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March 2012

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March 2012 EVER WONDER WHY OTHER STUDENTS SEEM TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OPPORTUNITIES HERE AT KILIAN THAN YOU DO? Kilian faculty and staff try to keep students informed as to opportunities here and in the Sioux Falls area, but there is only one way for us to reach every student, your Kilian email. Please check your email regularly. If you do not know how to access your account, please see Denver Davis in room 119. TIME TO DO YOUR 2012-2013 FAFSA!! Remember, every year when you do your taxes you should also fill out a new Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

There is a lost and found located at the front desk. There are quite a few items in the lost and found: sweaters/ sweatshirts, keys, pencil pouches, thumb drives, and more miscellaneous items. If you lost something and have not recovered it yet come stop by and look to see if we have it. (and frankly some of these items have been here for a very long time so even if it wasn’t lost recently come check it out).

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MEET THE TUTORS: This Issue—Sheila Toering Hello! Many people know me in the Student Success Center as Rose’s daughter, because I follow in her footsteps in the realm of mathematics knowledge. While this is true, I have branched out from underneath my mother’s wings. I went to school for psychology, and ended up with a double major in psychology and mathematics. When I was a freshman pursuing my psychology degree, my math professor told me if I told the college I was a mathematics major, I would get a $500 scholarship every semester and I did. In regards to learning, I also received a MS in Experiential Education, because I am truly passionate about helping people learn. In the SSC, I am best at helping people with math, statistics, computers, and APA referencing. I am able to assist with every other subject, because I believe that two heads are better than one. I will admit that accounting is my weakness. If you are looking for me, I am in the SSC all day on Fridays and every other Saturday. When I am not at Kilian, I can usually be found in Lake and Moody Counties doing my full-time job working as a mental health clinician. I spend time working with kids with severe emotional disturbances and behavioral problems in the school and in their homes. I am also a certified laughter yoga leader. With the minimal amount of spare time I have, I enjoy watching the Big Bang Theory, playing tennis, playing board and card games (especially pinochle) and travelling. My future goal includes returning to school this fall.


Siouxland Main Library 200 N. Dakota Ave When? Monday’s (February 6th to April 9th) 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Photo ID and Social Security Cards are Required. Learn more by dialing 211. Basic Tax returns prepared and electronically filed by Certified Volunteers.

Kilian News March 2012 IMPORTANT DATES: Monday, March 5th— Spring semester begins Friday, March 9th— Last day to add/drop class Monday, March 19th – Scholarship Recognition Week of April 2nd — Midterms Friday, April 27th— Last day to withdrawal Saturday, May 19th— Last day of spring semester Monday, May 21st—Graduation Ceremony Monday, June 25th – Scramble for Student Success Golf Event

March Irish American Month Music in Our Schools Month National Craft Month National Irish American Heritage Month— Designated by Congress in 1995. National Nutrition Month National Peanut Month National Women’s History Month Red Cross Month Social Workers Month Birthdays 03/02/1904 ~ Dr. Seuss - Author of children’s books 03/03/1847 ~ Alexander Graham Bell - Invented telephone 03/04/1932 ~ Miriam Makeba - South African singer 03/06/1806 ~ Elizabeth Barrett-Browning - Poet 03/06/1475 ~ Michelangelo Buonarroti - Renaissance Painter 03/15/1767 ~ Andrew Jackson - 7th US President 03/20/1904 ~ BF Skinner - Psychologist 03/21/1685 ~ Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer 03/26/1874 ~ Robert Frost

Issue 33—Page 4 Everyday in March 1 National Pig Day 1 Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day 2 Employee Appreciation Day (1st Friday) 2 Old Stuff Day 3 I Want You to be Happy Day 3 If Pets Had Thumbs Day 3 National Anthem Day 3 Peach Blossom Day 4 Hug a GI Day 5 Multiple Personality Day 6 Dentist’s Day 6 National Frozen Food Day 7 National Crown Roast of Pork Day 8 Popcorn Lover’s Day (2nd Thursday) 9 Panic Day 10 Middle Name Pride Day 11 Johnny Appleseed Day 11 Worship of Tools Day 12 Girl Scouts Day 12 Plant a Flower Day 13 Ear Muff Day and Jewel Day 14 National Potato Chip Day 14 National Pi Day 15 Everything You Think is Wrong Day 15 Ides of March 16 Everything You Do is Right Day 16 Freedom of Information Day 17 National Quilting Day (3rd Saturday) 18 Supreme Sacrifice Day 19 Poultry Day 20 International Earth Day 20 Extraterrestrial Abductions Day 20 Proposal Day 21 Fragrance Day 22 National Goof Off Day 23 National Chip and Dip Day and Near Miss Day 24 National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day 25 Pecan Day and Waffle Day 26 Make Up Your Own Holiday Day 27 National “Joe” Day 28 Something on a Stick Day 29 National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day 29 Smoke and Mirrors Day 30 National Doctor’s Day 30 I am in Control Day 30 Take a Walk in the Park Day 31 Bunsen Burner Day 31 National Clam on the Half Shell Day

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Kilian News March 2012 Tour of Penitentiary Cheryl J. Hartman

At the beginning of the winter semester, the students in the Race, Class and Gender course had the opportunity of hearing guest speaker Jennifer Wagner. Jennifer Wagner used to be the Cultural Director at the South Dakota Penitentiary. She was recently promoted to Associate Warden, the first woman to hold that position at the penitentiary in Sioux Falls. It was Jennifer who suggested we visit the penitentiary and arranged a private tour for us. Nine students and the instructor were given a three-hour tour. We learned that the penitentiary houses over 1,500 people. This makes the penitentiary’s population similar or larger in size to some towns in South Dakota. This is a segment of people in Sioux Falls that are rarely seen. We were taken through the Jamison Unit, which houses both new inmates and those on death row. We then went to “the Hill” where we visited both the A and B wings where inmates are divided based on violence potential. We toured the school, the courtyard where we saw a sweat lodge, and places where inmates work making license plates and translating books into Braille. Impressive was how clean the environment was and how orderly everything appeared. Jennifer provided us the unique opportunity of meeting the warden personally. He spent time talking to us about the prison and answering questions, something he rarely does for groups. We also had the chance to view a memorial to the guard who was recently killed on duty and learned that in the past a warden had also been killed. After the tour, students wrote about their experience, analyzing race and social class at the penitentiary based on the information from the tour.

Former Kilian Community College student and 2009 graduation speaker Adam Morfeld argued a case before the Nebraska Supreme Court in early February. Morfeld notes, "[this] provides me with a unique opportunity to argue before Nebraska's highest court before I am even a licensed attorney." During his law school career, Morfeld has worked on legislation to allow greater access for voters who have lost rights to vote because of age (college-aged students, for example) or frequent changes of address (poor people who have to move frequently to find shelter or work). As a UNL undergraduate, Morfeld was the University's candidate for a Rhodes Scholarship and for the Truman Scholarship in addition to being a candidate for student body president. Adam's mother Karen Morfeld is currently enrolled at Kilian. Submitted by: James Smorada

Kilian News March 2012

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Anthropology Class Tours Hutterite Colony Dr. Cheryl Hartman In January, the Cultural Anthropology class had the opportunity to tour the Rustic Acres Hutterite Colony located near Madison, South Dakota. Twelve students journeyed through rural South Dakota to the colony. We knew we were in rural South Dakota when two of the students got lost on gravel roads and found the colony after we used a barking farm dog as a land mark. Another student from the East coast had her first experience driving on gravel roads. To start our tour we met Aaron Hofer, one of the leaders of the colony who is the head minister and German teacher. We started at the school and were invited to ask initial questions. The Hutterites are a Christian community that believes in sharing. They base their way of life on Acts 2:44-45 in the Bible, which speaks of believers coming together and sharing all things in common. The Hutterites take this verse literally. They make their living through sophisticated farming. Individuals are not paid. Instead the colony makes sure all individual needs are met including health care. Males and females have specific and separate roles, and in fact, women are not allowed to drive. We toured the school where a handful of high school students were working on courses via the Internet and well-behaved middle and elementary school children worked with state-certified teachers. Part of their education includes learning German and religious instruction. The Hutterites believe in living in the world but not getting involved in worldly things. I was interested to hear that the children take trips to a public library, but the teachers check books for items that would be considered inappropriate, and those books are censored. The children even do some self-censoring if they come across something they know would not meet with approval. The Hutterites eat every meal communally. We had a tour of the community dining room and kitchen. I was astonished to see only three women preparing lunch for 95 colony members. There was a table for the men, one for the women, and children ate in an adjacent room. As we were touring, one of the women brought out a plate of freshly baked, crusty bread and offered it to us. We were even invited to stay for lunch, but had to decline because of pressing midterm exams back at Kilian. Perhaps the heart of the community is the church, where everyone attends services several times a day. The church had pews but was without adornment. In touring the colony, we found a self-sufficient community that takes its faith seriously and cares for each other though the way of life comes with constraints. We felt very welcomed and, as a class focusing on culture, had a chance to glimpse a culture that exists right here in South Dakota, but has a different way of life from most South Dakotans.

Kilian News March 2012

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The SSC extends hours and services for the spring 2012 semester! Submitted by: Rose Toering, Director of the Student Success Center When the new semester starts, the Student Success Center will be making some changes. In a recent survey, students indicated that they would like to see the SSC be open longer on Friday and Saturday. Starting next semester (beginning with the second week), the SSC will be open from 9-7 p.m. on Friday and 11-5 on Saturday. We will try this for one semester to see if students use the service. If they do not, hours will return to the 9-5 Friday and the 11-3 Saturday hours that are now listed. Students have also requested more 1-1 sessions. This means that a tutor and a student will work together in a quiet room. If this is something you need, go to the SSC and ask when a tutor is available to help with your subject. Decide the first week if you think you need help getting started with homework. Do not wait until it is too late to catch up. Come with a classmate if you want to work together. New students especially like the 1-1 sessions for computer classes, writing classes, and math. However, 1-1s are available for any subject area, but they do not take the place of going to class. You must make an appointment for these sessions. Tutors are giving up their free time to come in and help you, so do not do a “no-show.” You may see more tutors in the SSC during busy times. Currently, only one tutor works a shift except during noon hours and supper hours. We will be adding tutors during peak periods so that students do not have to wait as long for assistance. Nevertheless, do not always expect immediate attention. If you are working on a paper, this requires that you submit the paper 24 hours in advance. Remember all other students will be submitting their papers, too. Do not expect preferential treatment. If the SSC is busy, you will have to wait your turn. This is especially true during mid-term week and finals week. Please let us know what you need. Your suggestions are importance to us. We look forward to seeing you often and hope you have a great semester. SSC Hours for spring semester, 2012: Week 1: Monday through Thursday 9-9; Friday 9-5, Saturday 11-3 Week 2-10: Monday through Thursday 9-9, Friday 9-7, Saturday 11-5 Week 11: Monday through Thursday 9-9, Friday 9-7, Saturday closed

ATTENTION SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS: DO NOT FORGET: 1. Scholarships are available to our students because of the generosity of others. Remember to get your Thank You Letter to Christine Schelske or Carolyn Halgerson by March 14th. 2. All Scholarship Recipients are required to attend the donor recognition event held on March 19th at 4:00 pm. Plan to arrive no later than 3:45 pm. Upon arrival please check in with Carolyn Halgerson, Director of Financial Aid.

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