated to traditional natural habitats within Tanzania. The Captive Breeding Programme for the African wild dog is another project for the preservation of endangered species that is based in Mkomazi.


The Serengeti National Park is arguably the best known wildlife sanctuary in the world. “Serengeti” means “endless plains” in the Masai language, and within its boundaries are more than 3 million large mammals. Some 35 species of animals may be seen here including the so-called “big seven” – buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, cheetah and African hunting dog. In May or early June, huge herds of wildebeest and zebra begin their spectacular migration. In their wake follow the predators – lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and jackal. Other animals frequently seen in the Serengeti include baboons, bat-eared fox, giraffe, hippo, honey badger, mongoose, ostrich, gazelle, warthog, antelope, impala, reedbuck, waterbuck and the much smaller dik dik. Over 500 species of birdlife have been recorded including cranes, eagles, flamingo, herons, hornbills, guinea fowl, kingfishers, ostrich, parrots and vultures.

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Experiences with impact orI g In A l MAAs AI lodgE TAnzA nIA A special place where you immediately will come to a rest and reflect on the essentials. In the middle of the wilderness of the Maasai steppe are sixteen Maasai style bungalows and a great view on the Kilimanjaro. Behind it and until the border of Kenya there is the savanna,

“Memories that will last a lifetime!”

home to the Maasai people. This is the right place to get to know them, their traditions and their rituals, while slowing down your own lives’ pace. It‘s all about being together, traditions, stories and learning from each other.

“An incredible experience!”

www.AfrIcAAMInIlIfE.coM 18

IAAF World Champion

Three times Olympic Gold Medalist and five times

The Greatest female long distance runner of all time.

Tirunesh Dibaba




The Southern Parks MIKUMI

Located north of the Selous Reserve, less than 300 km. from Dar es Salaam, is the Mikumi National Park. Because of its accessibility it is one of the most popular parks in Tanzania and is an important centre for education where students go to study ecology and conservation. The Mikumi flood plain, with its open grasslands, dominates the park together with the mountain ranges that border the park on two sides. A wide range of wildlife inhabits its 3,230 sq km area. Lion is commonly seen as are packs of wild dog, rare elsewhere in Africa. Elephant may be encountered and other animals frequently observed are buffalo, civet, eland, giraffe, impala, kudu, reedbuck, warthog, waterbuck, wildebeest, zebra and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest. Near the southern boundary of the park it is possible to see groups of female and young bachelor sable with their one dominant male. Crocodiles, monitor lizard and giant python are among the park’s many other residents. At the southern end of the flood plain, in the Kikoboga area, families of yellow baboon live while wallowing hippos are frequently joined in their pools by flocks open-billed storks, hunting for tasty molluscs. Over 400 species of birds have been observed in the park, many of which are Eurasian migrants who stay between October and April.


Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a conservation area of about 2,000 sq km. It lies in the Iringa and Morogoro regions of south-central Tanzania where it is bordered by the Great Ruaha River to the north and by the road between Mikumu and Ifakara to the east. The major attraction of the park is its bio-diversity and unique rainforest where many rare plants, not found elsewhere in the world, have been identified. These range from a tiny African violet to 30-metre-high trees. For this reason, Udzungwa is being proposed as Tanzania’s eighth World Heritage Site. The park is home to eleven types of primate. Five of these are unique to Udzungwa, including the endangered Iringa red colobus monkey and the Sanje crested mangabey. The plateau also supports populations of elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard. Visitors should not expect to necessarily see these larger species however as they tend to be found in the less accessible area of the park. Bush baby or galago, bush pig, civet, duiker, honey badger and three types of mongoose are more likely to be seen. The park is also home to a number of rare forest birds many only found in this area of Tanzania. The Southern Parks.



A mountainous strip bordering the shores of Lake Tanganyika, 16km north of Kigoma. Gombe is currently Tanzania’s smallest park. It covers just 56sq km and is only reachable by boat from Kigoma. Gombe offers visitors the rare chance to observe the chimpanzee communities made famous by British explorer Jane Goodall. A number of monkey species can also be seen including red colobus, red-tail and blue monkeys. The area is heavily forested making it unsuitable for carnivores and safe for walking. Birdwatchers will be richly rewarded.


Recently extended southward to cover some 4500 sq km the main features of Tanzania’s third largest park, located about 40 km southeast of the town of Mpanda, are Lake Katavi, with its vast floodplains, the palm-fringed Lake Chala and the Katuma River. The park is noted for its Miombo woodland and is home to buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and zebra. Antelope species include eland, impala, topi, roan, and sable. Water fowl are abundant with Lake Chala particularly rich in bird-life with 400 species recorded. Katavi also boasts the greatest concentration of hippo and crocodile.


Saanane Island, in Lake Victoria, was recently elevated to national park status increasing the number of Tanzania National Parks to 16. It is the smallest national park in East Africa covering an area of only 2.18 sq km. Saanane is currently home to agama lizards, clawless otter, crocodile, impala, monitor lizard, python, rock hyrax, tortoise, vervet and de brazza monkey, and wild cat but there are plans to introduce new species such as dik-dik, grant’s gazelle, klipspringer and zebra. Over 40 type of resident and migratory birds may be seen.


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Advent�re you will never forget








The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a Reserve, covering almost 8,300 sq km with altitudes ranging between 1,020m to 3,577m. Frequently referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, the area encompasses a blend of landscapes, archaeological sites, people and abundant wildlife that is unsurpassed in Africa. Featuring volcanoes, grasslands, waterfalls and forests, it is home to the nomadic Masai. The centrepiece, and major landmark is the breath-taking Ngorongoro Crater, a natural amphitheatre surrounded by steep walls rising over 600 metres from the crater floor. It is one of the world’s greatest natural spectacles whose magical setting and plentiful wildlife never fail to thrill. The crater is a natural sanctuary for some 30,000 animals including the ‘big five’ of buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino. It is also home to cheetah, hippo, hyena, jackal, reedbuck, warthog, waterbuck, wildebeest, zebra and a great many bird species. Reedbuck, waterbuck and huge herds of both Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle are easily seen on the crater floor. Thanks to anti-poaching patrols, the crater is now one of the few places in East Africa where visitors can be certain of seeing black rhino, Close to the Ngorongoro Crater there are two less famous, and less visited, craters ideal for walking and hiking safaris. Empakaai Crater is about 6 km wide with steep walls rising to almost 300m. Nearly half of the crater floor is covered by a deep salt water lake. The trail down to the crater floor offers spectacular views of a still active volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai, and, on a clear day, the snowy peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro.

On the way down to the lake there are buffalo, bushbuck, blue monkeys and rare birds, such as sunbirds and turacos. Olmoti Craters’ floor is shallow and covered with grass where, in addition to the Maasai and their livestock, buffalo, eland and reedbuck may be seen. The Munge River crosses the crater before falling hundreds of metres in a spectacular waterfall. Leopard may occasionally 26

be seen in the trees of the forest surrounding the crater while cheetah are also present but rarely seen. Large herds of giraffe live on the rim of the crater and will be seen on the drive to the nearby Olduvai Gorge and the Serengeti. Countless flamingo form a vast pink blanket over the soda lakes while more than 100 species of birds not found in the Serengeti have been spotted here. Getting there: A three-hour drive, or one-hour flight, from Arusha. A two-hour drive from Tarangire or some 90 minutes from Manyara.


Olduvai is also an iconic site for the study of human origins. Located within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a short drive off the main road between Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. It was here that, in 1959, Dr Louis Leakey and his wife Mary discovered the1.7-millionyear- old skull of Australopithecus boisei, the ‘modern man’, and, the remains of Homo Hablis or “handy man” at that time regarded as mankind’s first step up the ladder of human evolution. Many more fossils have since been discovered including those of prehistoric elephants, giant horned sheep and enormous ostriches. A new Museum has just opened, where visitors can listen to an informative talk. The project includes the Laetoli footprints and a geopark. Laetoli, which is 60km from Olduvai, is home to fourmillionyear-old footprints of human ancestors. Getting there: A four-hour drive, or one-hour flight, from Arusha. A twohour drive from Lake Manyara or Tarangire National Park. For further information, contact: Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority Tel: +255 27 253 7019/06 | Fax: +255 27 253 7007 E-mail: info@ngorongorocrater.org | www.ngorongorocrater.org Copyright by www.houstonmarketing.co.za




Seminars & Speakers Profiles “Social Media In Tourism And Hospitality” – Silk Route Traveller - India Social media in the current world plays a vital role not only in tourism industry but in every business. So, when it comes to spread the word its utmost important that we spread it through different social media platform. Friday 12:00 > Speaker: Ahmad Mukhtiyar +9560420800 | ahmad.mukhtiyar@gmail.com | www.silkrouretraveller.com “Increase Your Revenues / Prevent Risk and Card Fraud Losses and Its an Effortless Payments Solution” - DPO Group Back in 2006 we identified a gap in the African online payments landscape. Merchants and consumers alike wanted the online arena to be open for payments, booking and purchasing. However, online payment processors were hard to find. We wanted not only to fill that gap but to do more than that. By enabling customers and merchants to transact securely online and offline we were able to facilitate the growth of local businesses, from airlines to hotels and eShops. Friday 12:30 | Saturday & Sunday 11:30 > Speaker: Kate Gathii +25417967449 | dpomarketing@directpay.online | www.directpay.online “Marketing To The Millennial Audience - Learning To Engage With Gerentaion Z” - J-M Marketing Forward-thinking businesses are already planning ahead to earn the business and loyalty of the Millennial generation the industry is worth 200 billion. Therefore we learn how to adapt technology and create a digital tone of voice. Friday 15:00 > Speaker: Mellissa Duncan +255 758 222 255 | info@kilimanjarosar.com | www.kilimanjarosar.com “Helicopter Rescue - Helicopter Protocols & Rescue Procedure” - Kilimanjaro SAR LTD Requirement of a successful evacuation. Friday 15:00 > Speaker: Ivan Braun +447957443081 | Mangermellissa7@gmail.com | www.j-mmarketing.co.uk “Effective Trade Fair / Expo / Exhibition / Roadshow Participants Preparations and Participation” - Hakuna Matata Effective participation in trade fairs out of all the marketing tactics available, trade fairs offer by far the widest range of purposes. Change is now such a relentless in the world of Trade Expo / Fairs and many brands / individuals has become challenges to keep pace .In this session, Hakuna Matata Consulting Agency will cover on the key trends towards effective preparations and participation in Tourism, Travel Trade Expo /Shows /Fair. Saturday 11:00 > Speaker: Gumbo Mbelwa Mhandeni +255713565195 | md@hakunamatata.co.tz | www.hakunamatata.co.tz “Understanding Marketing Your Product To UK Travel Trade.” - Tsessabe LTD Explanation on the UK trade, how it works and how to approach marketing in the UK. Saturday 12:00 > Speaker: Tessa Bott +447776191177 | info@tsessabe.com | www.tsessabe.com “Branding And Networking In The Tourism / Hospitality Industry” - I Tour Branding / promoting a destination is much more than participating in international trade shows. It involves the local people and the culture to create a positive perception about a country. Saturday 12:30 > Speaker: Enzo Avezum +5511993507763 | enzo@itour.com.br | www.itour.com.br “Brand Building In The Hospitality Industry With Available Networking Platforms” - Disruptive Capital Partners LTD Building employee personal brands that resonate with the business and maximizing its potential in networking forums. Saturday 13:00 > Speaker: Claire Carol Nekoye Dawai +254727300006 | info@disruptivecapitalpartners.com | www.disruptivecapitalpartners.com


“New Products & Developments In The East African Tourism Industry” - Ethiopian Airlines African Airlines’ progress and position in providing air connectivity to Africa for tourism and trade facilitation. Saturday 13:30 > Speaker: Fitsimt Dejene +255 782 450 224 | fitsimtd@ethiopianairlines.com | www.ethiopianairlines.com “How Marketing Africa Has Changed Over The Last 25 Years And The Challenges The Industry Now Faces” ATTA (The African Travel & Tourism Association) As a former MD of Abercrombie & Kent’s Hotel & Lodge Division in Kenya, CEO of Wild Africa Safaris UK, Head of Marketing Mount Charlotte Thistle Hotels UK, MD of Universal Travel and On Safari, and Proprietor of two hotels in Scotland he has extensive experience in hotel management, tour operating and marketing in UK and Africa. Nigel sits on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Consular Stakeholder Panel and the Travel Advise Review Group (TARG) and is a member of the United Nations WTO Tourism Emergency Response Network (TERN) working on crisis management in the tourism sector and is a tourism advisor to the Brenthurst Foundation, and formerly international Tourism advisor to the president of Malawi from 2011-2014. Saturday 14:00 > Speaker: Nigel Vere Nicoll + 44 07917142765 | nigel@atta.travel | www.atta.travel “A Symbol Of Trust! Identifying Hotels Who Are Minimizing The Exposure Of Malaria To Their Guests And Staff” - Global Vector Control Standard Info / briefing session to buyers Friday 16:30 | Saturday 15:30 > Speaker: Jan Rienermann +971529179939 | jan@gvcstandard.com | www.gvcstandard.com “Tree Planting On Kilimanjaro - Re-greening Kilimanjaro Through Creative Tourism Partnerships ” - The Kilimanjaro Project Explore opportunities for partnership in re-greening Kilimanjaro (and Tanzania): Invite tour operators and hotels groups to connect their guests to an environmental and social impact initiative, The Kilimanjaro Project. We’d like to hear from these potential tourism partners how we can best engage travelers to Tanzania to motivate them to gift a tree (or three). Introduce our tree tracking and verification app (treetracker on the google pay store) to ensure transparency to all our partners and donors. Saturday 16:30 > Speaker: Sarah Scott +255767086616 | sarah@thekilimanjaroproject.org | www.thekilimanjaroproject.org “New Projects And Approaches In The Development Of Malawi Tourism” - Malawi Department Of Tourism The talk will focus on the current status of Malawi Tourism and also emphasize on the government efforts to accelerate the development of tourism in the country Sunday 11:00 > Speaker: Alice Lisa Magombo (265) 0992966638, 0888168321 | alice.magombo@tourism.gov.mw ; alice.magombo@gmail.com | www.visitmalawi.mw “Sustainable, Healthy & Inclusive Gastronomy As A Key Driver For Sustainable Food Systems” - Heritage Foods Africa In Partnership With Slow Food East Africa Reaching out to policy makers and food firms, hotels, restaurants and procurement agencies of large hotel chains involving them in our mission to transform our food environments through re-appreciation and safeguarding of food sources that are rooted in local food cultures, venturing into a gastronomy promoting inclusive, taste, regional and seasonal food production, profitable for the producers and the environment by respecting biodiversity and planetary boundaries Sunday 12:00 > Speaker: Dr. Elifuraha Laltaika, Shani Msafiri Mangola, John Wanyu, Stanley Mwaura Nderitu +255754510195| marlies@theafricanembassy.com | apc.school “Destination Dar es Salaam - Explore the Dar es Salaam and its Environments” - Msafiri Travels Dar es Salaam is often overlooked as a holidays destination. Being a coastal town and the commercial city, Dar es Salaam has quite a lot to offer. The nearby Islands of Mbudya, Sani, and Bongoyo, offer excellent beaches, kite surfing and diving locations. City tours, Bicycles tours, cultural tours, excursions to Bagamoyo and Saadani are some of the activities available within and out of Dar es Salaam. Sunday 15:00 > Speaker: Leina Lemomo +255 754 695 680 | info@msafiritravels.com | www.msafiritravels.com


Experience Experience Experience Experience authentic authentic authentic authentic Tanzanian Tanzanian Tanzanian Tanzanian Culture Culture Culture Culture through through through through music music music music and andand dance and dance dance dance

Guest Guest Guest Guest Activities Activities Activities Activities *Exciting *Exciting *Exciting *Exciting traditional traditional traditional traditional &&fusion fusion &&fusion fusion performances performances performances performances *Performances *Performances *Performances *Performances available available available available on onand and onon off-site and off-site andoff-site off-site *Dancing, *Dancing, *Dancing, *Dancing, drumming, drumming, drumming, drumming, instrument instrument instrument instrument making making making making and andcooking and cooking andcooking cooking traditional traditional traditional traditional foods foodsfoods workshops. foods workshops. workshops. workshops.

The TheCultural The Cultural TheCultural Cultural Arts ArtsArts Centre Centre ArtsCentre Centre near nearnear Arusha Arusha nearArusha Arusha Visit, Visit,Visit, enjoy, Visit, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and andrent and rent andour rent our rent facilities facilities our ourfacilities facilities **Performance *Performance *Performance Performance spaces spaces spaces spaces for for100, 100, for for400 100, 400 100, &400 &400 1,000 1,000 &&1,000 1,000 *Professional *Professional *Professional *Professional dance dance dance dance studio studio studio studio *Outdoor *Outdoor *Outdoor *Outdoor workshop workshop workshop workshop spaces spaces spaces spaces he heCultural The Cultural TheCultural Cultural Arts ArtsArts Centre Centre ArtsCentre Centre dancer-musicians dancer-musicians dancer-musicians dancer-musicians *Educational *Educational *Educational *Educational cultural cultural cultural cultural arts artsexhibits exhibits arts artsexhibits exhibits sp sp spaces, spspaces, splunches, *Meeting *Meeting *Meeting *Meeting spaces, spaces, lunches, lunches, lunches, gift giftshoppe shoppe gift giftshoppe shoppe are areprofessionally professionally are areprofessionally professionally trained trained trained trained Tanzanian Tanzanian Tanzanian Tanzanian artists artists artists artists *5.5 *5.5hectres hectres *5.5 *5.5hectres hectres (13.5 (13.5acres) (13.5 acres) (13.5acres) acres) forested forested forested forested land land land land performing performing performing performing music music music music ofofmany many ofofmany different many different different different ethnic ethnic ethnic ethnic groups groups groups groups *Maasai, *Maasai, *Maasai, *Maasai, Arusha, Arusha, Arusha, Arusha, and and Meru Meru and and Meru traditional traditional Meru traditional traditional houses houses houses houses AC AChas CAC has CAC given given has hasgiven over given over500 over 500 overperformances/workshops 500 performances/workshops 500performances/workshops performances/workshops *Off-site *Off-site *Off-site *Off-site stage, stage, stage, sound, stage, sound, sound, sound, and and light light and and rental light rental light rental rental AC AChas CAC has CAC welcomed welcomed has haswelcomed welcomed Presidents, Presidents, Presidents, Presidents, Ambassadors, Ambassadors, Ambassadors, Ambassadors, Ministers, Ministers, Ministers, Ministers, and andother and other andother dignitaries other dignitaries dignitaries dignitaries AC AChas Chas CAC AC been been has hasbeen featured featured beenfeatured featured atat atat *National, National, *National, *National, Regional, Regional, Regional, Regional, International International International International Conferences Conferences Conferences Conferences *Festivals Festivals *Festivals *Festivals ininTanzania, Tanzania, ininTanzania, Tanzania, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, and andUganda and Uganda andUganda Uganda AC ACdoes CAC does CACdoes outreach outreach doesoutreach outreach totoschools schools totoschools schools and andorphanages and orphanages andorphanages orphanages totopreserve preserve totopreserve preserve &&promote promote &&promote promote Tanzanian Tanzanian Tanzanian Tanzanian culture culture culture culture Karibuni Karibuni Karibuni Karibuni wote! wote! wote! wote! 32

Shiriki Shiriki Shiriki Shiriki kuhifadhi kuhifadhi kuhifadhi kuhifadhi utamaduni utamaduni utamaduni utamaduni wetu wetu wetu wetu Get Getinvolved Get involved Getinvolved involved in inperserving perserving ininperserving perserving our ourculture our culture ourculture culture

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Welcome Welcome all! all!

Welcome all! Welcome all! Welcome all!

Welcome all!

www.cac.ac.tz www.cac.ac.tz www.cac.ac.tz info@cac.ac.tz info@cac.ac.tz +255 +255 759 759 681 681 363 363 www.cac.ac.tz


info@cac.ac.tz +255 759 681 363



DONATE A TREE In partnership with

34 thekilimanjaroproject.org www.






S6 O6 R6

S8 Q8 R8

Q8 P8





UL A B 18 C




N4 N5 N6 N7




M2 L2



L5 L6

M5 M6



Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism

N2 2

14 15 N12 N14



Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism






Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism

Industry supplier & SME

Q6 O6 P6

Industry supplier & SME

S2 S3 S4 S5 R2 R3 R4 R5 V2

Industry supplier & SME

W2 W3W4 W5 V2 V3 V4 V5

Industry supplier & SME









O11 O12 O13 14 15 O16 O18 O10 O1 O2 O3 O4 O5 O6 O8



UL25 6 x 10 m

Gate C




UL35 UL34





Sana Tamuu


Gate B







T15 – T11



Premium Resorts & Lodges

Café Bistro


Café Bistro








Prime Resorts

T33 T36 T31 T34

T21 T22 T23 T24 T25 T26

Fashion & Designer



X20 Com Tent



Food Court



R26 R27




26 27 Q29 P30 26 27 P29

M21 22 23 L22 L23

KENYA Tourism Business & Pre ss L30 Lounge -

Y5 Y6 Y7 Y8 Y9


O25 26 27 O29 N30 N25 26 27 N29

UGANDA / RWANDA Tourism O21 22 O23 O24 N20 N22






Food Court

F19 F20

Food Court & drinks





F4 F13




Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism

F15 F16 F17 R20 R22 R23 R25

Coffee & Cakes


Gate F

L24 4 KENYA / TANZANIA Tourism


TGT Office & Rooms S

Event & Party tent area – Z100 (14 x 20 m) Z100

20 X15 m




HOPE International Kids education & recreation tent

Kids Playgroung area


Z25 Arts & Crafts / Interior design

Z13 Z12 Z11 Z10


Z15 Z14



Z43 Z42

Z17 Z16

Z22 Z23






Z18 Z19 Z20 Z21

Arts & Crafts / Interior design

Z63 Z62 Z61 Z60

Z64 Z65 Z66 Z67

Arts & Crafts / Interior design

Z75 Z74 Z73 Z72 Z71 Z70 Z69 G1







Z83 Z82






KARIBU/KILIFAIR 2019 – June 7th to 9th - TGT Grounds / Arusha





G4 G5 G6


D4 D5












U 10

12 x 6m





E14 D16 D14

Gate D

A14 10 x 7m

Entrance cashiers

A12 10 x 7m

Tented Safari Camps

B12 13 x 20m

= Outdoor areas – no tents

= SME / Arts & Crafts only !


= Industry supplier


= Lodges/Tour Business stands





B30 8 x 20

12 meter


= Premium resorts/Lodges




Tanzania Tourism

E26 E28 D26 D28

4x4 Vehicles / Safari Camps

A20 7 x 40m


International Buyer & VIP Lounge


Speed Networking mg Seminars & Workshops

Tented Safari Camps

B20 8 x 20m

4x4 Vehicles / Safari Camps

D20 7 x 24m

Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism

H20 22 23 H24 H25 G20 22 23 G24 G25

Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism

K20 22 23 K24 K25 J20 22 23 J24 J25


= Food stalls

Last update 28.05.2019








Tented Safari Camps

D12 10 x 6m

G12 8 x 12 m

Premium Resorts area


= Lodges/Tour Operators

Mkokoteni & Supply




4x4 Vehicles / Safari Camps

Visitor‘s Walkway

9 x 6m



36 x 7m

Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism






Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism

E4 E5


Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism

H4 H5



Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism


J2 J3 J4 J5 2

6 x 6m






K4 K5


Tanzania / Zanzibar Tourism

Scale: 1:600 (A3)


U1 12 x 8m













Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4

U40 6 x 12

# blue = stalls reserved 185,00 x 200 m ground

# red = stalls sold

U42 4x6

A50 20 x 7

B50 8x7

D50 8x7

J50 11x 7

Gate E

# black = stalls available /

U36 10 x 12

4x4 Vehicles / Safari Camps

A40 8 x 18m

Tented Safari Camps

B45 8 x 13

Tented Safari Camps

D45 8 x 13m

G45 8 x 13m

Safari Scenery K45 8 x 13m



03.04.2019 27.05.2019 03.04.2019 27.05.2019

th2019 th -th Friday June 7th Friday // June 7 Friday / June 7-th2019 - 2019 Friday / June 7 - 2019 Friday / June 7th - 2019 10:00 Opening time KARIBU-KILIFAIR 10:00 Opening time KARIBU-KILIFAIR2019 2019with withMC MCEddie Eddie 10:00 Opening time for forfor KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 with MC Eddie 10:00 Traditional Opening Drumming time for KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 with MC Eddie 10:30 -- Cultural - CulturalArts ArtsCentre Centreat atMakumira Makumira 10:30 Traditional Traditional Drumming 10:30 Drumming Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 10:30 Clown Traditional Drumming Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 10:00 Opening time -for KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 with MC Eddie 11:00 Doctors Tanzania, Dar Tanzania, 11:00 Clown Clown Doctors Dares esSalaam Salaam 11:00 Doctors Tanzania, Dar 11:00 Clown Doctors Tanzania, DaresesSalaam Salaam 11:30 Official Opening Speeches by Hon. Minister of Tourism in Hon. Minister 10:30 Traditional Drumming Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 11:30 Official Opening Speeches by of Tourism inTanzania, Tanzania, 11:30 Opening Speeches bybyHon. Minister ofofTourism 11:30 Official Official Opening Speeches Hon. Minister TourismininTanzania, Tanzania, Hamisi Kigwangalla, TATO andthe the KARIBU-KILIFAIR organizers Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla, TATO and KARIBU-KILIFAIR organizers Dr.Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla, TATO and organizers 11:00 Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dar es Salaam Dr. Hamisi Kigwangalla, TATO andthe theKARIBU-KILIFAIR KARIBU-KILIFAIR organizers ArtsCentre Centreat atMakumira Makumira 13:00 Dances -- Cultural 13:00 Traditional Traditional Dances - CulturalArts 13:00 Dances Cultural Arts Makumira 13:00 Traditional Traditional Dances - Cultural ArtsCentre Centreatat Makumira 11:30 Official Opening Speeches by Hon. Minister of Tourism in Tanzania, Arts Centre Makumira 13:30 Acrobatics Cultural Arts Centre atatMakumira 13:30 Acrobatics Acrobatics - Cultural 13:30 -- Cultural Arts Centre 13:30 Acrobatics - Cultural Arts CentreatatMakumira Makumira 14:00 Fashion Show “Starlet” by Arusha Fashion Experience 14:00 Fashion Show “Starlet” by Arusha Fashion Experience Dr.Show Hamisi Kigwangalla, TATO and the KARIBU-KILIFAIR organizers 14:00 “Starlet” byby Arusha Experience 14:00 Fashion Fashion Show “Starlet” ArushaFashion Fashion Experience 14:30 Cultural Cultural Performances - CulturalTourism TourismGroups Groups 14:30 Performances -- Cultural 14:30 Performances Cultural Tourism 14:30 Cultural Cultural Performances - Cultural TourismGroups Groups 13:00 Traditional Dances Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira ArtsCentre Centreat atMakumira Makumira 15:00 Dances -- Cultural 15:00 Traditional Traditional Dances - CulturalArts 15:00 Dances Cultural 15:00 Traditional Traditional Dances - CulturalArts ArtsCentre CentreatatMakumira Makumira 13:30 Acrobatics Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 15:30 Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dar es Salaam 15:30 Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dar es Salaam 15:30 Doctors Tanzania, Dar 15:30 Clown Clown Doctors Tanzania, DaresesSalaam Salaam 16:00 Acrobatics Acrobatics - Cultural Arts Centreat atMakumira Makumira 16:00 Cultural Arts Centre 16:00 Acrobatics Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 14:00 Fashion Show by Arusha Fashion Experience 16:00 Acrobatics - Cultural Arts“Starlet” Centre at Makumira ArushaFashion FashionExperience Experience 16:30 Fashion Fashion Show “YUYU” 16:30 Show “YUYU” by Arusha 16:30 Show “YUYU” byby Arusha Experience 16:30 Fashion Fashion Show “YUYU” by ArushaFashion Fashion Experience 14:30 Cultural Performances Cultural Tourism Groups Cultural Tourism Groups 17:00 Cultural Performances 17:00 Performances -- Cultural 17:00 Cultural Performances Cultural Tourism Groups 17:00 Cultural Cultural Performances - CulturalTourism TourismGroups Groups 15:00 Traditional Dances Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira at Premiere Gardens, Arusha (invited exhibitors, Buyers 19:00 Exhibitor/Buyer Exhibitor/Buyer Party & VIP only) 19:00 Party at Premier Garden, Arusha (invited exhibitors, Buyers & only) 19:00 Party atat Premier Garden, Arusha (invited exhibitors, Buyers & VIP VIP only) 19:00 Exhibitor/Buyer Exhibitor/Buyer Party Premiere Gardens, Arusha (invited exhibitors, Buyers & VIP only)


Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

th th8th - 2019 Saturday / June Saturday // June 8 Saturday June 8th8--th2019 2019 Saturday / Acrobatics June - 2019- Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 16:00 09:00 Speed Networking buyers& exhibitorsonly only(in (inSeminar Seminartent tentarea area9:00-10:30) 9:00-10:30) 09:00 Speed Networking for buyers 09:00 Networking forfor buyers && exhibitors only tent 9:00-10:30) 09:00 Speed Speed Networking for buyers &exhibitors exhibitors only(in (inSeminar Seminar tentarea area 9:00-10:30) 16:30 Fashion Show “YUYU” by Arusha Fashion Experience 10:00 Opening Opening time KARIBU-KILIFAIR2019 2019with withMC MCEddie Eddie 10:00 time forfor KARIBU-KILIFAIR 10:00 time for KARIBU-KILIFAIR 10:00 Opening Opening time for KARIBU-KILIFAIR2019 2019with withMC MCEddie Eddie 10:30 Traditional Songs Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 17:00 Cultural Performances - Cultural Tourism Groups 10:30 Songs -- Cultural 10:30 Traditional Traditional Songs - CulturalArts ArtsCentre Centreat Makumira 10:30 Traditional Songs Cultural Arts Centre atatMakumira Makumira 11:00 Clown Clown Doctors Tanzania, DaresesSalaam Salaam 11:00 Doctors Tanzania, Dar 11:00 Clown Clown Doctors Tanzania, DaresesSalaam Salaam 11:00 Doctors Tanzania, Dar 11:30 Acrobatics Acrobatics - Cultural Arts Centre 19:00 Exhibitor/Buyer Party atMakumira Premier Garden, Arusha (invited exhibitors, B 11:30 Cultural Arts Centre atat Makumira 11:30 Acrobatics Acrobatics - Cultural Arts Centre atMakumira Makumira 11:30 -- Cultural Arts 12:00 Cultural Performances -Centre CulturalatTourism Groups 12:00 Cultural Performances Cultural Tourism 12:00 Cultural Performances Cultural Tourism Groups 12:00 Cultural Performances - Cultural Tourism Groups Groups 12:30 Fashion Show “Courage” by Arusha Fashion Experience 12:30 Show “Courage” by 12:30 Fashion Fashion Show “Courage” ArushaFashion FashionExperience Experience 12:30 Fashion Show “Courage” bybyArusha Arusha Fashion Experience th Saturday / June 8-- Cultural - 2019 13:00 Traditional Traditional Dances - Cultural ArtsCentre CentreatatMakumira Makumira 13:00 Dances 13:00 Traditional Traditional Dances - CulturalArts ArtsCentre CentreatatMakumira Makumira 13:00 Dances Cultural Arts 13:30 Acrobatics Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 13:30 -- Cultural Arts Centre 13:30 Acrobatics Acrobatics - Cultural Arts Centreat atMakumira Makumira 13:30 Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 14:00 Acrobatics Kids Dance with CAC - Cultural Arts Centre at&Makumira 09:00 Speed Networking for buyers exhibitors only (in Seminar tent area 9 14:00 Kids Dance with CAC - Cultural Cultural Arts Centre atatMakumira Makumira 14:00 Kids Kids Dance with CAC - Cultural Arts Centreat Makumira 14:00 Dance with CAC Arts Centre 14:30 Hip Hop and Beat Box Cultural Arts Centreatat Makumira 14:30 Hip Hop and Beat Box Cultural Arts Centre Makumira 14:30 Hip Hop and Beat Box Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 14:30 Hip Hop and Beat Box Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 10:00 Opening time forDar KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 with MC Eddie 15:00 Clown Doctors Tanzania, es Salaam 15:00 Doctors Tanzania, Dar 15:00 Clown Clown Doctors Tanzania, DaresesSalaam Salaam 15:00 Doctors Dar Salaam 15:30 Clown Music TheatreTanzania, - Cultural Artses Centre at Makumira 10:30 Traditional Songs Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 15:30 Music Theatre Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 15:30 Music Theatre Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 15:30 Theatre - Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 16:00 Music Cultural Performances - Cultural Tourism Groups 16:00 Cultural Cultural Performances - Cultural Tourism Groups 16:00 Performances -- Cultural Tourism Groups 11:00 Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dar es Salaam 16:00 Cultural Performances Cultural Tourism Groups 16:30 Fashion Show “Power” by Arusha Fashion Experience 16:30 Fashion Fashion Show “Power” by ArushaFashion FashionExperience Experience 16:30 Show “Power” by Arusha 16:30 Show “Power” by Arusha Fashion Experience 11:30 Acrobatics - -Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 17:00 Fashion Kids Dance with CAC - Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 17:00 Kids Kids Dance with CAC - CulturalArts ArtsCentre Centreat Makumira 17:00 Dance with CAC 17:00 Dance with CAC - Cultural Cultural Arts Centre atatMakumira Makumira 17:30 Kids Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dar es Salaam 12:00 Cultural Performances - Cultural Tourism Groups 17:30 Clown Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dares Salaam 17:30 Doctors Tanzania, Dar 17:30 Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dar esesSalaam Salaam


th 12:30 Fashion Show “Courage” by Arusha Fashion Experience Sunday / June 9th - 2019 th th - 2019 Sunday / June Sunday // June 9 Sunday June 9th9-- 2019 2019 13:00 Traditional Dances - Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 10:00 Opening time for KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 with MC Eddie 10:00 Opening Opening time for KARIBU-KILIFAIR2019 2019with withMC MCEddie Eddie 10:00 time for KARIBU-KILIFAIR 10:00 Opening time for KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 with MC Eddie 10:30 Traditional Dances & Songs Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 13:30 Acrobatics -&Cultural ArtsArts Centre Makumira 10:30 Traditional Traditional Dances Songs Cultural - Cultural Centre at atMakumira Makumira 10:30 Dances & Centre 10:30 Dances & Songs Songsof--re-greening Cultural Arts Arts Centre at at by Makumira 11:00 Traditional Tree Planting - a symbol Kilimanjaro Tuje Pamoja 11:00 Tree Planting - Tanzania, a symbol of re-greening Kilimanjaro by Tuje Pamoja 14:00 Kids Dance with CAC - Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 11:00 Doctors Tanzania, Dar es 11:00 Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dar esesSalaam Salaam 11:00 Clown Clown Doctors Dar Salaam 11:00 HipClown Doctors Tanzania, Dar es Salaam at Makumira 11:30 Hop and Beat Box --Beat Cultural Arts 11:30 Hop and Beat Box Cultural Arts Centre atatMakumira 14:30 Hip Hop and Box Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 11:30 HipHip Hop and Beat Box - Cultural Arts-Centre Centre Makumira 11:30 Cultural Hip Hop and Beat Box- Cultural - CulturalTourism Arts Centre at Makumira 12:00 Performances Groups 12:00 Performances - Cultural Tourism Groups 12:00 Cultural Cultural Performances - Cultural Tourism Groups 15:00 Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dar es Salaam 12:00 Cultural Performances Cultural Tourism Groups 12:30 Show “Loyalty” by Arusha 12:30 Fashion Fashion Show “Loyalty” ArushaFashion FashionExperience Experience 12:30 Fashion Show “Loyalty” byby Arusha Fashion Experience 12:30 Acrobatics Fashion Show “Loyalty” by Arusha Fashion 15:30 Music - Centre Cultural ArtsExperience Centre at Makumira 13:00 -- Cultural Arts Centre at 13:00 Cultural Arts Centre atatMakumira Makumira 13:00 Acrobatics Acrobatics - Theatre Cultural Arts Makumira 13:00 Move Acrobatics - Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 13:30 & Shake with CAC Cultural Arts Centre at 13:30 Move & Shake with CAC Cultural Arts Centre atatMakumira Makumira 13:30 Move & Shake with CAC Cultural Arts Centre Makumira 16:00 Cultural Performances - Cultural Tourism Groups 13:30 Kids Move & Shake with CAC - Cultural Centre Arts Centre at Makumira 14:00 Dance with CAC -- Cultural 14:00 Kids Kids Dance with CAC - CulturalArts ArtsCentre Centreat Makumira 14:00 Dance with CAC Cultural Arts atatMakumira Makumira 14:00 Traditional Kids Dance withShow CAC - Cultural Arts by Centre at Makumira 16:30 Fashion “Power” Arusha Fashion Experience 14:30 Dance & Drama – Cultural Arts Centre at 14:30 Dance && Drama Makumira 14:30 Traditional Traditional Dance Drama– –Cultural CulturalArts ArtsCentre CentreatatMakumira Makumira 14:30 Fashion Traditional Dance & Drama – Cultural ArtsExperience Centre at Makumira 15:00 Show “Family” by Arusha Fashion 15:00 Fashion Fashion Show “Family” by Arusha Fashion Experience 15:00 Show “Family” by Arusha Fashion Experience 17:00 Kids Dance with CAC Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira 15:00 Fashion Show “Family” by Arusha Fashion Experience 15:30 TIME: exhibitors 15:30 AWARDS AWARDS TIME: exhibitors// bloggers / bloggers// Speakers / Speakers// /Sponsors Sponsors 15:30 AWARDS TIME: exhibitors bloggers Speakers Sponsors 15:30 AWARDS TIME: exhibitors / bloggers / Speakers / Sponsors 17:30 Clown Doctors Tanzania, 16:00 Doctors Tanzania, Dar 16:00 Clown Clown Doctors Tanzania, Dares esSalaam SalaamDar es Salaam 16:00 Doctors Tanzania, Dar 16:00 Clown Clown Doctors Tanzania, DaresesSalaam Salaam 16:00 Performances -- Cultural 16:00 Cultural Cultural Performances - CulturalTourism TourismGroups Groups 16:00 Cultural Performances Cultural Tourism 16:00 Cultural Performances - Cultural TourismGroups Groups 16:30 Acrobatics Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira th 16:30 Acrobatics Cultural Arts Centre at MakumiraShow Show 16:30 - Cultural Centre Sunday / June 9 -Arts 2019 16:30 Acrobatics Acrobatics - Cultural Arts CentreatatMakumira MakumiraShow Show

10:00 10:30

Opening time for KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019 with MC Eddie Traditional Dances & Songs - Cultural Arts Centre at Makumira


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Kilimanjaro Height of Magnificence

Mount Kilimanjaro is the crown of Tanzania. Rising abruptly from the open plains, capped by snow and frequently fringed by clouds, it is one of Africa’s classic images. At 19,344 feet above sealevel, it is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest walkable summit in the world. The diameter of its base is an incredible 40 miles. Now voted one of the top three ‘Natural Wonders of Africa’, Kilimanjaro is a dormant, but not extinct volcano. Ominous rumbles can sometimes be heard – and gases emerge from the fumeholes in the crater. Although just three degrees south of the Equator, the peaks of both Kibo and Mawenzi have permanent caps of snow and ice. During their time on the mountain, climbers pass from a tropical to arctic environment in just a few days.

The various trails first pass through lush rainforests before reaching heather and open moorland where giant lobelia and huge, cactus-like groundsel grow. Above this moorland is the almost lunar landscape of an alpine desert which stretches between the two peaks of Kibo, the flat-topped dome at the centre, and Mawenzi, a group of jagged points and pinnacles on the eastern side. Inhospitable as this ‘moonscape’ may seem, animals such as herds of eland thrive there. The highest point on Kibo, and indeed the whole of Kilimanjaro, is Uhuru Peak, with its spectacular hanging glaciers and stupendous views of the African plains some 20,000 feet below. Also on Kibo is the slightly lower peak of Gillman’s Point. These are the goals for most trekkers. The peaks of Mawenzi are for mountaineers only. With the help of porters and a guide, it is possible to walk all the way to the summit without specialised mountaineering equipment – or experience – and Kilimanjaro can be conquered by any reasonably fit person. There are several different routes including Marangu, the easiest climb and therefore the most popular, Machame, Shira, Umbwe and Rongai. The total climb normally takes five to six days and involves four or five overnight stays in comfortable mountain huts. 52

Fees, payable in US dollars, include the cost of both park entrance and accommodation for climbers, guides and porters but not food and equipment. Many thousands of trekkers reach Gillman’s Point or Uhuru Peak successfully each year without any real difficulty. To avoid altitude sickness and failure, it is important to acclimatise by ascending slowly and steadily. It is best to plan a stay at a Moshi or Marangu hotel – climbing straight after the drive from Arusha is not a good idea. Kilimanjaro can be climbed at any time of the year but the best time is considered to be from August to October and January to March. It is wet in the rainforest during the rains in April, May, June and November. December through to February are the warmest months.

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Cultural Tourism Meet the People

The Tanzania Cultural Programme was launched in 1997 to give local communities the opportunity to improve their economic livelihood by participating in tourism activities. Co-ordinated by the Tanzania Tourist Board, supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism, there are currently some 60 initiatives operating in various parts of the country. Tanzania is endowed with the rich heritage of 120 ethnic tribes and the Cultural Tourism Programme provides visitors with an authentic cultural experience and a unique insight into the daily lives of the local people. The Cultural Tourism Enterprises offer visitors the opportunity to leave the safari vehicle behind and spend time in local villages interacting with the people. The activities offered are as diverse as the villages, and include preparing local cuisine, making wine, helping to process coffee beans, learning how to make local handcrafts, and learning traditional games and dances. The cultural enterprises also host a number of music and dance festivals that attract many visitors because of their authenticity.

Leave your vehicle behind and walk through the tropical slopes of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. Meet the Maasai and learn of their almost forgotten traditions and a way of life that is so closely linked to nature and wildlife. Listen to drumbeats and interpret music and dances inherited from ancient ancestors. Learn the history of the Swahili Coast. Explore the savannahs on camelback. Boat down a river, or row on one 55


of the many lakes. Paddle between mangroves, learn about traditional plants and medicines, experience a camel ride, or sail to pristine sandy islands. Climb a holy mountain and benefit from the diagnostic methods of a traditional healer. Taste the local cuisine Tanzania has a unique and varied cuisine. There is an extensive use of coconut milk and spicy foods. Other distinctive foods include Kisamvu (cassava leaves), Maharange (beans), Nyama choma (grilled meat), Wali (rice), Ugali (maize porridge) and Goats Meat. In Zanzibar take a Swahili Cooking course and shop for ingredients at the local markets. Here you can find all types of bananas, mangoes, and countless other fruits and spices. And then, in the evening, listen to ancient legendary tales around an open fire. An experience you will never forget. And sample the local brew! In one of the newly opened cultural enterprises, Lyamungo Sinde, a village in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, tourists can enjoy the scenery of the highest mountain in Africa while staying with villagers to make handcrafts out of banana leaves or fish in the Weruweru River. Tourism to these villages directly supports the local community. Over 4,000 Tanzanian people benefited from a direct income in 2018 due to the success of the Cultural Tourism Program. A portion of the income from tourism for each enterprise is used for community development such as renovating schools, providing books for students, tree planting projects.

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58 reservations.melia.serengeti@melia.com




Land of Paradise

Just the name, Zanzibar, evokes dreams of romance and mystery and the reality will not disappoint. Zanzibar – the name includes the main island, Unguja, and its sister island, Pemba – has for centuries attracted seafarers and adventurers from around the world. Now it welcomes a new generation of explorers – those who have come to marvel at the rich heritage, reflected in the architecture and the culture of the people. Visit Zanzibar’s historic Stone Town, relax on the dazzling white, palm-fringed beaches, where the azure waters of the Indian Ocean beckon swimmers, divers, fishermen and water-sports enthusiasts alike. Breathe in the fragrant scents of cloves, vanilla, cardamom and nutmeg, and discover why Zanzibar is called “The Spice Islands.” A Mix of Cultures Zanzibar’s colourful history is an epic saga of travellers and traders, raiders and colonisers.


It may not have a particularly romantic name, but Stone Town, is the capital and cultural heart of Zanzibar, little changed in the last 200 years. A labyrinth of winding alleys, bustling bazaars, mosques and grand houses whose extravagance is reflected in their brass-studded, carved, wooden doors. The National Museum is a good starting point for finding out more of the history and culture of Zanzibar. Another “must” is the House of Wonders, with its pillars, fretted balconies and intricately carved doors. Next to the House of Wonders is the Old Fort, built on the site of a Portuguese church when the Arabs took over the island, and now the venue for many of Zanzibar’s numerous theatrical and musical events. The High Court and Africa House, a former English Gentleman’s Club and now a boutique hotel offering, supposedly, the best view of the sunset, are also worth a visit as is Livingstone House. At the centre of Stone Town are the Persian-styled Hamamni Baths, built at the command of Sultan Barghash at the end of the 19th century while nearby is the Cathedral Church of Christ.


Tours of Zanzibar are a rewarding experience. Visitors will travel past fragrant plantations of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices on their way to numerous places of historical interest; to the unique flora and fauna of Jozani Forest; to picturesque fishing villages; and to one of many white sandy beaches. Nungwi, at the northernmost tip of the island, offers possibly the best swimming on the island. There is also a turtle aquarium there and a boatyard where fisherman’s dhows are still built in the old traditional way. Jozani Forest 35km south-east of Stone Town is the Jozani Forest Chwaka Bay Reserve, an area of 50 sq km, whose thick forests, with trees over 100 years old, are the last remaining sanctuary of the Zanzibar Red Colobus monkey. Other residents include Sykes blue monkey, bushbaby, bush pig, chameleon, civet, genet, mongoose and tree hyrax. The forest is also home to over 40 different bird species as well as over 50 species of butterfly. South of the park an elevated boardwalk runs through the mangroves providing easy sightings of hundreds of tropical fish. Stone Town’s narrow winding streets are crammed with stores selling antiques, art, books, clothes, coffee, gemstones, jewellery, paintings, printed fabrics, silver, tea and, of course, spices.

50km north of Zanzibar main island and directly opposite the mainland port of Tanga, is the highly fertile Pemba Island which, although smaller than Zanzibar, is hillier and greener and grows three times as many cloves. Pemba has its own distinct character with more historical monuments, particularly ruined mosques and tombs, some excellent beaches; and spectacular diving and fishing. In the centre of the island is Chaka Chaka, the capital and main town, where there are remains of a 200 year old Arab fort. Some 14 km to the west, at Ras Mkumbuu, are the ruins of a 14th century mosque and some elaborate ‘pillar’ or ‘chimney’ tombs used to mark the burial place of prominent Muslims. While 10 km to the south the Pujini Ruins feature a fort built around the 15th century and known locally as Mkame Ndume. Other interesting sites may be seen near Kangagani, Mkamandume, Chakalakati and Mtangani Island. Pemba offers some of the best diving in the world, there are also some idyllic beaches where swimming is possible at both high and low tide. Pemba also offers some of the best game fishing in the world with barracuda, billfish, blue marlin, dorado, kingfish, sailfish and tuna all found in the waters around the island and, especially, in the Pemba Channel that runs between the main Unguja island and Pemba. 60

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About Arusha

Arusha is a medium sized town which is the hub of all safari destinations. It is located near the foot of Mt Meru and enjoys temperate climate throughout the year. Arusha is Tanzania’s gateway to the northern circuit of national parks and the starting point to many memorable safari. It is a sprawling city that offers nice breaks from the rigours of life on the African road. It has excellent places to stay and eat. What makes Arusha special is the clock tower that was supposedly built in its specific location because it is the central point between Cairo and Capetown. Arusha is one of the few regions in Tanzania where the beautiful rare, midnight blue gemstone, Tanzanite was discovered. As the name suggests, this stone can only be found in Tanzania and one of the largest mine deposits lies in. There are many interesting and picturesque excursion and tours you can take while you are staying at our home base:

What To Do? Besides climbing the famous roof of Africa and see the BIG FIVE in the Northern Circuit of the Tanzanian National Parks, Arusha and it’s surroundings offers a great variety of day trips to extend your stay. Olpopongi Cultural Maasai Village - Olpopongi Maasai Village is the first authentic Maasai-Village with Museum & overnight facilities in Tanzania. It provides a unique Maasai & Wildlife experience in the West-Kilimanjaro Maasai land, with the maximum respect to the Maasai community. 62

Materuni Waterfalls & Coffee tour - Learn where coffee grows and how it is made before you will hike to a stunning waterfall with a height of 150m. The hike will take about 1hour and gives amazing views on Kilimanjaro and it’s tropical surroundings. Maji Moto – Experience an unique oasis in the middle of the Maasai-Steppe. Dip into the clear water for a swim, watch the monkeys in the trees or just simply enjoy this special place not far from Moshi. Lake Chala - A mystical caldera lake, with water as brilliant as the precious Tanzanite itself. 25% of the lake belongs to Kenya and 75% to Tanzania. Enjoy a swim, have a Kayak tour on the lake, enjoy the view or relax in the beautiful nature. Makoa Farm, The Animal Rescue Center - Visit the famous Makoa Farm and be part of the daily activities like feeding and training the rescued animals. Combine this with an adventurous walk with the friendly monkeys of the farm. Marangu Waterfalls - Nested on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro hidden behind a short hike lies the beautiful Marangu Falls. The air is cleaner, the water is colder. Take your swimming stuff and see if you can conquer the water! Meserani Snake Park - Spend an afternoon and/or day and watch different types of reptiles including snakes, crocodiles and much more. There are activities available such as camel rides and learning up close about the masaais. Lake Duluti - Formed inside a volcanic crater with a breath-taking view of Mt Meru. Lake Duluti is surrounded by thick forest and is home to many reptiles and birds. You can take small canoes out on the lake and/or a quick hike around the lake for a small price. Cultural Heritage - Unique cultural centre on the outskirts of Arusha. Curio shops, jewellery boutique, Tanzanite and special stone counter, outstanding commercial art gallery and restaurant. Maasai Market - Market with more than 100 stalls with a wide variety selection of craft materials representing Maasai and Tanzanian culture. Place to purchase great gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones. Arusha National Natural History Museum - Welcomes all to enjoy the versatile and informative exhibitions. The best part about the museum is the wing that is dedicated to human evolution, exhibitions of fossils, insects and history of Arusha during the German colonial era. Shanga - Shanga ‘Swahili for beads’ is an enterprise that employs people with disabilities to create handmade, high-quality jewelry using recycled and sustainable materials. You can participate in workshops and activites and create your own jewelry! Cyne Experience - The only immersive and interactive gaming experience of its kind to entertain both kids and adults. Has games from racing, shooting to fighting in 7D cinema experience. Its all about having fun and great experience with machines from classical arcades to modern interactive games.


Where To Eat? Butter & Scotch - Organic approach to food focusing on quality with an innovative menu options to create amazing food experience. Has a beautiful garden, decorated with a fantastic ambience for journey. Chinese Whispers - Ranked as among Arusha’s best restaurants. Loved by the local expat community for its astounding authentic Chinese menu. Picasso Café - From inspiring starters to colourful salads, Picasso’s delivery of fresh creative foods, with a wide collection of main courses would not dissappoint.Try one of their amazing cakes accompanied by the best coffees in town! Fifi’s - A great breakfast or quiet afternoon coffee joint. Fifi’s bakery also serves exciting meat dishes and provides free wi-fi for a quick internet break. Koyla - From appetizers to exotic dinners with world class service. With a variety of dishes from all Indian cultures with a tasteful twist. Offer selection of tandoori dishes, vegetarian dishes and much more. Alpha Burger - Fast food style with a main focus on American style burgers, and also sea food and continental focusing on meat lovers. A specials menu for every day of the week. Amani Restaurant - A multicuisine restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, a well stocked bar, delicious coffees and a garden in between coffee trees to relax in. Coastal Heritage - Experiencing the taste of the Swahili costal dishes. Authentic, tasty and fresh sea food, seasonal juices and freshly baked goods & coffee. Bamboo - A café with tasty baked goods, shakes, smoothies, salads, sandwiches and an intriguing array of main dishes. Café Barista - Great coffee and baked goods. This place is why great coffee exists. With their internet café and free Wi-Fi you can relax here with a coffee and sandwich, wraps or salads. Africafe - This place has European-café vibes, in the heart of the city center with a menu heavy on sandwhices, grilled meats, burgers and much more. There is also a bakery if you would like to just stop for a coffee and dessert. Andrews - Enjoy the best BBQ in Arusha for all the meat lovers. This is the very best Nyama Choma Joint. Blue Heron - Gets the tricky combination of lounge, bar and family restaurant just right. Either sit on the leafy veranda or out in the lawn tables to enjoy a menu of paninis, sandwiches, beef tenderloin and various creative specials. Smoothies are a must try. 64

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NORTHERN CIRCUIT NORTHERN COVERAGECIRCUIT IN COVERAGE IN Tarangire Tarangire Manyara Manyara Karatu Karatu Ngorongoro Ngorongoro Serengeti Serengeti Arusha Arusha

+255 622 007 172 gm@blink.co.tz www.blink.co.tz +255622 767007 007172 170 gm@blink.co.tz support@blink.co.tzwww.blink.co.tz +255 65 +255 767 007 170 support@blink.co.tz

Khans BBQ - Best known for its earthy barbecues. Lays out a spread of grilled, skewered meat and salad. Want to experience Arusha like a local - khans in the way to go. Tapas Safari - A restaurant and wine bar with a semi outdoor setting. With snacks, grills, pizza, but the specialty are the Spanish tapas and the list of South African wines. Sundays are very popular with an offer of a four course menu. George Tavern - A Family owned Greek restaurant that serves international cuisine. This place prioritises guests with quality, much like the Greeks like to do! Kitamu Coffee - Great selection of local and international cuisine and desserts. Amazing atmosphere with welcoming staff. A highly recommended tip to try the chicken stu. Pizza Hut - Come here to enjoy the greatest pizzas. Here you will find a variety of them, from cheesy, meaty pizzas to a colorful vegetarian pizza as well as the best pizza deals in town. This is the only place that offers great pizza based deserts.

Where To Go? The Dons Lounge - a fancy sports bar and lounge for those who prefer to enjoy a football game on the screen, get some beer and have a goot chat with mates!# Lively Lady - A tiny yet cosy bar that offers groovy live African jazz music, highlighted by their dark decor. This place is a surprise package safely tucked away from the hustles and bustles of Arusha. La Fiesta - A great place to have drinks at night, enjoy some music, sports on the screen and a bite to eat. Le Patio - Large garden beneath shady trees, open fire, a lounge bar and outdoor tables in the city center. Food is mainly French but also salads, grills, pizza, sandwiches and much more are offered. Come enjoy the latest billboard music by night! Regalz Cinema - The biggest cinema based in Arusha, showing all of the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies with a variety of snacks to purchase before you get engrossed into the movie! Njiro Shopping Complex - Mall filled with various shops such as electronics, clothing, supermarket, pet store and more. A food court with variety of restaurants to complete your day.


吀爀愀瘀攀氀氀椀渀最 漀爀 刀攀猀椀搀椀渀最  䤀渀 䔀愀猀琀 䄀昀爀椀挀愀㼀 吀栀攀 䘀氀礀椀渀最 䐀漀挀琀漀爀猀 匀漀挀椀攀琀礀 漀昀 䄀昀爀椀挀愀 最甀愀爀愀渀琀攀攀猀 礀漀甀

倀攀愀挀攀 漀昀 䴀椀渀搀℀

䔀一刀伀䰀 吀伀䐀䄀夀 䘀伀刀 䴀䔀䴀䈀䔀刀匀䠀䤀倀 䤀琀 挀漀甀氀搀 猀愀瘀攀 礀漀甀爀 氀椀昀攀 琀漀洀漀爀爀漀眀℀

吀栀攀 䘀氀礀椀渀最 䐀漀挀琀漀爀猀 匀漀挀椀攀琀礀 洀攀洀戀攀爀猀栀椀瀀 挀漀瘀攀爀猀 椀渀搀椀瘀椀搀甀愀氀猀Ⰰ 昀愀洀椀氀椀攀猀Ⰰ 琀漀甀爀椀猀琀猀 猀洀愀氀氀  最爀漀甀瀀猀 愀渀搀 挀漀爀瀀漀爀愀琀攀 猀甀戀猀挀爀椀戀攀爀猀 眀椀琀栀椀渀 䔀愀猀琀 䄀昀爀椀挀愀⸀ 伀甀爀 愀爀攀愀 漀昀 挀漀瘀攀爀愀最攀 椀渀挀氀甀搀攀猀

䬀攀渀礀愀 簀 唀最愀渀搀愀 簀 吀愀渀稀愀渀椀愀 簀 刀眀愀渀搀愀 簀 䈀甀爀甀渀搀椀 䈀攀渀攀昀椀琀猀 漀昀 䘀氀礀椀渀最 䐀漀挀琀漀爀猀 匀漀挀椀攀琀礀 洀攀洀戀攀爀猀栀椀瀀㨀 ∠ 䘀爀攀攀 愀椀爀 攀洀攀爀最攀渀挀礀 洀攀搀椀挀愀氀 攀瘀愀挀甀愀琀椀漀渀 ∠ 吀眀漀 昀爀攀攀 最爀漀甀渀搀 愀洀戀甀氀愀渀挀攀 攀瘀愀挀甀愀琀椀漀渀猀 眀椀琀栀椀渀 䬀攀渀礀愀 ∠ 䴀攀洀戀攀爀猀栀椀瀀 挀愀爀搀猀 眀椀琀栀 攀洀攀爀最攀渀挀礀 挀漀渀琀愀挀琀猀 ∠ 䌀愀爀 猀琀椀挀欀攀爀猀 眀椀琀栀 攀洀攀爀最攀渀挀礀 挀漀渀琀愀挀琀猀 ∠ ㈀㐀 栀漀甀爀 愀挀挀攀猀猀 琀漀 琀栀攀 䘀氀礀椀渀最 䐀漀挀琀漀爀猀 匀漀挀椀攀琀礀 䔀洀攀爀最攀渀挀礀 愀渀搀                 洀攀洀戀攀爀 䌀漀渀琀愀挀琀 䌀攀渀琀爀攀

䌀漀渀琀愀挀琀 唀猀 漀渀㨀


䬀攀渀礀愀 ⬀㈀㔀㐀 㜀㈀㈀ ㈀ 㔀  㠀㐀 簀 ⬀㈀㔀㐀 㜀㌀㌀ ㌀㌀㌀  㐀 簀 䐀愀爀 攀猀 匀愀氀愀愀洀 ⬀㈀㔀㔀 㜀㠀㐀 ㈀㐀  㔀  簀 䄀爀甀猀栀愀 ⬀㈀㔀㔀 㘀㠀㤀 ㄀㘀㔀 ㄀㘀㔀 眀眀眀⸀昀氀礀椀渀最搀漀挀琀漀爀猀愀昀爀椀挀愀⸀漀爀最

Your Your East East Africa Africa DMC DMC

Kenya, Kenya, Uganda, Uganda, Tanzania Tanzania & Rwanda & Rwanda




2018 2018 Winner Winner of The of The TopTop 100100 TourTour Operators Operators in Africa in Africa Tel: Tel: +254+254 719764000 719764000 (office), (office), +254+254 735815249, 735815249, +254+254 786974634 786974634 email: email: travel@goplacesafricadmc.com travel@goplacesafricadmc.com | hussein@goplacesafricadmc.com | hussein@goplacesafricadmc.com

WWW.GOPLACESAFRICADMC.COM WWW.GOPLACESAFRICADMC.COM A Warm A Warm Welcome Welcome to Malawi to Malawi Malawi, Malawi, the “Warm the “Warm Heart Heart of Africa” of Africa” linkslinks the Southern the Southern and and Eastern Eastern Africa Africa region region and and offers offers unique unique floraflora and and fauna fauna which which include include the magnificent the magnificent LakeLake Malawi, Malawi, diverse diverse nature nature which which includes includes rivers, rivers, mountains mountains and and valleys; valleys; widewide variety variety of wildlife of wildlife in spectacular in spectacular surroundings; surroundings; vibrant vibrant culture culture and and people people legendarily legendarily renowned renowned for friendliness for friendliness and and hospitality hospitality and and international international standard standard MICE MICE facilities. facilities. Malawi Malawi is not is only not only The The Warm Warm Heart Heart of Africa, of Africa, but also but also the genuinely the genuinely friendly, friendly, safesafe and and in in many many waysways undiscovered undiscovered heart heart of Africaof Africaan exclusive an exclusive destination destination thatthat is just is just thatthat littlelittle bit different bit different fromfrom its better-known its better-known neighbours. neighbours. Malawi Malawi is rich is rich in contrast, in contrast, compact compact in size in size and and big in bighospitality. in hospitality. Destination Destination Malawi Malawi offers offers a myriad a myriad of activities of activities not found not found in other in other countries countries in the in region the region suchsuch as fresh as fresh water water beaches beaches and and water water sports sports suchsuch as diving, as diving, snorkeling, snorkeling, kayaking, kayaking, among among others. others. The The country country also also has ahas prolific a prolific birdlife birdlife (over(over 750 750 species species sighted), sighted), world’s world’s largest largest freshfresh water water aquarium aquarium withwith overover 1,000 1,000 unique unique species species of colourful of colourful cichlids, cichlids, challenging challenging biking, biking, trekking trekking and and hiking hiking trails. trails. It’s aIt’s place a place where where tourists tourists seem seem to betotravelers. be travelers. Typically, Typically, theythey are visitors are visitors whowho already already know know Africa Africa but now but now seekseek a more a more varied varied and and altogether altogether broader broader experience. experience. In fact, In fact, Malawi’s Malawi’s unique unique selling selling point point is the is sheer the sheer variety variety of things of things to see to and see and do indoa in a comparatively comparatively confined confined area.area. 68

Rich in Contrast Compact in Size Big in Hospitality One of Africa’s most beautiful and compact countries–the sheer contrast of attractions is amazing. Not only that, but Malawi is famed for its hospitality and its people are some of the friendliest in the world.


• Pleasant climate • Peaceful and compact • Big on hospitality • Lake Malawi • Africa’s newest big Big Five destination • Authentic nature experience • Attractive outdoor sporting conditions • Rich cultural heritage • Local delicacies • Popular events


Malawi Department of Tourism Tourism House, off Convention Drive, City Centre Private Bag 326, Lilongwe 3, Malawi Tel: +265 1 775 499 Fax: +265 1 770 650 Email: info@visitmalawi.mw


In South Africa Malawi Consulate General 4 Dodge Street, Woodmead 2157 PO Box 3881, Rivonia 2128, Johannesburg Tel: +27 (0)11234 8577/8 or +27 (0)11803 4919 Email: tourism@malawi.consulate.co.za



In United Kingdom 36 John Street, Holborn, London WC1N 2AT Tel: +44 207 421 6010 Fax: +44 207 831 9273 Email: malawihighcommission@btconnect.com

The warm heart of Africa 69




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