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Phantoms There’s a phantom in my brain Telling me that I will never have control of anything But I guess I’m to blame Because there’s one truth you cannot deny You give him an inch he’ll take a mile And I gave him three or four So I’m pretty much done for But why can’t I, choose whether to sink or swim Or is it my mistakes that have done my whole life in I still have in me, the possibility, of becoming who I started out to be. But I, have to find a way, that I can get away, from these phantoms So I’ll bathe myself in flames And try to erase, this masterpiece of love and hate But I’m so frustrated But hey it’s worth a try But it will take more then flames to purify This body full of phantom lies And a perfect alibi There can be no more of this, no more slavery to voices. There can be no more of this, Cuz I can’t handle much more poison

Help You I can help you I want to help you Don’t you feel like nobody cares Don’t you feel like nobody’s there The truth is I’ve been standing here You just didn’t want the help Don’t, don’t be afraid It’s only for a season That you will have to feel this way So don’t, don’t be scared I will always be there I will be there I want to help you so much I just want for you to feel loved You’ve just got let somebody in Every now and again Don’t, Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid

Better Off Alone I forget what made me want to walk away, but I did It may not have been the smartest choice But it’s the one that I made You deserve so much more then me Your worth so much more then I could ever see What could have been, ill never know But you’re so much, so much better off alone Is it wrong to want you back After all that I did I know I was wrong I know I screwed up But I find myself wanting your love What would it take to make your heart turn my way Even though it would be a waste I remember how you liked to dance So I’ll make you move the best that I can So go on, go on and dance, just dance Cuz this is your victory dance You’re getting away from this stupid man

Bring Me Down I’m so tired of this repetition You’re always trying to bring me to my knees You’re tearing me down, ‘cause you don’t want the competition ‘Cause you don’t want to live what you believe Tear me down, I don’t care I’ll get back up again Tear me down, I don’t mind I won’t be there for long You won’t bring me down I’m not backing out We’re gonna take this fight And go one more round Here’s your choice to make Please make no mistake It’s all or nothing now When it’s time to break out I’ll admit, you had me beaten I’m stronger then ever before and you can’t figure me out There are pieces of me that you’ve broken But I’m still as whole as I’ve ever been, I’m gonna fight, even if I never win

Grave Mistakes I never thought that I, would see the day you tossed our love aside So arrogantly, with no regret in your eye I never thought that I, would see the day you threw our love away And now you want it... You want it to fall back into place How do you expect me To see the changes in you After all that you did to me Cuz honestly its hard to believe That you have changed, that you still want me Why take a chance, why risk another heart attack Once bit twice shy & all of this is taking me back You’ve dug your grave; you’ve made one too many mistakes But I shouldn’t be too hard to replace Why can’t you understand that there’s nothing here worth repair Why can’t you understand that I don’t want you here

Fly Can’t Feel A Thing It all started out with just one kiss I’ll hold my breath; maybe I will turn bright red But no logic could explain just how the sun’s rays could do this/ Maybe my lungs will cave in, and the numbness will loosen its grip Sometimes life just don’t make sense, but I don’t care!/ Because I forget, what it feels like to be led I want to fly straight into the sun What it feels like to have a breath of life underneath my skin Come on let’s tell everyone Oh! It’s the sound of my heartbeat that reminds me that I’m alive And shout it out the top of our lungs Because right now I can’t feel anything at all I've never been so in love You have got to believe me, believe me I’ve tried Come on let’s get out of this place But right now I can’t feel anything at all/ Let’s fly away into outer space C’mon C’mon I can hear my heart sing a beat, but does it mean a thing Where all the stars are perfectly placed Concentrated thoughts Or is it just playing along to make my body feel complete Let’s not waste another day/ Flowing from my mind, so restless All I want right now, is for you to erupt And I need you night and day It seems that I have caught And for your love to cover me up, just make me feel it now/ I can’t see any other way to do this An idea far too powerful to stop To the one who gives me life in this moment And I know it will take some time There’s a possibility I want to say I’m sorry, for letting the numbness overtake me But darling you and I can do this/ That this movement might be enough I don’t want to be alone in this moment It is time, for you and I to stop wasting away our lives To save us all I want to breathe you into my lungs But don’t look back And feel your warmth in my veins Cuz you’re way past due to start moving forward I just want, I just want GO! Come on, come on, Come on To be truly alive Take your chance make your move Don’t let that fear overtake you Dreaming GO! Come on, Come on, Come on I wonder what you think about when you sleep It’s about time we start making some noise/ Are you thinking about you or are you thinking about me Can’t Stay Long There’s a constant cloud of doubt Do you wonder why your life feels so incomplete Remembering the times Raining over every thought Do you waste the night away just counting sheep/ When we would sit and talk for hours That you thought could bail you out And while you sleep I fall in love with your smile I never thought that I But you’re not trying And while you sleep my heart grows weaker all the while Would be the one sitting here alone You’ve given up for now What does she think How fragile is this time But you still know What does she feel That waves goodbye in just a moment You’ve still got a fire that burns inside Is any of this real Who’d of thought that I, would be the one sitting here alone It’s up to you Or is she just dreaming/ And I know you can’t stay long Will you go or will you die/ Is this a cruel game that she has decided to play But I will see you again Why do we always fall apart Making me think that I have a chance with her someday Cuz I’ve never been that strong When everything’s so perfect, so perfect (x2) This ordinarily is not that hard But your strength will live I won’t let you fall this time ...oh But maybe the first step is the hardest part/ Deep inside of me/ It’s about time to explode There’s so much beauty in this fantasy world And you said But there’s no use in pretend with this girl That we would always be together I have to come to grips, I have to realize I never thought that you There’s no chance of me and her in this life Would just up and leave without saying goodbye Why do things always end up happening this way As time rolls on, this orphaned feeling seems to fade away Why doesn’t anything ever fall in place/ And what remains And while you sleep I fall in love with your smile Are picture perfect memories of you and I / And while you sleep my heart breaks and falls apart Free, from this world, and all of its desperation I know what you think Free, from this incessant fascination I know what you feel Tell me, what is my motivation This couldn’t be more real For gaining everything there is to lose And I'm just dreaming

Beautiful I want to dream And see the world in perspectives that I’ve never seen I want to see something fresh Something new Something colorful And not see lives falling apart Show me something beautiful tonight Show me that the world is gonna be alright Show me that there’s hope left in sight That this world has not forgotten What it means to be alive Oh where is the love And where is our faith Why have we given up On wars we could have won yesterday And why do we give in And destroy ourselves Why oh why, Are we even trying Can you see the way out

We’re All Going Down Look at me, imagine what I’d be like if I were complete Oh I could change the world Look at me I’m completely empty And honestly I haven’t got the strength to move on/ Over and over and over again I have tried to understand why Over and over and over again I do this to myself When will I open my eyes and find that I am running out of time Or is it that I am destined to fail Have I destroyed any chance I had I had dreams I had these ideas in my head, perfect schemes to change the course of everything But I fell short; I threw away the chance to be restored Oh what I ignored When will I open my eyes and see that I am running out of time Or is it that I am destined to fail Have I destroyed any chance I had Maybe I can fix myself Or maybe I deserve hell Maybe the world can fix itself Or maybe we’re all headed straight for hell Maybe the world is going down Maybe we’re all going down Save me from myself Save me from myself

Save Yourself You live in secrets But sooner or later They’ll find you out You’ve had control All the while But it’s time for a falling out Did you think that you could go on living this way Give yourself up Or tomorrow might bring death to the table You haven’t got much time left To save yourself Quit playing games There’s way too much at stake Your skin’s turning white How does its feel to be so fake

Killing Me Here I am once more Just like a thousand times before My heart is broken in a million pieces lying on the floor Am I too far gone to save Am I nothing but a plague Am I the one who’s killing me It is time to face the flames I’m tired of running away From everything that’s killing me If death is what I need To see your greatness inside of me Then kill me, kill me, burn me down

Corey Thanks My amazing mom & dad and all of my family, My beautiful angel Christina, Tyler “Squats�, Aaron, Nick, Josh, Jeremy, Ryan, Denton,Sean, Phil & Josh, Chad, Jared, Jeff Smith, Brooks, Tracie, and the perfect and constant love of my savior.

Kurtis Thanks, Jesus, Dad, Mom, Karissa, Family, Corey, Hoss, Craig, Ben, Tyler, Phil, Josh, Jason, Denton, Axel, Matt, Paul, Rhod, The Copelands, The Collins, The Red Door, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Hawkins, Mrs. Gasaway, Sue Stubbs, And everybody that has slipped my cluttered mind.

Michael Thanks, my amazing god, jesus, and the spirit. my mother and brother randy remi, bethany davis the aaron and lisa copeland, the collins and denton adam

Ben Thanks, Jesus (no thank you I could say would ever be enough), my amazing wife Naomi, Hoss, Corey, Kurtis, and Craig, my awesome and supportive family, the Copeland family, Paul and Rhod, The Red Door and the Collins family, Time of Favor, Abandon Kansas, The Signal, and all the other awesome bands we've played with over the last few years, Adam Shawley, Ryan Shrout, Geoff @ Truth Drums, everybody else who's ever supported us and shown your friendship, shared your food, opened your homes to us, etc.

Craig Thanks my mom & dad, I love you both very much. My brother Nathan, the rest of my family. The Copeland family, Adam & Erica, I love you guys! Sean, Starla, Matt Neal, Phil & Jen Hopkins, Richie, Becky, Vanessa, Chris, Mary, Eric, Aubrey, Blake, Charity, Paul, Krysta, Phil James, Josh, Jason, Aaron & Jill Young, All my peeps at CPO, Jason Denney, Meredith, Time of Favor and Abandon Kansas, Tyler C, Caleb, Denton, Corey, Kurtis, Hoss, & Ben. Paul Andris, Rhod, "Synthesists Unite!" Finally, I would like to thank my Heavenly Father, & His Son, Jesus Christ for saving me from myself. Thanks for loving me unconditionally despite the fact that I have let You down every day of my life.

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The Radiance Effect is: Corey Martin-Lead Vocals/Rythm Guitar Kurtis Achterman-Bass/Backing Vocals Craig Wieneke-Keys Michael Hoss-Lead Guitar Ben Norrell-Drums

Art by: Matt Gauck Songs written by C. Martin and The Radiance Effect Published By Kikstart Music Mixed by Paul Andris, Rhod Davies and Corey Martin Recorded and Mixed @ Kikstart Studios Mastered By Paul Andris

Executive Producer: Paul Andris Produced By: Paul Andris/Rhod Davies © ℗ 2008 Kikstart Records.

All rights reserved.

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Wake the Forgotten Digital Booklet  
Wake the Forgotten Digital Booklet  

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