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Mini ][s_-stu^y So J_nni_ k_ywor^s r_s_[r]h F_\ru[ry th_ 12th, 2013 By @CJupp_t @CJupp_t

So J_nni_ V[l_ntin_ P[g_ - l[un]h_^ in J[nu[ry 2013 [n^ optimiz_^ with [ppropri[t_ k_ywor^s [n^ t_xt

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R_s_[r]h on F_\ru[ry th_ 12th

1st s_[r]h: “S[intV[l_ntin s[ns [l]ool”

R_sult: P[g_ 3 R[nk 6…

= P[g_ 1

2n^ s_[r]h: “S[int-V[l_ntin \ull_s s[ns [l]ool�

R_sult: P[g_ 1 R[nk 6 for th_ \r[n^ + r[nk 1 & 2 for [rti]l_s t[lking [\out So J_nni_ pro^u]t

= P[g_ 1

3r^ s_[r]h: “S[int-V[l_ntin \u\\l_s” \u\\l_s (inst_[^ of “Bull_s”, [s So J_nni_ us_s mor_ oft_n “Luxury Bu\\l_s @l]ohol Fr__”, _v_n in Fr_n]h v_rsion, inst_[^ of “Bull_s ^_ Lux_ S[ns @l]ool” – th[t is why So J_nni_ [pp_[rs on P[g_ 1 now!

R_sult: P[g_ 1 R[nk 6

O\s_rv[tions [n^ ]on]lusions  K_ywor^ r_s_[r]h_s w_r_ ]on^u]t_^ in Fr_n]h [s th_ V[l_ntin_ p[g_ only _xists in th_ Fr_n]h v_rsion of So J_nni_ w_\sit_  Dir_]t ]omp_titors (no win_s or ]h[mp[gn_ without [l]ohol) ^o not [pp_[r un^_r th_s_ t_rms = w_ll s_l_]t_^ t_rms  Of ]ours_: So J_nni_ w_\sit_ is pr_s_nt on [ll p[g_ 1 if w_ typ_ th_ \r[n^ + S[int-V[l_ntin (s__ n_xt sli^_s)

= P[g_ 1 = V[l_ntin_ D[y P[g_ on So J_nni_ w_\sit_ = So J_nni_ w_\sit_ hom_p[g_ = F[]_\ook p[g_ [pp_[rs th[nks to [ ^_^i][t_^ V[l_ntin_ post on So J_nni_ w[ll = Twitt_r []]ount [pp_[rs th[nks to [ tw__t s_nt promoting th_ V[l_ntin_ D[y p[g_

p[g_ ^_^i][t_^ to th_ pro^u]t on So J_nni_ w_\sit_ [pp_[rs on p[g_ 2

Boutiqu_ p[g_ on So J_nni_ w_\sit_ [pp_[rs on p[g_ 3, _t].

So Jennie Mini Case-Study  

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